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  1. For 2 Commander games, 3 Engineers and 2 Rail Gunners is a really good starting point, I often find that instead of taking any more I need to think instead of taking another higher costing unit, or the quality of my Asset loadout. I've only just started using my lone Marauder so can't help there yet, but I'm not sure I'd need more than 2 due to the gimmick-y infrequent usage they'd get beyond that, and the cost of the models themselves.
  2. I'll probably be a gentleman and play it that way, I would just really like the rules cleaned up to prevent it. With my Company selection though it tends not to come up. But I feel that even without the extra Actions out of activation, you still get too much bang during the Dreadnought's activation. Have you played this loadout and experienced anything similar?
  3. Versatile: Actions on this card may only be taken once during a unit’s Activation. A Fireteam in this unit may take an Action listed on this card in addition to any other Actions it takes. Actions are things that a fireteam in a unit can do, but there is no restriction on when they can be taken, just that the fireteam is given permission to perform an Action. For example, each different Order allows a fireteam to take an Action at a given point or points during the Order. For Versatile it does not stipulate that these Actions are only to be taken during this fireteam's Activation, only that they can be taken once during a unit's Activation. Hence, ANY Activation. As an example, if you take the Lead The Way Action with a Gloried Crow Runners fireteam and declare the Go Go Go! trigger, you can move the targeted fireteam who can then take an Action. As worded, Versatile would let you take all Versatile Actions available to that fireteam afterwards as well. If the Crow Runners targeted the same fireteam again with Lead The Way and hit the trigger, the targeted fireteam could take an Action, but could only take any Versatile Actions that it had not already taken during the Crow Runners activation, as per the Versatile wording. There is the section in Actions on page 23 of the rules that has the following callout box: ADDITIONAL ACTIONS Some Actions (or their Triggers) are capable of generating additional Actions. If a Fireteam is unable to take an additional Action (perhaps because there are no targets within range), the additional Action is ignored. As a further restriction, additional Actions cannot create additional Actions of their own. If they would do so, any subsequent additional Actions are ignored. The Actions granted by Versatile are not created by the Action taken, Versatile states that fireteams in the unit may take the Versatile Action in addition to any other Actions they take. There are triggers that allow you to take another Action that would have been generated by that Action (such as the Flamethrower's built-in Burn It All trigger), but that is not the case with Versatile. If this has been clarified anywhere or I'm missing something please let me know!
  4. I'm finding myself using the Dreadnought with Massive Furnace and double Mounted Gunners Assets, and getting the Chemical Fogger Prototype on it at either start of game or ASAP. My issue is that this makes it an agile and excessively efficient murder machine to the detriment of my opponents' enjoyment of the game. Firstly, the Chemical Fogger does not require a card to be discarded in order to be used like most other Prototype Assets; it's Versatile, hits with a stat of 6, reverts the target from Glory and then potentially also drops Hazardous terrain that the Dreadnought itself is immune to. When you compare it to other projectile weapon non-Titan Prototypes, they tend to have low stats (Flare Gun, Rocket Launcher) or range (Discus Grenades), but all require a discard. I don't understand why the Chemical Fogger gets a free pass in this regard and still hits well. Since it is the only method in my Abyssinian model collection to revert other units from Glory, I tend to take it whenever the Dreadnought hits the table. Crushing Legs lets you make a non-cheatable Strength 2 damage flip against a single fireteam that you moved over that move. This in itself is not an issue, except for the potential number of them you can get. I will cover this later. Then there's the damage potential from the rest of the armaments. Glory or not, it has a Machine Gun that can give the potential to move. When in Glory, it gains a melee attack that can also let you move. I feel that these are fine in and of themselves. The Mounted Gunners then net you additional shots. This volume of fire greatly contributes to attaining Glory and hitting Radio In Enemy Movements triggers to draw cards. Not really broken, you are paying for offensive output over the other Asset options available that provide more support for your Company. The Flamethrower is where it all gets silly. It's Versatile and has a built-in trigger to attack a different target, and can again potentially move the model on both attacks. More chances for Glory and card draw. What I often then see is (with some change in order depending on circumstances): - if you have Advanced or Rushed, you are