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  1. @Gnomezilla Doing a quick once through the options we have Nicodems Rigor Mortis and the Rabble Risers Challenge, everything else that can apply a Wp duel is either versatile or Redchapel as well. It doesn't look like there's need to be alarmed since the options to make use of it is fairly limited, although I've never tried to outwardly exploit this so I'm not speaking from direct experience.
  2. So in the middle if our game we've run into a predicament. A Dead Outlaw used At Gun Point an a Flesh Construct and told it to attack Nicodem. Can Nicodem use Protected (Undead) to make the Flesh Construct redirect the attack towards itself? Despite my opponent controlling the FC it remains a friendly undead model within 2" of Nicodem. Logistically this doesn't make sense, but we arent finding any rules saying this couldn't happen. Anyone know of anything were missing,
  3. Well with the latest update Mortimer gained Necromantic Font which doesn't bode well for it and the Zombie keywords removal. I'll be playing the crew tomorrow so hopefully I'll have some more experience with them. In the meantime I thought we'd be a bit more proactive by re-evaluating the possible undead models that could be in Nicodems hiring / summoning pool. The Zombie keyword was introduced with the open beta without community feedback and regardless of whether the Zombie keyword sticks around Nicodem went from 30 to 9 undead models he had easy access to and its questionable if these were the best choices. So I thought we could attempt to form a consensus on what models we'd want in the keyword. Here's a list of every Resurrectionist single keyword Undead Minions and associated cost bracket as well as every single keyword Undead Enforcer/Henchman (correct me if I left anyone out). 2ss Mindless Zombie 3ss Canine Remains (Experimental) 4ss Little Gasser (Experimental) Crooligan (Forgotten) Dead Dandy (Red Chapel) 5ss Guild Autopsy (Experimental) Night Terror (Forgotten) Rotten Belle (Red Chapel) Ashigaru (Retainer) 6ss Rabble Riser (Forgotten) Dead Doxy (Red Chapel) Undergraduate (Transmortis) Bone Pile 7ss Flesh Construct (Experimental) Draugr (Revenant) Crooked Man (Tormented) Student of Sinew (Transmortis) Student of Steel (Transmortis) 8ss Kentauroi (Experimental) Lampad (Revenant) Student of Viscera (Transmortis) Enforcer/Henchman Archie 9ss (Forgotten) Philip and The Nanny 8ss (Forgotten) The Forgotten Marshal 7ss (Forgotten) Madame Sybelle 10ss (RedChapel) Bete Noire 8ss (RedChapel) The Valedictorian 9ss (Transmortis) Now select one from each bracket and give a 1-3 sentence response on why it should be in Nicos summoning and hiring options. Since I proposed it I'll give my preferred models. 2ss Mindless Zombie - Though I don't want them holding all the Walking Dead upgrades, the opportunity to summon 5 Mindless Zombies just feels natural for Nico. 3ss Canine Remains - I wouldn't normally consider them a good choice, but having Carrion Away gives them some utility for strategic corpse placement outside the Vulture in addition to being tar pits. 4ss Dead Dandy - Kind of a toss up with the Crooligan, but Proper Murder Mystery offers good opportunities for Nicos crew and its ample corpse production. 5ss Rotten Belle - This is probably the hardest tier for me to decide as they're all really good models, but the Belle's Lure is too useful to pass up. 6ss Rabble Riser - Despite losing HtK from M2E it's still the classic warhorse for Nico. Bone Pile would be an acceptable runner up. 7ss Flesh Construct - While I think the Crooked Man provides some unique functions that can't be found elsewhere, the Flesh Construct has made a consistent impact in my games where the Crooked Man has been hit or miss for me. I like the Draugr, but it requires other Revenant models to get the most out of it. 8ss Student of Viscera - Thematicly the Kentauroi is a better choice, but the SoV has been a monster as both a summon and a hire. Lampad is nice, but in a crew without additional Pyre Marker generation it's weaknesses are too easily exploitable. Archie - Of the non-summonable models Nico has access to, Archie would provide the best beater stats that's missing outside of versatile options. In addition he makes great use of all of Nicos tools.
