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  1. This is exactly what I'm talking about. I'm just wondering if it was discussed in the brainstorming?
  2. Thank you. Just a question though, as I was not in the closed beta. Were multiple hiring costs on the same card considered? That is, instead of having a single cost like 10SS for a Teddy, you have two; 10SS/12SS Where the first cost is for hiring with shared keyword, the second is for outside that range. You could remove the 'Versatile' keyword altogether, a versatile Teddy would just be 10SS/10SS. Cheap models that shouldn't be easily splashed could be 5SS/7SS Other cheap models could be 5SS/6SS to encourage some use outside keywords, versatile as 5SS/5SS. A powerful model easily splashed might be 11SS/12SS. A powerful model that shouldn't be splashed frequently outside keywords could even be 11SS/14SS. You could use this to adjust masters that will be more powerful as secondary hires compared to other masters. Allows for a larger points resolution in hiring crews, and would look neat on the new huge cards. Plus added easy flexibility in managing nerfs or buffs down the track.
  3. The downside of all this for me, is that I only have one Neverborn master (Titania) and a LOT of different Neverborn models that helped her run different Schemes and Strats, or themed games. Not "dual bubbles of you can't attack me" cheese crews, but things like "lots and lots of WP duals that's not Pandora" crews. I have Sorrows, but I'm not planning to buy Pandora, and now my Sorrows will likely be shelved. Sad face.
  4. When hiring models that belong to your faction, that do not share Keywords, you can hire them for +1 SS. Is this a little unbalanced, skewed towards the big guys? Teddy: + 10% hiring fee Sorrow: + 20% hiring fee Oiran: gone? Have they been removed? Iron Skeeter: + 14% hiring fee The First Mate: +11% hiring fee Flying Piglet: +33% hiring fee Under the new method, I can't see any efficient way to hire non-core cheaper models into your crew. Sure, there'll be ways to make it work, but it will always be more efficient to hire the big guys. 1 Teddy is cheaper than two sorrows. Thoughts?
  5. Yeah, I'm looking forward to some games (as I posted ) However, losing those models has really hurt my investment in the game. Sorrows are a Pandora model, but I'd rather expand on my themed Titania list than buy a Pandora just to efficiently use my Sorrows. I'll probably sell my Sorrows now. I'll definitely sell my Performers. They're no good in my Gremlins either, and I don't have any Arcanist masters. Grootslang? It's not painted yet (so easier to sell), however it's only 12.5% more to splash for this model so maybe worthwhile keeping? I'll know after a few games. Additional: It can't be great that an hour after reading the new lists, I'm considering selling some models... I wanna be more upbeat so we'll see
  6. NOTE: I don't really want to be a nay-sayer without having played M3E games as of yet, so please take the below with a touch of reservation. I'm really looking forward to having a few games, that's for sure. ------------------------------------------------- So. Historically, I've loved to buy the master that I like the most in a faction, and then build versatility in crews around that model. For Neverborn, I love the Titania model far more than the others, so that's what I've gone with. Budget wise at the moment, I can't afford to spend too much and splash around on a lot of different masters. I also didn't have a huge set of models yet for this master, was working on building a core theme and slowly doing my best paint job, buying a single box once every while as my budget allowed and within theme. For me, my crew has now lost the Performers outright (including the alternate model) and Primordial Magic. For me, the following models are now a lot more expensive to include in my Titania crew; Changelings Teddy (alternate model) Bandersnatch (I love what I WAS doing with this model) Will O' the Wisp Grootslang Sorrows I was about to buy the Cyclops box, decided to wait until I read M3E rules. Feel like I dodged a bullet. ------------------------------------------------ My Question; Is anyone else feeling like this? That their options have been heavily reduced? For me, I can realistically only use maybe 1/3 of the models I previously had available. Some I'll try to splash for, but a splash for a Changeling is +25% cost, whereas a splash for Teddy is only +10% cost. I won't be readily hiring non-core cheaper models, that's for sure. It's terrible math. A flat +1SS doesn't really seem to work for me. Maybe it should be different for different models? +1SS for Changeling, +2SS for Teddy? Put the alternate cost on the new HUGE cards, there's surely room to fit the text.
  7. They aren't standard masters in 3rd edition. Rules will still be released for them (dead man's hand), but there's argument both ways on their overall validity. They aren't valid as standard at tournaments, special provision will be required by the tourney organiser to allow them. (And to be honest, where I play, they'll always be allowed. But still...)
  8. Personally, I subscribe to the 'use the models you think look coolest' theory, even if it means you won't have the most efficient crew. Rule of cool, if you will! You'll be spending more time with those models than anyone else, after all. That said, the Closing Time crew also happen to be my favourite basic box set thematically, so that's an easy choice for me
  9. Any standout moments with First Mate in the full box Zipp crew?
  10. This can be useful too, if you’re canny about it- I bet your opponent had to spend a fair chunk of resources to make this happen. Same reason I’ve just grabbed a Grootslang for my Titania crew, I want a scary distraction on the table. Any strats/schemes you’d always choose him for? Or is he an auto-take regardless?
  11. Perhaps he's less suited to the many of the current GG schemes and strats?
  12. Lemme add some things! I love this guy. I might be biased though, first game I ever used him was against Colette, true match made in heaven. First Mate was upgraded with Where the Captain Can't See and Treasure Map; he was on armour 4 early turn 3. He's fast, with a built in leap on any 4. I see the "Where the Captain Can't See" and "Treasure Map" as automatic upgrades for this guy. You can jump somewhere, easy access to enemy scheme markers, draw two cards, discard two cards, gain a thing based on the discard, gain armour + 1, and kill that scheme marker. Can't find an enemy scheme marker? Have an Iron Skeeter fix that with Poorly Handled Explosives. Do this next to a Gremlin Crier for much card draw. Do this against Titania or Colette for hilarity. He's great at scheme running, perhaps not as great as Fingers but this guy has other utility too. His damage track ain't great but it's ok, he also has pounce, can push, and can eat a model from time to time (well, rarely but still). Perfect Camo. I see him as a jack of many trades henchman, who excels at killing scheme markers. Auto include for any Zipp crew of mine, and worth considering with other masters.
  13. Previous Weekly Discussions; Weekly Model Discussion - Iron Skeeter Weekly Model Discussion - Bayou Gremlin Time for the next increasingly inaccurately named 'weekly' model discussion! The First Mate! Possibly my favourite model in the faction. Yes, he's not a gremlin per se, yet I love this guy. He's certainly eaten his fair share of gremlins no doubt. How do you guys feel about this one? Love him? Hate him? Don't care, yet care enough about not caring to post a comment anyway? Where does he shine? What's his biggest drawback(s)? Do you use him in non-Zipp crews? Zoraida maybe? Why? Discuss!
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