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  1. I'll have to consider it. I don't actually own this model, but worth considering. Certainly great to just push through and remove all those Ice Pillars...
  2. Hi guys! Sounding out for advice here. Just played my first game of M3E, I chose Brewmaster, opponent ran Rasputina. It was clear the game was pretty much over end of turn one, and more certain by middle turn 2. Didn’t help that my hand was terrible turn 2, but honestly, wouldn’t have made much difference regardless. So, advice? Background; Standard deployment, Turf War. Reasonable spread of terrain, which I tried to use as cover. That didn’t achieve much, with the 8 or so Ice Pillars dropped on the table early turn 1, half within 1” of most of my crew. Opponent used Snow Storm to push majority of his crew (including Rasputina) maybe 9” up the table in his first action, and pushed the Ice Golem even further. I was trounced pretty quick, opponent controlling the field turn 1 and Ice Pillars reducing my AP massively, either through Slow, card discard, or simply requiring me to remove them. All good, learning experience. So, advice? I don’t have the Backdraft models, but I do have all the other Tri Chi dudes, as well as most Infamous models and a scattering of other stuff. How do Tri Chi beat Rasputina? Any advice on general tactics? My M2E Brewmaster crew was much stronger in this matchup, so I’m curious how it goes now.
  3. Well that was simple, thank you. Sorry I missed that!
  4. Hi! So I have a new Titania crew I picked up towards the end of M2E. I’d like to paint them shortly, get some games in. But I’m curious about something, and it looks like it’s already been discussed in the closed beta- however I cannot access those threads so I have no idea as to any rulings, thoughts etc. If a model is “unaffected by undergrowth markers”, can it still gain the Concealing benefit from one such marker? I mean, reasonable intention could indicate ‘Yes’, but the word “unaffected” might be considered a pretty clear ‘No’ from a logic point of view.
  5. Hi! I'm a recent addition to the Outcast faction, being a Zipp player brought over by M3E. I'll likely expand on my Outcast collection somewhat over the next while (crafty Wyrd, very crafty), I'm eyeing Tara for all the come-at-you-sideways play style involved, which I find interesting. Plus I really want to paint Talos. --- Anyway, messing around with the generic Outcast upgrades for Zipp's crew. Currently looking at Soldier for Hire and Flying Piglet. What do you guys think? Why would I use a 2SS upgrade on a model like that? Because it's still only 5SS afterwards, because Hard to Kill is great on a model with only four wounds, and because these things are pretty much only scheme runners anyway. Plus it has the Pick the Bones trigger on it's attack allowing a free Interact action. Obvious downside, Bounty Hunter is will be rarely effective, it's hard to see the piglet actually killing anything. Then again, it's very mobile and can chase other cheap scheme runners... Thoughts? Is it silly or smart? Or meh?
  6. Thank you. Would you have any idea what kind of time frame? Not truly urgent for me, however this is about as "international shipping" as it can get, and I'm also going to be pooling the purchase with a friend; just so I can let him know when I'll be placing the order.
  7. Hi! Hoping someone can help me here. My collection is all over the place faction-wise - a little from Bayou, Neverborn, Ten Thunders and a scattering of Outcasts. I would like to have the new cards, so best option for me is to buy individual cards from Wargame Vault. However! I can't find any alterate art cards on there. They exist in the files linked here on the forum, but I can't seem to buy them. This would be for Alt Titania, Miss Ery, Alt Bayou Gremlin, Alt Performer, and a couple others. Would anyone have ideas where I can buy good quality printed versions of these?
  8. Yeah, I'm looking forward to some games (as I posted ) However, losing those models has really hurt my investment in the game. Sorrows are a Pandora model, but I'd rather expand on my themed Titania list than buy a Pandora just to efficiently use my Sorrows. I'll probably sell my Sorrows now. I'll definitely sell my Performers. They're no good in my Gremlins either, and I don't have any Arcanist masters. Grootslang? It's not painted yet (so easier to sell), however it's only 12.5% more to splash for this model so maybe worthwhile keeping? I'll know after a few games. Additional: It can't be great that an hour after reading the new lists, I'm considering selling some models... I wanna be more upbeat so we'll see
  9. NOTE: I don't really want to be a nay-sayer without having played M3E games as of yet, so please take the below with a touch of reservation. I'm really looking forward to having a few games, that's for sure. ------------------------------------------------- So. Historically, I've loved to buy the master that I like the most in a faction, and then build versatility in crews around that model. For Neverborn, I love the Titania model far more than the others, so that's what I've gone with. Budget wise at the moment, I can't afford to spend too much and splash around on a lot of different masters. I also didn't have a huge set of models yet for this master, was working on building a core theme and slowly doing my best paint job, buying a single box once every while as my budget allowed and within theme. For me, my crew has now lost the Performers outright (including the alternate model) and Primordial Magic. For me, the following models are now a lot more expensive to include in my Titania crew; Changelings Teddy (alternate model) Bandersnatch (I love what I WAS doing with this model) Will O' the Wisp Grootslang Sorrows I was about to buy the Cyclops box, decided to wait until I read M3E rules. Feel like I dodged a bullet. ------------------------------------------------ My Question; Is anyone else feeling like this? That their options have been heavily reduced? For me, I can realistically only use maybe 1/3 of the models I previously had available. Some I'll try to splash for, but a splash for a Changeling is +25% cost, whereas a splash for Teddy is only +10% cost. I won't be readily hiring non-core cheaper models, that's for sure. It's terrible math. A flat +1SS doesn't really seem to work for me. Maybe it should be different for different models? +1SS for Changeling, +2SS for Teddy? Put the alternate cost on the new HUGE cards, there's surely room to fit the text.
  10. They aren't standard masters in 3rd edition. Rules will still be released for them (dead man's hand), but there's argument both ways on their overall validity. They aren't valid as standard at tournaments, special provision will be required by the tourney organiser to allow them. (And to be honest, where I play, they'll always be allowed. But still...)
  11. Personally, I subscribe to the 'use the models you think look coolest' theory, even if it means you won't have the most efficient crew. Rule of cool, if you will! You'll be spending more time with those models than anyone else, after all. That said, the Closing Time crew also happen to be my favourite basic box set thematically, so that's an easy choice for me
  12. Any standout moments with First Mate in the full box Zipp crew?
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