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  1. *The following details were commandeered from @subgenius13 - if you ever find yourself North of the Border come to the totally-peaceful-and-not-at-all-pirate-ridden shores of Georgian Bay and I'll thank you in person! Come join Jack’s first ever Malifaux Escalation League! Bi-weekly on Tuesdays starting at 6:30 (October 22 - December 17), this is the perfect opportunity to build your first crew, take up a new faction, or get to know your old crew better! The league will culminate with a final tournament held in January (exact date TBD). Everyone will receive a set of 3E quick-reference cards at their first game – and there will be a raffle for some great prizing at the final tournament! How do you earn raffle tickets? Receive one ticket for each game you play on a League Night, plus an additional ticket for each game won (tied games only give one ticket per player) Receive one ticket for each monthly League Paint Jam attended Receive one ticket for bringing in one or more NEWLY painted Malifaux miniatures to a League Night (new since previous League Night) Receive one ticket for each Wyrd product purchased at Jacks on Queen between Oct 15 - final Tournament in January (bring your receipt to any League Night to receive your ticket(s)!) Receive one ticket for bringing in a new player to either a League Night or Paint Jam (new players are anyone who has not yet played a formal game of Malifaux at Jacks on Queen – demos do not count!) League Nights: October 22 - 25 soulstone Henchmen-led crews November 5 - 30 soulstone Henchmen-led crews November 19 - 35 soulstone Master-led crews December 3 - 40 soulstone Master-led crews December 17 - 45 soulstone Master-led crews Final tournament in January - 50 soulstone Master-led crews League Paint Jam Nights: October 29 November 26 December 10 Jacks on Queen can be found nestled in the sleepy town of Elmvale, ON. at 18 Queen St West. 705-515-5225 or http://jacksonqueen.crystalcommerce.com/
  2. My youngest who has the nickname "Pookie" (don't ask how that happened) loves all things unicorns, so of course when Ulix's Nightmare crew was release I had to pick it up for him ('cause you know, it was totally for him and not me...). The lone unicorn is painted to match a stuffed unicorn he owns, and the P.J.s were painted to match his own unircorn onesie. Pretty happy with the results, and will make for a fun, lighthearted crew to play!
  3. Join us again this Wednesday July 24!
  4. Oh I missed that! Thank you!
  5. My apologies if this has already been answered: My little one and I are putting together the Nightmare Edition of Ulix and prepping the cards for 3E. I just realized that Ulix and Penelope have the keyword "Sooey", while the rest of the boars/pigs have the keyword well, "Pig". Does that now mean each one now costs 1 SS more to use with Ulix, or is there some sort of cross-over between the two keywords that I completely missed? Both keywords have limited model choices individually (I believe "Pig" does not even have a Master) but together give a nice fleshed-out crew. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  6. Welcome to 3rd Edition! Jacks on Queen is once again playing host to Wyrd Wednesdays - where I demo and facilitate casual play for those just getting used to the format/game. Bring some friends and have some fun in Ongario’s Beautiful cottage country! Wednesdays in July 6:30-9:00 Jacks on Queen, 18 Queen St W, Elmvale Ontario
  7. Bumping so as not to get lost in the wilds.... for anyone is southern Ontario who wants to come out and celebrate the new release!
  8. Come one, come all, to the launch of Malifaux's Third Edition on Saturday, June 29! We'll have prizing (for a Henchman Hardcore Tournament)! We'll have cake! $15.00 at the door or $12.00 if you pay your pre-registration fee online or in-store by June 22. Doors open at 11:00 and Henchman Hardcore begins at 11:30 sharp - but don't leave your Masters at home! During lunch break we'll have awards for the best-dressed Masters (painting competition). Throughout the day we'll be running demos for anyone unfamiliar with either Malifaux or 3 Edition, so bring your friends! A paint table will also be set up to use between games or to get some help or advice with a new technique or project. Saturday June 29, 11:30-5:00 Location: Jacks on Queen, 18 Queen Street Elmvale ON
  9. Want to get some more 3E games in before the big launch? Come visit Elmvale Ontario for a demo (or two, or three, or four...) Wednesdays May 29 and June 12 (starting at 6:00) Jacks on Queen 18 Queen St West, Elmvale ON 705-515-5225 Hope to see you there!
