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Found 72 results

  1. barrettjdea

    Kitty Dumont error?

    So Kitty has an attack that has no printed damage track but has a ram trigger that says: Reaching Tendrils "When resolving, the target suffers +1 damage and this model Heals 1." Was this supposed to have a damage track or does the trigger just add a ping of damage and a ping of heal?
  2. When a PC gives a subordinate an Order (via the Order Action) how many AP does that subordinate receive on their turn? I cannot see anywhere that indicates this. My assumption is that they, like every other character (PC or NPC), get 2 AP. This makes sense with the frequent "Slow if activated on the turn summoned" rules. This was a source of disagreement between myself and the Fatemaster at a recent game. In a related question, the Commander's Issue Command talent; does/is the subordinate taking the (1) AP Action the same as the one that was given the Order action? Given that this also works if the Firing Line action is taken, I'm inclined to think it can be someone else.
  3. swamprat

    Loudest squeal clarification

    Hey guys I need some guidance. So I am wanting to use loudest squeal to push my models around the board but I am unsure as to how it works when its between friendly models. Do I relent or do I flip for attack and damage as normal. Tia.
  4. CustardBomb

    Serena Bowman Rules Query

    Hi all! I recently picked up Serena Bowman and had a rules question regarding her 'Always comes back around' ability. It states 'if this model is killed or sacrificed, at the end of the turn, summon Serena Bowman' How does this interact with conditions that deal damage at the end of the turn. Eg. Serena dies of burning. Does she A. Summon back immediately B. come back at the end of the NEXT turn Or the unlikely C. Not come back.
  5. Fixxer707

    Engagements Help

    I need help with a couple of questions about the rules that I'm unclear on. Mainly engagements and shooting/casting attacks. 1.) Do you randomly determine the engaged model you are shooting at ONLY if the attack used has the Projectile Symbol? (The tiny gun symbol next to range) or do you do it for ALL attacks even if the range does not have the symbol? 2.) While engaged with an enemy is it possible to use a SH or CA action that has a range but no projectile icon? If you need me to clarify I can maybe try and give an example. Thanks in advance!
  6. Sorry if this is a silly question but is it possible to stack Somers aura using his Skeeters? Eg if Sommer and both his Skeeters used the 'Do it like this Action' and discarded a Rams. (Bit card intensive with the Ca as well but with Sommers Draw rate its not to hard to set up. Especialy if you used Sami Lacorix + a Gremlin Crier to cycle and increase your hand size) Could Burt Jebson get an additional 3 rams to his duel total one from each aura? (Plus potentially 1 from Lenny, 1 from a flip/ cheat) This gives a grand total of 6 rams including his inbuilt. Crunching some numbers and thinking it may be possible to get Jebson up to a 8/9/10 damage spread with a potential 3 attacks via reckless.
  7. On the gremlin criers card it says 'When this model is killed summon a Bayou Gremlin into base contact with this model before it is removed from play' Since it doesn't say that the crier is then sacrificed I assume that you get a corpse marker & a slow Bayou Gremlin?
  8. gertermit

    triggers timing (again)

    Dear friends! We know, that the Df triggers resolve before Attacking model's triggers. And we know, that model removes from the game after "after damaging" attacking triggers. So, can we resolve Df trigger before removing a model, if this model died during the attack?
  9. Purzel

    Untrained Skills

    I couldn't find a rule regarding the use of skills that a Fated does not possess. Apparently, it is possible to use some of the Close Combat skills, since there is a damage spread for rank 0 listed. But are all skills usable, just by assuming the rank was zero, the AV being exactly the associated aspect value in this case? Everyone can 'evade', but what about any crafting, 'history', let alone magical skills? Not being able to tackle any challenge requiring the notice skill, for instance, if you don't have the skill, seems wrong. It also seems very wrong, however, if an incredibly charming character can play an instrument better than a moderately skilled less charming person. So, is there a general rule that I've missed on how to handle this? Negative flips perhaps?
  10. Hello. I'm just wanting to check if the rules, as written, on the cheating bastard upgrade mean that markers cannot be placed in base contact with Jacob or Huggie, if there is another marker within 4". The text ends with 'it able' so my thinking is that this is refering to the normal restrictions on marker placement.
  11. For resisted damaging spells is the Damage Flip Modifier based on defender's final duel total, spell TN or worst case of both?
  12. Rules for Unbury for actions like "Pine Box" or "Into The Furnace" force an Opposed WP Duel on this Model Activation: Let's say Marshal have some Mimic in his Box. Before Marshal activates, Lucius strikes the Marshal with his Sword Cane and Declares a "Governor's Authority" trigger which gives to Marshal's Attack Actions: When Marshal activates - will he suffer on opposed WP duel. Basically it's not an Action, but rules say if Action calls for Opposed Duel - than it's an attack action (p. 38 of rules-only rulebook) I think Marshal wouldn't suffer because it's not an action, but I cannot identify what IS the right name for this opposed duel. Any thoughts?
  13. I don't really understand when Rank Values should be added to the actions of Fatemaster Characters. Using an example of the Illuminated on Page 187; this minion can make a Scintillating Cloud with the following stats: (1) Scintillating Cloud (Enchanting) AV: 5M (11M) Rg: 8 Resist: Df Target suffers 2/4/5 damage. MM Filled with Stars: After damaging, the target gains the following Condition until the end of this turn of Dramatic Time: “Brilliant Aura: Characters within 1 yard of this character have the Brilliance characteristic.” I have a few questions here: 1. Does the Illuminated always have an acting value of 11 when it attacks with Scintillating Cloud? Is there ever a time when the base acting value of 5 is considered alone or is it always modified by the rank value? 2. Will the Filled with Stars trigger only occur if the defense flip shows a mask? Also, if it does show a mask, can players cheat that mask with another card? 3. Can a Fatemaster character ever get a higher acting value than their Rank Value + Base Acting Value? I think the answer to both questions is yes, but the rules on page 6 of the Fatemaster's Guide specifically state: "This rank is not used to determine a set number the Fatemaster Character always achieves." Thank you!
  14. Lohengrin

