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  1. Different! I wasn't expecting long hair. Looks awesome though, looking forward to adding her my Colette model collection
  2. You and me both! One of the iconic weapons in Malifaux to me
  3. Definitely! I'd like to see more of his old action names return, they were so brilliant ("the audience was told to stand back!")
  4. Go on then, it's been too long since I attended a 'faux tournament. Three straight games with Colette coming up! -Ben
  5. Haha, it's the maximum 8vp or nothing in my games! No, in all seriousness I felt it was a poor choice in hindsight due to the lack of markers most of Tom's models dropped, and that the ones that did drop markers were generally behind a screen of little cats. The Coryphee Duet and Carlos being redirected to save Angelica from Schrödinger's Cat didn't help either, what with it not dropping markers itself either. The trouble was, between Angelica carrying an explosives token and having loads of scenery/movement to drop down scheme markers for Search The Ruins, I didn't want to leave her to fend off the homicidal psycho jungle cat by herself! -Ben
  6. Far to the west of Malifaux city, hidden away in a forest, is the fabled Temple Of The Dragon. Its origins are long lost to the mists of time, and myths of the power contained within have caused many men to waste their lives searching for it - tales of ancient weapons, tribes of fearless warrior-monks, and spiritual beings willing to grant unimaginable power to the worthy. However, the reality is far less extraordinary - the temple is used by the Arcanists as one of the many bases for their smuggling operations. And, on a cold, wind-swept day, as Colette du Bois and her girls prepare another shipment to be snuck past the Guild checkpoints and into the city, they find that they are not the only ones at the Temple Of The Dragon... 50ss game against my friend Tom and his Outcasts, using the 3.1 beta rules. My crew consisted of: Colette du Bois Cassandra Felton Angelica Durand Carlos Vasquez Performer Mannequin Coryphee Duet 3 x Mechanical Dove Tom's Outcasts featured: Catelin Abernathy Schrödinger's Cat The Dutiful Son Benny Wolcomb 3 x Ailuromaniac Cat Princess Cat Catcher 6 x Malifaux Cats The strategy was Plant Explosives, and the scheme pool was Search The Ruins, Dig Their Graves, Hold Up Their Forces, Assassinate, and Deliver A Message. I took Search The Ruins and Dig Their Graves, while Tom took Hold Up Their Forces and Assassinate. My explosives tokens were on Angelica (1), Carlos (1), the Duet (1), and Cassandra (2). Tom's were on Catelin (2), Schrödinger's Cat (1), The Dutiful Son (1), and Benny Wolcomb (1). The fabled Temple of the Dragon. Perhaps the koi fish pond outside is the real reason Catelin and her crew are here....? Turn 1 saw an agressive start from both crews, as Tom's Outcasts moved up the field rapidly. Keen to take advantage of this and maybe score some VP early on, Colette used Presto Chango on the leading Cat Princess, swapping its place with a nearby Dove. Cassandra promptly charged the Cat Princess, landing a moderate damage to soften it up for the kill next turn. With a mewing sound, some of Tom's cats swarmed together to form another Cat Princess. Meanwhile, on the other side of the board, Schrödinger's Cat charged Angelica through the forest (the fact it was Incorporeal had completely slipped my mind), wounding her but leaving her standing. In an attempt to help, Carlos moved across to charge Schrödinger's Cat, while the Coryphee charged an overly-confident Cat Catcher who had moved too far up the board, critically wounding the fellow. Turn 2 started out with my Arcanists wining the initiative, and the Mannequin healed Angelica with Emergency Surgery. The Cat Catcher failed to hurn the Coryphee, while Colette quickly dropped a scheme marker before killing the Cat Princess to score a VP off Dig Their Graves. Continuing to mess with Tom's placement, she swapped a Mechanical Dove with the other Cat Princess to make sure it couldn't reach her to deliver a message. Benny quickly removed the scheme marker left behind from Presto Chango, and shot the nearby Dove out of the sky with his pistol. Meanwhile the Coryphee retaliated, killing the Cat Catcher and moving towards the scrum around Schrödinger's Cat before Dancing Apart. Dancing together again, they dropped down their Strategy marker and a scheme marker in base contact with the forest. In an attempt to avenge its fallen sibling, the remaining Cat Princess charged Colette, only for the master magician to flip a high card and Fade Away. Carlos managed to land a hit on Schrödinger's Cat, flipping the Red Joker for damage, but the creature's Cruel Disappointment softened the blow. Angelica fled the combat, heading for the safety of of Tom's empty deployment zone, still carrying her explosives. Arcanists: 2, Outcasts: 0 Turn 3! The Outcasts gained the initiative and, wasting no time, Schrödinger's Cat killed Carlos by stacking Blight on him before finishing him off with the Bleeding Disease. His sacrifice was not in vain, though, as Angelica moved further down the board to drop her Strategy marker. In an attempt to put down the pesky fleabag (and finally prove once and for all that yes, the cat is actually dead!), I charged Schrödinger's Cat with my Coryphee, though the elegant constructs were only able to wound the creature rather than finish it off. Cassandra