  4. How's everyone feeling on this one. On the plus side we got Daimyo's Gift, a great utility action to get a lot more out of the Ashigaru, Gokudo, Komainu, and any other minion. On the downside Unending Fealty saw a drop in its stat and an increase in the TN making the requirement for summoning an 11 instead of a 9. I didn't see this coming as I didn't think Toshiro needed any more changes and I wasn't seeing a lot of out cry from others (granted I don't read the Ten Thunders forum that much). My only real concern with the changes is that Unending Fealty now breaks the summoning formula of Cost of model + 10 = TN. It's not a big deal since Toshiro is the only model affected, but the same effect could've been achieved by dropping the stat by 2 and leaving the TN alone. Overall it's hard to say how I feel about this.
  5. I've never hired them, only summoned them. From what I saw on the board they were fine as distractions and Mv6 for 3ss is okay for scheming, but I think all three (Guild Hound, Canine Remains, and Corrupted Hound) lack a good reason to be hired. I agree durability is a big issue, especially for the Corrupted and Guild Hound who both seem to be setup for engaging enemies. I think if we saw a universal Df5 on all of them and Annoying changed to a bonus action with a TN they'd become good cheap tarpits as it seems is the intention of their design. As for the CR specifically, replacing Critical Strike with Infect or giving it Bloated Stench would put it more on par with the others, because as is I think it's the worse of the three.
  6. I'm really liking his current iteration but can see how compared to Archie the RN can be seen as over costed. I'd rather see it become worth its cost than be lowered, also I think Wyrd's not likely to drop the cost since by design every keyword has a model at almost every price point and RN is the 10 cost for both Forgotten and Experimental. He does have a little space in his tactical section so adding something like Reckless, Forage, Lick Their Corpses, or Mark Territory might bring a bit more utility to him without directly making its attacks better.
  7. I had 4 games with Nicodem from the closed beta, but the open beta shifted so much of what's possible that a lot of that experience doesn't mean too much. That being said from the beta group I was in Nico was never tearing it up, so to see him come into open beta with a smaller selection of hiring and summoning options with no compensation elsewhere is baffling to me as having options was the one thing he had over other masters. I do plan on playing him soon as I think there's a lot of work this crew needs. @ShinChan While I'm not against seeing Nico get some new tricks I think the first priority is cleaning up Nicodem and any related aspects first before adding new features that will need to be balanced. Here's where I'd start: Replace every instance of the Zombie keyword with Mortuary. Zombie has no reason to exist when Mortuary already exists, in addition Zombie is far too generic of keyword as multiple models have zombie in their name which can easily lead to confusion. Drop Necrotic Font altogether. Unless some future model will share this ability for the purpose of the current version of Walking Dead, the upgrade could be simply changed instead of having this pointless ability. Give Asura Roten the Mortuary keyword. With Necrotic Font gone this will put Asura back in the loop of shared hiring. Change Falling Apart to read, "if this model is at more than 6" from any friendly Mortuary Master or Henchman model". This removes the last vestiges of Necrotic Font. The range was slightly reduced because my version now makes Mortimer and Madame Sybelle another vector for Walking Dead holders to keep themselves together. Change Reanimator to read, "Name any number of Mortuary Undead Minions". The same summon pool with one less keyword in the game. (Optional) Give Nicodem's Decay a Crow on his stat. Loosing the crow from M2E took a lot away, but not being able to generate blasts on friendly models really hurt his support options. Combined with Reanimate being once per turn Nico should have options on how to spend the rest of his actions and having a Decay on par with any other model doesn't seem like what a Master should have. (Optional) Re-evaluate the keyword undead models. The models in this keyword is an odd selection only taking models from Experimental, Forgotten, and Red Chapel while leaving the majority of Ressur keywords alone. On top of that there are odd anomalies such as 4 of the 8 Red Chapel models are in the keyword (I'm not a Seamus player so I don't know if that's annoying or not) also for some reason the Zombie Chihuahua is included in the selection despite being a totem so it could only be hired if McMourning were in the crew. This should get rid of a lot of junk and unnecessary information to streamline things which had a rough transition into open beta. After that I think we should look into expanding his abilities because even with my proposed changes I don't think he's comparable to most Masters. I constantly petitioned Mason to open up the rare limit on the MZs during closed beta. He gave us a week with them at rare (10), but changed it back after that. I tried making a broken list of models who can summon them easily (Mortimer, Asura, Carrion Emissary) and capped out at 7 MZs on the field. The game ended in a tie and they didn't seem OP at that size, but it was a lot of fun surrounding Euripides crew.
