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  1. I bought the McCabe Nightmare Box because it looked cool, but otherwise had no intention of playing him. Damn Wyrd for their cool alternate models! In looking through the cards, and the 2 different keyword write-ups, I realized that at a tactical level, I have no idea how it works. The list clearly needs Scrap / Corpse markers to work. Is Luna's once-per-turn action really the only way to accomplish it? Do you use Luna to keep the artifact with "Luna Give" to go to someone else, or do you use Rollins to create and pass the artifact? Do you cycle the artifact around the crew or leave it on one
  2. So I'm new to the game, reading the PDF and got to combat....and got 100% lost. I've played many table top miniature games over the years but now I'm stumped. 1: Page 20: Every turn has a new initiative flip? So it is conceivable in the game the same person could actually win the flip every single time to be 'player 1'? 2: In the explanation of combat page 22: It mentions the Stat part of the attack action, but doesn't mention the icon listed for the card in the paragraph starting "Any Action...". I assume it means that the section means you take 5 + card total but the card MUST be
  3. Hello everyone! I'm a very inexperienced player, who plays mostly Bayou, Thunders, and a splash of outcasts. In thunders, I really only own Lynch and Misaki and I'm absolutely loving them so far! Does anyone have any tips to help improve my play with a Last Blossom Crew? Thanks Everyone!
  4. I have read the 3e rule book PDF and was looking at some website making a what i need to buy list and i noticed Faction Packs which are not listed. I just want to double check on if i need these. My understanding is that the faction packs are the upgraded stats, ect. for the new rules for each faction if you are using old models. So if i am buying the models in the next week or so, do i need the corresponding pack for each faction i decide to get? or will they come with the new ones in the box? Just want to make sure i have what i need to play without spending too much to start
  5. Hi everyone! A friend of mine managed to lure me into this game now that the third edition is starting (I failed the WIP roll miserabily... to be fair I relented that roll :P). I've never played Malifaux before, but I have played a lot of other skirmish games. I've been browsing through some factions and masters (Neverborn, TT and Outcast, but I want to check all factions before making my choice), and I'm really liking what I'm seeying; the models are gorgeus and the thematic creed and different mechanics are cool. However I have some doubts about how I should plan my purchases and choose
  6. Hello all, I've very recently been sucked into this game with the help of some friends and our local henchman. I got my first game in last night and had an absolute blast! I picked the Ten thunders box and my LGS had a katanaka sniper and Lone Swordsman I added to the team to get something close to a 50 stone team. As the title goes, what would be a good direction to either expand my options or a simple substitute to improve the team listed below? (Side note: not looking for super oppressive strategies or OP models just increasing my toolbox for learning under this faction) I
  7. Hey guys I need some guidance. So I am wanting to use loudest squeal to push my models around the board but I am unsure as to how it works when its between friendly models. Do I relent or do I flip for attack and damage as normal. Tia.
  8. Hello! I am a long time Warmachine player and talked a friend of mine to give this game a try. I'm not sure his opinion but I love the setup of this game from the extra soul gems, the on-the-fly list build, the strategies and schemes, and the low model count. It was tough for me to decide what faction to try first, but went with Outcasts cause the Viks, cause, you know, girls with swords, and the whole Sister theme sounds cool. Listened to a lot of the Schemes and Stones podcast at work, though I understand its outdated, confirmed that I was going with the Outcasts (was debating Guil
  9. My fiancee just finished painting her Collette crew (looks amazing btw) and she's excited to get her first game of malifaux in. She's worried about being destroyed in her first match. Mainly because it's with me and we tend to get really competitive when we play games together. Any advice for what she can play to do well? Ill be playing gremlins (I'm soloing Ophelia) so if you have any advice against them that would be good also.
  10. So yesterday I finally decided to sit down and assemble the minis from Puppet Wars Unstitched. I didn't think I was going to get through very many of them, since I'd never assembled miniatures before, but a beer or two and a few hours later, I had gone through all 4 sprues (am I using that word correctly?) and assembled all of the puppets! I figured I'd leave this post here, in case someone like me (who is interested in the game but intimidated at the prospect of cutting, sanding, and gluing miniatures) ever stumbles upon this thread. Putting these puppets together is really not as bad a
  11. Hello, I’m brand new to the game and have been looking at the models for a few weeks now. Long story short I like the look of Gremlins, I’m looking for a crew box which will give me an easy to learn introduction to the game. What gremlin master do you recommend and whom should I avoid? Thanks in advance
  12. Hey everybody ! Hope you are all well. Just a quick hello from a Outcasts newbie. I'm loving the game so far even though I don't really have a game plan yet. I hope to get to know you all
  13. Salut, dear community! I am decided to start Malifaux and totally new to this game. I've decided to start Malifaux with Titania's crew and Neverborn faction at all, coz I like ideas that are stays behind this faction. I need Titania's crew, obviously, but what other boxes I should buy from the start to play 35SS and 50SS formats. How should I expand my boxes amount later?
