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  1. Hah this is going to be awesome for McMourning as well, gotta have that lobotomized ape!
  2. Ahhh okay, Copy Cat Killer and Red Chapel Killer. Got it xD
  3. Look guys, he already did Death Marshals! My vote is on Lady J, only because I'd really like an alternate sculpt with her in a trenchcoat... "Ghost of Christmas Past", Tommy Castillo
  4. If you find one nearby, please let me know! I'm on the opposite side of the river, but only 15 min out from cinci. I currently take a 1 hour trip minimum to get to a wargaming store that sells malifaux. If youd like, I'd gladly play with you at nearby stores like Nostalgia Ink and whatnot. Perhaps we can start this much needed scene!
  5. Where are you shipping from? I may snatch your remaining guild stuff next payday depending on the rate
  6. I can see that could be a problem, of course you could do a video and loop it as a gif? Having more frames could solve the jumpy problem perhaps.. Just sugguestions. I still love your work regardless!
  7. I agree. There are probably some spinning platforms (like a plastic salt/pepper rotary I found at a dollar store) that may make them easier. I glued a piece of cardboard to that rotary and it makes a nice turning display plinth.
  8. I like the 360 gifs at the end. Is that a trend you'll adopt on your Malifaux unboxings as well? I can hope.
  9. I lile to see my whole crew laid out before me, either in Malifaux or other mini games, so this won't replace cards for me. That said, it will be an amazing way to play a crew I don't actually own with proxy models, to see if I like them. Today I photo copied cards from my rulebook so my friend could more easily try Seamus
  10. Hm, I'll have to agree on both parts. You summed that up quite nicely.
  11. Mostly I wouldn't field it because it'll look so good at my desk! Lol I was just kidding, though I did buy it for it's looks more than stats. Also, I hear people talking a lot about liking the other big'uns sculpts, but people tend to mention the Brutal off-handedly, commenting on its state as the ugliest Emissary. I know a lot of people hate on the sword, but in all honesty it's not much worse than say, Lilith's sword. As for realism, it's bounds more realistic than hers or many others. I actually find my least favorite to be Shadow, which is most people's favorite. I just don't get the flak, I guess.
  12. Mine is still in the mail. I honestly just want it to paint to 110% of my ability, and set it on my desk but I suppose I'll field it sometimes, too. I still don't know why so many say this model looks bad, I really like it.
  13. So I've searched around online, but ways to find local Malifaux players are more buried than an un-ressed corpse, and many of the ones I do find appear inactive. I was hoping some of you would be kind enough to share any sites, forums, media pages or other tricks you use to find local players near you. I'm in the Ky/Oh area, but no reason to keep this specific to my area as others may stumble upon this thread with the same problem.
  14. Another thing to remember is that game stores like business. Many stores with the space already run board game night or card game night. They do this to bring people in, even though it can be a lot of work for them. If you offer to do most of the leg work, many would be happy to mention your demo night to new people who come in.
  15. I'm still loving how your Ramos turned out very similar to the lead from Full Metal Alchemist. Quite humorous to me, especially since you made the comment of the original feeling too cartoony.
  16. ... You've done such an amazing job on those gunsmiths, and now I look at my own and think... "Why oh WHY did I think that was finished? This will not do..." You've just sentenced me to an extra day of repainting their coats like yours. ;-;
  17. I think the trick with Lucius is to get some slightly brighter color than the other models on the table without downright subtracting from your other models. This is a hard task, but the gold trim on the coat definitely helps. I'm struggling with my own Lucius actually, because he needs to seem important without being the center of it all. It's a rough time. Also, could you do my Lady J for me? I would LOVE her in a coat, but I can't bring myself to add custom sculpting to these gorgeous minis.
  18. This, very much this. Any master with a zero cost totem or henchman in their box that can only be taken with them is essentially a two-part master. This goes for Lynch, Viks, and anyone else I don't own who follows this rule. You have to look at both stat cards, combined, to realize the beauty of it. Imagine if instead of one master, you had two masters, slightly weaker but granting you an extra activation (that sweet, sweet AP) to more than make up for what may, at first, seem a lackluster stat bar and ability set. As for master boxes or models to buy, I also would suggest going with what looks like it would be fun for you. If that's rules that seem sleek, models that look amazing or dual factions that come off as fun, just buy whichever you want and you can't really go wrong imo. But as stated before, Brewmaster and Yan Lo are not really full of 10T models, so not a good choice for expanding your core faction I'm afraid. Also, summoning masters in general are portals to throw your money into, I'm warning you. Oh Nicodem, why have you forsaken me my wallet?
  19. Thank you for the summary, @Rekthaur, couldn't have phrased it better.
  20. But, there is probably someone out there who can play you, using Viks, and make you enjoy it. Other people have stated this part before on this thread, and I agree with that. I also agree with you - just because you like playing someone while they use one play style, doesn't mean you'll enjoy playing them when they use another play style. However, in my opinion this actually just proves my point. It's not the Viks fault, as others have expressed joy in playing against them in the past. It's not your opponent's fault, as you just said you like playing them at other times. It's not your fault, certainly, for having an opinion on your own gaming experience. So where does the fault lie? No where. Not with the people OR the masters. It was simply a match-up that you, personally, did not enjoy. As others have stated on this thread, I also think it could be toxic to imply that certain masters are no fun. Having played other games in tourneys, I can attest that sometimes you'll bring something you enjoy playing (ex. Viks) and you pull it onto the table, then your opponent (who has never played you, maybe never played your Viks list, or possibly not even played Viks) groans, because she's "heard" about players like you. I'm not saying that this topic is poison, mind you, only that many, MANY more things need to be taken into account before categorizing what makes something fun. As stated before on this and many other threads, It depends on more than a master. Lists, terrain, and especially the skill level and general preferences of the players have IMMENSE repercussions on how much fun is had. But then again, that's just my two scrip, and people could think I'm not fun for thinking it!
  21. I don't think any master is fun or non-fun. Neither do I think a model is fun, master or not. Some people think opponents can be fun, but I doubt even that. I like story. I'm a fluff gamer, through and through. What I find fun is playing a game where both crews are thematically cool and fitting. I don't care if one person wins every time because they're more skilled with Ressers than I with Guild, but I will always love the idea of Lady J vs Seamus. I don't like how Austringers look, so I don't have them, or take them even with proxies. It may have been useful to have in a game, but I'd rather like my visuals than mechanics. Now, take everything I just said I like, and you have a list of what my brother hates. He's all about mechanics, and fluff easily bores him. The point? TL;DR Fun depends on BOTH players, and how they sync up, not on masters or anything else. A good gaming group beats all.
  22. Yeah, I just buy what looks cool. I love painting, but I also love the look of the game. Unfortunately, my nearest store that plays is much too far away. I still haven't actually played a game, only learned from the starter by begging/forcing my father to learn with me, and he's not exactly "into it" enough to play more. I downloaded Vassel, but I'm still tripping my way through figuring it out. I'd hate to ask someone to take upwards of a few hours teaching me both Vassal AND Malifaux. So, for now, I just buy a guild box here, an outcast box there, and paint what looks cool. Even that is a huge cash sink @.@
  23. Well it's easy for me. I simply have no one who will play with me in NKY, so... Yeah. Sad day. But every time I wanna buy new models, I remember there's no point. ;-;
  24. If ypu actually wanted return, get a LE model and wait a year or two, when you can't find them anymore. Then, if you really want max value, trade it for other models rather than just money. This is how I fuel a few hobbies, buy $100 now, get an extra $50 worth of pre-owned models later.
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