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  1. Oh wow, I hadn't seen that yet! I'll go take a look Thanks! -Ben
  2. Hello all, I'm hoping the Hive Mind can help me here I've always liked the story scenarios, and Halloween has long been my favourite festive occasion of the year, so the Carver Walks Among Us scenario was one I regularly played during M2E. However, we're now in third edition, so the scenario rules will need some updating to make them work! The main change between editions is that, in M2E, the Carver switched sides whenever a Joker was flipped, and had a specific action to help this (his (0) Trecherous Alliances, which let the controlling player give him Reactivate at the cost of flipping four
  3. I agree, I've never had anyone have a problem with Colette and her girls. My favourite sculpts are the first edition ones (possibly out of nostalgia, as that's when I started playing), but I love all of her crew boxes. I have more Colette models than I should admit!
  4. Different! I wasn't expecting long hair. Looks awesome though, looking forward to adding her my Colette model collection
  5. You and me both! One of the iconic weapons in Malifaux to me
  6. Definitely! I'd like to see more of his old action names return, they were so brilliant ("the audience was told to stand back!")
  7. Go on then, it's been too long since I attended a 'faux tournament. Three straight games with Colette coming up! -Ben
  8. Haha, it's the maximum 8vp or nothing in my games! No, in all seriousness I felt it was a poor choice in hindsight due to the lack of markers most of Tom's models dropped, and that the ones that did drop markers were generally behind a screen of little cats. The Coryphee Duet and Carlos being redirected to save Angelica from Schrödinger's Cat didn't help either, what with it not dropping markers itself either. The trouble was, between Angelica carrying an explosives token and having loads of scenery/movement to drop down scheme markers for Search The Ruins, I didn't want to leave her to f
  9. Far to the west of Malifaux city, hidden away in a forest, is the fabled Temple Of The Dragon. Its origins are long lost to the mists of time, and myths of the power contained within have caused many men to waste their lives searching for it - tales of ancient weapons, tribes of fearless warrior-monks, and spiritual beings willing to grant unimaginable power to the worthy. However, the reality is far less extraordinary - the temple is used by the Arcanists as one of the many bases for their smuggling operations. And, on a cold, wind-swept day, as Colette du Bois and her girls prepare another s
  10. Yeah, there's not enough inventive to actually try and attack her, even with the change from a static ability to a trigger. From my games, experiences (and expectations, to theoryfaux a little) she's only been attacked by models who can straight-up ignore the trigger, to avoid giving me a free place and Distracted pulse.
  11. The changes look good to me, I'm looking forward to trying her alongside Ms du Bois in tomorrow's game. Shame about losing unyielding, but that seems to have been across all the riders.
  12. Colette will, as always, be my main (and favourite) master. I've been playing her pretty much exclusively through the beta to provide as many battle reports as I could, and I feel that she's in a good place now - and hopefully not the NPE she was at the start! My regular opponent agrees that she feels fine to play against now, so that's good
  13. As much as I love the thematic anti-something nature of the guild divisions, I have to agree. I've played a fair few games against @laalratty's Lady J crew, mainly with my favourite Colette, but the one game where she convinced me to dig out my old Resurrectionist models was so different in terms of the marshals power. I feel that there's such a wide difference in the marshals depending on whether you're fighting Resurrectionists or not that, while it's very thematic, is a hard balancing point.
  14. Loving the changes to my favourite master, Colette felt like she was in a good place before but these changes are very much appreciated! The doves in particular should feel less like dead activations now, looking forward to trying them. I'm personally happy with her defensive tech being a trigger - it encourages you to think and keep her away from models that hand out stunned etc, and serene countenance acts as a deterrent against models that can bypass her trigger. Just need to add the trigger to size duels as well so she can disappear when my wife's death marshals try and box her
  15. Both, it's now the Trained Raptor in the guild faction.
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