  14. New to Malifaux, and new to this forum! And that of course means I'm full of questions! But first some background: I have managed to rope some friends into playing both Malifaux and Infinity with me, if I supply both sides of the fight. I see this as a win-win, as I get an excuse for some hobby expenditure with the added motivation that I'll have an opponent ready once the figures are ready! Recently, I got to actually play a few games of Malifaux using the starter box and its two 4-man crews. I was hooked, and I want more. While I do want to just grab whichever Crew looks the
  15. I appear to have come late to the Malifaux party, although not to the hobby. I picked up the Molly box set because it looked quite cool and I had looked at Malifaux years ago but I think it is a fairly well accepted opinion that the rules were not the clearest and also no one I knew played it. I had bought some of the older metal figures, which I still have, by happy coincidence Madame Sybelle was amongst them which has proved fortunate. I have not played a lot of games but am totally hooked. So far I have only used Molly (Horror) as a Master and I am loving her. I am beginning to thi
  16. Morning All. My sister has asked me if Malifaux would be suitable for my nephew, and while I'm all in favour of bringing new blood in, he's only 11 years of age, and I think the finer points of game play might elude him. He's a smart kid, so I think he'd get the basics after a few games, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Anyone else introduced a young player? If so, how did you go about it? Or do you think that maybe I should just wait a few years? Thanks. Brian
  17. Hey Gang, My self and the GF picked up Malifaux recently and have had an awesome time modeling so far. I come from a history of the both Warhammers, infinity and a whole host of computer games. She has done some modelling on occasion but never really looked into a ruleset before the 'faux, so that is a good start :P. Anyway I shall pop up a few pics of some models she has already got painted. First up is McMorning. The GF apparently isn't happy with the severed head and wants to redo it. Dear god the picture is somewhat massive on here, apologies for that, will try to remedy in the futur
  18. Um so I got Master of Puppets today it comes with 9 cards and two upgrades right...??? I never bought a Malifaux box so...
  19. Hi All, How is everyone today? I come to you asking some advice as to what I should purchase next. Just a little background, I tend to purchase alot of things but never get around to doing things with them but I have finally kicked my ass into gear and will actually be starting a painting log with a goal to finish a model or 2 a week at minimum. I own a Pandora box + teddy and am currently waiting on my 2 player starter set. I also picked up Johan and the Malifaux child as I hear they are pretty handy in alot of lists. I have currently only played 1 game of Malifaux so far but intend on chan
  20. Howdy folks! With the recent surge in the Malifaux Community in Pittsburgh, and the opening of a fantastic new store in the area, Demo Days are becoming more and more regular! August 22 is the next one, so come on down to Drawbridge Games in Castle Shannon to be taught the art of cheating fate by none other than Pittsburgh's own!
  21. From the album: My Neverborns

    This is one of my first minis I hope you liked
  22. My name is Tom, and I'm a Malifaux newb :facepalm: OK, I just came through the Breach 2 weeks ago, and have played two games so far (1/Rasputina and 1/Lady J) at 26 stones. I've read over the terrain section in and I think that we're glossing over some critical terrain functions that actually make terrain work and I want to get some clarification, please. A. Walls. Our terrain board is flat and has several solid field stone walls (such as around a grave yard) designated as Ht1, climbable, and (I would assume hard cover as per pg61). Can a Ht 1 model, such as a Ophelia, see OVER a
  23. Hello ive been looking around at this game and have heard fantastic things about it and the unique gameplay. I do feel a bit overwhelmed and have only played a few tabletop games in the past (wh40k, heroscape...) The biggest things I am confused about right now is the whole switch is to the second edition... and im very confused on the character stat cards. Do the cards come with the box sets? Do they come with the individual characters you purchase? Why is there a seperate section to buy the stat cards for 50 cents each? Also which expansion books are a must have and will those expansio
  24. ...yes, I've been posting here and there, but I figured that if I'm gonna get into this game I better make a thread and make it official I'm Pierzasty, from Otwock, Poland, and I'm a cute little evil ball of feathers (<----see pic there) *grin*. A translator (of mostly computer games) by trade, I've been playing miniature wargames on and off for 15+ years. It all started with Warzone (the first mainstream wargame published in Polish I think), then someone quickly drew me into WHFB and 40k. Later Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Man O'War, Epic 40K, pretty much everything GW available at the time
  25. Due to me not having money for Malifaux figurines I downloaded the vassel and Malifaux modules I have never played with either and was wondering if anyone be willing to teach me how to play?
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