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  1. They're entirely new models for 3rd edition and haven't had an official release yet. Because they weren't an existing model their stats weren't including in the public release of 3rd edition's final cards, though you could find their beta version floating around somewhere. Their artwork was previewed before 3rd edition was even announced, here's a thread discussing them: So no they're not Doxies of Belles, but something new and different. As for when they'll come out we don't know, the schedule of upcoming releases suggests that getting updated crew boxes and repackaging individual models into group boxes are being prioritized for the beginning of M3Es launch. New additions will come out later.
  2. I played both Archie and Grave Golem regularly in beta and for me one doesn't invalidate the other. They are fairly similar in general as they're both 10ish ss with the same attack actions so I can see how easy it is to think they're redundant, but for me it comes down to wanting to play offensively vs defensively. Due to his mobility and benefit from actively engaging enemies (e.g. all of his healing comes from attacking) Archie has a lot more value when it comes to getting into the enemies face and disrupting their plans. Numbskull not only protects him from the enemies, but forces him to be independent since its hard for him to be supported by allies since he cant gain beneficial conditions and Leap has him usually moving out range of short range help like Stitch Up or Painkillers. Despite all of his defensive abilities Archie has never been durable for me. Either his Df & Wp of 4 hurts him a lot or he just draws a lot of extra attention, but I rarely finish a game with him still standing. Archie is also a bit more resource intensive as at a minimum you're discarding for Flurry every turn and at most your cheating to make sure those big hits land since he's probably in a position to make it count for VP. I find Archie good for Reckoning, Plant Explosives, Assassinate, and Take Prisoner where his mobility and benefit from attacking can be advantageous. The Grave Golem has fewer things to do which makes for a more passive play style. His lack of mobility options means he's likely to make it mid field and get stuck in with enemies or meander around picking on enemies who're trying to get at your crews weaker models. Probably the biggest contrast between him and Archie is In every game I've taken him the Grave Golem never dies and unless my opponent brings excessive corpse clearing mechanics or denies my demise I don't see it ever happening. It's gotten to the point that enemies don't even try killing the Grave Golem anymore, in one of my last games against a Jack Daw crew the Grave Golem was constantly given Staggered and was just dragged away from combat so that he wouldn't be an issue (in that game Archie would've been a better choice). Because the Grave Golem doesn't rely on triggers or discards he's much less resource intensive than Archie as the only thing he needs is one corpse on the board to be safe, leaving your hand available to fuel other more active models. The Grave Golem does well at Corrupted Idols, Turf War, Claim Jump, or Ley Line where durability and holding ground are more important. Concern whether Archie is under costed is a possibility, but I wouldn't advocate for any changes yet. As said in this thread it's way too early in M3E's life to assume anything is OP just yet. While Archie is showing up in a lot of lists I find that more due to his versatility when you compare him to all of our regular 10ish ss hires. As previously stated I find Grave Golem more durable, but Archie comes in second place since his survivability doesn't come to the determent of his performance like the Dead Rider. When it comes to offense I think Rogue Necro is a bit more consistent, but Archie's Flurry means more opportunities to hit which can be better. It's hard to out do Dead Riders mobility, but a consistent Leap has Archie following close behind. For me it seems that while he's not the best at anything, he's pretty good at everything which edges out the more purpose focused models during list building. I would wait for some regular tournament results to come in before calling for buffs and nerfs on anything.
  3. As the owner of 9 Canine Remains and 10 Mindless Zombies, I'm disappointed I never fielded all of either of them in a list just for fun.
