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  1. We had an interesting interaction in a game the other day, and got curious about what the right answer would be. So the three models and abilities involved where: Jedza with "inevitability of death" Lamplighter with "Unnatural glow" Candy with "Disarm" The Lamplighter attacked Candy, and ended up healing candy for 3. Candy flipped crows, so since no trigger was declared, she was able to declare "Disarming" Jedza used "inevitability of death" on the heal 3, changing it to damage instead. Now. The question is wether Candy is allowed to reduc
  2. @Plaag, yeah it didn't work out the way I had planned it! Realistically I brought too many models that want to use cards instead of support pieces. With the idea being that Toni uses "bring it" to isolate a target early on, and everything else working together to delete it. In this match the only thing in reach was Serena Bowman. But a couple of unfortunate flips combined with her survivability left her alive, even after the full keyword put attacks into her. I brought Joss due to the irreducible damage potential, but can see the point of him needing focus to really get swinging
  3. Alright. So I had a game with M&SU against dreamer the other day. And admittedly, I could have made better choices. But just out of curiosity, what would you run against him? The pool was GG0 : And as you can see, I chose breakthrough and search the ruins. My list was: Toni ironsides Mouse (Totem) Amina. 9 Rider + SS. 13 Joss 11 Arcane emissary 10 And a pool of 7 stones. I went for joss due to his ruthless and access to irreducible damage, hoping to give both
  4. Jumping into the discussion a bit late. I've only played Malifaux for about 1 year now, and have a very limited Meta that might skew how I view things. I can't speak for specific keywords when it comes to over powered, as I've only had enough games to get a good feel for Rasputina, Marcus and Kaeris. (I also own Ironsides, Colette and Ramos, but have only had 1-2 games with each) But as for a keyword I feel could need a boost, I agree that December needs it the most. Like most people say, the lack of card draw and the resource strain seems to cause more issues for Raspi tha
  5. Ok! Two friends are currently mid game, (Monk vs big hat) and a new question came up. Does hazardous damage caused by auras like : Or Work and effect abilities like : And I. E, does hazardous aura count as damage done by the model creating said aura? This would also be relevant to certain schemes and strategies.
  6. Either way, it would have to be one of two options, right? Either A) it's all baked in prior to damage reduction, and incorporeal models still take 1 damage. Or B) it happens after damage reduction, incorporeal takes nothing, but armor is now rendered useless against it. (and it would be two separate stone attempts if people want to stone to reduce damage. The reason I posted it is because I think we've treated it like some form of middle ground, where both armor and incorporeal get used to full effect (incorporeal taking 0 damage and armored models taking 1).
  7. @Adran OK, so if the damage is added before reductions, that'd mean it does 2 damage against incorporeal, reduced to 1, and not 1 reduced to 0 and therefore no +1?
  8. Hi guys! I have a question in regards to Rasputinas ability "Freeze Over". In a discussion with a friend, we came to the conclusion that her ability wouldn't be able to damage incorporeal models due to its wording "models damages by this action suffer +1 damage" I.E, she's located the shock wave on a pillar for extra damage, but by how it is worded, the extra damage only occurs if they get damaged in the first place. Does this make incorporeal and shielded models immune to the +1? And if so, does she do 1+1 damage (separate effects) against armour?
  9. Yeah the reference cards we have from the faction packs does not have the word attack on there. We figured the rulebook would overrule, but I wasn't sure about the English grammar and if it would read as "non (melee attack) action“ or "non melee, attack action)". I know there are no commas in the rulebook, so just to get it straight, it is option a, only non melee attack actions suffer from concealment? Heals are OK, but obey for example, would be affected.
  10. Hi guys! a question came up in a game I watched today, regarding concealment and whether it affects tactical actions. In the rulebook it states : The reference cards say the same, with the difference of removing the word "attack" Is it: a) only effecting non melee attack actions, so heals and other tactical actions are unaffected. b) non melee actions, (I.e tacticals and other actions are affected too).
  11. Here's a link to the rules. Probably should've added that form the start! And yeah, you'd think so, but since all players have the same opportunity, it balanced out, the masters do make up for the majority of the crews function and usually tends to be a beater. In my list, Toni used "bring it" to force people to fight on my terms, the captain was a secondary beater with his 3/4/6 2" hammer, an option to force card discard by shock waves, and a good defensive bubble, as one of my opponents fielded Parker. Mouse and the Mannequin where simply models to heal/
  12. I know everyone is focused on the new gg1 strats and schemes right now. But I just played the 3-man variant "Paranoia" last night, and it got me thinking of other fun combinations to try within the limited point frame and the other restrictions. So, in paranoia, no summons are allowed, you get your master and your totem for free, a 5 ss cache and an additional 15 ss to spend on extra models. The main strat is based on holding the center, and the schemes are based on interaction or damage to opposing masters, more info can be found on paranoias own page on this forum. I
  13. Tried Paranoia for the first time last night. Had heaps of fun. Toni Ironsides, Mouse, The captain, Mannequin VS Brewmaster, Wesley, popcorn Turner, moon shinobi. VS Parker, doc mitchel, Sue, Johan creedy. What happens if two (or more) players have an equal amount of models within 8 of the center? Do they both get a point, or neither?
  14. Yup! I didn't read that properly, which makes sense, since that would also block charges from causing triggers. Thanks for clarifying that the ability is OK.
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