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  1. Half-Bloods don't have the Black Blood Ability, so the Shaman can't target them.
  2. I found that part in the rules. For me it looks like the Trigger is already "announcing" which Action I'm taking. "take the same Action again"
  3. A quick question: I'm about to play against Molly as Mei Feng. Concerning Mei's Jackhammer Trigger: does the second attack count as being declared, since it is generated by the Trigger? Or in other words, do I take Damage from Molly by taking the Trigger Attack? Thanks
  4. A Crew i imagine to be fun: Mei Feng (Diesel Engine/Magical Training) Forgeling Sparks LeBlanc 8 Mobile Toolkit 3+1 You can pump up Mei Feng with Focused from Toolkit, give her fast with Sparks und fill her up with explosives. Then jump in with her and do some Damage at the end of Turn. If you get damaged, you can activate early next turn, again do some Damage, jump out and get healed up by Toolkit and Sparks.
  5. Chilbi

    Fae T-Rex

    I asked that myself. Fae are becoming more and more like a bowl of skittles. Diffrent kinds of wolfs, treepeople, undead monstrositys and now dinosaurs
  6. Chilbi

    Fae T-Rex

    So, Titania gets a new Toy. Any thoughts?
  7. I have a question concerning the Bombs In Yer Belly upgrade from Sparks. I know, when attacking a friendly model, the damage won't cause any Blasts. Is this the same with this Upgrade (attaching it to a friendly model and then attacking it)?
  8. But only 3" of the Pyres current location. Not sure if I remember correctly tho.
  9. Thank you, sometimes it's hard to find the exact rule that explains how specific stuff works. Just found it though.
  10. Not sure if it works that way but can I place Blood Sacrifice on Serena or Juju, "kill" them to summon Killjoy and then heal for 4 with the Demise ability?
  11. Hi Guys As I get more and more into the game, my interest in the Lore of Malifaux rises as well. I just bought the new Neverborn faction book and was wondering where would be a good start, to get a wider knowledge. Pointing me in the right direction, would be much appreciated.
  12. Thanks alot, with english as a second language the grammar can get confuisng from time to time.
  13. Hi there Yesterday I had a game against my brother. We got in an argument about the Timing with Riders Moonlit Charge. My Rider ended up killing the last model he attacked, wich resulted in the model getting removed from the game. Where can I place the Rider from this Point on. Does he get placed before the model is removed, in 2 inch range of the second to last model he attcked or doesn't he get placed at all? Clarification would be apreciated
  14. Hi there, if a Bandersnatch targets a friendly model with Crawl into Shadow, then the friendly model dies, what happens do the Bandersnatch? The Shadow Lair Upgrade says: "If this model is Killed, all Buried enemy Bandersnatch models Unbury in base contact with this model " So since there are no enemy Bandersnatch models, it just stays buried? "Crawl Into Shadow: This Action cannot be taken while Buried. Attach the Shadow Lair Upgrade to the target, then Bury this model. Target gains Distracted +1."
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