  4. I like odd builds like this, especially for Experimental since they're pretty good at adapting to situations so having an off build doesn't affect them much. If going full summoning gimmick I'd suggest a few things. First I'd try to summon turn 1 if able because of the extra cost of Slow on the FC and Distracted on McMourning. The sooner you acquire the conditions the sooner you can get rid of them rather than have hampered activations later when it'll likely matter more. Second, have you considered taking the Restless Spirit? It's Grave Robber is second only to the Gravedigggers and combined they could provide you with the 3 corpses you need to ensure every turn has a new FC. Maybe toss the GST and a Canine Remains to afford it then have it use Strength From The Grave on the Dead Rider to make up the lack of Regen. Finally I'd take Sebastian over Rafkin. Though Rafkin will be better for stacking up poison on the fresh summons I think for the summoning theme Sebastian might work better. Since you'll probably hit the FC cap on turn 3 or find some corpses in odd places for Twisted Genius to easily reach his action to summon Canine Remains will fill in the gaps. Plus more dogs means more corpses can be moved for Blasphemous Ritual, Twisted Genius, or The Dead Hate the Living. Just to clarify I don't think my suggestions are good for making this list necessarily competitive, but just to maximize on the summoning aspect without breaking it.
  5. KingJocko

    Alan Reid

    Played against a Nekima crew as Lucius and had Alan roll with 2 Investigators. Boring Conversation and Diversion shut down a lot options, "One More Question" meant one less attack from Nekima every turn, and once Staggered landed the 3 of them would dog pile for min 3 damage. With a few Issue Commands those 3 took out Nekima and 2 Mature Nephilim by themselves and spent the rest of the game scoring Ley Line since they were barely alive. I agree on his own he's not impressive, but like a lot of Elite models he's a manipulator so its not about what he can do as much as it's what he stops the enemy from doing.
  6. I've taken McMourning in a Nicodem list as well as a Yan Lo list and both times he was not hampered by his missing Experimental support. Only Field Testing and possibly Perverse Metabolism would be inactive with the rest of his actions and abilities working as usual. While not as directly damaging as some of our regular beaters, Precise and his 7 Skull Saw does have him hitting consistently and ignoring most defenses. He's costly, but if the enemies bringing a lot of armor or HtW he guts them pretty quickly. I've been meaning to use her and haven't gotten around to it, but what about Valedictorian? She seems self contained to where she'd work fine outside of Transmortis. Understandably her damage isn't impressive when Archie would cost the same, but she's a bit more durable with a higher attack stat. Don't know if that makes it up in anyway, curious of others opinion.
  7. I have thought about including him in a Nicodem list as both Leadership and Corpse Conductor would stack and as a bonus Corpse Conductor would affect Toshiro as well. The downside is that to summon with both would double my need for soul stones to get crows, but I think it would be worth trying.
  8. I believe my deck was smiling on me that day and delivered the severe without me cheating.
  9. Rules: 3.22 Deployment: Flank Strategy: Turf War Schemes: Harness the Ley Lines, Hold Up Their Forces, Assassinate, Outflank, Detonate Charges Game Time: 3 hours (3.1 Turns) Jet’s Outcasts (Defender) Jack Daw (Leader) Lady Ligeia (Totem) Montresor 9ss Hanged 8ss 2x Crooked Men 14ss + 2x Servant of Dark Powers 4ss 2x Dead Outlaw 12ss Schemes: Harness the Ley Lines and Detonate Charges SS Pool: 3ss KingJocko’s Resurrectionists (Attacker) Nicodem (Leader) Vulture (Totem) McMourning 15+1ss + Killer Instinct 2ss Zombie Chihuahua 1ss Rafkin 8ss 2x Flesh Constructs 14ss Gravedigger 6ss Schemes: Harness the Ley Lines and Hold Up Their Forces SS Pool: 3ss Turn 1 Nicodem wins Initiative and goes first. Most models spread out and concentrate. Rafkin poisons up the Flesh Constructs and claims a Turf Marker. Likewise a Dead Outlaw grabs a nearby Turf Marker while a Crooked Man grabs another thanks to the push from Servant of Dark Powers. Lady Ligeia shouts at the Gravedigger so Nicodem summons a Guild Autopsy and sends it at her. The Hanged hits the fresh Autopsy with Horrifying Whisper, triggering On Your Heels to follow up with some melee attacks. McMourning hops a couple walls and charges the Crooked Man who captured the Turf Marker, but whiffs the attack. Jack Daw floats through a couple structures and hits the Gravedigger with Suppressed Memories, triggering On Your Heels to get into base