  8. Version: 2.7 Size: 50ss Strategy: Plant Explosives Schemes: Breakthrough, Detonate Charges, Hold Up Their Forces, Outflank, & Vendetta Game Length: 4 Hours 10 Minutes (5 Full Turns) KingJocko’s Guild (Attacker) Sonnia Criid (Leader) + Lead Lined Coat 2ss Purifying Flame (Totem) Samael Hopkins 9ss Witchling Thrall 8ss Witchling Handler 7ss + Lead Lined Coat 2ss (1 Explosive Token) 2x Witchling Stalkers 10ss (Both carry 1 Explosive Token) 2x Sanctioned Spellcasters 8ss (Both carry 1 Explosive token) SS Pool: 4ss Schemes: Breakthrough & Hold Up Their Forces Jet’s Neverborn (Defender) Euripides (Leader) Primordial Magic (Totem) Thoon 9ss 2x Cyclops 14ss (Both carry 1 Explosive Token) 2x Gigants 12ss 3x Bultungin 15ss (All carry 1 Explosive Token) SS Pool: 0ss Schemes: Detonate Charges & Hold Up Their Forces Turn 1 Sonnia wins Initiative, Euripides goes first. For the most part it was positioning and gaining focus in preparation for next turn, nothing major happened. Turn 2 Sonnia wins Initiative, Sonnia goes first. The Thrall charges into two of the Bultungin and decimates one and wounds the other. Thoon counters this by charging the Thrall and hitting it with Frozen Trophy, taking it out of the battle and hooking a nearby Stalker into melee with it to let the surviving Bultungin freely score Plant Explosives without being harassed. The Purifying Flame flies out from cover and singes Euripides, Primordial Magic, and a Cyclops before ending its movement engaging the later two. Had I realized PF wasn’t Insignificant I probably wouldn't have been so careless as that gave my opponent a free score for Detonate Charges. Hoping to even the score a Sanctioned Spellcaster runs out to drop a Strategy marker in front of Euripides and activates Negation Aura and hopes for the best, his remains were not pleased with the results. Sonnia finishes the turn by destroying a Gigant and the Bultungin next to it. It was at the end of this turn I could’ve scored Hold Up Their Forces, but was too busy mulling over the stat cards to realize it, Sonnia scores 1VP from Plant Explosives, Euripides scores 2VP from Plant Explosives and Detonate Charges Turn 3 Sonnia wins Initiative, Sonnia goes first. The Purifying Flame, now aware it can place scheme markers, runs off from Euripides crew to score Breakthrough on its own. Sam creeps along and shoots the remaining Bultungin dead and in turn a Gigant sits on him bringing him to half health. The Handler pulls the Stalker out of melee with Thoon who releases the Thrall out of its block of ice, but Thoon doesnt let it get away and makes the little guy to explode. Sonnia uses a burning Cyclops as an avenue to drop some blasts on Euripides, nearly bringing him to half health. Realizing grouping up is a problem the Cyclops wanders off and drops a Strategy marker while the remaining Stalker does the same. Several ice pillars pepper damage on my crew, but they hang on. Sonnia scores 2 VP from Plant Explosives and Breakthrough, Euripides scores 2 VP from Plant Explosives and Hold Up Their Forces. Turn 4 Sonnia wins Initiative, Sonnia goes first The Handler pulls the Thrall out of combat with Thoon, freeing it to drop the explosive tokens it picked up, while running out of concealment to drop her own Strategy marker. Thoon does his damndest to hurt the Handler but she remains standing. Sam creeps out of melee and shoots the Gigant, but whiffs the whole turn. The Gigant turns its attention to the Handler and drops her to 1 wound. Euripides finishes off the remaining Spellcaster by dropping a pillar next to it, then charges through it to hit Sonnia three times who’s hanging on at 4 wounds. Sonnia does the unthinkable and fights in melee and by sheer luck drops Euripides to 1 wound and attempts Scorch the Soul on him, but he uses The Old Ways to kill himself and deny Sonnia the summon. Meanwhile the Purifying Flame is building sand castle scheme markers in the back of Euripides board. No VP scored Turn 5 The Handler wails on the Gigant to regain some health while staying still so as to benefit from Hunker down. Thoon commits to taking out the Handler, but can’t quite finish her off. Sam charges in and topples the last Gigant and shoots at Thoon, but fails to hit. The Thrall charges a Cyclops and drags it away from the