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  1. I believe it's any enemy living, enemy undead, or enemy beast. Essentially if it's got flesh and your opponent controls it you can lob off a chunk.
  2. This'll be a shorter bat rep than usual. Deployment: Wedge Strategy: Plant Explosives Schemes: Detonate Charges, Harness the Ley Line, Power Ritual, Power Ritual, Outflank, Vendetta Game Time: 5 hours (4 rounds) Jet’s Ten Thunders (Defender) Misaki (Leader) (2 Explosive Tokens) Shang (Totem) Ototo 10ss (1 Explosive Token) Obsidian Statue 9ss 2x Katanaka Sniper 14ss + 2x Trained Ninja 4ss 2x Torakage 12ss (1 Explosive Token each) Schemes: Harness the Ley Lines and Outflank SS Pool: 1 KingJocko’s Guild (Attacker) Dashel (Leader) (2 Explosive Tokens) Dispatcher (Totem) Sargeant 7ss (1 Explosive Token) Guild Steward 6ss 2x Mounted Guard 16ss (1 Explosive Token each) 2x Rifleman 12ss 2x Guild Hound 6ss Schemes: Harness the Ley Lines and Outflank SS Pool: 3 Final Score: Dashel 5VP vs Misaki 4VP Thoughts Obsidian Statue - First time he was on the board for us and was seemingly unkillable. I was waiting on Tomes for the Riflemen to get Armor Piercing, but they just weren't coming. Combined with Shang hanging back dropping a little extra healing on him kept him topped off, but luckily it's susceptible to tarpiting by a summoned Warden. A fantastic tarpit model that's amazing for 9ss and being versatile means you can't predict it being included in a crew for counter anti-armor tech. Katanaka Sniper - Combined with Trained Ninja they had free reign of the board since the Guard options of chasing them down was limited (Mounted Guard were prioritizing Outflank and Plant Explosives). Ototo - Didn't do too much, but did force me to focus 26ss worth of models to take him down. So while he didn't get around to clubbing like usual he worked as a distraction. Guild Steward - Much better performance than the previous time I took him. Dispel Magic stopped the Burning from Obsidian Statue, his healing kept the Wardens going, and Miskai took 8 damage from killing him. Much happier with him this time around. Guard - The more I play Dashel the more I realize the irrelevancy of Shouting Orders since the change of requiring a discard. This has had a rippling effect on other Guard models as their mundane stats were made up for with free Concentrates. Now typically only my Riflemen are making use of it while others are on their own, specifically the Guard Patrol and Mounted Guard seem worse off as their general purpose builds seem to not be worth the discard. No real suggestion on improving them, but hope this isn't their final iteration for publishing.
  3. Since she's a Zombie model I've tried fitting her into Nicodem lists but always find myself preferring Archie, Grave Golem, or the Emissary over her. Sybelle isn't bad stat-wise, 6's and 5's everywhere, and Undivided Attention brings down all enemy duels. I think my problem is her entire kit is built around being in the center of the enemies crew, but she lacks the sustainability. Archie has a weaker Df and Wp, but has a higher Terrifying, Numbskull to avoid debilitating effects, Flurry to maximize damage, and heals on Hurl Corpse and Brain Freeze. Archie maximizes his own strengths and doesn't require support to do so while Sybelle debilitates and needs help staying alive. If Undivided Attention didn't require enemies to be engaged but was shortened to a 4" and she had Regen +1 I'd think she'd be a bit more attractive as a hire.
  4. Yeah the grass is just 1ft squares of insulation foam with some paint and flock. I think we have about 3 or 4 more squares beyond this board so we can keep it modular.
  5. Kentauroi are superior to the Flesh Construct, but it comes with caveats. The Kentauroi are entirely dependent being able to charge to do a lot of their damage and if terrain or Extended Reach doesn't allow it they loose the advantages they bring. With Mv6 and Ride With Me the Kentauroi are likely to always find some sort of avenue to charge, but the Flesh Construct just needs enough health to use Reckless and that's all he needs. So I don't think its a case that the FC is seen as better by most, but more practical in a lot of situations. Also consider my praise comes from summoning them in at charge range, then accomplice into the FC, who's in an aura that grants on his 3 following attacks. There isn't any time for that weak Df4 to be exploited before the damage is done, so the praise comes loaded with all the benefits of Nicodem rather than what McMourning typically provides. I don't mind Morti having a weaker Grave Robber stat than the Gravediggers since Mortimer comes with more utility and combat prowess than them, but unlike them he can provide excessive corpse production without any direct benefit for doing so. The problem is he's middling on everything, he's a sort of beater with some support, but a lot of corpse production. Any keyword has a roughly equivalent 8ss model that, even with mundane stats, will always be preferred over Mortimer due to inherent keyword synergies. I think that's been a problem for a lot of versatile models, they're roughly the same as other models in their cost range but lack the extra "oomph" that comes from thematic synergies. That's why I praised the Bone Piles as much as I did, they're finally a good alternative to in theme models. Against Jack Daw I knew I'd see a lot of Terrifying and Staggered, so the condition removal with Numbskull and Ruthless did a lot of work. For the same cost a Rabble Riser would've done more damage, but also would've been easier for the opponent to shut down. Mortimer lacks that bonus and should see some change to him before publishing. The suggestion I've made before is to just give him Loot Their Corpse. He'd be able to fuel it himself and essentially provide a rebate for anyone who hires him making him a viable alternate hire for any Resur crew, rather than the few that particularly focus on corpses.
