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Found 7 results

  1. I think we too deserve a thread of „What was the last list you've played” type, don't we? I encourage everyone to post here lists, followed by a short information concerning S&S, opposing crew and short encounter's rundown. I will start with my today's game against my regular Gremlin opponent, Michał „Świeżak” Wencel. Standard Deployment Strategy: Public Executions Schemes: Eliminate, Covert, Vendetta, Search the Ruins, something I don't remember. I wanted to play Reva with Lampads despite everything – I have bought the box right before our game and wanted to give them a try. My crew: Reva w/ Decaying Aura, Riders in the Sky, Blood Mark, 6 ss Carrion Emissary w/ Conflux of the Reaper Datsue Ba w/ My Little Helper Lampad w/ My Little Helper Hayreddin Dead Doxy Rotten Belle His crew: Wong, Glowy McTavish, Trixie, Old Cranky, 2 Swinecursed, 2 Lightining Bug. As I anticipated, Michał brought his regular Wong crew, which he always plays into Public Executions. As for schemes, he has chosen Eliminate and of course Covert. I've chosen Covert and Vendetta (Belle – Swinecursed). On turn one he pushed Wong and Tavish with his Swinecursed twice. I Blackjokered Shards of Kythera which let him shoot Carrion Emissary with McTavish once for 5. Combination of Bloodmark and Guide Spirits let me charge one of his Lightning Bugs on my last activation of turn one and summon another Lampad of it, but the whole process costed me my whole 8 card hand. I also lured his Swinecursed, revealing Vendetta. On turn two Wong killed one of the Lampads and McTavish killed Datsue Ba (charged earlier by Swinecursed), which emptied Michał's hand. This let me give the „Death Omen” condition to his McTavish, who was subsequently killed by Reva. To guarantee a point for Strategy, Dead Doxy pushed his Swinecursed, put him on negative and promptly pounced to death. On the other flank I wanted to soften my Vendetta target, who previously charged Hayreddin, dealing 3 wounds to him. So I lured Hay back with Belle to enable countercharge... and accidentaly killed the Swinecursed with severe on my second hit. On turn three he killed my Lampad, Hayreddin killed Lightining Bug lured by Belle and Reva and Doxy killed Trixie. Carrion Emissary used his 10'' place to a corpse marker and started placing markers for Covert. My opponent conceded after turn four, as his last two models, Wong and Old Crancky, were stucked in his deployment zone, engaged by Reva and heavily wounded (at least Wong). Final score: Reva 7 (2 for Strategy, 2 for Vendetta, 3 for Covert) vs Wong 0.
  2. Hello Ressers! I have a local tournament coming up and am looking forward to three awesome games! I haven't been able to play much recently and regardless of being competitive, I'm going to enjoy just getting some games in. That being said, I want to get the group's thoughts on building to the follow strategies and schemes: Game 1: Deployment: Corner Deployment (10) Strategy: Interference (Masks) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Frame For Murder (Rams) * Leave Your Mark (Tomes) * Hunting Party (4) * Search The Ruins (8) Game 2: Deployment: Close Deployment (14) Strategy: Headhunter (Tomes) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Frame For Murder (Rams) * Leave Your Mark (Tomes) * Undercover Entourage (2) * Show Of Force (3) Game 3: Deployment: Standard Deployment (7) Strategy: Headhunter (Tomes) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Frame For Murder (Rams) * Accusation! (Masks) * Set Up (7) * Last Stand (13) I'd love to see some full lists with comments on why you think the list would be able to achieve the S&S. All models are fair game. How would you swamp over the enemy and secure these games for team Ressers?
  3. Morning all, hopefully everybody had nice Christmas and suitably stuffed from too much food. I am looking to expand on my guild forces but being a hideously inexperienced player I am not sure what to get so am looking for recommendations... at present I have... the torch and the blade set the guilds judgement set body of evidence set 2x guild guard 1 x governors proxy. what do people recommend I get next to fill any glaring gaps/roles in my army lists? cheers!
