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  1. Mununkulus

    Alpha Strike Titania

    Even if you get there and kill the other master, u are more than likely sacrificing Titania by doing this. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea, but I don't think it is very viable.
  2. Question regarding the Mature Nephilim. Can you use Flurry for 3 attacks and use the Charge Through trigger on the 3rd attack to charge another minion (if not engaged of course) to get off another 2 attacks, on which you may use the charge through trigger again, etc. ending in an endless spree of attack / charge if you have enough tomes ?
  3. Question: If Lilith has placed 3 Consuming Land markers around her, making a nice little triangle (touching each other or not to be defined by the ruling here), then moves into the triangle and uses tangle shadows to place a model right in the middle of the triangle or her gaze, the enemy model thus entering the 3 hazardous zones with the same action. scenario1: markers are not touching - does the placed model have to take 3 dmg flips for the 3 different zones? scenario2: markers are touching - is this considered one zone since they are all named the same and overlapping/touching ? Thanks for your feedback
  4. Mununkulus

    Multiple Pieces of Hazardous Terrain

    picking up on this, I had a situation last night where we were not sure about the ruling. Lilith placed 2 consuming land markers next to each other, touching. In a later round, my opponent wanted to push a terror tot st that he would enter both markers at the same time. Q1: do 2 touching markers of the same kind count as one bigger "zone" ? We had the discussion once in another game with dense terrain placed inside of dense terrain and we actuelly never clarified that either could you see through the dense marker inside a dense forest or do they "stack" ? Q2: if they are treated as separate zones, do you flip twice as you enter 2 markers or is it either way one flip per push max?
  5. Mununkulus

    Countering summoning engine crews

    I played Lilith into Kirai this weekend. I have to admit, my opponent is the store owner and was distracted by customers a couple of times and made some mistakes he probably usually wouldn't do. Still, the match ended up being very one-sided. In order to avoid Ikiryo, I used a combo of tangle shadows and black blood (ability and postule) to kill the summons that popped up. Nekima with Grow and Mature then turned injured Tots into Nephs and Lilith summoned new Tots of BB kills. The strat was Extraction, which played heavily in my favor once Lilith had placed her markers and blocked the path to the informant marker. Anything that was summoned was killed in the same round. While the Rider and Tots did Scheme-running.
  6. Mununkulus

    Titania and Nephilims

    Our local community is currently running a league with fixed masters (Titania is mine). After finally getting my hands on Serena B., I was wondering if there was a list with Nephilims that would make more sense with Titania than Lilith (her being the standard nephilim master). Lilitu and Mature Neph all came up in lists I've seen with her before, you probably could even run a growth style list for her with the trigger on her attack to "pass on" the kill I assume ? Thoughts ?
  7. Mununkulus

    Titania Tactica

    I figured out that much but since this will only be my 2nd game with her, I was hoping for a little more in depth comments, maybe even a list of someone who has played this match-up before and succeeded.
  8. Mununkulus

    Titania Tactica

    I'll be playing my Titania into Mei Feng this week. Any list suggestion that circumvents "vent steam" ? Casting against her crews always seems like a waste of resources.
  9. Mununkulus

    Changelings and Voodoo Dolls

    After a quick check-up with our local Hench, it seems that the action containing a condition naming a model counts as the action naming the model. So it does not work to copy hem.
  10. Mununkulus

    Changelings and Voodoo Dolls

    How so ? The attack doesn't mention a model by name, the applied condition if the attack succeeds only mentions the Voodoo Doll.
  11. Mununkulus

    Wave 5 refining our meta

    She hasn't been officially released though, has she ?
  12. Mununkulus

    Tournament advice

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice as my usual adviser can not be trusted this time (he plays the same tournament). So I play Neverborn, as does half the player pool appearently (others are my feared 10T friends and Ressers), and I own Lynch, Titania, Zoraida and Lilith. What would your crew suggestions be for the following S&S pools: Game 1: Corner Depl. - Interference - Claim Jump, Eliminate, Frame for Murder, Tail Em, Inspection Game 2: Standard - Guard the stash - CJ, Dig their graves, Covert breakthrough, Huntin party, Last stand Game 3: Standard - Headhunter - CJ, Frame for murder, Accusation, Show of force, Recover evidence I look forward to your suggestions
  13. Mununkulus

    Your Neverborn crew cores

    Hmm, I used a similar crew so far with Zoraida only. I read the battle reports and it does indeed take a lot of pressure of McT, who usually is the main focus of my opponents. With Huggy up close in their faces, that would indeed shift focus on to him I assume while McT has the freedom to move in closer. Out of curiosity, why no Doppleganger ? I usually bring her with McT to generate more shots.
  14. Mununkulus

    Your Neverborn crew cores

    What I had in mind was sorta like this: Interferrence as strategy My preferred crew core for this is Lilith with Spawn Mother, Bad Juju, 2 Waldgeist, 1 Wisps + additional models / upgrades based on schemes. This gives you a lot of activations, control through Tangle Shadows to misplace your opponents models, as well as durable board presence in waldgeists. Guard the stash as strategy Zoraida, McTavish, Spawn Mother, Doppleganger, 1 Silurids, 2 Wisps + additional models/upgrades Plenty of shooting action for McT and Doppel for anything that comes close to the stash markers and displacement through Z's obey, while gupps are more or less sacrificed to claim the markers. Silurid as scheme runner (claim jump is more or less auto 3 points). open for improvement and discussion of course I currently run Z and Lilith in most of my games, but recently finished up Lynch and have Titania almost ready.
  15. Mununkulus

    Your Neverborn crew cores

    Hi guys, so in a lot of topics, the fact came up that most people use a core of models with every master and adapt a few things based on opposing faction and strategies. So I'm curious... what are your core crews for the different Neverborn masters and what are the "Extras" you swap in for specific opponents/strats ?