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  1. I've had some luck running a list focused on Staggering Garrotes. It was against a Nekima crew and the combination of Alan Reid, 2 Investigators, and The Scribe was surprisingly powerful. Not only were the Garrotes landing with every hit because of their high stats, but the enemy models could barely touch me from all the negative effects they put out (Betrayal, Intimidating Authority, Diversion, and Boring Conversation). There were still issues, the 0" range meant I was always taking Black Blood damage and needing Lucius to Issue Order them into engagement since all the Nephilim out range them in melee. After the dust settled I took out Nekima, 2 Mature Nephilim, the Blood Hunter, and I think Heyreddin as well (that kill might've been from Lucius obeying an Executioner) while I only lost Reid, though the 2 Investigators were barely holding on. I do plan on trying this list again, but with the Asylum models as well to double down on Staggered effects.
  2. Here's my Asura and her zombie friends. Since I put the zombies on their own bases I didn't want to leave Asura's base empty so I used some old Warhammer zombie bits to add some flavor. As for whether you should base them separately like I have it depends on how you think you'll be playing. Since Mindless Zombies are rare (5) the Mindless Zombies box will cover all your needs and if you're planning on using a lot of models capable of summoning MZs (like Carrion Emissary) you should go with the MZ box and keep Asura's zombies with her. If Asura is your only model in your collection that can summon MZs and you don't think you'll ever expand into a crew that uses them then you might be able to get away just using the 2 zombies as your only MZs. Alternatively if you already have another 3 MZs (like the old pewter versions or other proxies) then it makes economic sense to base these 2 zombies separately. In my case I assembled her during M2E when there was no limit to MZs. I already had the plastic and pewter MZs so these two put me at a nice rounded 10 MZs which looks nice together on their display shelf.
  3. Cremation can also be used while engaged unlike actions or if you're engaging an important enemy and you don't want to leave engagement to go bash your Corpse Candle in the head. In addition Vincent has a trigger on his action. The downside of Cremation vs attacks is the existence of a TN.
  4. On the topic of the Little Gassers, in my experience they're best used as front line support. Wait until your beaters are engaged with the enemy, then with flight you can easily position yourself to be just behind your models but within' 2" of the enemy, then spend your turns farting on them. The strength to the Little Gasser is on a good turn you'll pump out 3 Poison on everything within 2" and there's no resisting it. They're the only model in the keyword who can do that at that volume and it only costs you two 5 cards to pull off. Then your opponent has to make a choice, keep fighting with the beater who keeps healing from the poison or try to attack the Gasser where they'll have to waste they're whole activation just to deal with it. If they don't kill it, just cheat a 5Mask and float away to toot another day and if they do kill it you have a new corpse near the front line, ready to be turned into a Canine Remain or a Flesh Construct. I've ran up to two in a list, but not three of them as I think that's where you pass the threshold of diminishing returns. Like you said they're not good in melee with their crap attack and no H2W, Flight and Mv5 is okay for schemeing but Canine Remains do it better for less. But that unresistable cloud of gas has been the easiest means of filling up enemies and allies with a lot of poison.
  5. Glad to hear you've had success with our lovely pile of dirt. I've given it similar praise for the same reasons. It's easy to overlook it since it lacks a lot of interesting functions compared to the other expensive models, but it's durability is pretty insane if all you want to do is hold the center of the board.
  6. These rules do create a bit of a grey area, but I'm going to lean towards Walking Dead does the killing and not the model using Cremation. This is because Walking Dead specifies the killing aspect of this interaction while Cremation doesn't and on page 61 of the rule book, 3rd paragraph of the Killed section, "Killed models are always considered to be killed by the model that generated the Action or Ability that killed them". One could make a chicken or the egg argument that Walking Dead wouldn't have killed the model if it wasn't for Cremation being the source of the chain of events, but independent of one another Cremation doesn't kill other models while similar actions (i.e. target corpse marker, remove corpse marker) will cause the MZ/Candle to die every time from Walking Dead, so Walking Dead should be attributed the kill.
  7. My guess is 3 Riflemen and Queeg since most crew box minions are close to 6 points. I could see the Guard Patrol being paired up with the Sergeants in their own separate box.
  8. Overall I like your changes and agree on multiple Masters replacing Avatars as a reward. Putting Riders, Emissaries, or other versatile models as unlock-able feels too restrictive where additional Masters aren't necessary to have, but opens up another keyword to build around making your list building options a lot more adaptable. Also seeing your faction specific changes reminded me that Explorers Society is on the way and will need their own Reward Table, Lucky Misses, and anything else that's faction specific. Obviously we wont need those any time soon but doing some brain storming couldn't hurt.
  9. I've done Nicodem + McMourning since they share a handful of models, but the synergy wasn't really there. Both performed fine, however it didn't seem like anything OP would come of it since the two keywords were hurting each others internal synergies (not enough poison for McMourning, not enough corpses for Nicodem). The only other big synergy I could see is Nicodem + Red Chapel since a lot of that crew also has the Zombie keyword, but since it seems like Red Chapel is one of the weaker crews in Ressurs I'd doubt that Nico could elevate them to any ridiculous power level. Beyond that I'm not sure of any synergies Nico innately has with his faction that would be likely to break anything.
  10. They're entirely new models for 3rd edition and haven't had an official release yet. Because they weren't an existing model their stats weren't including in the public release of 3rd edition's final cards, though you could find their beta version floating around somewhere. Their artwork was previewed before 3rd edition was even announced, here's a thread discussing them: So no they're not Doxies of Belles, but something new and different. As for when they'll come out we don't know, the schedule of upcoming releases suggests that getting updated crew boxes and repackaging individual models into group boxes are being prioritized for the beginning of M3Es launch. New additions will come out later.
