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  1. Thanks alot, with english as a second language the grammar can get confuisng from time to time.
  2. Hi there Yesterday I had a game against my brother. We got in an argument about the Timing with Riders Moonlit Charge. My Rider ended up killing the last model he attacked, wich resulted in the model getting removed from the game. Where can I place the Rider from this Point on. Does he get placed before the model is removed, in 2 inch range of the second to last model he attcked or doesn't he get placed at all? Clarification would be apreciated
  3. Hi there, if a Bandersnatch targets a friendly model with Crawl into Shadow, then the friendly model dies, what happens do the Bandersnatch? The Shadow Lair Upgrade says: "If this model is Killed, all Buried enemy Bandersnatch models Unbury in base contact with this model " So since there are no enemy Bandersnatch models, it just stays buried? "Crawl Into Shadow: This Action cannot be taken while Buried. Attach the Shadow Lair Upgrade to the target, then Bury this model. Target gains Distracted +1."
  4. For the Nightmare to get unburied, it NEEDS to be summoned in base to base contact. If the targeted enemy model is somewhere in a Corner and no b2b contact can be achieved, you cant summon. There is a section in the rules about this. If you could summon them elsewhere, it would say so.
  5. Oh, you are right, my bad.
  6. OMG she did?! Thats sad, why would you play Zoraida as a leader anymore? As second Master she will be great, but as leader?
  7. In case Chompy dies, you could resummon him.
  8. Yeah, you are right. No more 12 Burning one shot Iggy Combo :(...
  9. As I thought, thank you My german grammar thinking brain struggled with the phrasing of the +1. Why call it Burning +x instead of just Burning x? But well... Thanks again for clearing it up
  10. Hi there, just looked at the Voodoo Curse Upgrade and I am not sure How excatly the Linked Fate abilty is suposed to work. Linked Fate: After an enemy Voodoo Doll suffers damage, this model suffers 1 damage. If an enemy Voodoo Doll gains a Condition, this model gains the same Condition with a total value of +1 (if applicable). For example, the Voodoo Doll gets Burning +3, does the cursed model get Burning +1 or Bruning +4. Using math, it would be 4, but i guess its too strong. Maybe its just the fact that english is my second language, so please ignore typos etc.. Cheers
  11. Just a thought I had on her but still needs to be tested: Hinamatsu in a Titania Crew with Queens Champion. With the champion upgrade Hina gains ++ on Attack Flips, can cheat face down, Drops up to 4 scheme markers for Titania to heal from etc. and gets armor 2. Combined with Malifaux provides for some nice healing. Thoughts?
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