contact with the wounded minion. Turn 2 Nicodem wins Initiative and goes first. The Autopsy finishes Lady Ligeia, but in turn Jack Daw finishes off the Gravedigger and hits Nicodem with Suppressed Memories, giving him Curse of Injustice. Nicodem turns his dead Gravedigger into a Flesh Construct and summons a Mindless Zombie as a bodyguard, then clears Slow off the new FC who whallops Jack Daw. The Hanged uses Draw Out Secrets to setup the Autopsy for Detonate Charges and gives Nicodem Forbidden Knowledge, but one of the hired FC’s charges it and drops half of its health. McMourning chops the Crooked Man down to 1 wound with plenty of leftover poison, but not wanting to have the turf maker next to him turn neutral kills his own model with a Dead Outlaw and follows up peppering McMourning with both Dead Outlaws and the other Crooked Man, dropping him to 4 wounds. Montresor and a FC tie one another up. Rafkin plays catch up. The Vulture heals the Autopsy. Nicodem scores 2VP from Turf War and Hold Up Their Forces Jack Daw scores 2VP from Turf War and Detonate Charges (Didn't snag an image for this turn) Turn 3 Nicodem wins Initiative and goes first. Nicodem starts off with summoning 2 Dead Dandys and giving Fast to the FCs engaging Jack Daw and the Hanged. A Dead Outlaw shoots McMourning dropping him to 2 wounds and rather than kill him uses At Gunpoint to make him walk into melee range of itself and the surviving Crooked Man (I don’t know what compelled him to make this very very poor decision). McMourning ate the two models, went from 2 to 8 wounds, and neutralized the Turf Marker. The Hanged kills the Autopsy and tries to escape the Flesh Construct but fails. Montresor and the FC butt heads, but the Vulture comes in to heal some wounds on the FC. One Dead Dandy activates to drop a scheme marker and Daw kills it and escapes engagement from a Flesh Construct. The other FCs re-engages Daw and drops the Hanged to 1 wound. No VP scored. Turn 4 Jack Daw wins Initiative and goes first. Dead Outlaw places markers for Harness the Ley Lines. Nicodem summons another Guild Autopsy and 2 Mindless Zombies, then fasts the Autopsy and the FC targeting Daw. The Hanged tosses the Noose on Montresor hoping for a Mask to get out of melee and drop another scheme marker, but fails. Daw forfeits as he was down to 4 models and can’t score any VP this turn to keep up with Nicodem who owned the table. Final Score: Nicodem 2VP vs Jack Daw 2VP Thoughts on Crews Tormented - Despite this being a bit of a rematch both of us tried something a little different, in this case Daw went in without any Guilty to see if he’d miss them and he certainly did. The extreme mobility from On Your Heels with Daw and the Hanged got them into position, but with no fodder to soak the attention they took the brunt of the damage. Having 2 Crooked Men and 2 Dead Outlaws focus on McMourning worked really well and had the Dead Outlaw shot again or even pushed McMourning further away from the ranged models would have sealed his fate, but instead he was welcomed into a buffet of low Df models to chew through. I think the failing in this crew came from poor scheme choice. Detonate Charges was fine and scored fairly easily, but Harness the Ley Line wasn’t likely since he intentionally took less fodder models to do the scheme running. Assassinate would’ve solved 2 problems, given him a more achievable task and rewarded him for punishing Nicodem which would make me play safer. Mortuary / Zombie - This was my attempt at a secret McMourning list, since the combination of Mortuary and Zombie keyword allowed me to hire everything other than McMourning at cost. While things went well generally it really wasn't because of any synergies or tactical planning. McMourning’s an effective solo beater, despite the list Poison wasn’t really a thing outside of what McMourning was doing, Corpse Conductor did a lot of heavy lifting for the FCs who were far away from either McMourning or Rafkin. Models like Rafkin and the Gravedigger were essentially non-players. Had I just played a McMourning list instead it would’ve opened up more options for more viable schemes, though the surprise had some merit. Thoughts on Models / Upgrades Jack Daw - Was effective offensively, however his hand was constantly running thin every turn because he was so isolated from the rest of his crew. Combined with the Hanged they would’ve done a great job at Assassinate. Lady Ligeia - She screamed twice, once as an attack and the other as she died. Montresor - Got stuck in combat with a Flesh Construct who couldn’t care about the passive damage Montresor’s good at. Hanged - Like Daw was great offensively, but took a lot of hits and wasn't likely to live past turn 4. Crooked Men - Giving them Servant of Dark Powers was a great