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  1. I had a tourney game today and run Pandora against Sommer. While killing Francois, I had an argue with my opponent. I told him that as soon as Dumb Luck count as part of the attack action, I can use damage track from it for a Self Loathing. He opposed me, and the TO took his side. But now I looked through F.A.Q. and found this: 75) If a Trigger on an Action causes damage (whether a flip or a fixed amount), does that count as part of the original Action? Is it modified by effects like the Accuracy Modifier and Focus? Do fixed damage bonuses (such as from Hallucinogens or The Bigger They Are) apply to the Trigger? Triggers that cause damage are a part of the Action which caused them. Any damage flip on such a Trigger would retain any Fate Modifiers to the original flip including Accuracy, Focus, cover, etc. Any fixed damage (such as the +1 damage from The Bigger They Are) only applies to the initial Action (not any resulting Triggers). Doesn't it means I was right? Wording of Self Loathing - for example: (1) Self Loathing (Ca 7M / Rst: Wp / Rg: y3): Select a (1) AP y Action on the target. Apply the printed damage results of the chosen Action to the target, no other effects or Triggers from the chosen Action are applied. The accuracy modifier is determined by the result of this duel.
  2. So you have no arguements against my position except "this is not convincing"? About your "the model's controller" arguement - so what? The upgrade has clear wording "this model flips". If the same wording comes into play - the upgrade works. Not same wording - doesnt come into play. If there were a wording "this model's controller flips" - then it would work in another situations I understand, why you belive in a meaning that matches your needs) but your opponent may have other beliefs) P.S. there are no "this model's controller" reference on Lynch's card.
  3. It's not obvious, since there are models, who have a written wording "this model discards": Sommer, Ma, Francois. So it seems to me that Crier works with them, but not with Old Cranky.
  4. You are mixing th Random Determination as a common term with a specific case of randomizing while shooting into engagement. The exact wording of second thing says: "The Attacker flips one card for each model within 2” of the target model, including the target model itself."
  5. Why not? I don't think that a 1SS upgrade should buff all of his attacks. Pos flips on randomizing and pulse flips would be quite enough for such price.
  6. The action tells simply "flip a card for every model". Compare it with Lightning Jump wording: "this model flips a card" and you'll see the difference.
  7. Domin

    Neverborn- Dreamer Crew Recruiting

    And, of course, any crew can give Wretches Fast with Aionus)
  8. Domin

    Neverborn- Dreamer Crew Recruiting

    Most of all, Bloodwretches are used as donors for Doppleganger who copy their Rage Builds, do it for free on 7+ tomes, and double strike someone for cards. I call this pair "card-cycling engine" and use it in most of my crews. The best way it works in Lynch crew, with aces to discard and come back.
  9. Domin

    Post July 2018 Errata - Lynch?

    I've used it, and found it tottally worth his cost. A summoning of usefull model, without costing AP or usefull cards? I'll take two!
  10. Domin

    Dreaming of a Rube Goldberg

    Nice idea. But i'd suggest targeting the student with all of Dopel's attacks - since she has Armour and will only get 1 damage from each one.
  11. Let's imagine that we have model with lure and an enemy model within 18. Between those models stands an enemy Aeslin with activated "Bound And Rooted" - more then 6" away from her friend. The model lures enemy model - how will it work? A) The enemy model will get as closer as possible and stop on the border of 6" aura. B) The enemy model will get as closer as possible and stop within 6" aura. C) The enemy model will go round the 6" aura.
  12. Domin

    Pandora Tactica

    It's not changes to my list - it's a new one. With another tactics and another style of play. I've tested my list against Nelle, and I saw Dora died on 2nd turn - cause of all 12+ were wasted while card sycling. But guess what? While Dora was the firemagnit, other parts of list moved to the center of the field and make me win the game. Just remembering how changeling buried the Brutal Emissary with his own attack makes me smile) As well as Widow Weaver scarying Bishop, Emissar and Phiona to death. And of course - Mr. Tannen, draining the opponent's hand with his awesome aura.
  13. Domin

    Hazardous Terrain Questions

    It looks weird to me (since you will take damage for just activating within terrain, without single move - but will not take if someone pull you through it), but ok. And I have one more question - what if the model was within hasardous terrain at the start of a turn, and then was placed at another place, which is also within same terrain?
  14. Hi everyone. Have some questions about Hazardous Terrain. The RB says: Terrain that is considered hazardous deals damage to models that Activate while within it, or enter it (if they are pushed, moved, or placed within the terrain). So situations are: 1) A model starts the turn in hazardous terrain, and is pushed so that it is still in the hazardous terrain. Would it be any damage from terrain? 2) A model starts the turn in hazardous terrain, and is pushed so that it is no longer touching the hazardous terrain. Same question.
  15. Domin

    Zoraida Must Buy Models

    Sorrow's 2-ap action is an Attack, while Wisps are restricted to Tactical actions only.