  6. Chatty is nice since he's our cheapest avenue to it, but unless he was getting those corpses from his Dismember trigger then a Gravedigger or Restless Spirit could score the last point on Dig Their Graves for 2-4 less stones with a better stat on Grave Robber.
  7. Rules: 3.22 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Corrupted Idols Schemes: Harness the Ley Lines, Take Prisoner, Deliver a Message, Detonate Charges, & Claim Jump Game Time: 5 Hours Jet’s Ten Thunders (Defender) Jakob Lynch (Leader) Hungering Darkness (Totem) Kitty Dumont 9ss Tannen 6ss 3x Illuminated 21ss 2x Beckoner 10ss Schemes: Detonate Charges & Deliver a Message SS Pool: 4 KingJocko’s Resurrectionists (Attacker) Yan Lo (Leader) Soul Porter (Totem) Izamu 10ss Manos 9ss Yin 8ss Sun Quiang 7ss Chiaki 7ss Gokudo 5ss Schemes: Detonate Charges & Take Prisoner (Beckoner) SS Pool: 3 Turn 1 Lynch wins Initiative and goes first Positioning and placement with some concentrates in between. No direct confrontations between models. Of note, Chiaki uses her Split Soul trigger to give Izamu the Reliquary upgrade of Manos making Izamu nearly unkillable throughout the game. Also after Hungering Darkness moves towards the only Corrupted Idol marker Yan Lo attaches the Spirit Ascendant upgrade and moves to it as well to bait him out. Turn 2 Yan Lo wins Initiative, Lynch goes first The bait works out as Hungering Darkness charges Yan Lo, landing some weak damage, but also scoring Deliver a Message. Manos leaps near HD, drops a scheme marker for Detonate Charges and charges HD landing some damage. Yan Lo is lured off a building by a Beckoner and dragged from his main forces. Lynch follows up by popping a couple of shots into Yan Lo, stacking up the Brilliance for Succumb to Darkness, forcing Yan Lo to stone just to survive. Yan Lo equips Flesh Ascendant to recover some health and runs back towards Hungering Darkness and places a scheme marker. Soul Porter and Chiaki push Izamu up the board and after being bombarded by a couple of scintillating clouds Izamu charges an Illuminated, destroying it and following up with Heroic Intervention on a Beckoner, failing to hit her but locking her up in melee. Another Beckoner lures HD away from the markers as well as Yan Lo, keeping him engaged with HD and using Reposition to get herself out of danger. Tannen emerges from cover and takes center stage among the Retainer crew ensuring Betrayal and Delirium affect the most models possible. Finally Yin springs out of cover and charges Kitty Dumont, landing some severe damage. In turn she responds with with some failed attacks and Lingering Contamination to start setting up Detonate Charges. Lynch scores 1VP from Deliver a Message. Turn 3 Lynch wins Initiative and goes first Sun Quiang gets charged by an Illuminated, losing half his health. Yan Lo activates attaching Blood Ascendant and tried to put down the nearby Beckoner, but cant land his attacks due to Don’t Bite The Hand. The same Beckoner as before lures Yan Lo off the bridge and pulls him in close to Lynch. Gokudo drops a scheme marker near Tannen. Lynch shoots an Illuminated to trigger The Looming Darkness and pull Hungering Darkness across the map near Yin and Kitty. He then follows up with another shot on Yan Lo and Succumb to Darkness, killing Yan Lo and summoning a Depleted in his place. Manos leaps next to a Corrupted Idol and pushes it into the enemy table side, then charges the Beckoner on the bridge, putting her down. Izamu charges the Illuminated and destroys it, following up by using Heroic Intervention on Tannen but fails. The Depleted ties up Chiaki, who uses Beckoning Call to get Izamu engage Tannen and Spirit Flute to put Sun Quiang in position for further scheme marker placing. Kitty maneuvers around Yin to place another scheme marker. In turn Yin attacks Kitty twice, each time using You’re Coming With Me to get out of range of enemy scheme markers. Unfortunately Huggy ain’t having none of that and Obeys Yin back into position and follows up with a charge to keep Yin engaged. Tannen weasels out of combat with Izamu and charges Sun Quaing almost killing him. Sun Quiang opens his bag of tricks and drops a scheme marker next to Tannen and then uses Study to turn a corpse nearby into a scheme marker as well, locking in Tannen as the victim of Detonate Charges. Yan Lo scores 2VP from Corrupted Idols and Detonate Charges Lynch scroes 1 VP from Detonate Charges Turn 4 Lynch wins Initiative and goes first The remaining Beckoner pulls Tannen away from the Retainer crew. Chiaki uses Purity to push the Depleted away from her and runs inside a building towards a strategy marker. Kitty Dumont heals from Draw Essence and moves on to the water tower next to a strategy marker. Yin attacks HD, but only gets one push out of it. HD uses Consume Brilliance to give Yin slow and again Obeys her back away from her allies and Obeys Kitty to push a strategy marker on to my side of the table. Tannen walks further from the crew and uses Despicable Promises on Yin. Gokudo walks and pushes next to a Corrupted Idol to push it 3”. Manos leaps off the bridge and charges the Depleted, but fails