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Mortarion's Malifaux models


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22 hours ago, lusciousmccabe said:

Looks pretty cool, and yeah they're massively metal. :)

Painting black and flames are both difficul and I think you've done a really good job of it. Have you considered getting a piece of black craft paper to use as a background to save you the hassle of editing?


Thank you! I tried taking pictures with an actual black background, but it didn't work. I'm using my phone to take the pictures and it kept trying to compensate for the general darkness in the picture by overexposing the actual model. So I guess I'll have to get a real camera or get better at taking pictures. Probably both... :)

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Thank you!

I've finished some new models. Witchling stalkers!

I thought a bit about colours for these, but in the end I wanted to start tying my different models together and used the same blue as I did for my Guard models. To make them stand out as more magical I added som magical signs on their robes.

Another thing I thought about was the skin. At first i tried to go for the "black with glowing eyes" effect from the artwork, but the forehead was too prominent for that to work, so I painted it as skin instead. Generally I tried to paint the skin a bit burned. Not "Freddy Kreuger"-burned, but at least "stayed out too long in the sun"-burned.
One detail I changed was the small pouches they carry in their belts. Many of them were so round and smooth, so I figured they would look good painted as green glass. Either some kind of potion or a glass grenade containing some kind of gas.
And finally the swords. I wanted to look them look magical, since normal broken swords propably wouldn't be very good weapons. And since they give Burning to everything they damage, I figured glowing edges would look cool and give some contrasting colour. I like the result, allthough the patched-together sword does look kinda wierd.

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And two more models finished this weekend!

First up, a Guild lawyer.
I really love this model. The pose and general aestethic of it is so cool.

And secondly a Witchling handler.
This was the first normal-scaled model without a covered face I painted for Malifauc (Dashel is a lot bigger then most other models). And it turned out faces were not that easy to paint when they are not "heroic" scaled. 

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Some more models done. First some Guard.

Another guild rifleman.

And a guild guard. I really don't like this model. Way too realistic for my taste. With different colours it could probable be used in a historic game. 

Another guild guard. Again, not really a model I like.

So, with all those guardsmen, I needed a master to keep them in line. And who better to do that then Lucius?

This is a model I absolutely love. It is so cool. I'm not comletely satisfied with the painting of it, though. There is something about the colour selection that's sligthly off, but I can not quite put my finger on it. I might go back and change it later, but for now it will have to do.

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  • 2 weeks later...

After a short vacation, I'm painting again. And I finished an Executioner.
This was more fun to paint then I thought it would be. I like the way the faded tattoo turned out. I have more mixed feelings about the chest hair. I think it looks OK, but a bit flat once you get close. I wanted to avoid sculpting something with greenstuff as I thought it would make it look more like a patch of fur, but in retrospect I should probably have carved a little into the model with a knife to get some texture. I might fix it sometime in the future, but for now I think it looks OK.

Another angle. I wanted fresh blood as the pose suggests he is in the middle of cutting someone up when he is disturbed by something. It also meant I could have some fun with blood dripping onto the base and mixing with water in the gutter, but it's not that visible in these pictures.

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The Lone Marshal fluff/rules trouble me.


- Marshal, you are an expert in the necromantic arts and hunting necromancers. This is your horse, carbine and bulletproof vest. Now we need to take your pinebox

- Bulletproof vest? Really? Necromancers don`t shoot bulets. They summon undead beasts and use foul necromantic spells

- Shut up and get on that horse Marshal


Cool idea with the Flames, makes him match the theme more.

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Thank you! 

I just finished som new models. First out - Lady Justice! When I saw the original model I thought three things.
1. She is the leader of the Death marshals. Every other marshal model in the game (including the female ones) wear longcoats. Why is she wearing som kind of tubetop with random armour attached to it?
2. That model would look so cool in a longcoat!
3. Why is her hair flowing in the wrong direction?

So, I decided to give her a longcoat and change direction of the hair. However, all the small details of Malifaux models made converting a quite intimidating task, so it took a while before I gathered enough courage to actually try it. And here is the result:

And painted:
I'm really happy with the overall result, even though the painting could be a bit smoother.

And to go with Lady J I painted a Brutal effigy
I used much of the colour scheme from the death marshals, but added a bit more colour.

And finally a real death marshal. This one had been sitting half finished on my painting table for some time.

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I think the trick with Lucius is to get some slightly brighter color than the other models on the table without downright subtracting from your other models. This is a hard task, but the gold trim on the coat definitely helps. I'm struggling with my own Lucius actually, because he needs to seem important without being the center of it all. It's a rough time.

Also, could you do my Lady J for me? I would LOVE her in a coat, but I can't bring myself to add custom sculpting to these gorgeous minis.

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I'm sorry, I don't do commissions. I find it difficult to get enough time to build and paint even my own models. That's the general curse of gaming - when you are young you have all the time in the world, but not enough money to buy the miniatures you want. And when you are older you can buy all the miniatures you want but you don't have time to paint them. :)

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  • Mortarion changed the title to Mortarion's Malifaux models

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