Handler. The other Cyclops preps to score Detonate Charges on Sonnia, but she just walks around him away from the scheme markers and drops him to 1 wound with plenty of burning to finish him off. The Purifying Flame finishes his magnum opus of scheme marker placement. Sonnia scores 1 VP from Breakthough, Euripides scores none Final Score: Sonnia 4VP vs Euripides 4VP Thoughts on Crews Witch Hunter - As one can probably tell from the report this was my first game with this crew and I made a lot of dumb mistakes. I used a fairly general list of models from the crew to get an idea how they all played and was overall pleased. Entire crew mirrors Sonnia’s glass cannon feel to where I was always feeling good until I was hit back. As a whole there’s not much critique I have for the crew and even if I did I feel my inexperience with them would cloud my judgement. I’ll definitely be coming back to them again. Savage - Fifth time they’ve hit the table. We played with a lot less terrain than usual and those 50mm bases took advantage of that open grass. The mass of Bultungin would’ve been great with the strat and schemes, but once I said I was playing Guild they probably shouldn't have been emphasized so much. On top of that burning did help a bit with all the HtK the crew has, but at the same time the window to use Scorch the Soul was extremely narrow as well. Only one opportunity arose and it was taken away by The Old Ways. As a whole these guys feel really solid, just minor tweaks should be necessary. Thoughts on Models / Upgrades Sonnia Criid - Really great damage master with obvious flaws to exploit. A lot of fun to play and no complaints about her being too oppressive from the other side. Purifying Flame - What I initially took a simple suicide bomber turned into a great scheme runner. No complaints. Samael Hopkins - A lot of bad luck fell his way, making landing his shots impossible. On the plus side his mobility is great. Witchling Thrall - Great damage, decent durability, made use of every aspect of his card. Definitely feels balanced. Witchling Handler - An amazing support model. A bit disappointed to not have Blaze on the gun, but Witchfire does that job better. Really helps the rest of the crew shine. Witchling Stalkers - Goad Witchlings takes these guys from good to great. A very well rounded model. Sanctioned Spellcasters - Not bad, but feeling a little iffy on them. Any turn of them gaining Fast with Injured had me playing them as non confrontational, usually doing concentrate with a double walk or interacting with markers. The one time I shot with one of them it was just to make Euripides flips cards so he wouldn't have a severe waiting for The Old Ways to use; The actual damage wasn’t important. It’s hard to dismiss them when you get three actions, Counterspell, and Negation aura for so little, but I’m still left feeling a little unsure about them. Lead Lined Coat - This is such an amazing upgrade, one of the few I have a hard time not taking. Euripides - One of the few time where him going ham on someone ended with his death, usually he makes it out with a few wounds and spends the last turn scheming. I’m glad there was an exception to this tactic, it shows he isn’t infallible. Seems to be in a good spot and a great controller and beater. Primordial Magic - Didn’t get a lot out of him this time, but he was able to survive the whole game so Arcane Reservoir never went away. Thoon - Overall Thoon gets a pass from us, but I’m kind of annoyed Frozen Domain still doesn’t have a limiting factor to it or a more accessible means of freeing an ally. I’ve had the Rogue Necromancy be taken from the board with no viable mean to bring him back, just because this model had a tome. It seems really easy to abuse. Cyclops - Jet still has a stigma of not wanting to put these guys in melee, despite them now having some brutal damage. Beyond the wasted damage potential they were solid support and landed a hit now and then. Gigants - Did some good damage at range and in melee. Good for a moderate cost model. Bultungin - Usually a bit of a pain to pin down, but with both the board being fairly open and me having plenty of ranged attacks, these guys were taken out real quick. Still think they’re great scheme runners, this just wasn't a good play for them.
