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  1. I bought the McCabe Nightmare Box because it looked cool, but otherwise had no intention of playing him. Damn Wyrd for their cool alternate models! In looking through the cards, and the 2 different keyword write-ups, I realized that at a tactical level, I have no idea how it works. The list clearly needs Scrap / Corpse markers to work. Is Luna's once-per-turn action really the only way to accomplish it? Do you use Luna to keep the artifact with "Luna Give" to go to someone else, or do you use Rollins to create and pass the artifact? Do you cycle the artifact around the crew or leave it on one model? Do you full-court press forward, or sit back and shoot? Just overall curious at a very tactical level how the list works. For reference, I am currently looking at a list containing: Lucas Luna Sidar Rough Rider x2 Huckster Desper Samurai 4 SS Seems like a lot of use for "Ride With Me" and I can get everyone (literally everyone) well up the field Turn 1.
  2. So I'm new to the game, reading the PDF and got to combat....and got 100% lost. I've played many table top miniature games over the years but now I'm stumped. 1: Page 20: Every turn has a new initiative flip? So it is conceivable in the game the same person could actually win the flip every single time to be 'player 1'? 2: In the explanation of combat page 22: It mentions the Stat part of the attack action, but doesn't mention the icon listed for the card in the paragraph starting "Any Action...". I assume it means that the section means you take 5 + card total but the card MUST be a ram card or the card value is not added at all? And it also includes the extra card icon with that, so I assume you flip 2 cards? 2a: Is the TN listed a number BOTH the attacker *AND* the target have to meet, or is it the target only? And again does it ONLY count when you flip cards with the icon? 2b: It mentions on the 'block' showing the attack example, that you discard a card, and damage is 2/3/4 damage. Is the damage level determined by the discarded card? By the card used for the attack action + stat? By the resist? 2c: It use the term "push" in the Disengage example. I assume push/walk are interchangeable for that? Or does it mean the disengaging model pushes the attacker back from them? That's all for now, but I'm certain I'll have a lot more questions. I'm just having trouble wrapping my head around it, and it's so different!
  3. Hello everyone! I'm a very inexperienced player, who plays mostly Bayou, Thunders, and a splash of outcasts. In thunders, I really only own Lynch and Misaki and I'm absolutely loving them so far! Does anyone have any tips to help improve my play with a Last Blossom Crew? Thanks Everyone!
  4. I have read the 3e rule book PDF and was looking at some website making a what i need to buy list and i noticed Faction Packs which are not listed. I just want to double check on if i need these. My understanding is that the faction packs are the upgraded stats, ect. for the new rules for each faction if you are using old models. So if i am buying the models in the next week or so, do i need the corresponding pack for each faction i decide to get? or will they come with the new ones in the box? Just want to make sure i have what i need to play without spending too much to start with. lol
  5. Hi everyone! A friend of mine managed to lure me into this game now that the third edition is starting (I failed the WIP roll miserabily... to be fair I relented that roll :P). I've never played Malifaux before, but I have played a lot of other skirmish games. I've been browsing through some factions and masters (Neverborn, TT and Outcast, but I want to check all factions before making my choice), and I'm really liking what I'm seeying; the models are gorgeus and the thematic creed and different mechanics are cool. However I have some doubts about how I should plan my purchases and choose my Masters/Faction. Obviously getting more than 1 Master of the same Faction seem optimal; they can share some models, create mixed creeds and not disclosure so much information or even set up a double master creed when I say I'm going to play that faction (which would equal to X master if I only own that one from that faction). However how do you guys planned it? Do you invest heavy in 1 faction or is it viable to get more than 1 faction to be able to play your favourite Masters from different factions? How many masters of 1 particular Faction are enough to have a decen array of creed choices? 