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  1. 1 hour ago, Adran said:

    I've seen a few people using the band as a whole (or at least as a leader). I think they probably play better together than they do individually, because they can use each others sin tokens, and Destructive performance looks really strong when you get multiple off 1 action.

    Faction is a much harder choice this edition, because it will affect which one gets the extra AP, which effigy you get, and as you no longer have to hire the whole band, you can combine a few members with several other models from the faction.  That's a lot of potential combo power to be considered.

    They are probably one of the more powerful henchmen lead crews, so I'm not sure if they are competitive, but they are certainly a more competitive crew choice than they used to be.






    which ones aren't worth taking 

  2. 15 minutes ago, Franchute said:

    Today I realized that one can bring frontier models such as austringers, raptors and some other guild shooters into arcanists if one chooses Paul Crockett as his leader. Has anybody tried this? The damage burst he brings when combined with beasts already sounds good.

    Paul is an enforcer so can't be a leader

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  3. my thoughts are thus that ironsides, marcus and kaeris will all find themselves on ebay or be got of some other way as they have all suffered from m2e-m3e, Ironsides needs to clump up and so can just be avoided or blasted to death, marcus's models are priced as if they have upgrades already, wyrd forgetting your master does little else other than give out upgrades. and kaeris still doesn't know who she wants to set on fire, her own models or the enemies. and so lacks the AP to do both effectively 


    mean while, i still think that sandeep is OP, he has one of the best ways to draw cards without overly negatively affecting his game play. he has great summons, with windgamin being good scheam runners, and the ability without much trouble to get all 3 golems (and the above mentioned wind gamin on turn 2). I've also found with the card draw he is one of the best supporters for a 2nd master weather thats heavy metal gamin and meifeng for extra scheam running potential, heavy ice gamin and raspy for extra ranged fire power and movement blocking, or ramsos with the card draw and scrap for more summoning.


    raspy and meifeng are fine and i enjoy their playstyles over ironsides, marcus and kaeris. 


    biggest disappointment though has to be hoffman for me. going in to m3e at start of open beta i was looking forward to running hoffman with ironsides and all the m&su constructs (joss and howard) or with meifeng, with mei leaping from big hefty beater to hefty beater. 


    instead hoffman has little to no overlap with either, and i find his play style increadby meh.. i'm more likely to sell off my non foundry constructs and pick up ressers instead. 

  4. 23 minutes ago, Caspergad said:

    asami can easily place a scheme marker at the same distance with one of her paper dolls and afterwards pushing it... just saying

    But is that too powerful compared to non summoners?

  5. 4 hours ago, hemgath said:

    Long time ago i suggest the "replace 3 gamin for a golem" and 3 month later new dev team make it... But originaly (the closed beta topic is certainly lost) I had suggested that this replacement be a Sandeep action... not an auto from item ^^
    For exemple :

    Merge the element:
    Rg 12", Stat6, TN12
    Target an elemental, if it is within :aura4 of at least two other models with the same name, it may Replace itself and two such models in range with an Enforcer model with the exact same Keywords as all three Replaced mosdels.



    Other things i'm completely agree, with the fact of "no interact on the first turn for a new summon..."


    Yes I mean the fact you could drop a scheam marker aprox 17 inches away from banasuva over 2 activations (summon wind gamin 1 inch away from banasuva, command banasuva to toss gamin, wind gamin leaps and drops scheam seems very very powerful

  6. 25 minutes ago, Gesuma said:

    Could they not move around the golems going for sandeep? They have quite far reach and with a little extra help to that reach ;) Even if they only get one attack off or even nothing against Sandeep.... The following turn will be devistation  :D You should expect to lose one Vik to take out a true keymodel after all, even with 10ss and extra from Ronins and Venessa there helping with the survival as well.

    So they move around 1 goelm and some how and get one swing on Sandeep. Kandara pulls Sandeep out of combat, Sandeep then summons another golem and that jumps on Vicks

  7. 2 hours ago, Gesuma said:

    Does Viks with emmisary for the sling effect not counter sandeep quite well?

    Looks to me like Sandeep would not be too hard to alpha strike with crews built around that.

    With that said the strong summoners like Ramos, Sandeep, Dreamer, Kirai, Molly, Asami?, "Yan lo", Dashel all seem like top tier. They do not all function the same way so the not interacting will not affect them equally.
    Personally I see Dreamer as the strongest of the summoners, but I have yet to see dreamer versus Sandeep :)
    The not interacting the turn summoned does not affect dreamer much so it looks like it would just make Dreamer the absolut top summoner then and maybe crew overall, afai can tell.