  9. I ran the Asylum models in a Lucius crew back during the closed beta and overall they performed well, although it was my opponents first game with Euripides and he wasn't playing his crew to its fullest advantage. The Orderlies definitely had the weakest performance and not just because they were the cheapest models in the crew. They worked well as scheme runners but that was it. I wouldn't be against them getting some kind of buff for combat, maybe not the mask on their melee, but something like Tools for the Job so they can potentially get the mask, crow, or just provide better cards for the rest of the crew.
  10. Removing excessive information was core principle early in M3E closed beta. A lot of actions, abilities, and keywords were merged in an attempt to simplify the amount of things anyone would have to remember. From there things have expanded back out in an to create unique mechanics for various models so they don't feel bland. While I don't think we've gotten back to the amount of information bloat M2E suffered from, I do worry that we might see a similar excess growth in other ways and it should be avoided. I'm fine with multiple keywords as long as they serve a core mechanical function to a Master / Crew. Keywords like Witchling, Pig, and Elemental serve as a means of categorizing certain models in a crew for unique functions that adds to that crews identity and without them would rob them of that identity. However keywords like Zombie are a band aid on top of another band aid. Mortuary was created to give Nicodem access to certain models back when DMH was its own faction (back then he could only hire Resurrectionist Undead Minions only). Now it serves in giving Nicodem easy access to 3 models, 2 of which are versatile so it does nothing with them. On top of that we now have the Zombie keyword which gives Nicodem (and Asura Roten) easy access to an odd selection of Experimental, Forgotten, and Red Chapel models. The only unique mechanic Zombie functions with is Asura Roten's Re-Animate action, which is a more open form of the Command Corpse action. From this mess we have 2 keywords serving the same function, Necromantic Font to count as a keyword without actually being a keyword which subverts the purpose of keywords, and an action that's redundant with what already exists. This is the kind of fat that can be trimmed. As for the "future proofing" argument, while any changes can be attributed to this forward thinking idea it's a mindset that's too open to subjective interpretation. The point of the beta is to fix what exists now, not to have faith future releases will fix what's wrong now. If there are plans for something that can't be implemented during the beta but is coming regardless I'd assume we'd be notified as we were for McCabe and Basse so as to re-calibrate our expectations when giving feedback. Without acknowledgement from the devs an argument of future proofing is just wishful thinking repackaged.
  11. It wasn't necessarily the Effigy that was bad, but rather the majority of my crew was hitting at stat 4-5 which lead to very few hits, especially since I wasn't getting many bonus action concentrates from Dashel. Because Aura of Vengeance kept him around a lot of guys he got hit by the barrage of scintillating clouds. So his poor performance was more from the circumstances of the match and less so the model itself.