2,3,4? About playstiles, I know all depend on the schemes and strategies of that particular game. But is it important to have at least 1 creed mastered with an strongh ranged play, bubble play (I guess this is the clasical deathball, slow but able to tear appart something that get close) and scheme play (creeds with high mobility or scheme markers shenanigans who focus in objetives and try to ignore the other creed)? Or if you are good enough with 1 or 2 creeds you are able to play all schemes and strategies versus most enemy creeds? Should I plan to build specific creeds versus powerful mechanics? Creeds like Tormented with so many debbufs and strongh static play seem scary to engage with a random crew not tailored versus that for example. For example, Neverborn catched my eye, but browsing their creeds I see them very focused in close combat with only Lucius being able to do scheme shenanigans (maybe Zoraida could play that game well for being able to scatter her team well); and I don't know if ranged creeds or stronger bubble creeds could abuse that versus them. Their mechanic seem strongh and fun outside of being so CC focused tho: Dreamer can field 2 summoners (or even 3!) and overrun the table or focus in supporting elite models, plus his rigging deck mechanic seem awesome; Titania terrain manipulation seem annoying and her creed is tough as nails; Nephillims seem also dangerous in close combat and the grow mechanic can be used to outscale an adversary; Pandora is very annoying with all her debuffs and might play well in 2 masters creeds; Zoraida seem tricky and powerful with so many stealth and her being able to attack from every angle thanks to the other models. I'm a bit cold about Marcus... he seems versatile but very CC focused and a bit glassy so they are maybe hard countered for other bubble creeds? (And maybe I'm wrong her but the "beast shape" targets for Myranda when playing her from the Neverborn side seem a bit worse...), maybe I could see a niche for him as a second master for a Zoraida creed... Outcast on the other hand seem to be a more diverse faction, they got the ranged powerhouses (Freikorps/Bandit), the strongh bubble play (Tormented/Amalgam) and the scheme shenanigans (Bandits, maybe mercenaries too?) covered, with a few extra unique playstiles, the glass cannon and high mobility style of mercenaries, plus Leveticus and Hamelin with their models transforming in others or Tara and her time manipulation and bury shenanigans (this one seem very cool, but a I'm not sure how good/easy to play it would be); plus. However I don't know if outcast having more different playstiles would be a good reason to set up for them instead of Neverborn (this is just an example, I still have to check all the other factions) or if it could be a legit choice (thinking also in future tournaments) to pick my 2 favourite masters from each faction. Some last questions out of the top of my head, how the tournaments of this game are usually played? You have to go with 1 faction only? With up to a number of Masters regardless of the faction? With a trailer full of models because you can pick whatever you want in each game XD? And how would you rate Misaki's creed (LastBlossom)? My buddy got me that creed at a discounted price so I can start playing the game right away (he got Misaki, shang, ototo, 3 torakage, 3 thunder archers and 3 (versatile) Samurai. They seem versatile (decent ranged and CC, able to split if needed), but maybe a bit glassy. I do like the Japanesse theme, but I want to consider all options before settle for any faction/master. Are low damage and high control creed viable in this game, or are there more optimal/safer choices? Ty in advance for the answers, I guess I'll come up with more questions when I check the rest of the factions...
  6. Hey guys I need some guidance. So I am wanting to use loudest squeal to push my models around the board but I am unsure as to how it works when its between friendly models. Do I relent or do I flip for attack and damage as normal. Tia.
  7. Hello! I am a long time Warmachine player and talked a friend of mine to give this game a try. I'm not sure his opinion but I love the setup of this game from the extra soul gems, the on-the-fly list build, the strategies and schemes, and the low model count. It was tough for me to decide what faction to try first, but went with Outcasts cause the Viks, cause, you know, girls with swords, and the whole Sister theme sounds cool. Listened to a lot of the Schemes and Stones podcast at work, though I understand its outdated, confirmed that I was going with the Outcasts (was debating Guild). Local store had the Von Schill box, which I bought, then the Levi box, and just got in the Viks box, plus Vanessa. Next pick probably is going to be Tara or Misaki. I know this isn't the best way to learn stuff, but everything sounds so cool! No charge Misaki, or time warping Tara! I guess what I'm looking for is the thing I'm guessing is going to be the hardest to grasp from Warmachine/Hordes. I saw the thread about what Master into which GG2018 Strat. But would it be possible to get a quick run down on each master and what they are good at? Nothing more than a sentence or two is good. And then what to expect out of each faction overall. I know that could be a lot to ask, but hoping to travel to some competitive stuff after NOVA depending on situation. This is my guess to make this easier: Viks - Two fisted cruise missile. Generally sounds like you send Vik of Blood in, then follow up with Vik of Ash and murder town everything they get close to. Do they kinda stick together as a pair? (Love them so much btw, if you know the Twins from Legion of Everblight, I would of loved