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  1. Thank you soooo much! I am so thrilled that you responded so quickly!
  2. ‪Hi,‬ ‪Would you be willing to make your podcast available on YouTube as well? YouTube's subtitling service can be a hearing aid for non-English speakers.
  3. So far, I used Anna for counter unit against Tara and Dreamer to prevent their unbury effect within 6” inch Aura. However, Mar Errata says “ Add the following sentence: “If a model would be Unburied but cannot be because of an effect such as Laugh Off, Planted Roots, or Staggered, it may still be Unburied as above, ignoring such an effect.” This means, now Gravity well cannot obstract their pracement. Right?
  4. Hmm. I can perceive you meant but not make sense logically. (Probably it is because I’m non native English speaker.) One more question, if Bushwhacker selects to be deployed with From the shadow, is it possible to place the pit trap marker after deployment? My points, Normally pit trap should be placed after deployment but Bushwhacker is not on the table at this timing. If can, Bushwhacker works his ability without in play.
  5. Almost agree your comment but may I confirm the definition of "in play"? According to the sentence about bury, buried model is still considered as in play so I guess the model is not on the table is in play. Yes, models with From the shadow are not deployed when loadstone is attached but still hired. I am almost sure that the model with From the shadow cannot get the token but not crystal clear yet.
  6. Hi, I would like to ask your thought whether the model with From the shadow have a lodestone token or not. I mean, the timing of lodestone token movement effect is "Before a model with Lodestone Token would be removed from the table" so I think movement effect will not occur since the model with From the Shadow is not on the table at the timing having lodestone token. I understand that From the shadow doesn't allow the Interact Action in first turn so not sure how effective the model with From the shadow have it.
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