  10. Don't forget this Saturday we're having our last 2E Tournament! Mystery boxes and Guilders are up for grabs, in addition to prizing being supplied by the LGS. What better excuse to come see the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay! (Only 2 1/2 hours north of Toronto).
  11. Lovely! Great use of colour - very eye catching both up close and at a distance
  12. "You inhale sharply, the acrid smoke stinging your nostrils. The smell of wood burning lingers, and with it… something else? It’s faint, barely perceptible, yet with each breathe a knot grows in your stomach. Shaking your head, you glance back at your crew who have begun setting up the tarps and canvas to protect from the midday sun. A strong breeze is sending the smoke from beyond the horizon but it offers no relief - the breeze is hot, the sun is hot, everything is hot. “At our current pace, we should reach White Sands by nightfall” remarks your Henchman, always one to point out to the obvious. “Though I don’t know what you expect - we don’t have to see it to know that it’s gone!” White Sands. It was supposed to be the jewel in the Guild’s cap: the largest Soul Stone deposit ever found in The Badlands. Though currently just a mining outpost, the Guild’s City Planners were already hard at work preparing the settlement’s Official Plan, and had high hopes that it would soon be home to thousands. Yet just as soon as the dream had begun, it was over. Some say the Archanists, unable to pass up such a treasure trove of power unleashed a magic they could no longer control. Others say the miners unwittingly unearthed a Neverborn who was better left undisturbed. More whispers point to something not yet encountered in Malifaux - a malevolent power unmatched by humans or Neverborn alike. Yet whatever the cause, hundreds are now flocking to White Sands in the hopes of capturing the outpost for themselves. The Guild has sent many to restore order and slay any Neverborn that cross their paths. Others seek the magical power or riches rumoured to have been left behind. And many more seek to align themselves with any Neverborn that may have been awakened therein. Regardless of the calamity's cause, what is certain is that as hundreds converge on White Sands, a fearsome battle is all but imminent. The question remains: which one are you?" ——————————————- Welcome to the settlement of White Sands, where fortunes are won and crews destroyed! In celebration of the completion of my new Badlands scenery, this thematic 40SS tournament will proceed around the premise of protecting or looting the town. The tournament will use the following set set Story Encounter options over three or four rounds, depending on the number of participants: Rams - Squatters Rights Crows - Supply Wagon Tomes - Treasure Hunt Masks - Escort The final round will consist of a Master/Henchman free-for-all in the town of White Sands itself for bonus Victory Points! (2 VP for each model you kill and 4 VP for being the last player standing) Saturday, May 4, 2019 11:30-5:00 Jacks on Queen, 18 Queen St W Elmvale, ON
  13. Happy Sunday, Wyrdos! After a break for the winter we are starting up our Wyrd Wednesday’s with the first Henchman Hardcore event of the new year! Wednesday April 10 6:30-9:00 Jacks on Queen, 18 Queen St W Elmvale, ON See you there!
  14. Sweet. I was really hoping she was actually Ten Thunders when I first saw her picture...
  15. Hello! I stumbled upon the Hinamatsu model today and instantly fell in love, but havn't been able to find any information on her other than the general description on the Wyrd Store. Is she a henchman? Enforcer? Peon? Can anyone share their experience playing with her, or at least give a little more information on who she is? (She doesn't show up on the Neverborn section of the Malifaux Website either.) Thematically I would love to include her in my Dreamer playroom set (another 'mother' to help him alongside Widow Weaver...) but need to know a bit more about her before I make the decision to purchase. ...OR... I throw caution to the wind and buy her anyways since she's so gosh-darn pretty
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