if they worked like this instead) Von Schill (The Hulkamania) - I feel like he supports his Freikorps with a few abilities, but goes in with his Jack Knife? I read that he's more of a area control master, which is making more sense to me, granted I only played him once. Leveticus - Unkillable killer? I don't know much into him and picked the set up cause name drops, and Rusty Alice. Misaki - One fisted cruise missile, but I really like the idea of a full disguised/snare list and throw the opponent off by having to walk to each person. Is this a pipe dream of a list? - Misaki, Rusty Alice, Ronin, Oiran, Hans. Tara - I wanted to avoid spamming with this game, since Warmachine/Hordes is going through a rough patch of spam lists meta in my opinion, but seems like that's the way to play her? Beast bomb as a side strategy to get The Nothing Beast in there to hassle the opponent up. Jack Daw - put Curses on models and pull Tormented models around Hamelin and Parker Barrows - No idea. Solo models I'm looking into also since its not all about the box sets - Scion of the Void, Hannah, Hans, Lazarus, and the Midnight Stalker. As for the other factions, got no clue. I have some general ideas and some not a single thing. Thanks for any addition information! PSA - feel free to plug stores and events near SW Virginia to keep an eye on for events in the near future. Thanks!
  8. My fiancee just finished painting her Collette crew (looks amazing btw) and she's excited to get her first game of malifaux in. She's worried about being destroyed in her first match. Mainly because it's with me and we tend to get really competitive when we play games together. Any advice for what she can play to do well? Ill be playing gremlins (I'm soloing Ophelia) so if you have any advice against them that would be good also.
  9. So yesterday I finally decided to sit down and assemble the minis from Puppet Wars Unstitched. I didn't think I was going to get through very many of them, since I'd never assembled miniatures before, but a beer or two and a few hours later, I had gone through all 4 sprues (am I using that word correctly?) and assembled all of the puppets! I figured I'd leave this post here, in case someone like me (who is interested in the game but intimidated at the prospect of cutting, sanding, and gluing miniatures) ever stumbles upon this thread. Putting these puppets together is really not as bad as it sounds. Sure, some of the puppets have some tricky bits (looking at you, crow's feet and electrical cord tail), and the Death Marshals are an absolute pain in the ass, but the vast majority of the puppets are very straightforward. And there was very little need for "green stuff" putty: just one puppet's ponytail (Misaki?) that had a large gap to the rest of the head, and a Death Marshal that I did an awful job on. All it took was a lazy Sunday, some tools (a sprue cutter, hobby knife, plastic glue, and very fine sand paper), and some patience. Not so bad at all. Now it's on to find some sleeves for the cards, and paint the bases for the different players, and it's onward to try the game (hopefully next weekend). And I'm really looking forward to painting these puppets!
  10. Hello, I’m brand new to the game and have been looking at the models for a few weeks now. Long story short I like the look of Gremlins, I’m looking for a crew box which will give me an easy to learn introduction to the game. What gremlin master do you recommend and whom should I avoid? Thanks in advance
  11. Hey everybody ! Hope you are all well. Just a quick hello from a Outcasts newbie. I'm loving the game so far even though I don't really have a game plan yet. I hope to get to know you all
  12. Salut, dear community! I am decided to start Malifaux and totally new to this game. I've decided to start Malifaux with Titania's crew and Neverborn faction at all, coz I like ideas that are stays behind this faction. I need Titania's crew, obviously, but what other boxes I should buy from the start to play 35SS and 50SS formats. How should I expand my boxes amount later?
  13. New to Malifaux, and new to this forum! And that of course means I'm full of questions! But first some background: I have managed to rope some friends into playing both Malifaux and Infinity with me, if I supply both sides of the fight. I see this as a win-win, as I get an excuse for some hobby expenditure with the added motivation that I'll have an opponent ready once the figures are ready! Recently, I got to actually play a few games of Malifaux using the starter box and its two 4-man crews. I was hooked, and I want more. While I do want to just grab whichever Crew looks the coolest, I do want to keep in mind that I'm actually looking to get two Crew boxes. Not only that, but optimally I want two Crew boxes that would result in interesting games when pitted against each other. Any recommendations on two (or more) Crews that are newbie friendly and that could give interesting games when pitted against each other? I want the sessions I can get out of these Crews to really sell the game of Malifaux to those that I invite over to play. Cheers!
