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  1. This question was fully discussed in a Cadmus theme. Yup, a Cadmus model can relent against an attack coming from a parasited model. It's rules as they are written.
  2. Not at all. Big scary winged monsters are just a faсade, the main forсe of it is a Hayreddin's bonus that allow to summon tots. Throw Nekima and matures to opponent's face (with Vasilisa's boost to Mv), do some damage, taxi Hayreddin/BBS to 8" to them and start pustuling your models. Kill someone with BB (especially some trash models like EaE or Ophelia boys) - summon a Tot - pustule a Tot, making him kill someone and get a token. Activate Tot, eat one of the dropped corpse markers - transform into Lelu. Next turn (or this turn - says Vasilisa) you'll get an aura of free damage to your own models that trigger black blood for even more Tots. Giving up first turn where nothing is scored, for a 12 stones boost and bunch of focuses for the whole crew is a fair deal. This list has a magnificent mobility - just look a Nekima with 23" danger zone and possibly 2 attacks with Shove Aside. So it's not a problem to reach the scoring places turn 2 and next.
  3. Hayreddin - double shots to Nekima, stones for masks = 2 corpsesBlood Hunter - bonus, focus = 3 corpsesDoll - Adversary (Nephilim) on Nekima and VasilisaBBS - double strike Nekima with pos from Adversary, looking for masks, bonus, heal in aura = 4 corpsesBBS - double strike Nekima with pos from Adversary/focus, looking for masks, bonus, heal in aura = 5 corpsesVasilisa - focus, scheme marker, bonus to BBS to make him make bonus and grow into mature = 4 corpsesNekima - 3 corpses into Vasilisa with pos from Adversary/focus, feeding BBS and Tots = 1 corpsTot - bonus to grow into BBS, double strike Nekima with pos from Adversary/focus, looking for masks = 2 corps Tot - bonus to grow into BBS, double strike Nekima with pos from Adversary/focus, looking for masks = 3 corps At the end we have Nekima, Hayreddin, 2 matures, 2 BBS, Vasilisa and Doll with tons of Focuses.
  4. I personally don't see Nekima in any other list except the growing farm. Anal Carnival (Neverborn)Size: 50 - Pool: 6Leader:NekimaInhuman ReflexesTotem(s):Blood HunterHires:Black Blood ShamanBlack Blood Shaman 2Terror TotTerror Tot 2HayreddinWicked DollAncient PactVasilisa
  5. All plans live only first turn. Starting from the 2nd, each game is unique and full of choises.
  6. I've played a lot with Nephelim Growing list and found it quite good and solid. First turn it's preety guaranteed growing of two BBS to Matures and two Tots into BBS. And the second cool thing is a Hayreddin's bonus action, allowing to summon Tots from killing. Summon a Tot from a dying model, take a pustule on him to make him kill another one - and in his own activation he will eat corpse and grow into Lelu. Take a zero action of Lelu next time - and you will get another source on black blood damage. I've used it on a December's part of Vassal World series - one of 3 turns - and got a first place at the end.
  7. Can you please expand this? In my example - 4 models, each having We Are Legion ability, suffers damage from one blast. All of them are within 4" of an enemy model with parasite token. First model suffers damage from blast, reduce it by one, choose an enemy model with parasite token to suffer one damage. Second model suffers damage from blast, reduce it by one, choose an enemy model with parasite token to suffer one damage - since the second model has not already chosen that model for her own We Are Legion. And so on and so on. I guess it works the same way as it goes, for example, with obeying. So you can Activate Zoraida, obey a model X to do something, then obey the Bokor to obey the model X to do another thing - since the limitation is all by Action and model, as it's described on page 69 of RB. "These limitations are all by Action (or Ability) and model, so a given model could, for example, take multiple once per Activation effects so long as they were on different Actions or Abilities. Additionally, multiple models that have the same Action (or Ability) with a once per Activation can each use that effect once per Activation. Some of these effects have additional modifiers, such as being limited to targeting a specific model once per Activation. These work the same way, with the specific limitations mentioned." Since We Are Legion is not an Aura, rules for stacking multiple same-named auras can not be used to this. Is there anything wrong in my logic?
  8. Two questions to be included (I hope) in a FAQ: 1. Does the "not already chosen for this Ability this Activation" in We Are Legion Ability works on a "once per model per activation" basis, as all the "once by" effects? For example, if the enemy model with a parasite token is within 4" of 4 Cadmus models an all 4 these models are hit by a blast - can they all use their We Are Legion Abilities to transfer 4x1 points of damage to a model with parasite token - 1 damage by 1 model each? Cause if not, and We Are Legion is some kind of a general ability - then it could lead to some strange situations when two Cadmus lists face each other. 2. To clarify for the world series - on which point ends the controlling effect? For example, if we somehow command the Leveticus in 1 wound to do some action in a hazardous terrain (like with a crow trigger on Lyssa's close combat attack) and therefore make him suffer 1 damage "after the current Action is resolved" - who will control his decisions to activate his demise or not?
  9. It looks like that we have quite different stiles of playing) I don't rely on Nexus as a main attacker - since that her "close combat" attack lacks on damage and parasite token from it is simply ignored by discarding a card. So I prefer to play Nexus as a summoner and controller, inflicting tons of damage with minions, parasite tokens and spraying damage wia We Are Legion. Especially, I don't take Nightstalker, since he has a potential as a single schemer, not as part of a crew.) So web markers for me is just a fuel to summon more EaE and turn them into Husks twice per turn - for Meredit and Crypto.
  10. For 3 master's AP (and 3 points of damage from siphon power) you'll get: 1. ~18" of movement, alloving your non-activated Meredith/Archivist/Spelleater to reach opponents on a first turn with ranged attacks 2. 3x Web markers, which can be used not only to summon EaE, but also for transforming them into Husks 3. 3 cards from siphoned power tomes. As I can see, it's a brilliant deal, especially on a first turn.
  11. Good time o'day. I have some questions about rulings of Explorer's Society abilities:1. Cadmus models due to Parasitic Grasp ability, may treat enemy models with parasite tokens as though they are friendly Cadmus. Can it be used to prevent dropping blast markers when models with Parasite tokens attack Cadmus models, since Attack Actions that target friendly models do not generate blasts? 2. Cryptologist's Ancient Technology ability doesn't specify friendly and enemy models - so it can be used to ignore effects that would resolve when the friendly model activates. What's in fact the meaning of "effect" here? For example, can this ability be used to ignore "but may only take the following action..." part of Connected Conscience ability?
  12. Let's see: 1. Lines: friendly-controlled model may move the lodestone token. So it can be possible to obey the enemy model to obey lodestoner in her crew to throw the stone back. 2. Symbols: only friendly-controlled model may remove enemy symbols. Double-obey to remove 2nd symbol in a turn, negating the VP from it. 3. Recover: only friendly-controlled model may remove enemy evidence. Double-obey to remove 2nd, 3rd and so on in a turn, negating the VP from it. 4. Enemies: opponent gets VP for friendly-controlled kills. Double-obey to kill the enemy and farm VP.
  13. There are straight wording of when the model is friendly- or enemy-controlled. When the model is controlled either by enemy Crew, enemy player or enemy model - then it's enemy-controlled. If any part of this happens. The enemy model is a model from the opposite player's Crew. And no control-tricks may change this. Even if such a model for is considered friendly - because of things like Exclusive Interview - then it's considered as both friendly and enemy - as the FAQ stays it.
  14. Thanks for both of your answers, but here I need the TO's regulations.
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