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  1. I definitely agree with the sentiment that Redchapel as a keyword feels weak and that Sybelle is the obvious avenue to not only bring her up, but to bring the rest of the keyword up as well. It's also likely the move Wyrd will take since past erratas typically focus on fixing the weakest link in a chain rather than the chain as a whole. I don't have a lot of experience with the keyword, but I like a lot of these suggestions so I figured I'd take a crack at combining it into what I think would be a functional rework for her (additions and changes in red). Df 5 / Wp 5 / Mv 5 / Sz 2 / Cost 1
  2. Kentauroi: I've found 1 generally useful in most setups. I take 2 when I want to go for a heavy offensive crew. Like others have said they're pretty fragile and will need some help if it wants to survive the game. Little Gasser: 1 is good for cheap poison to spread around, plus Flight gives it some unique mobility options for the keyword. 2 is generally excessive, but I have had some success in doing so. Had a game where after McMourning, Sebastian, and Rafkin engaged Parker Barrows and most of his scary models in a blob, my 2 Little Gassers jumped in and farted all over everyone there an
  3. I've got a lot of similar experiences and feelings on the hounds. While having a non-Insignificant model with Mv 6 and cost of 3 seems great for cheap scheme running, the low durability tends to be a big liability in 3rd Edition. Pack Mentality is nice, I love swarming with Mindless Zombies, but to do so with the Hounds will cost 9-12ss and at that point I'd rather just hire a big beater. I wonder if they'd be better off with a more narrow purpose rather than expand their utility, like give them all Insignificant but them bump their Df up to a 6. No longer able to scheme, but also no longer ab
  4. Since range is measured from the edge of the base, the larger the base the further the range of all actions and abilities. In the same vein the larger the base the easier it is to draw LoS to and from the model. There are mechanical properties to base sizes, they aren't just aesthetic. As far as the the reason for base sizes for individual models we can only interpret what the intention was from rules, lore, and the sculpt. Taking Sandeep for example, his larger than normal base size might have been that in 2nd edition, when he was introduced, his mechanics were about giving models within
  5. Asura Roten's another good versatile model for the keyword if you plan on playing a corpse heavy crew. Her extra Mindless Zombies will give you additional vectors for Reva to attack from, be cheap fodder for Final Veil, in addition to her allowing the MZs to semi-loose Insignificant for scoring objectives.
  6. Here's how I manage Poison with Experimental. For friendly models: Aim for passive poison: Field Testing, Open Vials, Embalming Fluid, and Horrific Odor will get you Poison without spending an action to do so. Free actions like Bottle of Painkillers with the Smashed trigger or RN's Ambush can be used regardless if you want the heal or push to give you some extra poison without costing you a normal action. Managing your actions is key to victory in Malifaux so spending the least amount of actions purposely laying down Poison for your own team is for the best. Early game prep ca
  7. Was wondering the same about the Dead Dandies. They update the special orders ever quarter and I was hoping we'd get the new special orders during this Easter sale.
  8. I agree with a lot of the suggestions already. Here's my 4 (couldn't think of a 5th): 1. Thalaran Queller - Is trying to fill the role of a Manipulator and struggling to do so. I don't think it's bad, because it has good stats and its Tactical Actions don't require a flip making it very efficient, but it relies on taking Burning off the enemy and doesn't put much back on the enemy. I think this makes them feel counter intuitive when every other model in the keyword is stacking Burning on enemies. It's hard to come up with a small fix for these guys without doing a complete overhaul, so I'll
  9. In general I agree with the sentiments that Revenant aren't up to snuff quite yet. They're a hard crew to balance because unlike the other Burning crews of Witch Hunter or Wildfire, Revenant has a passive play style to its Burning mechanics which is why it has additional corpse and Shielded active mechanics to balance it out. Unfortunately having multiple weak themes leaves the crew feeling unfocused. Here are my thoughts: Corpse Candles Maybe you can explain your suggestion further, but I don't see a real need for them to be faster. Especially since Mv is a defensive stat so increasing
  10. McMourning's Field Testing + Rancid Transplant = +8 Poison Zombie Chihuahua's Horrific Odor + Attacks = +3-5 Poison 3x Little Gassers Horrific Odor + Pull My Finger = +9 Poison Sebastian's Flasks = +4 Poison Rafkin's Flasks + Open Vials = +5-9 Poison 2× Nurse's Smashed = +8 Poison With 10 soulstones left over, a single model could have +43 Poison by the end of turn 1. Whether that's viable I don't know, but it's possible. Edit: Oh wait it gets stupider. I didn't consider Transfusion or Rancid Transplants ability to move conditions. Assuming the models we mov
  11. Definitely agree that Asylum has some problems. I've tried to make them work, but outside of Grimwell they seem to be consistently under performing. Luckily Electroshock Machine and Necrotic Injection are unique attacks for Heartsbane and the Orderlies so an increased range wouldn't mess with other models. However even with that change I still don't think they'd be in a good spot because the Orderlies role is lacking definition and Heartsbane doesn't have a standout feature as an Enforcer. Having Constriction, H2W, and Restraints makes the Orderlies look like low cost tar pits, but they'r
  12. I don't think nerfing abilities or stats on Archie would be a good solution. During beta he went through iterations where he lost things like Flurry and the mask on Leap and in my testing group's battle reports showed his performance plummeted, he seemed to need the whole package. However at the time he wasn't considered OP because there was no personal Fading ability (there was a generic version across the keyword) and he had Juggernaut for healing which competed against Leap. In the last few beta updates we got Fading (x) and lost Juggernaut, so there suddenly wasn't competition over healing
  13. Typically there were 2 errata's a year during M2E. One would was an end of the year buff/nerf errata for models that were "never take" or "always take" to shake up the meta. The other errata was was a mid summer emergency fix errata meant to change game breaking models that were recently released, this errata wasn't always used and often affected very few models. To my knowledge Wyrd hasn't said anything about what's their plan moving forward, but I wouldn't mind a continuation of the old system.
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