  14. I appear to have come late to the Malifaux party, although not to the hobby. I picked up the Molly box set because it looked quite cool and I had looked at Malifaux years ago but I think it is a fairly well accepted opinion that the rules were not the clearest and also no one I knew played it. I had bought some of the older metal figures, which I still have, by happy coincidence Madame Sybelle was amongst them which has proved fortunate. I have not played a lot of games but am totally hooked. So far I have only used Molly (Horror) as a Master and I am loving her. I am beginning to think she is not the easiest of first Masters but you can get the hang of her eventually. I have been fortunate to face a great variety of enemy masters to get a real feel for the game. To me the strengths are: · You don’t need an awful lot of models for a decent crew – I have found this to be slightly less true of Molly but that’s because she has so many sexy summoning options and in two flavours! University of Transmortis? Don’t mind if I do. Dead Doxies? Why not. · There is no set winning combination – you cannot put together an unbeatable combination of models and just win every game. For instance I have used Bete Noir 4 times. Once she didn’t get on the board for 3 turns, once she got shot to pieces on arrival, and twice she has been man of the match and scored me 2 VPs on her own. Watching her go to town on a group of Gremlins is a thing of beauty, watching a Guild gun line blow holes in her and realising you didn’t save a 10 to bring her back not so much. · The schemes mean you don’t just win by killing the enemy models or Master – I am looking at you Warmahordes. Obviously the more models you can afford to buy the more options you will have but most generic crews can have a shot at most schemes. If there is such a thing as a generic crew of course. · The game is well supported – Forums like this one, and Pull My Finger, are an absolute goldmine and people are friendly and willing to help. Most questions I have thought of are answered on here, often in great detail, and it really helps you get your head around the rules. Godswearhats guide is an excellent resource that I refer to a lot when looking at new options. · The card system – brilliant. Although the symbols on the back of the character cards could be a bit clearer, my glasses are not for show and a few is that a crow or a mask? moments have been known to happen. My only real issues with the game is some of the wording can be a little open to interpretation and the terrain rules are a bit woolly, but it becomes easier and I have yet to play anyone who wasn’t happy to either explain something I was struggling with or quickly come to an agreement about what it meant. I struggled with the built in suits as well, but its easy enough once you understand it. Resurrectionists are simply awesome and mark my words someday Molly is going to be top dog. She is very clever and not insane. Not totally insane anyway. Well OK she is insane but who isn't? Every faction has some simply awesome models, I sometimes find painting a chore (skaven!) but have loved painting these. They are not always the easiest to put together, the Necrotic Machine nearly reduced me to tears, and the online instructions are from the Ikea system. Here is a picture of the parts, here is a picture of the model put together with some arrows in case you don’t know where legs go. From my admittedly limited experience new models do not imbalance the game or appear to be super troopers that you can’t win unless you own. I am not naming names here as that would not be fair to GW, but that can be irritating in some games systems. Once I have completed my Ressers (never going to happen) I am thinking of giving Gremlins a go, just for something different. Finally, any tips on stopping Taelor smashing her way through all my summoned models? She is like the Anti-Molly! So far my tactics in dealing with her have met with limited success. Doxies to move her out of her charge range of where I want to summon; do the summon before she has activated so her Welcome To action is not up or stand something bigger between her and the summon which she eventually beats to death anyway. She scares my Iron Zombies, which is just wrong! Look forward to many more games and using/hearing the expression “It does WHAT??”