upgrade for them since they have crap mobility and wasn't a bad choice for scoring and countering Harness the Ley Line. Too bad a Ruthless McMourning was cutting them down. Dead Outlaw - Used Run and Gun on McMourning, should’ve moved away and not closer. Servant of Dark Powers - Good take, bad match up. Nicodem - Same as every other game, summons and gives Fast twice every turn. Used Decay once because I had a spare crow to heal the Autopsy and all nearby FC’s were Fast, but he failed the hit. As always I’ll openly state Decay and Fancy Cane have no value on Nicodem and need a reason to be prioritized over summoning and Rigor Mortis. Vulture - Got some healing in which is good enough for me. McMourning - Got a bit reckless with him, but surprisingly survived. Ruthless and ignoring Hard to Wound meant nothing was stopping him from killing Daw’s crew. Not much to say which hasn't been already said, Doc is great. Zombie Chihuahua - Farted twice and died to Crooked Man blasts. Rafkin - Gave the 2 hired Flesh Constructs Poison +2 and spent the rest of the game trying to catch up. Outside of a list like this I don’t think there's a reason to hire Rafkin in a Nicodem list. By the very merit of being Living he’s not getting much from allies and for less I could just hire another Flesh Construct who’s a more effective combatant in a Nicodem list. Rafkin isn’t a bad model by any means, but he doesn’t work well with a typical Nico setup and outside of lore Rafkin has no reason to be associated with Mortuary. Flesh Constructs - Always my go to model with Nico and haven't let me down. Still not sure about that +1 Health they got from that last version, still seems excessive. Gravedigger - Dropped 2 corpses, one from Grave Robber and then itself. Dead Dandy - First time I’ve used them and I’m a little annoyed at myself for waving them off as cheap fodder. A lot of utility and great targets for Protected (Undead). Didn’t get a lot of time on the board so I’ll be using them more in the future. Mindless Zombie - Was just there for Protected (Undead). Killer Instinct - Oh you said you’re playing a Jack Daw crew? Well I know what I’m slapping on my damage dealer.
  10. I believe it's any enemy living, enemy undead, or enemy beast. Essentially if it's got flesh and your opponent controls it you can lob off a chunk.
  11. This'll be a shorter bat rep than usual. Deployment: Wedge Strategy: Plant Explosives Schemes: Detonate Charges, Harness the Ley Line, Power Ritual, Power Ritual, Outflank, Vendetta Game Time: 5 hours (4 rounds) Jet’s Ten Thunders (Defender) Misaki (Leader) (2 Explosive Tokens) Shang (Totem) Ototo 10ss (1 Explosive Token) Obsidian Statue 9ss 2x Katanaka Sniper 14ss + 2x Trained Ninja 4ss 2x Torakage 12ss (1 Explosive Token each) Schemes: Harness the Ley Lines and Outflank SS Pool: 1 KingJocko’s Guild (Attacker) Dashel (Leader) (2 Explosive Tokens) Dispatcher (Totem) Sargeant 7ss (1 Explosive Token) Guild Steward 6ss 2x Mounted Guard 16ss (1 Explosive Token each) 2x Rifleman 12ss 2x Guild Hound 6ss Schemes: Harness the Ley Lines and Outflank SS Pool: 3 Final Score: Dashel 5VP vs Misaki 4VP Thoughts Obsidian Statue - First time he was on the board for us and was seemingly unkillable. I was waiting on Tomes for the Riflemen to get Armor Piercing, but they just weren't coming. Combined with Shang hanging back dropping a little extra healing on him kept him topped off, but luckily it's susceptible to tarpiting by a summoned Warden. A fantastic tarpit model that's amazing for 9ss and being versatile means you can't predict it being included in a crew for counter anti-armor tech. Katanaka Sniper - Combined with Trained Ninja they had free reign of the board since the Guard options of chasing them down was limited (Mounted Guard were prioritizing Outflank and Plant Explosives). Ototo - Didn't do too much, but did force me to focus 26ss worth of models to take him down. So while he didn't get around to clubbing like usual he worked as a distraction. Guild Steward - Much better performance than the previous time I took him. Dispel Magic stopped the Burning from Obsidian Statue, his healing kept the Wardens going, and Miskai took 8 damage from killing him. Much happier with him this time around. Guard - The more I play Dashel the more I realize the irrelevancy of Shouting Orders since the change of requiring a discard. This has had a rippling effect on other Guard models as their mundane stats were made up for with free Concentrates. Now typically only my Riflemen are making use of it while others are on their own, specifically the Guard Patrol and Mounted Guard seem worse off as their general purpose builds seem to not be worth the discard. No real suggestion on improving them, but hope this isn't their final iteration for publishing.
