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  1. In my few games with the doc I have found I started leaving Rafkin behind. His abilities say he wants to be close to the enemy but his defence says differently. Without him a I can get enough poison up anyway. Al-ways take killer instinct on the doctor, the ruthless is situationally good but the soul stone off a corpse is great. Sebastian is the real master of the crew! I don’t bother looking for the summoning, if it goes off cool but otherwise I’m bringing two fleshies anyway
  2. I’m a little underwhelmed by the sale but then I’ve already got most of the special editions lol
  3. Played Viks into Mei on the weekend. It was symbols of authority I took sabotage and hidden martyrs. I won 6-1. My list was the Viks with servant , Vanessa with soldier for hire, big jake, student, two ronin and a prospector. looking back I think it’s probably worth dropping the upgrade off Vanessa , the student and probably the prospector. Then bring in Bishop or Taelor. Prospector is too slow and ends up being a ss generator when I could have just added his 6 to the pool from the start. The student is handy for fast but it only really happens in the first turn I find. Viks are so mobile
  4. : cackles as he glues his Hamelin crew together:
  5. I was just discussing this with a mate. I’m hoping to pick up Lord Cooper and any of his keyword, I assume he will be available in the sale.
  6. You mean Johan for condition removal? Hans is the sniper
  7. Good one mate. Great to read others perspectives on crews I love to play. All this is drawing me back to my first love the ressers.
  8. I like the list but how is it doing schemes?
  9. Manos is nuts, take one damage to add the required suit, then given the healing available that 1 damage isnt too bad.
  10. Mine dies too quick as well. I have started using it as a flanker to scheme and then fly into the middle of the scrum to use his abilities. Ultimately its a totem and if you get a vp out of it then its worth it!
  11. Agree with @theamazingmrg i find the Guardian not too bad to get moving with help. I played a game vs McCabe into Leylines the other day and lost 8-6. Mainly because i didnt get 2 of the start points. Looking back I think I should have taken the mechanical rider. I think she offers a lot on Hoffman. She can go and get vps while the rest of his crew can focus on interdicting and stomping
  12. That sucks man. I hope you recover mate
  13. A fun matchup is Nekima into Misaki! Loads of bloodshed!
  14. I'd say he could still be passed along but as for scoring the strat no as the carrier is now insignificant.
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