  15. Morning All. My sister has asked me if Malifaux would be suitable for my nephew, and while I'm all in favour of bringing new blood in, he's only 11 years of age, and I think the finer points of game play might elude him. He's a smart kid, so I think he'd get the basics after a few games, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Anyone else introduced a young player? If so, how did you go about it? Or do you think that maybe I should just wait a few years? Thanks. Brian
  16. Hey Gang, My self and the GF picked up Malifaux recently and have had an awesome time modeling so far. I come from a history of the both Warhammers, infinity and a whole host of computer games. She has done some modelling on occasion but never really looked into a ruleset before the 'faux, so that is a good start :P. Anyway I shall pop up a few pics of some models she has already got painted. First up is McMorning. The GF apparently isn't happy with the severed head and wants to redo it. Dear god the picture is somewhat massive on here, apologies for that, will try to remedy in the future. Next up is the Flesh Construct-e fellow. So far she is loving the modelling and painting which is good. Will hopefully have a proper game at home soonly. Now I work a little slower than her and currently am conveting like mad on old mate Hoffman and his Guardian. I opted to repose his left arm due to (I imagine) the larger arms would mimic his arm movements. I changed his head as the other one was a little boring. The cables are added because, well, who doesn't like more cables on steam punk stuff. The cloak will help him blend into the overall theme of his crew and IMHO the Guild as a whole. It also adds a little bit of movement to a pretty static character I think. Next up is the Guardian which in all honesty I think I've dumped too much time into haha. I've completely rejigged his pose to look as if he is on guard and moving foward in a measured manner. I replaced his shield and weapon with things a little more suitable that also accentuated the 'guard' pose. The weapon is a longer nasty looking halberd/polearm assortment. As you can see here he also has a cloak billowing around him. Steam exhausts are on there for the same reason as the pipes on Hoffman, that and the fact I reckon it makes his silhouette a little more imposing. That pic is just to show off his pose a little more. Also fear not, that isn't a metallic wang hanging out, I have him a pistol and some pouches to make him look a little less 'off the factory' and a bit more of an 'old hand' within the 'faux. Anyway, sorry for the massively long first post and giant pictures. Will hopefully keep the updates rolling in pretty often :).
  17. Um so I got Master of Puppets today it comes with 9 cards and two upgrades right...??? I never bought a Malifaux box so...
  18. Hi All, How is everyone today? I come to you asking some advice as to what I should purchase next. Just a little background, I tend to purchase alot of things but never get around to doing things with them but I have finally kicked my ass into gear and will actually be starting a painting log with a goal to finish a model or 2 a week at minimum. I own a Pandora box + teddy and am currently waiting on my 2 player starter set. I also picked up Johan and the Malifaux child as I hear they are pretty handy in alot of lists. I have currently only played 1 game of Malifaux so far but intend on changing it. Here's the thing, the other day I stumbled on a store which still had a Vik's box which in Australia has not been in stock for many many months so I snapped it up for the sake of having it and now I am here. I had always planned on doing Guild or Arcanists or even Neverborn but after buying the Viks I looked into the Outcasts and I think I have found my first faction with the possibility of crossing into others. I just have a few questions as per below. 1. I have the Hired swords box + Johan and a Malifaux child, what else should I pick up to help round out my list building? I used pull my finger and Vanessa seems to fit alright but I am unsure 2. I want to pick up a 2nd master box so I will have some variety with outcasts but I am unsure of what will combine well with what is in the Hired swords? I want to stick to plastics so my choices are pretty much Von Schill, Tara, Levy - I am kind of weary of Levy as his mechanics seem pretty crazy for a new player. 3. I want to stick to plastics so I won't be getting very many if any metal models as I don't want to have to purchase the arsenal cards for no reason. If you have made it this far thank you for reading.
  19. Howdy folks! With the recent surge in the Malifaux Community in Pittsburgh, and the opening of a fantastic new store in the area, Demo Days are becoming more and more regular! August 22 is the next one, so come on down to Drawbridge Games in Castle Shannon to be taught the art of cheating fate by none other than Pittsburgh's own!
