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  1. There are a lot of different takes on the Flower Knight. This makes sense, it is an absolutely brilliant miniature. There are a lot of different ways you can go with him that would work. For this one, I went with a more muted interpretation and mix of oxidized gold and steel armor with sort of muted greens and magenta clothing and accents. The next time I paint up this mini, I’ll likely do something drastically different with him (or her… I’ve never been totally certain with the Flower Knight). Maybe brighter colors or green armor.
  2. A little while ago, I got a full set of metallic paints in vibrant primary colors. I immediately felt like there was huge potential to this- you could use them to add all sorts of extra depth and interest to True Metallic techniques. And one of the things that struck me was the idea that you could use them for feathers. With many birds, feathers already have a sort of metallic shine to them, so it isn't too crazy to consider using true metallic techniques to express this. While I initial was afraid that it would be hard to keep the phoenix from looking inanimate -like a bronze statue of a bird, rather than a bird. To my surprise, I didn't have to do a lot of corrections for this, since the mini really never was in much danger of looking too inorganic.
  3. The first wedding cake toppers that I made all involved Zombies. Over the years, I’ve made quite a few more, but I definitely have a love for the zombie survivor wedding cake toppers. One of the variants that a client had me create was that rather than create zombies that climb the cake, we just have a pile of defeated zombies underneath the bride and groom (they’re standing victoriously after the combat). Even with the John Woo style pistols, I really don’t think the groom can be responsible for this kind of dismemberment, so this round goes to the bride.
  4. I've been painting a very large Nurgle force with rust effects for a while. I'll go ahead and update this thread with more pictures as I go. I really wanted to do very rusted and oxidized metals for most of the minis, and I think this look has worked quite well for the force. I feel like I rarely get to do this kind of rust (since even orks would probably throw out weapons that were this poorly maintained).
  5. I've been playing Stuffed Fables lately- it is quite a nice dungeon crawler. One of the things that drew me to the game were the fantastic miniatures. Most of them are in that sweet spot between cute and creepy that comes out just brilliant. When I'm painting my own sets of minis, I tend to avoid the official color schemes and instead look for ways in which I can reinterpret the sculpts with color. For Stuffed Fables, I decided to try and make all of the stuffies and enemies look worn, dirty and used. I think this fits in with the Velveteen Rabbit's concept of stuffed animals- they're real when they're stained and worn. Overall, I feel like this made the minis look a little more like Wyrd's Malifaux minis than most versions of Stuffed Fables that I've seen. So here they are. I made these photos very large even though the minis are quite small (especially the Stuffies themselves). Plaid Hat Games released a Stuffed Fables Coloring Book. Most of it is pictures of the characters, or even coloring book pages of their character sheets, but there are two new character sheets included. One is for a puppy stuffy, and the other is for a giraffe. I decided to create these last two stuffies and finish my collection: The dog is 100% green stuff, and is probably the smallest of the stuffy minis. The giraffe uses a mix of green stuff and bits (the 'base model' is a Super Dungeon Giri, but he's been modified a lot).
  6. This is a White Lion from Kingdom Death that I painted pretty recently. I think it is really easy for white to look plain, even when it is done well, so I went with a very colorful white. I did a quite write up on some of the techniques I've been doing recently to make painting white more interesting. Anyway, here's the lion. I haven't posted anything to Coolmini in a while, so I decided to post this one up. Here it is if you care to vote.
  7. Thanks. I really love the line of minis, and I'm very glad that I've had the chance to do them up nice.
  8. The Faceless is a neat game with some really interesting miniatures. The player token is a compass, and all of the miniatures have magnets in them to manipulate what direction the compass points. When the players move, they have to follow the compass direction. It is a really neat game, and most of the minis are little double sided dioramas (they have one side that’s a poor child about to be abducted by a monster, and the other side is the creepy little chimera that he turns them into). Anyway, here are the minis I painted:
  9. At this point, I've done enough Arena Rex that I should probably just dedicate a single thread to collecting them. So here we go.
  10. I don't take pictures of them when they're unpainted very often. I did get some pictures of a Flower Witch that I made for someone else to paint, so I'll get those pictures up in a bit. The Sunstalker campaign features the People of the Sun- an alternate group you could start out with that have some nods to Japanese clothing styles and weaponry. They’re quite distinct from the usual Kingdom Death survivors. These people live in the shadow of an ancient Sunstalker and raise its young in a pool of colorful liquid. I really love the campaign, and I thought that they would make an interesting subject for some crossover minis. Most of these miniatures started life as a Tanchyo Warband for Super Dungeon Explore. The number of alterations I made to them varies quite a lot- some of them seemed like they would be perfect without any changes, while others needed quite a lot of sculpting and conversion. [ The minis above all work perfectly as Kingdom death survivors, but in order to play this group in either Ninja All Stars or Super Dungeon, they need an Oni. I considered a few different (easier) ways to go about this, but in the end, I couldn't resist sculpting my own infant sunstalker for them!
  11. Kingdom Death make such strange and interesting miniatures. It is really refreshing how much their line doesn’t look like things we’ve seen so many times before. This is the Lion Knight- in game terms, he’s an actor who comes into the settlement with his entourage to perform a play for everyone. He casts settlement members in various roles, and then sets out to kill or rescue them (depending on whether they were cast as villain). The women on his base are part of his story- they seem to work as hosts, techies and dramaturges for the play (none of them are actors). I love the expression on the lion’s face, but with the whole story, I can’t help but think that he’s really hamming it up.
  12. Thanks, I really enjoyed doing those demons.
  13. Here are some farmers that I got to paint up for Guild Ball. I haven’t played the game myself, but the minis had a lot of expression. This is one of the earlier sets from Steamforged’s move to plastic.
  14. Thanks. Red is often challenging- it is really easy to make it end up flat because you're afraid that it will turn pink.
  15. Tzeentch has always been one of my favorite parts of the Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar settings. I love both the concepts behind the Changer of Ways and the brilliant deformed mutants and demons that form his legions. Here are some Tzeentch minis that I’ve gotten to paint up recently. They’re actually from a few separate clients who were all excited about Tzeentch in this similar color schemes.
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