  12. Version: 1.31 Size: 50ss Deployment: Wedge Strategy: Corrupted Idols Schemes: Harness the Ley Line, Breakthrough, Vendetta, Dig Their Graves, & Outflank Game Time: 4 Hours 41 Minutes (5 full turns) KingJocko’s Guild (Defender) Dashel (Leader) The Dispatcher (Totem) Sergeant 7 2x Guard Patrol 8 2x Guild Hound 6 2x Mounted Guard 16 Guild Steward 6 Brutal Effigy 4 SS Pool: 3 Schemes: Harness The Ley Line & Outflank Jet’s Ten Thunders (Attacker) Lynch (Leader) Hungering Darkness (Defender) Gwyneth Maddox 9 3x Illuminated 21 Mr. Tannen 6 + Trained Ninja 2 2x Beckoner 10 SS Pool: 2 Schemes: Harness The Ley Line & Outflank Turn 1 Lynch wins Initiative, Dashel goes first Guild Hounds run up the sides of the board while Guard Partols move into the center and drop a scheme marker. Beckoners take high ground to lure later. Mostly a lot of positioning until Hungering Darkness decided to float into a building to land next to the first Corrupted Idol marker so the Sergeant popped him in the face with a Red Joker and Critical Strike, landing 7 damage, dropping him to 2 wounds. Tannen sprung into action running into the Guild frontline to put his auras into effect in hopes of stopping any further damage. Instead this got Dashels attention as he summoned an Executioner next to Tannen and charged him, between the two Tannen didn’t stand a chance and quickly fell apart.\ Turn 2 Lynch win Initiative, Lynch goes first Hungering Darkness heals a bit, pushes the Corrupted Idol, and quickly leaves LoS of the Guard crew. However a Guild Hound and Mounted Guard chase him down, only to miss every attack against it. A Beckoner and Gwenyth lay into the Executioner a bit, dropping it to below half of its health. This forces it to activate fairly early to get in an activation, but does little damage to an Illuminated who follows up in killing it. The Sergeant once again proves he’s an ace shot and pops a Beckoner in one shot. A Mounted Guard follows suit trampling on the other Beckoner and positions for Outflank. Lynch scores 1 VP from Outflank, Dashel scores 1 VP from Outflank Turn 3 Lynch win Initiative, Lynch goes first Lynch springs into action by shooting the northern Mounted Guard and triggering The Looming Dark to pull Hungering Darkness out of danger. Meanwhile Gwyneth begins her job as a vortex using Come Play at My Table to pull the Guild Steward and a Guard Patrol into base contact with her with an Illuminated following up by beating on the two of them, dropping the Guard Patrol. Dashel summons a Rifleman and jumps an Illuminated with the Sergeant and a Mounted Guard, but fails to put it down. This grouping up comes at a cost as another Illuminated bombards the Guard crew with Scintillating Cloud, killing the Brutal Effigy. Guild Hound pushes a Corrupted Idol and runs into melee with the northern Mounted Guard. The Northern Mounted Guard is dropped and replaced with a Guard Patrol. Lynch scores 1 VP from Corrupted Idols, Dashel scores 2 VP from Corrupted Idols and Harness the Ley Line Turn 4 Lynch win Initiative, Lynch goes first After an Illuminated disengages with the Guild Hound Hungering Darkness Obeys it to move a Corrupted Idol into its own table edge and dies doing so. Dashel summons a Warden and works on damaging the Illuminated. Gwyneth again uses Come Play at My Table to pull in Dashel, the Sergeant, and Warden in towards her. Again Scintillating Cloud bombarded the Guard crew, but this time the Guild Steward was killed getting Demise (Reprisal) to kill the Illuminated in turn. Lynch puts down the Guard Patrol at the northern centerline. Lynch scores 2 VP from Corrupted Idols and Harness the Ley Line, Dashel scores 1 VP from Corrupted Idols Turn 5 Lynch win Initiative, Lynch goes first Down to just 4 models, Lynch consolidates his forces by the northern centerline. Gwyneth was finally put down by Dashel. The Warden pulls Hungering Darkness away from his scheme marker with its Restraint Claw, allowing a Guard Patrol to run in and remove it. The Sergeant pushes the last Mounted Guard and repositions himself to keep the Mounted Guard within Lead the Patrol. The Mounted Guard dashes into the northern centerline to score Outflank. Dashel scores 1 VP from Outflank Final Score: Lynch 4 VP, Dashel 5 VP Thoughts on Crews Guard - Second game with Dashel and first game of the Open Beta. Generally focused on taking mobile