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  1. 6 hours ago, Nikodemus said:

    I caught that on my own. Rule nitpicking ftw :P Certainly contributes in me being so down on Cojo.

    Reminds me of 2e when people got confused by ml/sh/ca and melee/projectile/non things and how they non-intuitively weren't related at all. I had so many "is it a SHoot attack?" "yes, it's got a gun symbol" exchanges over the years.

    Intuitively (you'd think) Toss is a melee action. But it isn't. Need to watch out for that when playing with people. I think Wyrd did a good job at clearing a lot of stuff like that out in the 2e->3e transition but a few remain.

    i have a friend who is constantly mocking me playing ironsides (cheating ironsides as she's know) after an unfortunate incident where iron sides killed a Freikorps librarian with good shot my turn in 2nd ed

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  2. 2 hours ago, Franchute said:

    Suddenly Cojo decreased a lot in value for me. I have been abusing a lot of charge + toss in my games. Hopefully my opponents wont call me a cheater now 😊

    dont worry i did a simmler thing with banasuva one game trying to prove that toss was to powerful once with someone


    we then fell around laughing at end of the game when we were discussing it and realised

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  3. 6 hours ago, Franchute said:

    Cojo has a toss attack too. It's stat 4 against Sz. But you can only target models with Sz 1 or 2. It's not a bad tool: if you send an enemy 10'' away, he probably won't be able to interact with the strategy marker this turn. With frenzied charge, you can potentially throw two enemy models back.

    Toss isn't a melee attack so you can't charge and use it 

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  4. 5 hours ago, retnab said:

    The Gamin and the Golem are the same model for all intents and purposes.  I'm on @DumbLuck's side on this, both effects take place in the same step so you can choose the order to resolve it in, nothing says that you must end the "start of activation" step after replacing.

    do you have a quote to back up this..... i cant see anything that states the gamin and the golem are the same model in the rules

  5. While on the topic of Oxford mages. How do they work with conditions you get when you activate (of you have a model standing in say both a mages aura and bad juju can you get stunned and then get rid of stun?

  6. Oxford mages are good condition removal in an area!

    silent one are good for healing things at long range, i guess Medical Automaton could do it at a shorter range for less points but not used them.

    Wind gamin are great schemers

    The essence of power is good in raspy list 

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  7. lets compare titania to kaeris is is probably a fairly close match it powers 


    Both have fairly simmler defensive stats, with titania having more wounds, will power and hard to wound, and kaeris having a defensive trigger and armour. i guess titania is prob slightly up at this point due to her healing and the like


    both essentially put out markers that do bad stuff, titania will prob move one that was put down in to the deploy phase in to position where as kaeris can create one with her free action. 

    titania is then going to have to walk and shoot twice in order to get her attacks in. she gets 2 attacks that do 2/4/5 and injured and don't have any triggers built in. yes she is positives to hit you with her attack if your in terrain.


    Kaeris on the other hand has run and gun meaning she can charge rather than walk and so get 3 shots, if she is burning she gets positives to attacks as well, (so you can charge in to a pyre marker and then just keep getting burning +1 every action to use for positives) her attack does 2/3/5 and a burning. she then has a built in trigger to give her more damage, essentially making her damage track 3/4/6 for attacks 2 and 3.


    so kaeris puts out more damage than titania and can do more attacks if she has to move first. and she can put out injured through her pyre markers, and she can blow up other markers with her ranged attacks. 


    and thats kaeris who is prob the 3-4 best master in arcanist (behind hoffman, sandeep and meifeng in my opinion).


    yes titania is good, but the game i'm sure would have been quite different for you, if you had managed to drop LCB or a unimpeded beater on titania. yes she can heal a bit, but she goes down to 4-5 good smacks healing or not


  8. so just for a second lets talk about another game. 


    i've just played vs someone who charged a 10 stone model in to a dead doxy to find it was Disguised, then obey the same model to charge a rotten belle (also disguised) the copy cat killer and proceeded to do nothing next to it 


    the game was then over when i then between the copy cat killer and seamus murdered said 10 stone model turn 1. 


