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  1. Loving the changes to my favourite master, Colette felt like she was in a good place before but these changes are very much appreciated! The doves in particular should feel less like dead activations now, looking forward to trying them. I'm personally happy with her defensive tech being a trigger - it encourages you to think and keep her away from models that hand out stunned etc, and serene countenance acts as a deterrent against models that can bypass her trigger. Just need to add the trigger to size duels as well so she can disappear when my wife's death marshals try and box her
  2. "The audience was told to stand back!" was one of my all time favourites. Carlos lost so many brilliant action/trigger names in the transition to third
  3. Both, it's now the Trained Raptor in the guild faction.
  4. To be fair, and I say this as a player who uses pretty much just Colette, the damage track on her Sabre Trick is a bit bonkers. 2/3/4/ a lá M2E would be fine, it doesn't need to be higher than that
  5. I quite like that idea. Maybe make it a beginning of turn thing or an 'until the start of this model's next activation' thing so as not to force Colette to activate immediately each turn, but I like the idea
  6. I assume that the reference to a "bomb marker" in the Plant Explosives strategy is a typo, as I can't find any other reference anywhere to a bomb marker? As it stands, I can just have my crew stand around on the centreline spamming strategy markers on top of strategy markers to score vp, since the only restriction is that they can't be placed near bomb markers - not other strategy markers. *edit* just seen that someone else has already mentioned this, apologies.
  7. Both the Gunsmith and the Mechanical Dove need the apostrophes removing from the rules text of their abilities, as they currently read 'While this model is unengaged, it is attack actions...' and 'After this models is killed, it is controller draws +1 card' respectively.
  8. I love the look of Hidden Trap (Ice Dancers, anyone?), Tail 'Em and Last Stand in particular Looking forward to trying these out! -Ben
  9. Love that Good Shot, My Turn is now built-in! I'm looking forward to trying out the buffed Miners too - I always liked them as they were before, so the little buffs they'll be getting will be great.
  10. Awesome, I'll make a note to bring my Steampunk Arcanist getup -Ben
  11. Hi all, Starting the 10th August, I'll be running a Shifting Loyalties campaign at the Warforge club in Lancaster. Games will be run fortnightly on Wednesday, at the Ridge Primary School (LA1 3LE). It's only £1 each night, starting from 6:45pm. We'll do 8 games, so that'll be over the course of 16 weeks. Come and join in with your favourite crew, or take the opportunity of a campaign to try a new faction Just drop me a post here if you're interested or want any more details! -Ben
  12. This Sunday (5th June), I'll be running Malifaux demos all day (11am - 6pm) at Lancaster Comic Con! It's held in Lancaster Library as part of the House Lancaster gaming group I usually run events at: Market Square, Lancaster LA1 1HY It's about 5 minutes walk from the train station. Price to get into the Comic Con is £5 per adult, £3 Concessions and under 13's is free if accompanied by an adult. Entry into the Games Room is free. Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult and need to be supervised whilst in the Games Room. -Ben
  13. The address in the Rules Pack is different to the one in your first post - could I just double-check which address it's at please? -Ben
  14. All paid up, looking forward to this! -Ben
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