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  1. ArcticPangolin

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Mounted Guards'

    I believe the Pale Rider is the same.
  2. ArcticPangolin

    Beginner Misaki

    It's worthwhile going for the Fragile in certain circumstances: You have 2 Crime Bosses, who will both benefit from +1Ml. You're subsequently going to hit the thing with lots of other things Subsequently using the Coordinated Raid trigger on a Wokou Raider. The Crime Boss is a great target for making extra attacks as it is entirely suit-independent and has no triggers anyway.
  3. ArcticPangolin

    Why is the Brutal Emissary so expensive?

    So does the Guild
  4. ArcticPangolin

    Guild in Hard mode

    I find it interesting that over time Austringers have dropped from this list.
  5. ArcticPangolin

    Theoryfaux Wave 5

    Fingers get Fast instead as he's a Henchman. I run a tankier Brewmaster so I will appreciate their magical elixir. Not sure why you'd take them with anyone other than Brewie though, unless you have an Akaname fetish.
  6. ArcticPangolin

    Theoryfaux Wave 5

    I'm most excited about Lotus Eaters; they seem to go hand-in-and with Katanaka Crime Bosses and Woukou Raiders (with Misaki). Having something that can eat up the scheme markers that the Woukou Raiders want to make the enemy drop is golden.
  7. ArcticPangolin

    SPOILER WARNING speculation on Minako Rei

    I thought that her art was another Lotus Eater until I read the story. Such a cool-looking model!
  8. ArcticPangolin

    What's your idea you can't wait to try?

    Lucius allows for models to do things outside of their activation. You could put Ancient Protection on Papa turn 1 then box him, unbox him turn 2 in position to boom once or twice (ideally around activated models), then use Lucius to get more moves/Ancient Protections/booms/heals? out-of-activation.
  9. ArcticPangolin

    What's your idea you can't wait to try?

    Probably not worth it, but Lucius brings along Papa and a Terracotta Warrior, then through Ancient Protection, Lucius' extra movements and actions (and possibly a coffin taxi) Papa makes all the booms he can.
  10. ArcticPangolin

    How to properly use these models?

    Yokai mostly get use out of their (0) when they are hired instead of summoned. I'm not sure I'd bother with any Totem other than Amanjaku for Asami.
  11. ArcticPangolin

    double Rogue Necro Dougie- what else would you take?

    You cant spell Papa Loco without loco
  12. ArcticPangolin

    double Rogue Necro Dougie- what else would you take?

    After turn 1 Papa can buff 2 models a turn through positioning. Had him running between Sidir and Nino one game against Hamelin and an incoming wall of rats one game.
  13. ArcticPangolin

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Yasunori'

    84mm to the left sword tip, 83mm to the right sword tip. That's the model itself without the 50mm base though. I forgot to do this last night, sorry.
  14. ArcticPangolin

    is this a guild or nb jank?

    I take it you've tried Fees on a friendly beater model with Black Blood, native or otherwise?