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Found 9 results

  1. So I really like board games with cool minis. Two of the board games that I’ve spent the most time playing are Kingdom Death: Monster and Super Dungeon Explore! Both are great games with fantastic minis- although the tones each use could hardly be farther apart. The developers of these games know each other, and When both games went to Kickstarter, they took the opportunity to do a cool cross over. So means that we got a really cute chibi of the Twilight Knight. She makes a great mini, and I’d have been happy to leave it off there, but the fluff on her card implies that if those supe
  2. I love the tradition where I get minis that my daughter picked out. This is one that she described as "a Squid-Octopus." Also "He looks like he's gonna eat me." I believe he's supposed to be one of the stranger D&D creatures (a sort of stalagmite that eats the rare creature to walk into a cave- sort of like a carnivorous plant, except larger, deadlier, and living in environment that doesn't have plentiful creatures to support it. Naturally, we had to incorporate it into our Mouslings game, and I found this encounter was my favorite moment as a GM. - Mouslings are at sea
  3. Any of my regular readers would have probably guessed this review was a long time coming. First, the purely subjective. Within two sessions, Kingdom Death established itself as one of my group's favorite games. Since we've gotten it, we've played it at least ten times as often as all other games combined. It's spent large periods sitting on the dining room table half-unpacked, because we plan to play it again in a day or two. The box has gotten dust in it, not from disuse, but from the lid never being on. Normally, we slowly get in to games, playing two or three sessions, feeling it out, and t
  4. Hey guys! I'm trying to save up for an airbrush compressor, so I'm looking at selling a few LE Resins Kingdom Death: Pinup Savior: $40 OBO Flower Knight: $120 OBO Pinup White Speaker Nico: $120 OBO Gone! Studio McVey: Y'Sala and the Darkness: $200 OBO Ruby: $60 OBO Please PM me with questions or if you'd like pictures of anything. Each one is still in its original packaging, on the original sprues and unpainted. Thank you so much!
  5. Here is the second Warrior of the Sun that I got to paint up. After reading the fluff, I decided to take a Shadow Dancer style approach, and gave parts of his flowing robes a starscape effect. I feel like this worked out rather well for him in the end, and the lanterns on his belt were placed pretty well for a localized OSL effect. I've got to say, I'm really impressed with Kingdom Death's sculpting and resin casting. Here's hoping the plastics look just as good. I've stuck him up on CMON for anyone who cares to vote.
  6. I recently purchased the Mother miniature from Kingdom Death to use as a proxy for Zoraida. After opening the box and priming the model, I lost the hands before I could even begin painting them. (I didn't put them together before priming because I felt they would get in the way of painting her chest.) Now, I'm in a pickle and was hoping that someone might be able to point me to another 30mm model that has praying hands. I'm really good a modifying models but no good at sculpting. Any help that anyone could provide would be great. Thanks in advance.
  7. Heya Wyrd, Sadly Since your forums were undergoing an upgrade I did not get the chance to post this until now. We only have 3 Man-Hunters left in stock! And here I thought he was rather "wyrd" appropriate! shop.kingdom-death.com Thanks again for your interest and thanks to Wyrd for allowing independents like me to post our stuff here!
  8. Hello, We updated our website to include the Man-Hunter and a little information on the Holy Lands, the first major location for the board game. http://www.kingdom-death.com The Man-Hunter was illustrated by Danny Cruz and the miniature was sculpted by Juan Navarro Perez. The combination of these two artists has been pretty magical. We are super proud to be working with both of them of course! The Man-Hunter miniature is getting a first run collectors edition treatment, the package will include : - Man-Hunter Miniature - Printed Artwork signed by the artist himself!
  9. Our website is live and kicking! Come see photos of our very first miniature and learn a little bit more. The miniature is hand cast in resin and will be available in limited supply sometime next week. We will be contacting our own private mailing list regarding availability FIRST. So if your interested, make sure to sign up for it! Kingdom-death.com <b>Kingdom Death : Adventures into the abyss</b> is an independently and lovingly crafted high quality hobby board game that pits a table full of friends against countless abominations, terrors and challenges. Gorgeous 35mm sc
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