models to quickly move about the centerline and healing since those were the focus of the schemes and strategies. I also had doubts about the Steward, Mounted Guard, Guard Patrol, and Guild Hound so I wanted to get some time with them on the table. Luckily Dashel was able to shore up some weaknesses with his summons. Overall things worked better than I expected. Honeypot - Lynch has made an appearance frequently throughout the beta on our table. The Illuminated were good choices for Corrupted Idols, but the rest of the crew seemed to focus on a lot of overlapping debilitating auras, but they were spread out too thin to affect most of the Guard models at once. Brilliance was on half of the Guard models, but the Honeypot crew were quickly falling apart and by the end of the game he was down to 4 out of 9 models. Thoughts on Models / Upgrades Dashel - “Seize Them!” was missed only because of Gwyneth Maddox was such an easy target for it for how many models she surrounded herself with. Shouting Orders discard function isn’t a huge problem, but it does make some of the weaker models not worth using it for since I’d rather use my limited discards on the more effective models. His melee and ranged damage felt good compared to other summoners I play. There’s been complaints on his lack of summoning multiple models, however it didn’t feel like it hampered him. My core problem with Dashel’s current iteration is that due to his limited actions he’s likely to play the same every turn pretty much regardless of the situation: summon something, attack what he can reach, and toss Foul-Mouthed Motivation on someone who needs healing/focus. While “Seize Them!” was rarely used it did represent an opportunity to try something different. With the removal of “Seize Them!”, the nerf to Shouting Orders, and no compensating buff anywhere he feels a bit like a glorified Henchman more than a Master. He doesn’t need a massive overhaul, but he has less of a hook than other Masters. The Dispatcher - Not bad for a totem, but I find myself not having much to do with his actions. Most of the time I was just positioning myself for Stay At Your Post and Consolidate Power. Every attempt to shoot was met with failure due to its poor stats. It would be nice to have Pursue on him to make landing the Adversary condition more likely, especially since Shouting Orders took a hit by requiring discards. Sergeant - Really good as is, good damage, and a lot of utility. Honestly considering getting another model just incase I ever wanted 2 of them on the field. Guard Patrol - Outside of one lucky severe damage on Maddox they didn’t do much outside of scheme marker shenanigans and looting a few corpses. I think they got hurt the most from Shouting Orders requiring a discard, as giving their stat 4 a +flip never seemed worth it when there was limit. They’re definitely lacking a strong identity as for 1 point more the Warden is a more durable option and for 1 point less the Guild Hound is more mobile and more reliable in melee. Not sure what would be added to give it some personality, perhaps bring back Patrol from M2E or give them Grit (Hardened), Demise (Expendable), or Demise (Delicious Bacon) (They are cops after all 😄). Guild Hound - Hard to hate it, good mobility and okay damage for only 3 points. At the very least it's a good cheap scheme runner. Mounted Guard - For 8 points I was worried about their stats of 5, but while they never did a lot of damage their exceptional mobility, utility, and durability from Demise (Dead Horse) did provide something unique compared Executioner and Sergeant. I’m left with the feeling he’s missing something, but judging purely by performance they weren't really lacking. Guild Steward - A good support piece but I think it’s hard to justify the 6ss for it since it has no damage potential at all. If it dropped 1ss and 1 health I think it’d be easier to find a place for it in more lists. Brutal Effigy - Was a model with no impact. Was killed through a couple Scintillating Clouds, never directly targeted. Never landed a shot, was mostly trying to keep as many allies within its Aura of Vengeance, but it didn't pay off. Perhaps it was the lack of high damage killy models that I didn't see much benefit from it, a couple of Lead Lined Coats for my Mounted Guard might’ve been a better purchase instead of this. Executioner - Great