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  1. Any of these changed will make then useless.
  2. One obey from a Bokor's activation - to activate chain-of-command - is quite enough. He has a poor stat of 5, so it's hard to use it against an opponent. And the management of glowy tokens and cards on a hand is just a matter of luck. It's not impossible to get a 9+ mask on a draw, and it's highly possible to get 7+ tomes - and each of these cards save us a glowy token.
  3. Each time we dangle the Bokor with a Collodi, we grant him a free suit for a later use wia glowy token. So it's quite possible to make changellings stay in full wounds across the game,
  4. I truely understand, that this team is not an auto-win. It has it's vulnerables (blasts and shockwaves), it can suffer from a bad luck - just like any other crew in Malifaux. But the level of synergy it has is the best I saw in Neverborn)
  5. While taking down Thoon looks like a plan (not so easy to make, since we can heal him nearly every activation and have an access to shields from Bokor and Frozen Vigor), taking down the Collodi looks like a cool story) A model with Armor 2, Shields 2 for a bonus action, ability to shield himself with an easy-summoned marionettes and access to healing and preventing - do you really gonna try to take him down? As soon as anyone who gonna strike him in melee shall be the priority target for Thoon.
  6. Yup, you're not understanding, how it works. We activate Changeling, make him JLY to Collodi, take his Puppetmaster and make him Dangle the strings the 2nd (non-active) Changeling. Who will JLY to Collodi out of his activation, draw us a card and take the same to make Collodi dangle 3rd Changeling. Who does exactly the same, draw us a 2nd card and make Collodi do the thing we need. We can walk him and make the whole crew move 2" wia Entourage. We can make him dangle the Thoon to make him take a walk/charge/strike. We can make him dangle the bokor (giving him fast and glowy token in exchange of 1 damage) to make him heal changeling and all models within 2" (for tomes trigger), or heal and draw 2 cards in exchange of 1 (for crows). Or we can make him summon two marionettes (with masks to give the opponent pas tokens - which use are utilized with our bokor, giving Zora free focuses). So comes 3 changelings, each giving us 2 cards and lots of side options (for example, moing the whole Crew up to 6). Each of them also does 1 ap action, like walking to position, droping scheme makers and so on. Then it comes Zora, who spends one of her ap to obey Change 1, initiating the same chain-of-command thing (the same way as Lucius does). It means 3 cards to draw, and one free ap for Collodi. Others AP can either be used as her attacks or be transferred to Collodi's AP. So now we can obey a single enemy model - or Thoon - for up to a 4 actions in an activation (2 from Obey and Enscorel and others from Collodi). Then comes the Collodi himself, spending one AP for a chain-of-command and using others as he want. It's another 3 cards to draw - just as a side effect. At last - the bokor, using the 9 and a glowy token for an obey to activate chain of command and his other 2 ap to heal changhelings or Thoon (hi to all who think that killing him is a simple matter ;)). So it's 3 more cards as well as functioning)
  7. How about a rematch - with a Thoon-powered list?)
  8. If the Rider had no protection against Obey, as it has now, the result should be quote the opposite And as an answer for those Who think that this list has a need for cards... Just try it) each activation of Collodi, Changelings, Bokor or Zora gives us a draw of 2-3 cards - up to a 15 drawn cards, as well as 6 cards from Zora's 0. Seems that you simply don't truely understand, how it works - and that's why you don't understand, why the Bokor is a key model here.
  9. Just after Lucius, please)
  10. It's the good combo by itself, and Thoon is just a cherry on a cake)
  11. I've tried it myself and faced in opponent's Crew. To my mind, it's wording needs to be slightly changed - to trigger not from any attack, but only from those that damaged the bearer.
  12. Domin

    Are we OP?

    The only way the Guild can be considered OP, to my mind, is a Lucius+rifleman list, allowing up to 7 sniper shots up to 24" or 7 grenade shockwaves up to 18". And the Henchman that draws 5 cards at a time is way less powered then 6 activations, each one drawing 3 cards - such as we can get in Neverborn)
  13. And if you want a "lockpick" for guys that love resistance Triggers, take an Emissary. Especially now, when at least one Enemy Master is known while building the Crew. Only because we have now limited hand size. Today's mainstream is "draw 3 cards with each of 7 activations" and "Bury all the enemy Crew forever in Ice Pillars"
  14. First of all - thanks you for a good reports. I'm glad to see a reports from my homeland - especially from tournaments of M3E. But i should critique some of your conclusions. First of all - Emissary. Do you really not understand the purpose of a model that strikes with ranged non-projectile casts that target Move instead of Def/Wp, gives Enemy models penalties to resist (both from staggered and severe terrain) place blasts and make them hazard terrain, dealing min 3 damage to initial target? Second - thoughts that "win-or-lose" combos are in the past looks naive) I have seen (and built) some combos and mechanics that make opponents surrender in turn 1. It's not a matter of edition - it's just a matter of time. That'd all I want to critique and now a question - did anyone brought Lucius in a mentioned tournament?
  15. Еspecialy because his aura was 6" both from him and Huggy. I'm personally thinking about an aura of drawing cards after cheating.
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