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  1. Cadaver_Junkie

    Simplest master in NB?

    They aren't standard masters in 3rd edition. Rules will still be released for them (dead man's hand), but there's argument both ways on their overall validity. They aren't valid as standard at tournaments, special provision will be required by the tourney organiser to allow them. (And to be honest, where I play, they'll always be allowed. But still...)
  2. Cadaver_Junkie

    Backdraft Gremlin Boys

    Personally, I subscribe to the 'use the models you think look coolest' theory, even if it means you won't have the most efficient crew. Rule of cool, if you will! You'll be spending more time with those models than anyone else, after all. That said, the Closing Time crew also happen to be my favourite basic box set thematically, so that's an easy choice for me
  3. Cadaver_Junkie

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    Any standout moments with First Mate in the full box Zipp crew?
  4. Cadaver_Junkie

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    This can be useful too, if you’re canny about it- I bet your opponent had to spend a fair chunk of resources to make this happen. Same reason I’ve just grabbed a Grootslang for my Titania crew, I want a scary distraction on the table. Any strats/schemes you’d always choose him for? Or is he an auto-take regardless?
  5. Cadaver_Junkie

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    Perhaps he's less suited to the many of the current GG schemes and strats?
  6. Cadaver_Junkie

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    Lemme add some things! I love this guy. I might be biased though, first game I ever used him was against Colette, true match made in heaven. First Mate was upgraded with Where the Captain Can't See and Treasure Map; he was on armour 4 early turn 3. He's fast, with a built in leap on any 4. I see the "Where the Captain Can't See" and "Treasure Map" as automatic upgrades for this guy. You can jump somewhere, easy access to enemy scheme markers, draw two cards, discard two cards, gain a thing based on the discard, gain armour + 1, and kill that scheme marker. Can't find an enemy scheme marker? Have an Iron Skeeter fix that with Poorly Handled Explosives. Do this next to a Gremlin Crier for much card draw. Do this against Titania or Colette for hilarity. He's great at scheme running, perhaps not as great as Fingers but this guy has other utility too. His damage track ain't great but it's ok, he also has pounce, can push, and can eat a model from time to time (well, rarely but still). Perfect Camo. I see him as a jack of many trades henchman, who excels at killing scheme markers. Auto include for any Zipp crew of mine, and worth considering with other masters.
  7. Cadaver_Junkie

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    Previous Weekly Discussions; Weekly Model Discussion - Iron Skeeter Weekly Model Discussion - Bayou Gremlin Time for the next increasingly inaccurately named 'weekly' model discussion! The First Mate! Possibly my favourite model in the faction. Yes, he's not a gremlin per se, yet I love this guy. He's certainly eaten his fair share of gremlins no doubt. How do you guys feel about this one? Love him? Hate him? Don't care, yet care enough about not caring to post a comment anyway? Where does he shine? What's his biggest drawback(s)? Do you use him in non-Zipp crews? Zoraida maybe? Why? Discuss!
  8. Cadaver_Junkie

    Titania Tactica

    I had a fun recently pairing Titania with a Teddy. Keep the Teddy behind your lines to protect it, and use Audience with the Queen to drop tasty targets behind Titania and ready to be hugged. Extra good if Dig Their Graves is in play, with the "A Trophy For, Well...Me" trigger
  9. Cadaver_Junkie

    Poison for 6 damage per hit - Brewmaster

    Hadn't realised that about Turner, don't have his stats on me right now. Cheers for that. Still, that's ok - makes you spread the bubble around somewhat. And four damage is nothing to sneeze at. It also makes Akanami much more dangerous, vomiting poison all over the shop
  10. So, with the new Backdraft henchman, Brewmaster can make poison do 6 damage per hit. At least until the next edition hits, then no more Shadow Emissary (probably). Poison standard rule - 1 damage Brewmaster Upgrade - 2 damage Shadow Emissary - 1 damage Popcorn Turner - 2 damage Think it's worth working a crew around it? Probably need to add some lures in there...
  11. Cadaver_Junkie

    Gremlin Crier Corpse Marker & Bayou Gremlin

    Oooh I always forget about the corpse marker. That could be useful, I'm messing around with Sparks a lot at the moment... And yes, I'd say both as you suggest.
  12. Cadaver_Junkie

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Often, with many people I know, only tourney legal items are used across many games. There is a perception that non-tourney legal = not balanced, regardless of true or not. I know I certainly fall in that category, although I don't really care when I'm actually playing the game. Many casual gamers will not have that issue, however many will; especially if you want to finish the game thinking you lost or won because you played well (or not), and not wonder if things on the table were unbalanced. Personally? I think we should wait until we actually have all the rules before making judgements, this might be a storm in a teacup type scenario. EDIT: Although I prefer the standard card size if I had a preference, the new cards we've seen DO look cool to me
  13. Cadaver_Junkie

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I'd have two prices for each model, printed on the card. One for 'on theme' The other for everything else. That way, say, a Moon Shinobi could be 5SS for Brewmaster and 6SS for everyone else, whereas a Whiskey Golem could be 9SS for Brewmaster and 11SS for everyone else.
  14. Cadaver_Junkie

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    It was stated that sleeves exist for the new cards, not necessarily that the cards are the same size as previous.
  15. Cadaver_Junkie

    Backdraft Gremlin Boys

    I should have been more clear - I'm hoping for info too!