    Bases without lip

    Hi! I wonder if bases without a lip are allowed as long as they have the correct size? I'm about to start sculpting a few new bases and would rather work with a plain surface. Best, Lohengrin
  15. Thimblesage

    Can Scheme Markers stack?

    Question about Scheme marker placement, Can they stack? https://youtu.be/evdgzOGEeTU?t=20m14s In this video “allowed to stack scheme markers on top of eachother”. Both the Large book pg.49 and the small book pg.56 are written the same and ready the same way. And yes, both are ambiguous. While playing I have heard both arguments but there hasn’t been any resolution. Below I break down different pros and cons for each that I have run across. The arguments FOR stacking references Section 1 Paragraph 4 “Sometimes a model will drop multiple markers. It is perfectly acceptable for two Markers to be on top of each other; both have their effects, it doesn’t matter which one is placed on top. This doesn’t specify if the “multiple Markers” can be friendly or if it's only legal to stack opposed markers. And Section 4 Paragraph 4 “Models may take a (1) interact Action to remove EVERY enemy Scheme Marker that is in base contact with the model.” The last point isn’t written in either rule book but a logic question. There are a great many Schemes and Strategies that are impossible combos; if every Marker needs a minimum of 4” between each other then certain combinations of S&S are illegal or impossible combinations. This could be a broken flaw to the game or an intentional layer of play strategy to understand the broken and illegal combos. Additional things to note, There are many synergy and metta shenanigans of certain models that almost sound like they would support stackable markers. The argument AGAINST stacking references Section 4 Paragraph 4 “Models may place a scheme Marker in base contact with themselves and NOT within 4” of another friendly Scheme Marker by taking a (1) Interact Action.” Secondly, almost every Scheme and Strategy breaks or becomes moot if you can stack markers. E.G. Line in the Sand becomes an Auto-Take every time. The rule book breaks down markers into the following sections, Markers: Three paragraphs Paragraph 1 - Description/Overview Paragraph 2 - Rules Paragraph 3 - Summary Corps Markers: Three paragraphs Paragraph 1 - Overview Paragraph 2 - Operation Paragraph 3 - Clarification Scrap markers: Three paragraphs Paragraph 1 - Overview Paragraph 2 - Operation Paragraph 3 - Clarification Scheme Markers: Four Paragraphs Paragraph 1 - Rules Paragraph 2 - Overview Paragraph 3 - Clarification Paragraph 4 - Rules
  16. Cadaver_Junkie

    Gremlin Crier - Rules Q

    Hi all! Question about the Gremlin Crier (which I think is an AMAZING model, both in hobby and play terms. Especially the one with the bell, my favourite). I've just grabbed a box of three, plan to run at least one in my new Zipp crew, with Iron Skeeters dropping them on objectives. So; The Over Excited Ability - can you draw multiple cards with multiple Gremlin Criers, for every single card discarded? From the front of the card: Over Exited "When a friendly model within 3" (Aura) of one or more models with this Ability discards one or more cards as the result of a friendly Ability or Action, this model may suffer 1 damage to draw a card. If this model's controller has six or more cards in hand after resolving this Ability, this model suffers 1 additional damage." The thing is, a Gremlin Crier Over Exited Ability is potentially triggered if a friendly discard is made within the 3" Aura of ANY Gremlin Crier on the field. "One or more models with this Ability", not "This model". That could be a massive amount of card draw over the game, especially if you heal these guys as you go, inbuilt zero action or otherwise. Makes sense in a way, Gremlin Criers calling out the news to each other... Thoughts? I've only been playing Malifaux a little while, so maybe I've missed something. EDIT: I mean, have someone discard to go defensive, and draw two or three cards in return! Nice. I like having all the 13's and Jokers in my hand. EDIT EDIT: If this topic has already been covered, my apologies
  17. Mage pursuit (from Into the Steam) has the New Manifestation or Triggered Immuto on the first level. With the New Manifestation I can alternatively add one free (no additional TN cost) Immuto to one Manifestation I already possess. With Triggered Immuto I can add one free (no additional TN cost) Immuto to one Manifestation I already possess that activates on a trigger with a specific suit. Either I misunderstood something or there is no reason to take Triggered Immuto EVER. To make things more complicated, in TTB 2ED the Manifested Power looses the information about alternative free Immuto. So according to the rules, which one should it be?
  18. As the title says, does Wall of Muscle affect melee unarmed attacks?
  19. So, while I'm writing and working up the courage to run a TTB campaign, which will be my first time as FM/GM/DM/etc. and my players are brainstorming character concepts, they discovered something strange: The 2nd edition rulebook states that a character can jump after moving for free, with the base distance of half their Ht in yards and double that if they charged. If they want to get further, they can take a TN 5 Athletics duel to increase the distance jumped by half their Ht on a success (or double that on charge), plus one additional time that for every margin of success. So if a PC takes Wall of Muscle and trains in Athletics, they can easily increase their walks and charges by 4,5 and 9 yards respectively. Not only this, if the same character has Athletics at skill rank 3, they can take the Showboating trigger, meaning that if they get a on the Athletics duel to increase their jump distance, they can take a free attack (which might get a bonus, I can't recall). All this, at no visible drawbacks. So tell me, is this a viable strategy and a free way for every character to gain 1-9 yards increase to all their movement, as well as potential free attacks everywhere if they put a little effort into it, or have we misread or misunderstood something, and it doesn't work at all like that? (I'm using a friends book, that I seldom have at hand, so I can't quote page numbers and might remember stuff wrong)
  20. Le gob

