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Found 8 results

  1. Just finished my Perdita Ortega Core Box after having it laying around for a longer while. Next comes the rest of Lord Cooper Core Box.
  2. I have a question regarding the Ungentlemanly Affairs ability. A rare situation has occurred and I was hoping for some clarification. According to the ability, it states that "this model treats negative flips from Concealment, Distracted, and Friendly Fire as positive flips." The situation is that I have a ranged, projectile attack targeting an enemy model engaged (Friendly Fire) and in Concealm?ent. My model also has Distracted. The question is this; do I get a triple positive for this attack or am I playing Ungentlemanly Affairs incorrect?
  3. Hi All. Looking at Ancient Lamps skill, in scenarios where enemy does not create his own markers, you can create the lamps only around strategy markers? So if strategy pool was to change to strats not involving markers, Lamplighters wouldn't be creating any markers this way? (One exception I can Imagine is creating them around a Moorwraith, but that's limited to area around Deployment zone). Ancient Lamps: After Deployment, Create two Dim Ht 4 Concealing Lamp Markers anywhere at least 4" from another Marker. Seeker models are unaffected by friendly Lamp Marker's Concealing trait.
  4. this thread is meant to be a compendium of (not mine, yours) knowledge on "how I beat ES crews except Cadmus" (I leave Cadmus out because currently a) you don't beat them, you only narrow the margin of your loss, and more seriously b) Pergli has a great thread on that). So, tell me everything you know about particular keywords' weaknesses that can be exploited and lynchpin models that need to be eliminated when playing against one of seven ES non-Cadmus crews.
  5. Chilbi

    Fae T-Rex

    So, Titania gets a new Toy. Any thoughts?
  6. I haven't actually played with (or even built!) my Basse crew yet, but how are we liking the individual models of his crew? Are Frontiersmen fantastic? Is Bernadette boring? Amazed by Austringers? Captivated by Cornelius? Rekt by Reichart? Rejoice for Raptors? You get the gist! How do we like them?
  7. I may have missed a thread somewhere, so if this is resident I apologise. But has there been any word on what it when the new explorers master are?
  8. Do you know when are going to open the new faction's forum?
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