  12. Since she's a Zombie model I've tried fitting her into Nicodem lists but always find myself preferring Archie, Grave Golem, or the Emissary over her. Sybelle isn't bad stat-wise, 6's and 5's everywhere, and Undivided Attention brings down all enemy duels. I think my problem is her entire kit is built around being in the center of the enemies crew, but she lacks the sustainability. Archie has a weaker Df and Wp, but has a higher Terrifying, Numbskull to avoid debilitating effects, Flurry to maximize damage, and heals on Hurl Corpse and Brain Freeze. Archie maximizes his own strengths and doesn't require support to do so while Sybelle debilitates and needs help staying alive. If Undivided Attention didn't require enemies to be engaged but was shortened to a 4" and she had Regen +1 I'd think she'd be a bit more attractive as a hire.
  13. Yeah the grass is just 1ft squares of insulation foam with some paint and flock. I think we have about 3 or 4 more squares beyond this board so we can keep it modular.
  14. Kentauroi are superior to the Flesh Construct, but it comes with caveats. The Kentauroi are entirely dependent being able to charge to do a lot of their damage and if terrain or Extended Reach doesn't allow it they loose the advantages they bring. With Mv6 and Ride With Me the Kentauroi are likely to always find some sort of avenue to charge, but the Flesh Construct just needs enough health to use Reckless and that's all he needs. So I don't think its a case that the FC is seen as better by most, but more practical in a lot of situations. Also consider my praise comes from summoning them in at charge range, then accomplice into the FC, who's in an aura that grants on his 3 following attacks. There isn't any time for that weak Df4 to be exploited before the damage is done, so the praise comes loaded with all the benefits of Nicodem rather than what McMourning typically provides. I don't mind Morti having a weaker Grave Robber stat than the Gravediggers since Mortimer comes with more utility and combat prowess than them, but unlike them he can provide excessive corpse production without any direct benefit for doing so. The problem is he's middling on everything, he's a sort of beater with some support, but a lot of corpse production. Any keyword has a roughly equivalent 8ss model that, even with mundane stats, will always be preferred over Mortimer due to inherent keyword synergies. I think that's been a problem for a lot of versatile models, they're roughly the same as other models in their cost range but lack the extra "oomph" that comes from thematic synergies. That's why I praised the Bone Piles as much as I did, they're finally a good alternative to in theme models. Against Jack Daw I knew I'd see a lot of Terrifying and Staggered, so the condition removal with Numbskull and Ruthless did a lot of work. For the same cost a Rabble Riser would've done more damage, but also would've been easier for the opponent to shut down. Mortimer lacks that bonus and should see some change to him before publishing. The suggestion I've made before is to just give him Loot Their Corpse. He'd be able to fuel it himself and essentially provide a rebate for anyone who hires him making him a viable alternate hire for any Resur crew, rather than the few that particularly focus on corpses.
  15. Chatty is nice since he's our cheapest avenue to it, but unless he was getting those corpses from his Dismember trigger then a Gravedigger or Restless Spirit could score the last point on Dig Their Graves for 2-4 less stones with a better stat on Grave Robber.
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