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  1. Domin

    The looking for a vassal game thread

    Looking for a regular games in Vassal. Mostly on weekends and Friday nights. Prefers competitive play. I'm GMT+3
  2. Maybe it can sound stupid, but I wanna check: Grootslang's Wall Climber Ability says that while he is in base contact with a Marker that counts as Terrain, he gains positive to all non-damage flips. If he is in base contact with Lair marker, he also deals +1 damage. So the question is - what if he is in base contact with two terrain markers or two Lair markers - shall the bonus double or not?
  3. Domin

    Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    Had a couple of test with this list: Declared Faction: Neverborn Crew Name: DreamStrike 50ss Leader: The Dreamer - Cache:(5) - Dreams of Pain 5ss - Otherworldly 2ss Daydream 2ss Daydream 2ss Doppleganger 7ss -A Thousand Faces 1ss Mr. Tannen 6ss Bloodwretch 5ss Grootslang 6ss Aionus 12ss I see this as a compromise between summoning alpha-striking. First of all, we place Lair markers in strategic points near the centerline. Boosting the hand with fast BW, we use one or two mask cards for summoning and other Dreamer's AP to give Playtime to Grootslang and, possibly, Doppleganger. Then make some more hand-boosting with fast Doppleganger (changing TF to pact and drawing a card), cycle actiavations and then replace Lair marker with "Time changes all" of Aionus. And with last activation we use fast Grootslang to jump in the middle of an enemy lines and make a potentially unstopable chain of attacks, drawing a card each time we damage an enemy. So we can end the first turn with lots of damage and lots of card on a hand - which both make the following game much easier.
  4. Domin

    Gravity Well and Marker placing

    The card says "Enemy models may not end placement effects within 8". When the model places a marker - does it mean that model end placement effect or not?
  5. I wonder - does Gravity Well Ability of Anna Lovelace prevents placing enemy Markers (for example, Scheme markers) within the aura?
  6. Domin

    Hinamatsu: Can anyone share play experience?

    The 0's card drawing only comes when you've cheated fate against an enemy.
  7. Domin

    What to add to my Dreamer?

    I'd like to suggest Doppleganger (any list is cooler with this girl), Serena Bowman (allowing you to turn important Minions/Enforcers into Nightmares) and Bloodwretch to draw cards (but the best is two Wretches and Aionus).
  8. Because the question is not about blocking terrain. It's about Engagement Elevation and, particulary, about the range between two models, and how does it measure.
  9. The question I faced today is - how does the Reva's Strength of the Fallen ability deals with Engagement Elevation? Does the Corpse Marker (or Mindless Zombie) is treated as having Reva's Ht3 or do they use their own Ht0(2)? According to an old tread (2016 year), the correctmodel answer is the second one. But I'm hesitating. Here's the link for a tread
  10. The question I faced today is - when two or more abilities of a model comes into play "when the model is killed", who decides the resolving order? And, moving forward, what about if one of such abilities states that the model is no longer killed? For example: 1. When this model is killed or sacrificed, draw four cards 2. When a friendly living model is killed within 3, you may discard this upgrade. If you do, the model is not killed and heals 1 damage. Can I resolve first one, then resolve the second and save the model?
  11. And it's mandatory to seek "the nearest clarification", even if it's about completely another situation?
  12. But FAQ says about situations when "Marker is placed in base contact with model", not when "Model is placed in base contact with Marker"
  13. Thanks, but my question was about another thing - when the rule says "place the model in base contact with marker" - not about walk or another move?
  14. Faced up a question. We all know that, according to FAQ, markers can't be placed under the model that place it. But how about a situation whem model is placed (not moved or push) in base contact with a marker? According to FAQ, the base contact is "When the bases of two or more models are physically touching". In case of movement it's clear: •Models can move over and stop on Markers. A Marker is ignored for movement purposes (but terrain below the Marker is not). So the question is - can I place the model on top of a marker? P.S. If someone hesitates - I'm speaking about non-impassable markers with a Ht of 0 or similar.
  15. I had a tourney game today and run Pandora against Sommer. While killing Francois, I had an argue with my opponent. I told him that as soon as Dumb Luck count as part of the attack action, I can use damage track from it for a Self Loathing. He opposed me, and the TO took his side. But now I looked through F.A.Q. and found this: 75) If a Trigger on an Action causes damage (whether a flip or a fixed amount), does that count as part of the original Action? Is it modified by effects like the Accuracy Modifier and Focus? Do fixed damage bonuses (such as from Hallucinogens or The Bigger They Are) apply to the Trigger? Triggers that cause damage are a part of the Action which caused them. Any damage flip on such a Trigger would retain any Fate Modifiers to the original flip including Accuracy, Focus, cover, etc. Any fixed damage (such as the +1 damage from The Bigger They Are) only applies to the initial Action (not any resulting Triggers). Doesn't it means I was right? Wording of Self Loathing - for example: (1) Self Loathing (Ca 7M / Rst: Wp / Rg: y3): Select a (1) AP y Action on the target. Apply the printed damage results of the chosen Action to the target, no other effects or Triggers from the chosen Action are applied. The accuracy modifier is determined by the result of this duel.