to kill it. Yan Lo scores 1 VP from Corrupted Idols Lynch scores 1 VP from Corrupted Idols Turn 5 Lynch wins Initiative and goes first Tannen continues moving away from his enemies, hitting Yin with Despicable Promises again and getting Boring Conversation up and running. Manos finishes off the Depleted and Leaps on to the water tower and pushes a strategy marker off into the enemies side of the board. Gokudo moves and hits the remaining Beckoner with its shuriken giving it Adversary (Ancestor). The remaining Illuminated moves and hits a group of models with Scintillating Cloud, killing the Gokudo. Chaiki walks out of the building she was hiding in and uses Beckoning Call to push the Beckoner towards Izamu. Kitty Dumont uses Reaching Tendrils to push Manos off the tower and charges Izamu, landing some weak damage. Izamu crushes her. Yin desperately tries to escape, but HD keeps her locked down and drops a scheme marker nearby. Lynch also follows up with another scheme marker near Yin. With no other means to scoring of denying VP the game is ended. Yan Lo scores 2 VP from Corrupted Idols and Take Prisoner Lynch scores 2 VP from Corrupted Idols and Detonate Charges Final Score: Lynch 5VP vs Yan Lo 5VP Thoughts on crews Retainer / Ancestor - The goal of the crew was to cover the center of the table and whichever side got a strategy marker first using the ample pushes found within the crew to get into position. The excessive healing within Yan Lo’s options would recover any health lost from Corrupted Idols, have Sun Quiang help with setup for Detonate Charges and leave Take Prisoner to Yin since that’s the optimal scheme for her to run. Despite seeing an opportunity to score Detonate Charges on a pair of isolated Illuminated I decided to hold back, this was a mistake. I instead ended up scoring it on Tannen which was a problem as that meant I didn’t want to put him down in hopes of scoring the second point, which meant enduring his auras that much longer. Yin also failed her duty as she was dog piled by a half of the Honeypot crew and became a source of VP because of how crippled she was. Honeypot - Despite taking relatively few damaging models, the crew just strangled my crew through manipulative actions. By turn 3 my entire crew was saturated with Brilliance and there was nothing I could do about it. It’s honestly a little oppressive feeling as I was just left helpless when it came to all the extra effects that were activating. Manos and Izamu were really the only models who could continue doing what they want unaffected. Deliver a Message was a given with Hungering Darkness and the Beckoners able to move a weak early game Yan Lo. Take Prisoner could’ve been guarded against had I kept my models closer together, but again those pushes exist for a reason. The Illuminated were supposed to be the Corrupted Idol pushers, but after Izamu had his way with them it was left to Kitty Dumont who was constantly sucking brilliance out of everyone around her to keep herself alive. Thoughts on Models / Upgrades Jakob Lynch - Trump Card was particularly brutal, but in addition he was a reliable shot, ground Yan Lo down until only a Depleted remained, and assisted in keeping Yin locked down. Was possibly the MVP of the crew if he hadn’t been instrumental in enabling his better half. Hungering Darkness - I think he attacked once the whole game, but no other model had a greater effect than HD. Scored Deliver a Message, took on Manos, Obey locked Yin into submission for Take Prisoner, and Obeyed Kitty into scoring Corrupted Idols. Didn’t even break a sweat to do it. Big Huggy was instrumental in scoring almost every VP. Kitty Dumont - Almost was destroyed by Yin, but after getting some backup she was able to use her mobility to score VP on the strategy. Despite the rough start she was able to be worth her points in the end. Tannen - I’ve always said Tannen is a good kind of annoying and he still is, but watching him walk away just to pick on Yin was incredible infuriating. Never make your VP dependant on Tannen living, just kill him as soon as possible. Illuminated - Not bad, but Izamu was thrown in their face and they couldn't stand against him. The lone survivor was able to be a pest by shooting at my crew. Fairly strong and well rounded. Beckoner - I always forget these are 5ss, because they do a lot for very little. Luckily they fall apart pretty quickly. Probably a bad pick for Take Prisoner due to Don't Bite The Hand. Depleted - Probably the best summon for Lynch since its death is beneficial. Did a good job of holding up Chiaki, but sadly Manos defused the bomb. Yan Lo - His poor early game was really exploited by the Lynch crew. I tried to just have him running schemes early on, but he was dragged into the front line kicking and screaming. After Deliver a Message was scored on him Lynch didn't hold up, intentionally trying to get the summon off of Succumb to Darkness at the cost of VP. At some point I stopped fighting it and just let the old man go. Soul Porter - Spent the game spamming Empower Ancestor and was chipped away by scintillating cloud. Still valued for what he did. Izamu - Izamu + Reliquary (Manos) = unstoppable. He just didn't care about anything, destroyed whatever was in front of him. His only failing was wiffing the disengage attack on Tannen once. I think this combo will be a regular thing for me when running Chiaki, Manos, and Izamu together. Manos - Probably my MVP for the game. Siphon Power made him reliably move around, Lantern of Souls stopped the Depleted from killing off Sun Quiang, provided Izuamu his Reliquary upgrade, and he scored 2VP from Corrupted Idols alone. Really versatile model. Yin - With Take Prisoner available I thought this would be Yins time to shine, but I chose a poor target and left Yin to far out on her own and was completely punished for it. I attempted to kill of Kitty early since she lacks a lot of defensive tech the other Honeypot models have, but the conflict went from a 1v1 to a 1v4 as Hungering Darkness, Lynch, Tannen, and an Illuminated jumped in while Kitty got away. Yin was overpowered and outnumbered so it’s hard to take away any critical analysis from this game on her performance. Sun Quiang - Didn’t get as much healing out of him as I had hoped, but was valuable in getting scheme markers down in scenarios that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Chiaki - First time I used Chiaki in either beta and wasn’t disappointed. Her old role of just condition removal has been significantly expanded to her benefit. Lots of pushes, great utility, and a lot more durable. Gokudo - Was really only a model I added because at the last minute I dropped some upgrades and had the spare points. Was going to keep it near Yin to run support or grab her Reliquary if she was put down, but instead the Gokudo scored a Corrupted Idol and was able to land Adversary on my Take Prisoner target allowing Chiaki to easily push the Beckoner into position. I think I’ll try using Chiaki to get an early Reliquary on the Gokudo next time to get the benefits of Empty Vessel for most of the game.
  8. That's what I get for posting this at 1 a.m. Fixed it.
  9. Rules: 3.22 Deployment: Corner Strategy: Plant Explosives Schemes: Harness the Ley Lines, Claim Jump, Assassinate, Outflank, Power Ritual Game Time: 4 hours 30 min Jet’s Resurrectionists (Attacker) Jack Daw (Leader) (1 Explosive Token) Lady Legia (Totem) Montresor 9ss Hanged 8ss + Grave Spirits Touch 2ss (1 Explosive Token) 3x Guilty 15ss (1 Explosive Token) 2x Crooked Men 14ss (1 Explosive Token each) Schemes: Harness the Ley Lines and Outflank SS Pool: 2 KingJocko’s Resurrectionists (Defender) Nicodem (Leader) Vulture (Totem) Mortimer 8ss Asura Roten 8ss Grave Golem 10ss (2 Explosive Tokens) 2x Bone Pile 12ss (1 Explosive Token each) Mourner 6+1ss (1 Explosive Token) Schemes: Harness the Ley Lines and Claim Jump (Mortimer) SS Pool: 5 Turn 1 Jack Daw wins Initiative and goes first Mostly walks with a couple of Concentrates. Only notable actions was Nicodem summoning a Flesh Construct and Asura Roten summoned a single Mindless Zombie. Turn 2 Nicodem wins Initiative, Jack Daw goes first As the Grave Golem moves towards the center of the board he gets bombarded with curse upgrades from Jack Daw and the Hanged. Staggered soon follows, but the Bone Piles are nearby to help clear up it up while hucking a few javelins at Daw and the Hanged. Montresor and two of the Guilty move into the center while the Crooked Men walk along the outside to score Outflank. Slowly Nicodem and the Mourner move in behind the Grave Golem dropping corpses and summoning another Flesh Construct to support the front line. Lady Ligeia tries to punish them for grouping up, but is shot at by Mortimer and charged by the newly created Flesh Construct resulting in her death. The Vulture works on carrying Mindless Zombies from the back to the center. Jack Daw scores 1 VP from Plant Explosives Turn 3 Jack Daw wins Initiative and goes first Nicodem brings in two Mindless Zombies and a Guild Autopsy to start turning some corpses into soulstones. Jack Daw flies behind Nico’s front lines and starts picking on the Mourner. A Bone Pile clears Grave Golem of Staggered, but it’s reapplied by the Hanged. The other Bone Pile clears off Staggered from the Grave Golem again, and again it’s reapplied by a Guilty (Yes, he was doing this just to be a jerk). Flesh Construct 2 gets in a tussle with Montresor and a Guilty. Asura Roten continues trying to pump out MZs, but starts walking closer to Nico to provide an increased area for Necromantic Font for the purposes for Falling Apart. This however does not help as the first Flesh Construct finds itself out of range of any Necrotic Font models and loses half its health, but strives on charging a Guilty moving along the outside of the center, locking it up. The Crooked Men continue wanding towards the table corners easily scoring Outflank. Once a Guilty gets close enough the Grave Golem is able to perform a Staggered Charge and wipe it out, but gained the wicked curse in the process. With the center stage properly setup Mortimer walks in and scores Claim Jump. Jack Daw scores 2 VP from Plant Explosives and Outflank. Nicodem scores 1 VP from Claim Jump. Turn 4 Jack Daw wins Initiative and