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  1. I'll probably be a gentleman and play it that way, I would just really like the rules cleaned up to prevent it. With my Company selection though it tends not to come up. But I feel that even without the extra Actions out of activation, you still get too much bang during the Dreadnought's activation. Have you played this loadout and experienced anything similar?
  2. Versatile: Actions on this card may only be taken once during a unit’s Activation. A Fireteam in this unit may take an Action listed on this card in addition to any other Actions it takes. Actions are things that a fireteam in a unit can do, but there is no restriction on when they can be taken, just that the fireteam is given permission to perform an Action. For example, each different Order allows a fireteam to take an Action at a given point or points during the Order. For Versatile it does not stipulate that these Actions are only to be taken during this fireteam's Activat
  3. I'm finding myself using the Dreadnought with Massive Furnace and double Mounted Gunners Assets, and getting the Chemical Fogger Prototype on it at either start of game or ASAP. My issue is that this makes it an agile and excessively efficient murder machine to the detriment of my opponents' enjoyment of the game. Firstly, the Chemical Fogger does not require a card to be discarded in order to be used like most other Prototype Assets; it's Versatile, hits with a stat of 6, reverts the target from Glory and then potentially also drops Hazardous terrain that the Dreadnought itself is immune
  4. It's all about softening them up first. Try to make them flip Assets with your basic shots (which, if penetrating, will be doing 1 damage apiece), THEN hitting them with your high strength when they can only scrap, potentially netting 2. I will usually try to take as many Engineers as I can for eligible units, who are great for this.
  5. The trigger on Lord of Steel's Spear of Ages reads thusly: Open Wound: Immediately increase the Strength of this Action by +1 per in the final duel total. When not in Glory, there is no suit built-in to the stat of the Spear of Ages attack. When in Glory, there is one . The wording on using suits for triggers is listed as below in the rulebook: When a player declares a Trigger, they spend the indicated suit(s) or Margin Values from their final duel total. Spent suits are removed from the final duel total... Therefore, unless you are getting at le
  6. Does it though? The Mech Inf fireteams have the Squad rule, so they could both shoot, but the Titan doesn't.
  7. Hey me too! I haven't painted much but looking to change that with TOS, but my thoughts were for these exact same colours, with some changes depending upon unit type to make it a bit easier to distinguish them at a glance.
  8. Stoked! Looking forward to sending some scum back to Malifaux via some sweet Spandau ballet.
  9. It's worthwhile going for the Fragile in certain circumstances: You have 2 Crime Bosses, who will both benefit from +1Ml. You're subsequently going to hit the thing with lots of other things Subsequently using the Coordinated Raid trigger on a Wokou Raider. The Crime Boss is a great target for making extra attacks as it is entirely suit-independent and has no triggers anyway.
  10. I find it interesting that over time Austringers have dropped from this list.
  11. Fingers get Fast instead as he's a Henchman. I run a tankier Brewmaster so I will appreciate their magical elixir. Not sure why you'd take them with anyone other than Brewie though, unless you have an Akaname fetish.
  12. I'm most excited about Lotus Eaters; they seem to go hand-in-and with Katanaka Crime Bosses and Woukou Raiders (with Misaki). Having something that can eat up the scheme markers that the Woukou Raiders want to make the enemy drop is golden.
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