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  1. I have no words how grat this looks.
  2. Congratulations ColourCharg´╗┐e. Good luck in the next rounds.
  3. Thank you, that was realy close. Good luck to you too.
  4. Corrgon


    The writing on his cloth looks realy good.
  5. Looks great, espetially the NMM glove.
  6. This is an absolutely fantastic conversion. At first glance I didnt even notice it wass made from Sloth.
  7. Corrgon

    Pere Ravage .jpg

    Pere Ravage burning some guild building. The skull is taken from warhammer ogres.
  8. Both of my Crime bosses finished. Firstly wanted to paint some dragons on the flags (which I broge during putting together the figures), but then rather decidet for Oni faces, which were easier to paint.
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