goes first The two Flesh Constructs were hanging on by a thread and get finished off. With no one holding back Montresor the Guild Autopsy engages it just to keep it busy, though this later causes its own death in response. Free to engage me at range both Crooked Men move in and throw Earthquakes at their nearest targets, but nothing too effective. The Mindless Zombies start laying scheme markers down for Ley Line while picking up enemy explosive markers. Knowing I have Claim Jump on Mortimer’s head the Hanged refocuses its attention on him, dealing some significant damage despite Manipulative. The Grave Golem and Mourner come to his aid, but Terrifying 13 is a big problem. Luckily the Bone Piles are nearby, they heal up Morty a bit and charge the Hanged chipping away at it with one of them burying itself. Knowing the Guild Autopsy won't last Nicodem summons a third Flesh Construct and ties Montresor up again. Annoyed with the scheming MZs attacks Asura Roten, causing her to walk off a cliff into Hazardous terrain, she goes from full health to 3 in one activation. She tries to summon more MZs while stuck in combat, but crows are hard to come by. Nicodem scores 2 VP from Plant Explosives and Harness the Ley Line. Turn 5 Jack Daw wins Initiative, Nicodem goes first. With Asura not long for this world the MZs spring into action laying markers for Ley Line again as well as positioning themselves to be used by Field of Corpses incase Daw starts counter scheming. Jack Daw follows up by passing as everyone starts beating on the Hanged to free up Mortimer. The Crooked Men retreat back into the corners as they drop a scheme markers along the way. The buried Bone Pile emerges and drops its explosive maker on the enemies side of the board. Free from the Hanged, but threatened by the push from Forbidden Knowledge and Daw’s Drawn to Betrayal of being moved out of Claim Jump range he walks into a pile of allies and uses Fresh Meat to push allies into position behind him so that he can’t be pushed in any direction. Unfortunately I failed the flip against Daw and he was able to get Mortimer out of scoring range. With nothing else able to affect VP the game ended. Jack Daw scored 2 VP for Harness The Ley Line and Outflank Nicodem scored 2 VP for Harness The Ley Line and Plant Explosives Final Score: 5VP vs 5VP Thoughts on Crews Tormented - Knowing Nico’s crew wants to stay within its bubble, this crew was built for Montresor and a couple Guilty to clash in the center of Nico’s crew, while Daw, the Hanged, Ligeia, and the Crooked Men dispersed around them. The announcement of Claim Jump changed that however forcing the Hanged and Daw to re-engage the center to counter my VP. Torment was kicking in non-stop since not only was Daw's crew tossing out curses, but I was summoning models with upgrades attached. Every turn ended with having an empty hand and Daw near full. After the game we agreed that the Guilty and Crooked Men should’ve switched jobs, where the Crooked Men should’ve been mid field scoring Ley Line and shooting into the center at my crew with Earthquake while the cheaper and ineffective Guilty should’ve been holding up in the corners for Outflank. Mortuary / Zombie - My hopes going in were to run the Bone Piles and Mourner past the enemy crew and unbury back in place to support the rest of my crew while the Grave Golem slowly moved into enemy territory, clearing the path for Mortimer to score Claim Jump. Knowing my movement was to be hindered by Staggered I took 2 Bone Piles to keep my models clean, but that was not enough. On top of that I was unprepared for constant Mv duels, essentially rendering Corpse Conductors defensive aspect worthless. Running the same game again would’ve likely had the Grave Golem be the Claim Jump model so that Mortimer could use Fresh Meat to move the scheme runners further and score more from Plant Explosives. Thoughts on Models / Upgrades Jack Daw - He was a semi-dangerous annoyance. Spent most of the game cursing my models carrying explosive tokens, ensuring they wouldn't get anywhere. Meanwhile he was able to drop his own explosive marker and scheme marker freely thanks to Ghost of Malifaux. The Punishment trigger and Drawn to Betrayals push through models effect were really useful and caused the game to go from a loss to a tie. Overall Jack as a model feels really effective. Lady Ligeia - I was aware of how much an annoyance Lady Ligeia can be so when she popped out to shout Mortimer and a FC put her down. Didn’t get much done but was worth the attention to not have to deal with her. Montresor - Captain tarpit reporting for duty. Df6, HtW, Terrifying, and Demise (Eternal) makes him a pain to put down and his Staggered punishment was pretty brutal. Definitely felt worth 9 points. Hanged - Took a bit to drop him but helped out a lot. Had both curses out almost all game and threw itself into my crew to be a pain to deal with. Almost killed Mortimer by itself and the easily survived the counter attack from Mortimer, the Grave Golem, a Bone Pile, and Nicodem. Had Entropic Curse been used I’m not sure if Mortimer would’ve survived, big missed opportunity there. Guilty - Tarpit jr. got some new tricks. While Guilty as Charged didn’t have any effect on the game, the wicked curse giving the target Tormented did and opened up some avenues for some of Daws mechanics. They don’t feel amazing or awful, but that seems like the point as they’re built to be annoying and expendable. Crooked Man - Under used to get any reliable info from this game. Malifaux Mining Law was used just for I Can Dig It’s free scheme marker and Shafted worked since it just requires LoS, but really they were just hovering around the edge of the map the whole game. Grave Spirit's Touch - Turned the Hanged up to 11. Terrifying 13 and Regen +2 kept him alive under a lot of pressure. Blasphemous Ritual was meant to be used just to eat up some of my corpse markers, but Horrifying Whisper always took prescendant. Nicodem - Well despite the changes Nico is pretty much the same. I appreciate he no longer puts his upgrades on Mindless models, that’s a great quality of life improvement. While Zombie Hoard is an interesting addition, it’s another crow trigger on a model who’s always wanting more crows so I couldn’t prioritize it. There was never a moment where it would do more than 2 damage, damage which requires a crow to hit versus Decay which will just hit for 2 blast Injured +1 minimum. I also fear it’s much like Dashel’s old “Open Fire!” action, where the situational setup doesn’t happen that often, though it’s easier to swarm with MZs than it is with Guard so it might be a bit more viable. The same problem I’ve always had still exists, Nico’s best use was to summon and put fast on allies and not use anything else because he is crow hungry to the detriment of himself and the rest of the crew. Vulture - First game where Necrotic Font wasn’t used much because Carrion Away was more important. Other than his crap survivability and crap attack means I’ll never go into melee with him he always has something to do as a totem. Mortimer - Second game in a row where I wonder why anyone would bother with him. Manipulative was the only saving grace that did anything for him this game. Even then it was the healing from the Bone Piles and Grave Golem that kept him alive. Last game I wish I had taken the Grave Golem instead of Mortimer, now I wish I took Archie instead of him. As a versatile model he has no place in just about any crew. Asura Roten - Crows weren’t flowing this game so I was top decking a lot of her duels and coming up with nothing. The lower TN on Zombie Apocalypse didn’t matter because it was always the missing crow that was failing the duel. She really is just a billboard that says, “I make Mindless Zombie better!” She was more valued for her abilities than her actions. If you even consider giving Nicodem the ability to consume corpses for crows perhaps considering giving it to her as well because she seems just a desperate. Grave Golem - Simple and durable, but was decimated by Staggered. Poor guy could barely get anywhere. It didn't help that the Daw crew were specifically making sure I couldnt get rid of the condition from him. Still did was he does best, not die, and for that he’d have made a better Claim Jump model than Mortimer. Bone Pile - I think the boney boys are finally in a good place. The new healing flip is great, they don’t feel as punished for their ranged attack with the extra health, and despite not being able to permanently remove Staggered this game the option to do so was great to have. They really do feel like what a versatile model should be. Mourner - I used the Mourner quite a bit during closed beta as her kit works well with Nicodem, but this was the first time I had to pay extra to hire her and I wanted to see if that negatively impacted my impression of them. The answer is yes, very yes. I don’t think I would ever hire them into this crew in the future. Perhaps it was her being hit with both the Injustice and Forbidden Knowledge curses that I was essentially struggling to keep her anywhere near the action, but I could get a Gravedigger for less with healing, corpses, and pulse focus and all I’m losing is the ranged attack. Mindless Zombies - Really enjoyed summoning a few of them through Reainmator finally, I always had hang ups about them holding on to those summon upgrades. Also thanks to Asura they were the best scheme runners in my crew. Flesh Construct - These guys have always been my bread and butter summons and now they have +1 health? It feels odd to say it, but I don’t think they need it. If it stays I’m not going to complain, but these guys have always been effective hires and summons in both of my Nico and McMourning crews so I’m not sure why they were buffed. Guild Autopsy - Was summoned just for Loot Their Corpses. Otherwise a Belle would’ve been a better choice. Without Rafkin or another friendly Poison source I don’t see much of a reason to hire/summon these guys. Walking Dead - First time I was hit with Falling Apart’s half health damage. It shocked my opponent more than me. He just laughed as the FC he come to fear just collapsed in front of him. I expect him to bring more pushes next time I play this crew to take advantage of it.