  11. I played both Archie and Grave Golem regularly in beta and for me one doesn't invalidate the other. They are fairly similar in general as they're both 10ish ss with the same attack actions so I can see how easy it is to think they're redundant, but for me it comes down to wanting to play offensively vs defensively. Due to his mobility and benefit from actively engaging enemies (e.g. all of his healing comes from attacking) Archie has a lot more value when it comes to getting into the enemies face and disrupting their plans. Numbskull not only protects him from the enemies, but forces him to be independent since its hard for him to be supported by allies since he cant gain beneficial conditions and Leap has him usually moving out range of short range help like Stitch Up or Painkillers. Despite all of his defensive abilities Archie has never been durable for me. Either his Df & Wp of 4 hurts him a lot or he just draws a lot of extra attention, but I rarely finish a game with him still standing. Archie is also a bit more resource intensive as at a minimum you're discarding for Flurry every turn and at most your cheating to make sure those big hits land since he's probably in a position to make it count for VP. I find Archie good for Reckoning, Plant Explosives, Assassinate, and Take Prisoner where his mobility and benefit from attacking can be advantageous. The Grave Golem has fewer things to do which makes for a more passive play style. His lack of mobility options means he's likely to make it mid field and get stuck in with enemies or meander around picking on enemies who're trying to get at your crews weaker models. Probably the biggest contrast between him and Archie is In every game I've taken him the Grave Golem never dies and unless my opponent brings excessive corpse clearing mechanics or denies my demise I don't see it ever happening. It's gotten to the point that enemies don't even try killing the Grave Golem anymore, in one of my last games against a Jack Daw crew the Grave Golem was constantly given Staggered and was just dragged away from combat so that he wouldn't be an issue (in that game Archie would've been a better choice). Because the Grave Golem doesn't rely on triggers or discards he's much less resource intensive than Archie as the only thing he needs is one corpse on the board to be safe, leaving your hand available to fuel other more active models. The Grave Golem does well at Corrupted Idols, Turf War, Claim Jump, or Ley Line where durability and holding ground are more important. Concern whether Archie is under costed is a possibility, but I wouldn't advocate for any changes yet. As said in this thread it's way too early in M3E's life to assume anything is OP just yet. While Archie is showing up in a lot of lists I find that more due to his versatility when you compare him to all of our regular 10ish ss hires. As previously stated I find Grave Golem more durable, but Archie comes in second place since his survivability doesn't come to the determent of his performance like the Dead Rider. When it comes to offense I think Rogue Necro is a bit more consistent, but Archie's Flurry means more opportunities to hit which can be better. It's hard to out do Dead Riders mobility, but a consistent Leap has Archie following close behind. For me it seems that while he's not the best at anything, he's pretty good at everything which edges out the more purpose focused models during list building. I would wait for some regular tournament results to come in before calling for buffs and nerfs on anything.
  12. As the owner of 9 Canine Remains and 10 Mindless Zombies, I'm disappointed I never fielded all of either of them in a list just for fun.
  13. I like odd builds like this, especially for Experimental since they're pretty good at adapting to situations so having an off build doesn't affect them much. If going full summoning gimmick I'd suggest a few things. First I'd try to summon turn 1 if able because of the extra cost of Slow on the FC and Distracted on McMourning. The sooner you acquire the conditions the sooner you can get rid of them rather than have hampered activations later when it'll likely matter more. Second, have you considered taking the Restless Spirit? It's Grave Robber is second only to the Gravedigggers and combined they could provide you with the 3 corpses you need to ensure every turn has a new FC. Maybe toss the GST and a Canine Remains to afford it then have it use Strength From The Grave on the Dead Rider to make up the lack of Regen. Finally I'd take Sebastian over Rafkin. Though Rafkin will be better for stacking up poison on the fresh summons I think for the summoning theme Sebastian might work better. Since you'll probably hit the FC cap on turn 3 or find some corpses in odd places for Twisted Genius to easily reach his action to summon Canine Remains will fill in the gaps. Plus more dogs means more corpses can be moved for Blasphemous Ritual, Twisted Genius, or The Dead Hate the Living. Just to clarify I don't think my suggestions are good for making this list necessarily competitive, but just to maximize on the summoning aspect without breaking it.
  14. KingJocko

    Alan Reid

    Played against a Nekima crew as Lucius and had Alan roll with 2 Investigators. Boring Conversation and Diversion shut down a lot options, "One More Question" meant one less attack from Nekima every turn, and once Staggered landed the 3 of them would dog pile for min 3 damage. With a few Issue Commands those 3 took out Nekima and 2 Mature Nephilim by themselves and spent the rest of the game scoring Ley Line since they were barely alive. I agree on his own he's not impressive, but like a lot of Elite models he's a manipulator so its not about what he can do as much as it's what he stops the enemy from doing.
  15. I've taken McMourning in a Nicodem list as well as a Yan Lo list and both times he was not hampered by his missing Experimental support. Only Field Testing and possibly Perverse Metabolism would be inactive with the rest of his actions and abilities working as usual. While not as directly damaging as some of our regular beaters, Precise and his 7 Skull Saw does have him hitting consistently and ignoring most defenses. He's costly, but if the enemies bringing a lot of armor or HtW he guts them pretty quickly. I've been meaning to use her and haven't gotten around to it, but what about Valedictorian? She seems self contained to where she'd work fine outside of Transmortis. Understandably her damage isn't impressive when Archie would cost the same, but she's a bit more durable with a higher attack stat. Don't know if that makes it up in anyway, curious of others opinion.
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