summon early game as it drew a lot of attention off of my other models. Too bad he didn’t get a lot of time to throw around his high damage. Rifleman - Was hoping to get another one of them summoned, but just one alone was able to significantly affect the game. Warden - Solid hire and a solid summon. Good as is. Lynch - Was really effective, but was far from the majority of the conflicts. Hold ‘em near Maddox would’ve been infuriating, but they were on opposite ends of the board. Overall is looking good. Also if it’s still in the cards to be changed both of us want “This Round’s on Me!” back to being called Blackjack and Hookers. I get it could be seen as offensive, but it's just a lot more fun to say. Hungering Darkness - Took a Red Joker to the face turn 1, which had him playing conservatively the rest of the game. Still was able to Obey some VP for his team so he wasn't rendered entirely useless. By the end of the game it had nearly healed back to full health. Gwyneth Maddox - First time either of us had seen her on the field. A real pain to deal with, but nothing insurmountable. Hit the Jackpot was a lot of fun. Again I think her, Lynch, and Tannen near one another would be insane to deal with, especially with a lot of the low cost models I had. Illuminated - Still really solid, they’re in a good place. Mr. Tannen - Typically he’s a pain in the ass, but he stepped out in the open and was punished for it. I still think he’s a good kind of annoying. Trained Ninja - This would’ve been great had I focused more on shooting, unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Beckoner - They got stomped real good. It’s hard to recommend anything for them as their killers had no Brilliance on them, thus avoiding their defences, in addition to being 2-3ss more.
  13. For the purposes of testing I think thats backwards logic. We should focus on testing models that are seen as inferior for that very reason. Same goes for those we percieve as too good. Playing well rounded models and reporting that they're well rounded doesn't do much for the beta. Its hard to break the desire to just win and just play the game, but we should test the models we see as inferior so that we might get a better version. I used the Bone Piles a couple times during the closed beta and they're generally underwhelming. Not necessarily bad, but as a versatile model it doesnt offer a lot more than what you can find within any Resser keyword. I got a bit out of them when I ran some MZs and used the Bone Pile burying mechanic to score Outflank and Ley Line. But that required my opponent to not notice the MZs positioning for it and being unaware of what I was planning, I likely wont get that oportunity again.
  14. Especially since Toshiro has it and they're capped at Rare 3, they were always durable enough that I was regularly at max skeley boys most of the time. Also surprised by the stat upped to 5. I valued them more for durability than offense, but I'm not complaining.
  15. Whoops on the Guild Patrol cost, should've double checked on that one, but dogs work just the same. "Seize Them!" is powerful in a lot of unconventional ways. As a Mv duel stat wise it's similar enough to Df and Wp ranges, but there aren't many, if any, abilities or bonus for +flips on Mv duels meaning outside of Focus you're likely to be going into a unmodified opposed duel. In addition there's no damage flip so Hard To Wound or any other -flip imposing defense doesn't matter. Finally unless the enemy as a lot pushes or buries you get to choose how many models are around your target which is the damage variable. It's especially in your favor as Guard models have a lot of short pushes towards friendly models, allowing them to clump up easily. When you add in the idea of summoning multiple models, have a 13, a spare stone, and a well placed enemy scheme marker that turns "Sieze Them!" into a min 3 damage ranged attack on a Mv duel that goes through a lot of normal defenses in addition to the attacks of any models surrounding the target. I'm not against the inclusion of multiple models in the summon as the situation I presented requires a lot of possibilities to align and it should be test played before we outright dismiss any idea, but I think we should try to be aware of possible side effects to any change suggested.
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