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  1. Stitched together. I was down a camera for several weeks. Just finished these tonight but have a savage crew that I need to get pictures of.
  2. I've always really loved desolation engines. Being able to get them fast now makes them even more killy and increases your chances of creating abominations, so even if the engine drops you usually have 2 nearby to reform
  3. I usually use knights as ritual holders. They're resilient enough to still be around when you need them to complete the ritual, and good beaters on they're own so you can still keep pressure on the opponent. As a bonus you can replace one with mold of the other.
  4. Killjoy can't be brought in with mold of the other. His demise ability heals and buries him so he doesn't really get killed unless the opponent ignores demise.
  5. And Pandora herself. Her face is a little messy but it's just table quality.
  6. Started painting up a Pandora crew Poltergeist Sorrows
  7. Page 28 of rules pdf. Markers default size is 30mm unless otherwise stated in the markers description.
  8. I've only been playing Titania for a month, but I've noticed a few things in my games. Positioning is very important. You want your underbrush markers getting in your opponents movement lanes and interrupting sight lines to get negative flips on non melee attacks. You also want your opponents within two inches for the into thorns trigger that most of the keyword has. Being able to place an enemy model on the other side of the marker can free you up to move without disengaging. Aeslin and waldgeists are really good if there's a large severe terrain piece on the table, since they can attack any model in it with them regardless of line of sight or distance. The autumn knight's are very cranky and take some effort for your opponent to put down. The biggest problem I've found is speed. Titania can outpace the crew easily, so be careful not to let her get stuck out on her own, especially if the enemy has ranged attacks that ignore concealment.
  9. I'm almost positive the last mention of him was Hinamatsu description in Broken Promises. So probably his big death scene will be in Guild or Neverborn book.
  10. Switching to neverborn for M3E, so decided to keep a painting log. Killjoy Titania Autumn knights And finally Aeslyn. Also have Gorar but no pics. Should have hooded rider, 2 Cyclops , Bultungin and maybe Widow weaver up soon.
  11. Didn't they say in the Daschel description on the main site that he had a hand in killing Collodi?
  12. I've been in love with Levy crews since 1.5, and this one is no different. But where are his beautiful abominations?
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