  20. From the album: My Neverborns

    This is one of my first minis I hope you liked
  21. My name is Tom, and I'm a Malifaux newb :facepalm: OK, I just came through the Breach 2 weeks ago, and have played two games so far (1/Rasputina and 1/Lady J) at 26 stones. I've read over the terrain section in and I think that we're glossing over some critical terrain functions that actually make terrain work and I want to get some clarification, please. A. Walls. Our terrain board is flat and has several solid field stone walls (such as around a grave yard) designated as Ht1, climbable, and (I would assume hard cover as per pg61). Can a Ht 1 model, such as a Ophelia, see OVER a Ht 1 terrain feature if she is within 1 inch of it? Can a Ht 1 model, such as Ophelia, see OVER a Ht 1 terrain feature if she is further back than 1 inch from the terrain piece? Can a model that is more than 1 inch away from the Ht 1 wall see OVER it to something 1 inch or more away from the wall on the other side? Can a model that is more than 1 inch away from the Ht 1 wall see OVER it to a HT1 model that is within 1 inch of the wall? Does it cost 1 inch of movement UP and DOWN said Ht 1 wall to cross over it (thus requiring 2 inches to cross) or does it cost 1 inch UP-and-OVER to the other side? Can a Ht 2 or taller model use a Ht 1 solid wall to crouch down behind and thus gain full cover? Can a model stand on top of said terrain piece and thus gain Ht 3 to gain LOS? 2. LOS as it relates to terrain features. A. If ANY LOS can be drawn from the attacker to the target that crosses a terrain feature that grants cover, even if there is a clear LOS around that cover, the target is assumed to get the benefit of said cover? (Yes, I know it's on pg40, just asking for a final yes/no). Thanks. Probably more later, too. I'm just getting this all figured out.
  22. Hello ive been looking around at this game and have heard fantastic things about it and the unique gameplay. I do feel a bit overwhelmed and have only played a few tabletop games in the past (wh40k, heroscape...) The biggest things I am confused about right now is the whole switch is to the second edition... and im very confused on the character stat cards. Do the cards come with the box sets? Do they come with the individual characters you purchase? Why is there a seperate section to buy the stat cards for 50 cents each? Also which expansion books are a must have and will those expansions still be compatible with the second edition rule book? Thanks for any help ahead of time
  23. ...yes, I've been posting here and there, but I figured that if I'm gonna get into this game I better make a thread and make it official I'm Pierzasty, from Otwock, Poland, and I'm a cute little evil ball of feathers (<----see pic there) *grin*. A translator (of mostly computer games) by trade, I've been playing miniature wargames on and off for 15+ years. It all started with Warzone (the first mainstream wargame published in Polish I think), then someone quickly drew me into WHFB and 40k. Later Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Man O'War, Epic 40K, pretty much everything GW available at the time. Then I got a life XD and stopped for a while, and when I contemplated getting back in I heard GW people say "we're actually a miniature company, not a game company", so I thought it'd be better to leave before they show me the door (it was a while before GW started aggressively alienating veterans). Well, that and I never enjoyed their mainstream titles that much, my true love were the specialist games, mainly Necromunda and MOW. Fast forward to a year or so ago, when a friend showed me Infinity and that model per model it equalled GW prices. Free rules, excellent fluff, awesome miniatures, well-balanced... Long story short, I got hooked. And since I was free from the tyranny of GWthink, I started looking around, marveling at how the painting techniques advanced since my time (look at me, speaking like an old man). I saw Rasputina. Hey that's an awesome model I'd like to paint it, what's it from? Malifaux. A while later I saw a Rotten Belle crew being played at my local store. WTF dead prostitutes with a necromancer pimp? o.O Malifaux again. I look at the rules, said there might be something in it - it's certainly different from what I already play, and when I was getting rid of some unneeded minis, I posted that I'd accept Malifaux ones. Sure enough, someone sent me a Leveticus box for what I was giving out for free anyway So here I am, I just got my first actual game (more like a demo) today (not with Levi, thankfully). Learned enough to get me more intrigued and since I have experience with community-building (for Infinity), I figured I might do the same for Malifaux and gather a group (unfortunately there's like 2 players in Warsaw and they have other priorities). I exchanged the Levi box for a Ramos starter + an E. Creation and plan to get the "Colettes" in the near future. I hope I'll like it here in the long run and I hope that you'll help a fellow freak ;>
  24. Due to me not having money for Malifaux figurines I downloaded the vassel and Malifaux modules I have never played with either and was wondering if anyone be willing to teach me how to play?
  25. Hello, Malifaux peoples! I am just getting into Malifaux. A friend gave me a painted starter box. I bought a few more models and some rule books. I participated in this demo at a local game store. I am busying myself reading rules and getting the models ready. I've got Marcus' starter box. There is so much to learn and do....
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