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  1. Just wondering, where can I find the rules for Void Hunters?
  2. Understandable, and pretty much as I expected. However, it has already been almost a month since my initial query, and the reply that it should only be a couple of weeks for them to be available. I still don't have cards for most of my collection, so I thought I might check in again just in case.
  3. Hi! Not intending to pester, just wondering (as I'm still waiting to order all my cards, alongside the alternative ones). Any updates?
  4. Maybe I'll run it AS the Metal Golem, if my opponent(s) permit. Just don't like the Metal Golem model very much, to be honest. Which is rare for me with Malifaux. (EDIT: After trying it as the Obsidian Statue. You're probably correct, but I think I'll give it a few goes first anyway )
  5. What do people think about the Obsidian Statue as a versatile hire for Mei? It drops scrap whenever damaged by an enemy, and boosts Burning for the entire table which could help the Railworkers with their trigger. Plus, the 3" hazardous (Burning +1) aura seems like a nice addition to all the other hazardous auras available to the crew.
  6. Thinking about using them with Mei Feng; They are Constructs Vent Steam doesn't require a flip, so it is easy to copy Whirling Hammer from Neil Henry Encase in Steel from Metal Gamin Mold of the Other, then Ride the Rails to the location of the recently killed Construct it just copied, using the scrap marker the model just dropped. Thoughts? This is all pure speculation from me at the moment...
  7. I'll have to consider it. I don't actually own this model, but worth considering. Certainly great to just push through and remove all those Ice Pillars...
  8. Hi guys! Sounding out for advice here. Just played my first game of M3E, I chose Brewmaster, opponent ran Rasputina. It was clear the game was pretty much over end of turn one, and more certain by middle turn 2. Didn’t help that my hand was terrible turn 2, but honestly, wouldn’t have made much difference regardless. So, advice? Background; Standard deployment, Turf War. Reasonable spread of terrain, which I tried to use as cover. That didn’t achieve much, with the 8 or so Ice Pillars dropped on the table early turn 1, half within 1” of most of my crew. Opponent used Snow Storm to push majority of his crew (including Rasputina) maybe 9” up the table in his first action, and pushed the Ice Golem even further. I was trounced pretty quick, opponent controlling the field turn 1 and Ice Pillars reducing my AP massively, either through Slow, card discard, or simply requiring me to remove them. All good, learning experience. So, advice? I don’t have the Backdraft models, but I do have all the other Tri Chi dudes, as well as most Infamous models and a scattering of other stuff. How do Tri Chi beat Rasputina? Any advice on general tactics? My M2E Brewmaster crew was much stronger in this matchup, so I’m curious how it goes now.
  9. Well that was simple, thank you. Sorry I missed that!
  10. Hi! So I have a new Titania crew I picked up towards the end of M2E. I’d like to paint them shortly, get some games in. But I’m curious about something, and it looks like it’s already been discussed in the closed beta- however I cannot access those threads so I have no idea as to any rulings, thoughts etc. If a model is “unaffected by undergrowth markers”, can it still gain the Concealing benefit from one such marker? I mean, reasonable intention could indicate ‘Yes’, but the word “unaffected” might be considered a pretty clear ‘No’ from a logic point of view.
  11. Ok, that's awesome. Thank you
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