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  1. Good time of the day. Last changes for a Stitched's Gamble Your Life action, TMM, brought them is some unpredicted state. In the cost of an action we see the following: "If this Action fails, this models suffers the effects as though the defending model was taking this action targeting this model." If we RAW, we can see that failing the action doesn't make Stitched suffer any harm - since while the attacker and defender were swapped, the action still counts as failed - and therefore can have no results. Moreover, if for example, Stitched tries to "gamble" someone, get a final duel total more then the target, but not enough to reach TN, then action will be failed - but there will be no any Accuracy Modifier since such things as "you win with lower duel total" wasn't even mentioned in rules. Discussions?
  2. Don't forget about Collodi, who can use Puppetmaster (or call a Changeling to do so) on Coryphee to make him do a Dance Together out of his activation. So if the " If any of the existing models have not activated, the new model is not considered to have activated" comes into play, the proper-built Collodi list can have a Duet to activate 7 times in a turn.
  3. If only there where something like an official approvement for that)
  4. So you mean that Stat is only 5, while Fate Modifier and suit are aside?
  5. I had a confusion while reading the RB's examples. RB, p. 58, refers to the action with a following Stat block: "5 + Rams + Positive". Then it says: Does the balded thing it a simple missprint - and the whole stat of an action should be "5 + Rams + Positive"?
  6. I have a confusion while trying to determine the difference between ''Line of Sight" and "sight line". In Line of Sight Section we see that: So I conclude that Line of Sight and sight line are not similar things. And there are some game effects like Cover and Concealment that don't rely on Line of Sight - but instead rely on sight lines. Moreover, there are different ways to ignore or twist the Line of Sight (such as drawing Line of Sight from another model). For example, Zoraida tries to obey someone who is behind the concealing terrain. She can draw LoS from the Swampfiend model on the other side of the concealing terrain in question. So it means that: 1. Sight lines from Zora to target pass through concealing terrain. 2. Sight lines from Swampfiend to target do not pass through concealing terrain. Should the Zora's obey suffer from concealment?
  7. Let's then clarify all the situations possible: 1. Models A and B are both in concealing terrain - concealment will be. 2. Model A is in concealing terrain and model B is not - concealment will be ignored since Model A can ignore it. 3. Model A is not in concealing terrain and model B is in concealing terrain - concealment will not be ignored?
  8. Have a confusion while applying "toward" to a non-impassable marker. For example, if we push model 4"'' towards a Pyre marker - where will the model stop? In base contac with a marker or when the center of her base will match the center of Pyre marker?
  9. I need a clarify for a situation. We have both models A and B belonging to a same Crew, each standing in a concealing terrain (green zone). The rules for Concealment terrain state: The rules for Concealment are: The question is - since both models belong to same crew and it's up to their player whether they shall ignore the Concealing trait of the terrain they are standing in - will the attack from A to B (such as Obey) suffer the effects of Concealment or not?
  10. I hadn't find in M3E RB rules that actually state that resolving the move towards an object must definutelly decrease the final range between them. The restriction that such move must not bring the model further from the object that it was at the start of the move exists: "Something moving toward an object cannot move further from that object at any point during its movement, even if doing so would ultimately bring it closer to the object at the end of its movement." And the reason why I brought the tread with Investigator's was actually your answer: " If you have to move toward or away from something, usually there's only one direction for the movement which satisfies that requirement. But when they're perfectly co-positioned, any direction will satisfy the requirement initially, and then because it's a push, you're locked in to moving straight in that direction."
  11. The bad thing is that "making sense" is a subjective thing.
  12. I was thinking the same way - before i saw the answers for the question that i gave link to. Now I hesitate.
  13. Have found a strange situation where rules dictate the model to push towards herself. The wording of Arctic Pull action of Thoon "Any models" means that if Thoon is in base contact with a marker, he's affected to - and so must be pushed towards himself (this model). Rules for pushing toward are here Since the two points that we use to measure the direction of the push are at the same place, I think that any distance we push Thoon will fit the first part of rules. And since the distance between the model and herself will not change - push in any direction fits the 2nd part of rules. Also, in a similar situation (where was a question about pushing away) - there were an answer that any direction will fit. Waiting for your opinions.
  14. So the question is: if Titania or another model under her aura is struck by an attack with multiple blasts, like 2|3+Blast|4+2xBlasts and an opponent flips Severe damage - what will happen? 1. The opponent will place 1 blast marker (as for Moderate Damage), 2. The opponent will place 2 blast markers (as for Severe Damage), but the original target will suffer moderate and hitted by blast - weak.
  15. So what's your answer if there are two Investigator's within 4 of the placed marker - can them both push the model in case or not?
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