    why is all this important, because my opponent didn't know what my crew did and walked right in to it. we sat and discussed things after the game and agreed what could have been done differently. and then agreed to have another game some time. 


    by the sounds of it you  have played a couple of games of m3e at most and have walked in to something and lost because of it. 


    if you want to throw in the towel after this then malifaux probably isn't the game for you cos there are lots of models that can surprise you and its not going to get any better. 


    as said by multiple people before Titania isn't that busted, she cant charge and get 3 attacks unlike some masters. she is a defensive 5 master with no armour or shielding. yes butterfly jump is a very very good ability and I think thats more of an issue than anything else in titania's crew, and thats the same with neverborn in general vs titania's crew. 

    if you think titania is busted then as said have fun playing vs zorida who can make your models walk and drop explosives from 24 inches away or make you kill your self by throwing idols on to yourside of the battlefield. 


    or yan lo who by turn 3 is a completely unkillable monster and can summon back half his crew with a single action that doesn't even make him flip


    or hoffman who can bring an entirely armour 2 crew which cant be reduced.


    thats just 3 masters 

    we haven't talked about seamus and his teleport, focus shoot teleport stuff. or sandeep who can draw stupid amount of cards and dump a focus 2 golem on your face turn 1 or any other silly stuff in the game. 


    and as for 5 years of experience, your point is compleatly irreverent. m3e is a compleatly different game to m2e and so no one has more than 6 months to a year experience of m3e 


    if you want to throw your toys out of the pram because you played one game badly and lost fine... I'm sure there are lots of people who would take they toys off your hands for you. yes m3e has issues, there is stuff that is going to have to be errated and FAQ ed and twerked in the next few months probably. I'm not sure titania is one of them

  9. I think this very much depends on how often you play.

    i mean if you only play once every 2-3 months they your prob looking at 1-2 masters and focusing on remembering all their mechanics 

    if your playing regularly then you could prob learn to play 5-6 at any one time, but I do think increasing the numbers of masters you play beyond 3-4 probably has diminishing returns as there is only so many combinations of scheam pools 

  10. I do like a lot of our masters for out of keyword hireing 


    Kirai is great in to anyone with armour or lots of healing as ikaryo ignores armour and a lot of her summons prevent healing 

    Molly is great in to anyone who puts down markers (titania, zipp, kaeris etc)

    i've not tried it yet but i'd immagine vonschtook is good vs upgrade masters (marcus/vonshill)

    in terms of non masters I like datsu ba or Manos are good for going after people like levi or yanlo that rely on demise abilities to keep them alive 


    I also like sebastian with molly if i'm bringing a necro as i can load it up with posion and then use Blood Poisoning to keep it alive and beating.


    I agree that P+N is hot hot trash 

  11. I think as said you went in to this unprepared. I think bring a couple of unenpeaded models with butterfly jump and titania struggles (Emmesery for example) 


    A big part of m3e is counter play in this edition. You can't just show up and do your own thing, especially as it sounds like you don't know what your own thing is.


    A big part of dreamers power comes fom his deck improvement thing and 4-5 models taking weaks out of your deck realy shines turns 3-5. 


    It does mean you might have to play more defensively turn 1-2 though. Don't go running your models in to your opponents crew Willy nilly. It sounds a lot like you played right in to your opponents crew in terms of what they wanted to achieve. Instead spend a turn or two buildings up focus and making your deck better while seeing where the terrain is going then strike.


    Also unimpeded models and incorporial is great Vs Titania. In fact I'd recommend the Emmesery is most neverborn crews

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  12. I think neverborn have come of of the beta quite strongly. I've heard good things about almost all their masters and they can do some quiet nice stuff. 

  13. I think Sandeep and Mei will be up their as two of the most powerful masters for arcanist.


    I've made my points clear on my sandeep tactica but Mei brings so much mobility that sandeep doesn't have. 


    the issue i have Colette is the rest of her crew falls over to a stiff breeze and Colette doesn't do enough on her own to remedy this 

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