  10. Played a game of Nicodem vs Jack Daw with some of the affected models earlier today, will post a battle report some time tomorrow. Here's my immediate takeaways: Flesh Construct doesn't need the +1 health Bone Pile finally feels like a good versatile pick Hanged and Guilty curses giving Tormented opens up a lot of options Being able to summon MZs with Reanimator is very liberating, but the Zombie Hoard trigger is situational at best and eats up another crow at worst Every change to Jack Daw was significant and game changing for the match Guilty counting as enemy to friendly didn't come into play, but the crew wasn't built to take advantage of it -1TN on Zombie Apocalypse didn't really do anything as Asura's missing the crow more than the TN Outside of those I'm really happy with the change to Restless Spirit and I'll probably consider hiring it into my next Nicodem game.
  11. It's not the access to these models that is the problem, its how she (and Nico) gets access to them. Everything with the Zombie keyword could be changed to Mortuary, Re-Animate and Reanimator could specify "undead Mortuary" models instead of "Zombie", and Falling Apart could reference "Mortuary Master or Henchman" instead of Necromantic Font and we'd have identical hiring pool and mechanics we currently have without an additional keyword and ability clogging up the pipeline. It's a case of streamlining terminology, not altering mechanical function.
  12. I fudged the last one because I can't think of other models I've used that I have a glaring problem with. Nicodem - Beyond Reanimator and Corpse Conductor he's not performing at a Masters level. Comparing him to Ramos there's a lot of similarities, but Ramos has Controlled Detonation and Electrical Bolt, both unique actions to himself that give him purpose beyond his summons, as well as access to hiring any Arcanist constructs ensuring he has a diverse pool of models to hire from. Nicodem's limited hiring pool is acceptable as Corpse Conductor makes up for incongruent keyword synergies he has access to, but his other actions are of no particular exception. Fancy Cane is a joke, Grave Robber is common, Sloth shares his Rigor Mortis, and Decay is prevalent throughout multiple models with the Domador De Cadaveras having the best version (damn hipster Necromancers). Letting him consume a corpse for a per action would let his lesser actions shine as easy access to freebie Mindless Zombie summons and a healing Decay would add the extra utility of the triggers without increasing his duel totals, making him just as resistible as he currently is. I still think Fancy Cane is a waste of space, a unique attack or an additional trigger on another action in its place would be preferred . Mortimer - There's no reason to hire Mortimer as he's bland by comparison of any model of equivalent cost in any given keyword as their innate synergies with their associated crew will likely do more than what Morty can provide. His only unique function is Fresh Meat and he specializes in corpse generation which is underutilized resource within the faction. I think giving him Loot Their Corpses would allow him to refund some of his cost throughout a game making him a moderate cost beater with a built in rebate. Asura Roten - Though mechanically fine I find her play style favors stagnation. She ignores a lot of range requirements and wants to stay out of danger so there's no reason to ever move so long as you have LoS to select models. Giving her Command Corpse with a 6 instead of Re-Animate would give her a range limitation, but also more utility as she can now use an obey-like action offensively rather than just defensively and it can affect any undead rather than just "Zombie" models making her more valuable as a versatile model for most Masters (sorry Kirai). Also with a trigger like Swift Action on it she'll maintain her value as she'll be able to generate extra actions with the right resources. Maybe even have a trigger along the lines of: "Fetid Family: If the target of this action was a friendly Mindless Zombie this model may draw a card." to indicate the ease at which she manipulates the MZs. Yin - By no means a bad model, but she sits alongside the other Ancestors who're specialized towards more valued roles. Yin has two focused functions, isolating and locking down an enemy and healing by damaging. The isolating and lockdown aspect is strong but undervalued as both Vendetta and Hold Up Their Forces require models to be a lower cost than the enemy and at cost 8 that leaves few targets for Yin to hunt. If not going for VP and instead using her as an assassin you have Manos instead for 1ss more who's got better mobility and more damage opportunities which lets him completely out class her. There are multiple avenues to take with Yin, we could see a cost drop to 7 making her fairly strong stats become amazing for the cost bracket, we could replace Feed On Grief and/or Dark Bargain for another set of actions that either further focus or re-orientate her design. It's hard to say what Yin needs since its not her stat card that's bad, its that the core rules don't value her role. Restless