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  1. odinsgrandson

    Super Kingdom Death Explore!

    Here are a couple more survivors- modeled after some of the various armor kit options. Also, my bow characters spend so much of their lives standing on giant stone faces that it just seemed right to include it.
  2. odinsgrandson

    Super Kingdom Death Explore!

    Thanks. I have another Cross that I didn't convert. The facial expression changes so much from the eyebrows, they don't really look like they started out as the same sculpt.
  3. odinsgrandson

    The Dragon King (Kingdom Death: Monster)

    It is all paint, no special effects (other than a bit of OSL). I undercoated everything in black, so I had to do some layers of white and light yellow to make the lightest parts of the lava pop.
  4. odinsgrandson

    Super Kingdom Death Explore!

    I've been showing off the conversions from my Chibi Kingdom Death set for a while now- but I realize that I've neglected to post up good pictures of the survivors that I've made. Here is a group of them. Since this is an ongoing project, I'll be continuously making more, so there will never be a final "all of them together" post. The conversions range between custom basing and extensive resculpting. Alistair uses the head from Sebastian Cross- I had an extra since I used Cross' body for my Kingsman. His body comes from a Mistmourn Shaman, with his skirt sculpted on, and his weapons come from Kingdom Death sprues. I really liked the idea of painting his eyes to match the prologue, even though he's clearly a Lantern Year 2+ survivor (since he's not barefoot, and has a bone blade). For Zachary, I wanted a survivor that was a little more muscular than scrawny Alistair, so I used the body from Yokozuna (I still have the head for making a Sun Priest later). Rail Raiders Infinite's Rhinestone took me by surprise. She just looked perfect for Kingdom Death, and just needed a color scheme that would work with the set. It seemed wrong not to make a version of the crossover Candy and Cola for my Chibi Kingdom Death set. The head comes from Candy, and I found the best body to start from was a Shrine Ninja Kunoichi. Much of her skirt is sculpted on. I would have put Cola on her skirt, but I got to thinking that he should be his own survivor. I haven't finished his conversion yet, but I'll make sure to share it. The Plague Doctor doesn't seem like the most natural mini to make for Chibi Kingdom Death. I was looking through my bits box one day, and I found an old Rackham goblin, and I could see all of the conversion that I'd need to make. For his color scheme, I decided to make a tribute to the Shovel Knight villain/hero Plague Knight. I'll probably do a couple other Shovel Knight characters as well (Specter Knight would make a good survivor as well).
  5. The dragon king is a very majestic mini. Like most Kingdom Death minis, he's exquisitely detailed, and simply oozes character. In addition, he's also large enough that it is hard to get a photograph of him that keeps everything in focus. I was very happy to have a chance to paint him up. I got to do a lava face base for him (something that I'll probably do something like this on my own Dragon King when I get around to painting him up). But enough words:
  6. odinsgrandson

    Super Kingdom Death Explore!

    This is my ‘conversion’ of Kingdom Death’s monster “the Hand” in chibi form. I put those quotation marks there because I'm not sure at what point I'm crossing a line between conversion and original sculpt. I started out with a Tanchyo Yajiri: I cut and reposed the legs, hollowed out the head to sculpt the brain and crown, and sculpted the helmet over the remains of the head. I was planning to use those ears for the crown, but it didn't work out, so they got removed completely. I also removed his arms and resculpted them completely. I sculpted the cape, and added the sword from another Kingdom Death mini. I was planning on keeping the breastplate, but in the end I cut it out and re-sculpted the whole thing. In the end, only a small portion of his pants and belt came from the original mini. I basically just had an elaborate armature underneath there. I entered him into Reapercon's Open competition, and he got a gold medal.
  7. odinsgrandson

    Menoth Jack Force

    Recently, I've had a couple Menoth forces cross my table. This one was made up primarily of warjacks, with a glorious Feora at the helm. I'll post a more infantry centered one later.
  8. odinsgrandson

    Master Chief's Cats

    The wedding cake toppers are all custom made for a particular couple. Sometimes, after I've posted one, another couple might want something similar, and just want a few changes. In this case, the happy couple loved this Master Chief, but wanted to change his bride to match their wedding colors, and add in their cats. They sent me quite a few photos of their cats for the cake topper.
  9. odinsgrandson

    Super Kingdom Death Explore!

    Here is the Kingsman Nemesis: And here is the Messenger of Humanity. The role of this mini in the game is a little odd. He was part of a set of scenarios that Adam Poots decided weren't working after a beta run. During the 1.5 Kickstarter, one of the promises made is that new rules will be made for all of the messengers. Until then, he's being used to represent a survivor.
  10. odinsgrandson

    Joss and Austringer (metal)

    Here are a couple minis that I painted for a client a while ago but never got around to posting. From what I could tell, he plays a little bit of every faction.
  11. odinsgrandson

    Arena Rex Monsters

    I'm always glad when a client sends some Arena Rex minis my way- the game has a wonderful set of sculpts. Here are the two strangest monsters from their lineup- the chimeric Proximo and the emaciated Wendigo. The only trouble I have with these pictures is that the gloss doesn't show up (it works on bloodied areas- the practically undead Wendigo has a few areas that should look shiny).
  12. odinsgrandson


    Here's the start of a Harlequin force that I painted up for a client just a little while ago. This is the third full army of Harlequins I've painted, and each has had a very distinct and different color scheme concept. I really love doing Harlequin characters- the patterns are a lot of fun. For this particular group, I kept the color pallet under fairly tight on each of them in particular- so the whole group doesn't get too crazy.
  13. odinsgrandson

    Chibi Frankenstein's Monster

    Here's a little diorama I did with Impact! Miniature's chibi flesh golem mini. I really loved adding a little color to the grey scale. I was hoping to capture the old expressionist look and add a little cuteness to it. The trees are from a Games Workshop kit, the sarcophagus is a Reaper Bones piece, and the skeleton is from Sodapop Miniatures.
  14. odinsgrandson

    Arena Rex Medusa

    Medusa is easily among the most beautiful sculpts I've ever painted. My hat is off to Sebastian Archer, he really outdid himself with this one. After I posted the first one, another client asked me to paint her up for him. I mostly followed my original color scheme, except this time I used true metallics in place of the non-metallic metals I used the first time around. I'll need to paint one up for myself sometime. She really just screams to be in a competition. I've posted her to coolmini for anyone who cares to vote.
  15. odinsgrandson

    Super Kingdom Death Explore!

    For Thanksgiving, we finished off our Kingdom Death Monster campaign with an epic battle against the Watcher. It was pretty glorious. We played with all the Chibi conversions of KDM minis I've made, and the survivors were all heroes from Super Dungeon Explore. Princess Ruby was pretty awesome with her bone darts and monster tooth necklace. Now that I've admitted to finishing off more Kingdom Death Chibis than I've shown off, I figure I'd better get to posting them. Here's the Butcher: And if you don't know what Kingdom Death: Monster is, you should probably have a look at the outstanding Kickstarter that they're running right now. The fact that it got to 3.5 million overnight is not overstating the quality of the game- it is fantastic on pretty much every level- brilliant minis, fantastic rules set, terrific art, crazy loads of fun.