    Magical buffs issue

    Hi everyone, I'm playing a Mage in TTB 2e and I have an issue with buff Magia in general. The problem is it's too powerful, so the fatemaster doesn't want me to take most of the buff spells, and I have to agree with him, these spells are broken. The TN doesn't mean a thing for buffs, as you can prepare yourself in advance and cast it for a day or more. Mental and physical enhancements both can raise all your stats to 5, so a simple spell is better than many destiny steps. Invisibility and Swirling illusions makes you impossible to hit. Improved fate gives you a to everything. Armor and Occultation makes you tanky as hell. That's the spells I can't take as the fatemaster fells if I do, our opponents will have no chances. Could we get a fix to these spells ?
  21. First of all, thank you for reading! I've been playing Malifaux for almost a year, but my actual amount of games is fairly low. Casual only, it's me, my girlfriend sometimes, and two other friends. We worked up to 50ss games while we were still learning the rules and it's been maybe a month or two since we've all really gotten comfortable with them. The first half of that year was me collecting and largely theory as it took me a while to rope in players. Now, I'm a rather socially anxious person, particularly when it comes to strangers and games. This, and my overwhelming pile of greys, has kept me from joining a club with players more experienced than I. The point of this post is simple. My games last upwards of two hours sometimes even with one side often "calling" once the gap in VP gets too large. As casual as I am, I also refuse to deny my opponent their victory so I will usually stick with it if I can. I know in the rulebook it states games should last to about 90 minutes or so, and that's what I've been aiming for to keep my players invested and entertained, but it somehow always breaks 90 by the third or fourth turn (usually when schemes start becoming the focus) and I can see their attention and enthusiasm diminish. For reference, I play predominantly Gremlins, my GF plays an assorted mix of McMourning, Lucius, or Tara. Of the other two, one plays Tara exclusively (when my GF isn't), and the other proxies practically everything but has recently stuck to Arcanists Ramos or Ironsides. Rules wise, I feel we have the game down, but perhaps it's our lack of familiarity with our cards and (in the case of the proxies) our opponents models. Truthfully it's led me to start hiring my lists before I even start so I can eliminate that step (and predominantly elite high cost crews as well) just to keep the time investment down. Perhaps I will build another table so we can get two games at once, with everyone playing. I will edit this post with a battle report (never done one so I apologize in advance) and a timer for each step. Thanks again!
  22. Thimblesage

    Unstitched Rules

    So the Unstitched rules have been unavailable for some time... does anyone have a downloaded copy of it? the weblink has been down or over a year I think.
  23. Orfeo42

    Extraction (GG 2017)

    Hi all, i have a question about extraction (GG 2017 Strategy). Which is the size of the informant marker? Sunday we had a tournament and they pointed out that in the tournament rules the marker size was not written So it could also be a point or impassable, ht 5, etc ... How should we consider it? We used to play it as a 30mm marker ht 0. But this is not written anyware so... What's the right way to play it?
  24. psymonthewizard

    Rules clarification for Pandora

    Hi there, I have a question regarding Pandora's Misery ability, Fading Memory ability and her Expose Fears ability. Say someone takes an attack targeting Pandora's DF, expose fear states that she can use her Wp instead of DF and that she considers the duel as a Wp duel. If she wins the duel, does the Misery and Fading Memory ability trigger? If not, why? My friend told me that they don't trigger but didn't point me to the rules that clarifies this. Thank you in advance.
  25. Hi, Please could you tell me if this map is ok? I played Guild vs Neverborn melee and seems this map set up i can't win. I cannot use my pushes on this map properly and seems like i cannot use Perdita's range too. My opponent is playing Lilith and casting Illusionary forests on the top of that. Best regards,