    Well I faced the Vicks last night and they didn't particularly like getting a fire golem with double focus and 9 burning flung in there face. Especially when they had to expend all there cards killing a metal golem, only for Sandeep to draw 5 more cards while making a fire golem


  8. 6 hours ago, azgadil said:

    I just finished a game with Deep and had a blast playing with the Metal Elemetals.  The option to choose which Elemental to favor is very unique. 

    It’s possible the option to choose from all the elements may be so strong that Deep sees a lot of play in a wide variety of schemes/strats.  

    Mages felt like they are in a good place - try taking the SouleStone Cache if you want to see that trigger.  The trigger is meant to be rare IMO.  I took two Mages and had no regrets.  The healing is nice. 

    SanDeep is fragile and it’s okay!  He is a back stage master designed to ball up and use Guru and summon.  Banasuva is strong so it’s okay to have a master that is less oppressive.  You have to keep him in the back behind some cover.  

    Now maybe I need to play more and/or come across a hard counter but for now Deep seems good. 


    Yes I've had some fun with metal gamin and meifeng, they set up scrap line to go rail walk off


  9. As someone who had played Sandeep solo for last few weeks I've yet to see him get in combat once. This is a master than can effect the board from 12 inches behind the "game line" and still has 2 shielding and stones to protect him. If he does some how get in to combat he can just be pulled out of combat by kandara.


    I've come across a list that can support both ramos and Sandeep and just bury the opponent in summoned models and im not sure golems and spider swarms are bad models to summoning in. As that's the card quality the crew can have. 


    Honestly in my opinion if your wanting to take down Sandeep, don't go after Sandeep or even kandara, unless you have a hyper mobile crew who can get to a model potentially on opposite board edge in first couple of turns or a way to go though searean counternance. Instead go after the mage and or banasuva who will be allowing the golems to heal or put down markers, and 2 out of the 3 golems would like to have there markers nearby


  10. so this was something that came up in a game a few days ago, and although both me and my opponent agreed it should be allowed as per our understanding of the m3e rules just wanted to confirm this is correct 


    Sandeep hires a fire gamin (4 stones)  with vendetta in the pool against an opposing 5 stone model.


    if that fire gamin is replaced by a fire golem which is worth more than 5 stones, is the vendetta still valid as although replace states the replaced model is still a valid target for strats and scheams purposes, part of vendetta is the opposing model, which isn't referenced in the replace ruling 


    copies of relivent text for reference

    "13. Vendetta At the beginning of the game, secretly choose a friendly non-Totem model and an enemy non-Leader model with higher Cost. Reveal: At the end of the friendly model’s Activation, if it successfully dealt damage to the secretly chosen enemy model and the enemy model has half its maximum Health or less (but is still in play), you may reveal this Scheme to gain 1 VP. End: At the end of the game, if the friendly model is in play and the enemy model is not, gain 1 VP."


    "4. If the new and original models belong to the same Crew, the new model becomes the target of any effects that targeted the original model, such as Schemes, Leader designation, or lasting game effects. The new model is always considered a legal target for those effects."  

  11. Raspy vs anything with mass flying/incorporeal?


    once played a game of raspy vs nekima's flying circus and i gave up almost compleatly on ice pillar generation and just had to shoot them down as they flew in


    the only reason i won was my opponent thought turn 4 was turn 3 and couldn't score the points he needed turn 5 to win. to the point he could have wiped me compleatly off the board turn 5 if he hadn't double focused 3 models (when this was allowed) and then relised the game was ending

  12. 16 minutes ago, BornOnTheBayou said:

    But the crew can get a max hand size of 8, no?

    how do you get to hand side 8?


    I was under the impression Arcane Reservoir doesn't stack (if it does then i guess im going go down to 3 stones, as you don't need them for card draw for sandeep!)



    Yes my hand size was capped at 7, but when your 7 cards is 7 face cards turn 2 and you can draw potential 4-6 more depending on need with out effecting front line activation's (2 new summons, essence of power kandara and potentially 2 Command the Elements from sandeep).


    my current thought that in anything but plant explosive sandeep is so much better than anything else the arcanists offer.- i'm not sure how i feel about plant explosives with my play style of sandeep as a lot of my non summoned guys don't cross centre line


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