moved further into the right flank to drop down a second scheme marker and reveal Search The Ruins, while on the other side Colette reappeared in an explosion of smoke and playing cards, Distracting the nearby Cat Princess. The Dutiful Son finally moved onto my half of the board to drop down his own Strategy marker. Arcanists: 4, Outcasts: 1 Turn 4 started with Cassandra moving even further away, planting one of her explosive Strategy markers to ensure I'd keep scoring off it. Schrödinger's Cat was finally killed by the Coryphee, while in the middle of the board Catelin charged Colette, looking to take advantage of her blight token. Her first attack hit for weak damage (prevented by soulstones) by negating the trigger, but the second one missed - only for the Arcanist to Fade Away again. Benny dropped down his own Strategy marker, while the Mannequin dropped a scheme marker on the other side of the board to start setting up the second half of Search The Ruins. Finally, Colette reappeared again near Benny and the Performer, interacting with the Strategy marker to remove it. Arcanists: 5, Outcasts: 1 The final turn started with Catelin putting down the Coryphee, her Bleeding Disease combining with the six(!) blight counters they'd accumulated to do enough damage even with the armour to finish them off. The Cat Princess charged into Colette, managing to hit her for severe damage - the magican prevented 2 of it with her final soulstone before using Fade Away to disappear once again. The swarming Cats on the other side of the board formed together into a Cat Princess again, using Gnaw to remove one of my scheme markers, but Colette was able to reappear with Showstopper to put another one down to replace it. Cassandra dropped her final Strategy marker, and so the game came to a close. Arcanists: 7, Outcasts: 1 * * * I spread out quite early on, which I think really helped to stop Tom being able to gang up models around me to stack blight - the Bleeding Disease was brutal when he did manage to accumulate enough of the condition. I did regret choosing Dig Their Graves, between the lack of markers Tom's models dropped, and the Gnaw action reliably removing my scheme markers. I'm not sure who my MVP was that game, there were a lot of stars in the crew - Colette for the work she did moving models around and generally bouncing around the board to get stuff done, the Coryphee for blending their way through the Cat Catcher, Schrödinger's Cat and a Wretch, and Angelica for her movement shennanigans with "Give Them An Encore!". Poor Carlos just got blight stacked on him pretty early on, and then the Bleeding Disease took him out the game early on before he could do much. He did tie up Schrödinger's Cat long enough for Angelica to run off and drop her explosives, which was the main reason I sent him charging in. All in all, a good fun game (let's be honest, any game I use Colette is fun ) -Ben
  7. Yeah, there's not enough inventive to actually try and attack her, even with the change from a static ability to a trigger. From my games, experiences (and expectations, to theoryfaux a little) she's only been attacked by models who can straight-up ignore the trigger, to avoid giving me a free place and Distracted pulse.
  8. Forgotmytea

    Mech Rider

    The changes look good to me, I'm looking forward to trying her alongside Ms du Bois in tomorrow's game. Shame about losing unyielding, but that seems to have been across all the riders.
  9. Colette will, as always, be my main (and favourite) master. I've been playing her pretty much exclusively through the beta to provide as many battle reports as I could, and I feel that she's in a good place now - and hopefully not the NPE she was at the start! My regular opponent agrees that she feels fine to play against now, so that's good
  10. As much as I love the thematic anti-something nature of the guild divisions, I have to agree. I've played a fair few games against @laalratty's Lady J crew, mainly with my favourite Colette, but the one game where she convinced me to dig out my old Resurrectionist models was so different in terms of the marshals power. I feel that there's such a wide difference in the marshals depending on whether you're fighting Resurrectionists or not that, while it's very thematic, is a hard balancing point.
  11. Loving the changes to my favourite master, Colette felt like she was in a good place before but these changes are very much appreciated! The doves in particular should feel less like dead activations now, looking forward to trying them. I'm personally happy with her defensive tech being a trigger - it encourages you to think and keep her away from models that hand out stunned etc, and serene countenance acts as a deterrent against models that can bypass her trigger. Just need to add the trigger to size duels as well so she can disappear when my wife's death marshals try and box her
  12. Both, it's now the Trained Raptor in the guild faction.
  13. To be fair, and I say this as a player who uses pretty much just Colette, the damage track on her Sabre Trick is a bit bonkers. 2/3/4/ a lá M2E would be fine, it doesn't need to be higher than that
  14. I quite like that idea. Maybe make it a beginning of turn thing or an 'until the start of this model's next activation' thing so as not to force Colette to activate immediately each turn, but I like the idea
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