  4. I love tabling people as Sonnia, and so after taking a look at Rasputina, I'm interested in blowing a couple hundred on models to fill her out given her similar schticks ala Ice Wall spam, indirect fire, blast templates and so on. I'm familiar with the usual array of tips from PullMyFinger, but I'm wondering if some veterans of the master could provide some extra/unusual insights. So far as a baseline list goes, I'm thinking: Rasputina: Seize the Day, Armour of December, Cold Nights Wendigo Snow Storm: Sub Zero (would Armour of December be better? Imbued Defenses?), Imbued Energies 2x Silent One 2x December Acolyte Ice Gamin Other models I plan on purchasing: Arcane Emissary, Ice Dancers, Arcane Effigy, Essence of Power (for Shattered Heart/blasty Rasputina), RoF Carlos Santana (for more blocking markers), Kudra (Illusionary Forest + Ice Pillar synergy). I already have Mech Rider. Any recommendations as purchases go, including mercs?
  5. Hey everyone so for the divergent paths game this week I'm really thinking about playing misaki with a bunch of tanky heavy hitters since I plan on going with the trickster and its blind deployment. Jorogumo are definitely gonna be in the list, and I've been thinking heavily about a ronin or two. But I've also been thinking about grimwell and bishop in the list, grimwell with I pay better and oathkeeper to make him hit like a truck, and bishop with oathkeeper do to the damage he can dish out. what do you guys normally recommend for outcast misaki when it isn't a smoke and shadows sort of crew? What are some other cool things I might think about adding?
  6. Just putting this out there. I rarely get a chance to play at my local store and I don't want to foul things up for Neverborn, lol
  7. My friend and I took too long with our WMH game yesterday, so I didn't get to run a Malifaux demo for him. I got bored and started theorycrafting lists for given strats and schemes. I had a few decent ones, but I felt like I hit my groove with the fifth draw: Flank Deployment Strategy: Squatter's Rights Scheme Pool: LiTS, Bodyguard, Cursed Object, Distract, Deliver a Message Looking at it, I decided one good solution would be to put together a crew that could deny the ability to claim squatter markers, and Distract and Cursde Object looked to be a fun (if annoying) way to do it. Who best to do it? Lilith and Co. Lilith +Beckon Malifaux +Wicked Mistress +Rapid Growth Candy +Depression Mature Nephilim +Obsidian Talons Terror Tots (x3) Sorrow Silurid A brief breakdown of my thinking here: Lilith: our foxy beatstick... doI really need any other reasons? No, but I'll list some anyway.Wicked Vines is a nice way to pin a model down, keeping it from reaching a squat mark.Comine this with Transfixing Gaze, and you can bring some annoyance and 3 damage. Addin the Illusiry Forest and you could really mess someones day up, as I don't see anything that supercedes both damages taking place. Evil. I'm not really sold on the Rapid Growth upgrade, other than to maybe grow some of the brood into something more dangerous. Candy: Sweets and Sours could be fun in a Strat where minis might have to move. Plus healing is never a bad option to have. Best Behavior looks fun, but Melancholy sounds like more fun in this scenario, especially as I've brought her for possible activation manipulation. Mature: Do I even have to explain his inclusion? Big zone for engaging models, brutal as hell, and Wing Buffet may be just the thing to clear enemies out of the way so he can claim a squat mark himself. Obsidian Talons because there are a few nephilim in the list. Tots: Speed, speed, and more speed. Given what I gave Lil, I might be able to set up some pounce attacks. That would be gravy. Mostly there to hand out distract and cursed object, maybe claim a squat mark or two. Sorrow: "You really do have a skull full of maggots! Sorrows suck!" Keep saying that. For this list, I can't think of a better emergency engagement tool (Misery loves Company). Also, the crew does bring a decent number of Wp duels, so why not add death-by-a-thousand cuts to a list with Lil and a Mature? Silurid: Speed plus. Thinking I could jump him up early to grab a squat mark, then pull him back to harass. Thoughts?
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