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  1. Sweet. I was really hoping she was actually Ten Thunders when I first saw her picture...
  2. Hello! I stumbled upon the Hinamatsu model today and instantly fell in love, but havn't been able to find any information on her other than the general description on the Wyrd Store. Is she a henchman? Enforcer? Peon? Can anyone share their experience playing with her, or at least give a little more information on who she is? (She doesn't show up on the Neverborn section of the Malifaux Website either.) Thematically I would love to include her in my Dreamer playroom set (another 'mother' to help him alongside Widow Weaver...) but need to know a bit more about her before I make the decision to purchase. ...OR... I throw caution to the wind and buy her anyways since she's so gosh-darn pretty
  3. It's that time again for another Henchman Hardcore Standoff at Jacks on Queen! This time around we're adding another format afterwards for those interested; a quick game of Enforcer Brawl! Link to the post of Facebook with all details: https://www.facebook.com/events/487404238397893/ August 25, 2018 12:00-5:00 $20.00 tax included and each participant gets to pick a new model as their prize! Jacks on Queen - 18 Queen Street W, Elmvale ON 705-515-5225 info@jacksonqueen.com
  4. Come one, come all, to the place where Steampunk Lives and Breathes in all it's Glory! A better place to experience Malifaux first-hand most assuredly does not exist! I will be in the Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum with my Newly created Western town of White Sands to provide demos and full-games alike for anyone in the area. Saturday August 11, 9:00-5:30 Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum; 1474 Woodrow Rd, Coldwater, ON L0K 1E0 See you there! https://www.steampunkfestivalcoldwater.com/
  5. Hear-yea, hear-yea! Malifaux’s newest town is currently under construction and we need you, valiant Wyrdo, to become its first inhabitants! Picturesque White Sands boast breathtaking sunsets, beach-worthy sandstorms, glistening mirages that may (or may not) resemble actual water and of course, not a single bloodthirsty Neverborn in sight!* Do you have what it takes to reap the rewards this bountiful land has to offer and be one of the first citizens of White Sands? If so, join us at Jacks on Queen is Elmvale, Ontario on Saturday July 21 starting at 2:00, and get ready to take an uneventful and completely relaxing** walk down the newly swept streets! This event will also coincide with Elmvale Ontario's second annual Sci Fi and Fantasy Street Party, so there is much more to see and do should you come our way! Jack's on Queen 18 Queen Street West, Elmvale ON (30 minutes north of Barrie, ON via Hwy 27 705-515-5225 or info@jacksonqueen.com ... ... ... * The new Mayor of White Sands places no guarantee on whether or not Nevwrborn are in the actual vicinity. This is based solely on the testimonial of the previous mayor, who disappeared in a suspicious pool of blood only 14 hours after being sworn in to office... ** The definition of the term ‘relaxing’ is currently up for hot debate. And by hot debate, I mean pistols at dawn...
  6. I'm sure this is a topic that has cropped up before, but I always find it interesting to discover how/why players enjoy a particular game. I was first drawn to Malifaux because of how unabashedly gorgeous the miniatures and game aesthetics are, and it was later on that I discovered that I actually enjoyed playing the game. That being said, I find I still choose crews/Masters based solely on how they look or the theme I can create with them; as for me, the enjoyment of painting/creating still outweighs whether or not I do well in any games/tournaments. As I start planning my next crew of Ten Thunders, this is going to be more evident then ever. I am so excited to paint the fabrics of many of the models that I am paying almost no attention to the actual stats of the cards! So I'm curious, how do you choose your next Master/Faction/Crew? Do you also go for the looks of it first, or do you care more about playability? Do you aim to just crush your opponents, or do you try to find a crew you think would be most fun/interesting to play? Or a combination of all? Because Malifaux itself has so many different directions you can go for, I'm very interested to see how people choose to immerse themselves in this universe!
  7. Just a reminder to come join us in beautiful Elmvale Ontario, just north of the GTA! It's shaping up to be a stellar weekend, so if you're in the Toronto area, why not take a day trip up north? If you want to play but don't have a crew (or know someone like that!) I'll have two spare crews on standby. See you there!
  8. EDIT: Apparently I can't proof-read and missed adding a date and time! Event to be run May 12, 2018 12:00-5:00p.m. Come join us in beautiful Elmvale, Ontario (Canada) for another Henchman Hardcore tournament! $20.00 a head and all participants leave with a model of their choice (1st place has 1st pick, 2nd place has 2nd, etc.). All matching and scoring is done via Best Coast Parings; click here if you are unfamiliar with how Henchman Hardcore differs from standard play. Tournament held: Jacks on Queen 18 Queen Street West, Elmvale Ontario 705-515-5225 info@jacksonqueen.com
  9. Bumping this up again - I'll be at the store this evening for anyone who wants to brave the rain!
  10. Just an update to say I’ll be at the shop this upcoming Wednesday (March 21) for some demo games!
  11. These are some of the ones I'm most proud of...The Dreamer even has a little rocking horse I made out of plasticard and the little DayDream has his own quilted blanket
  12. Come one, come all, to a most excellent day of tabletop skirmish wargaming! Join us in beautiful Elmvale, Ontario (just 1 1/2 hours north of Toronto) for a day dedicated to all things skirmish. Malifaux will be one of the showcased games (with not one, but TWO Henchmen present and accounted for!) among several others! We are also hosting a painting competition, and will have special guest Ash Barker from YouTube's Guerrilla Miniature Games. We look forward to seeing you all there!
  13. THANK YOU! I am really happy with how it turned out; all the large fabric pieces were just screaming for some detail; I may have gone overboard with the stripes hehe.
  14. Here is the first crew I ever completed; Parker Barrows and his Gang. Initially I didn’t care for the Wild West theme of Malifaux, now its become my favourite. And who better to lead me down my path to Scripts than a bunch of honest-to-goodness outlaws!
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