likely trampling something - an attack with either the main gun or a leg - a potential trample from this attack - the Dreadnought Pulls My Finger with the fogger - a mounted gunner shot - another mounted gunner shot - a flamethrower shot - a potential trample from this attack - another flamethrower shot - a potential trample from this attack Finally, if you are ever given the opportunity to take an action outside of its Activation, you can take ALL of the Versatile actions again. Gloried Crow Runners, Prince Unathi, Overclocked, Kassa... I'm sure there's more. There isn't much that this Dreadnought fears. When an opponent ran some ECB Black Ops to damage it before anyone else had activated (and they are very well geared to do so) they flipped all 3 of its Assets and buggered off through a portal. I needed to take the Focussed Effort order, but with Thrace nearby and Medic!, quickly undid all that work. They couldn't then come back next turn without sticking around to face some serious reprisals. I will say that I will try to keep it the F away from Horotmatangi, taking whatever shots I can at it instead. But I am at a loss as to how best to fight against this loadout, other than volume of attacks. Another part of the issue is in relation to the rules for Titans. The only way to prevent it from firing all of its guns is to engage it with a Titan, or to be hidden. But the Dreadnought is not slow (especially when in Glory), and with the fact it can still shoot all of its Versatile guns after Rushing you can't really hide, except to be out of range. I'll pretty happily spend a Tactics token to walk it out of Titan engagement, but I won't often need to if the cards have been kind and I can just get a Nimble trigger to move away. Other loadouts just seem lacklustre by comparison, so I am making myself use them to see some hidden worth. So I guess I feel that as well as a tweak to how much Abyssinia gets to draw cards, I think this loadout needs some attention to tone it down. I honestly played the Chemical Fogger for the first few games as requiring a card discard in order to fire, and don't think it takes anything away to do so. Losing Versatile on the Flamethrower would also help. Interested to see if this is all just me, if people have similar experiences and if there are any other Asset loadouts for the Dreadnought that folks think are worth taking.
  5. It's all about softening them up first. Try to make them flip Assets with your basic shots (which, if penetrating, will be doing 1 damage apiece), THEN hitting them with your high strength when they can only scrap, potentially netting 2. I will usually try to take as many Engineers as I can for eligible units, who are great for this.
  6. The trigger on Lord of Steel's Spear of Ages reads thusly: Open Wound: Immediately increase the Strength of this Action by +1 per in the final duel total. When not in Glory, there is no suit built-in to the stat of the Spear of Ages attack. When in Glory, there is one . The wording on using suits for triggers is listed as below in the rulebook: When a player declares a Trigger, they spend the indicated suit(s) or Margin Values from their final duel total. Spent suits are removed from the final duel total... Therefore, unless you are getting at least 2 , there is no benefit from this trigger. The Machinations Stratagem is the only way I can find to gain another from other models or abilities that I am aware of. So the trigger is otherwise wasted text when not in Glory, and requires you to flip/cheat a when in Glory, aside from playing the Machinations Stratagem. Would this be correct? Strength 5 is still great but if the above is true, I'm not really sure why they wasted the space on the card when not in Glory just to cover for if i) Machinations is taken, purchased and played AND ii) Part of the Plan is used to gain a AND iii) a card is used for the attack. Most of the time I would prefer to use the extra Morale action for each unit granted by Machinations for another Take To The Sky, or for an Interact action.
  7. Does it though? The Mech Inf fireteams have the Squad rule, so they could both shoot, but the Titan doesn't.
  8. Hey me too! I haven't painted much but looking to change that with TOS, but my thoughts were for these exact same colours, with some changes depending upon unit type to make it a bit easier to distinguish them at a glance.
  9. Stoked! Looking forward to sending some scum back to Malifaux via some sweet Spandau ballet.
  10. It's worthwhile going for the Fragile in certain circumstances: You have 2 Crime Bosses, who will both benefit from +1Ml. You're subsequently going to hit the thing with lots of other things Subsequently using the Coordinated Raid trigger on a Wokou Raider. The Crime Boss is a great target for making extra attacks as it is entirely suit-independent and has no triggers anyway.
  11. I find it interesting that over time Austringers have dropped from this list.
  12. Fingers get Fast instead as he's a Henchman. I run a tankier Brewmaster so I will appreciate their magical elixir. Not sure why you'd take them with anyone other than Brewie though, unless you have an Akaname fetish.
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