Spirit - More so than Yin, the Restless Spirit lacks purpose. As is its an exceptional corpse dropper, which has some merit within Revenant as Reva, Draugr, Sheildbearers, and Corpse Candles can all use them. However that's its bonus action, what's it doing with its other 2 actions? Dead Man's Collar doesn't have any value unique to the crew unless the target has Staggered, which the only source of that within the keyword is Vincent St. Clairs melee attack which you generally never want to use. Terrorize is unique, but with a terrible stat of 4 will likely not succeed. I got more value out of this model as a scheme runner than from any of its actual actions just because Incorporeal and an average Mv of 5 was enough to get the job done. Having fairly weak defenses and being limited as an Enforcer this model should provide some unique function for its crew that you can't get elsewhere adding value to other models by existing, but putting a target on its head for doing so. As is this model is forgettable and for the same cost the Carrion Effigy is a better choice in general. The "Zombie" Keyword - I have too many issues with this. First off it shouldn't exist, we already have the Mortuary keyword and every instance referencing this keyword could be replaced with "undead Mortuary" for the same effect. Second is that it's too general of a word, zombie is used in multiple models names and triggers leading to unnecessary similarities that'll likely confuse the uninitiated. Third the model selection in the keyword if fairly questionable, as it includes half of Redchapel, 1 Forgotten, and 3 Experimental including the Zombie Chihuahua. Nicodem gets another Masters totem with no cost penalty!? Why? What does this achieve? Best I can figure is that with Rafkin as Morturary and FC and GA both being Zombie it means you could run a mini-McMourning crew under Nicodem with minimal extra cost to do so, but why wouldn't I just play McMourning at that point? And my fourth bash against this keywords existence is that an ability had to be created (Necromantic Font) to give Nicodem and Asura Roten access to hiring the Zombie models without giving them the Zombie keyword so that Asura Rotens Re-Animate couldn't give Nicodem a free action. Abilities are meant to be assets or dictate how non functions work, not be convoluted red tape to skirt around basic mechanics from the core rules. As a whole the Zombie keyword is a lot of unnecessary junk that doesn't provide anything that the game didn't already provide. M3E has thematically been about simplifying what M2E became and the Zombie keyword is the antithesis of that.
  13. Didn't find the effigy useful, more so it's just serviceable. The access to Stitch Up for 4ss is its best part, but I found the short range of Aura of Decay conflicted with its only attack being a projectile. It creates a problem where to be as offensive as possible it has to be within 3" of an enemy for its aura to affect them but outside of 2" so that it can shoot. Since the aura is on both the effigy and the emissary I'd think Entropic Siphon could be changed to something more versatile. Either way the little guy still has some reasons to be hired as is.
  14. Giving the Bone Pile some condition removal was a good move as it addresses the lack of condition removal within the faction by giving the Bone Pile a reason to be hired. However another means of self harm only exacerbates its existing problem of damaging itself. There are solutions like Grave Spirits Touch's Regeneration to counter it, but at an 8 cost package that can put people off pretty easily. Hopefully it sees some time in the coming battle reports to see if this was an effective change or not. Yin going to Terrifying 12 is nice, ties the Hanged for our cheapest Terrifying 12 model, but I'm not sure if this addresses the main concern most people were expressing for Yin, which was a reason to hire her. Her design is centered around targeting a model and isolating it and while extra durability is a welcome addition it doesn't increase her effectiveness. It's tough to identify what change could be made to push her in the right direction without just making her OP. I agree on Restless Spirit, used it twice and both times found it not having much to do. Dead Mans Collar doesn't have a lot of strength in the Revenant crew since Staggered isn't something they typically hand out. It seems to want to use Terrorize to push enemies into Pyre markers, but lacks the mobility or stat to do so. If it was Mv 6 or 7 and Terrorize was upped to 5 it could easily walk to the best position in one action then Terrorize with the other, making it a good expendable annoyance. As for things I would like to see is anything in the Nicodem/Morturary/Zombie line of models. I've aired my grievances about them before so I'll avoid harping on it, but the crew concept feels half baked.
  15. I've used Gravediggers plenty. Wont see a lot of table time with Urami crews, but they're self-sufficient support models that can work in most of our crews. Not necessarily compelling to take, but good for general support.
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