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Found 11 results

  1. Is there any way for model to take from impassable hazardous terrain marker, if the marker itself doesn't move (that interaction is covered by p. 36)? " Hazardous Terrain:After a model moves through or resolves one of its Actions while in Hazardous Terrain, it suffers the effects of the Hazardous Terrain after the current Action or Ability is resolved (Rules, p. 37)." "Impassable: Models and Markers cannot move through Impassable Terrain, which often includes solid objects, such as Ice Pillars. Objects cannot be Dropped or placed overlapping Impassable Terrain (Rules, p. 37)." "Any time a model’s base is overlapping terrain, it is said to be in that terrain. If a model’s base is touching terrain (either overlapping or directly next to the terrain), that model is within 0" of that terrain. (Rules, p. 36)" I would say RAI, yes. By moving into base to base with it. RAW ?
  2. I had a discussion with a friend about the wording and effects regarding charges made into hazardous terrain. Option A, the move and attack actions count as separate actions. (the charging model takes one damage for the move aspect of the charge, and after attacking it takes another damage) Option B, taking a "Charge action" involves both the movement aspect and attack aspect of the text, and the action itself isn't completed until after the attack is made (so it would only take one damage) We've discussed it, but figured it wouldn't hurt to get a general consensus for it.
  3. What happens if a model copy and uses an ability to create Hazardous terrain but that model don't meet the requisites to be immune to it? It would be the case of for example Cassandra Felton using upstage to copy Ice Golem's Blizzard or Mei Feng's Vent Steam. It seems that if the model is in the Hazardous terrain at any point of the resolving actions steps (pg 23 rulebook), they suffer the effects of said terrain. So as the hazardous terrain is created while the model is resolving the action, I guess the resolving model will suffer the effects of the terrain after the action they used to create it. Is that right?
  4. Quick question on hazardous terrain. The FAQ says: 31) If two or more pieces of hazardous terrain overlap, and a model enters it, would the model suffer more than one damage flip? For example, if Jaakuna Ubume’s aura overlaps with a physical piece of hazardous terrain? A: No. The model would only suffer a single damage flip. Kaeris places two 50mm markers that count as hazardous terrain, touching each other. Do you take two tests if you touch both markers in a single move/push? We've been assuming that you do, but the FAQ about overlapping markers makes me think maybe you don't?
  5. I'm almost at the point where I own the entire resser faction, except for sloth. Jaakuna Ubume has been in my possession for s while yet I've only used her in Henchmen Hardcore. Yet I see so much potential. The dream for me is Jaakuna and two drowned locking down the center of the board. Yet she never makes the table for me. Granted, im only now building Kirai and the non-undead spirits. The Jaakuna indirect damage can be great for denying the suited scheme, Frame for Murder. My question is, how have you used Jaakuna? And how glorious is it killing models with terrain damage?
  6. Hello i'm new in the Forum so i hope i'm in the right place for the question I've a few questions and it would be great if some of you could answer to them: 1) Can a model decide to avoid spending Ap and just "skip" his turn? (i know he can't take it back later on but could he just pass in order to prevent zoraida from drawing cards due to bewitch? 2) Can a model hit himself with an Mi action? i know all models have LoS on themselves but can they actually punch their own face (fight club style)? This would be useful for obey's purpouse 3)I'm a bit confused upon Hazardous terrain when do i have to flip for the damage? Let's make an example: my opponent has jaakuta Ubume which get in range to a model of mine, in that moment do i have to flip for damage? if she lure another model in, or i Wk/Cg toward her it'll have to make the flip? 4) Do all ability Stack? When/When not? Disturbing whisper, Misery ... they all stack? Wouldn't it be a bit too strong? I hope it's all clear my English is not the best, thanks all malifolks!
  7. I've had mixed rulings from this and was wondering if I could get an official ruling. For the Mysterious Emissary's Hungry Land Markers it states "Hungry Land Markers are Ht 0, Severe, Hazardous Terrain which deal 1/4/5 damage. Any model which ends a move or push within 3" of a Hungry Land Marker must pass a TN 14 Wk duel or suffer damage as if entering it." From the Rulebook here is how hazardous is defined: Hazardous - Terrain that is considered hazardous deals damage to models that Activate while within it, or enter it (if they are pushed, moved, or placed within the terrain). All hazardous terrain deals 1/2/4 damage by default, but some may cause greater damage if both players wish. The opposing player flips for hazardous terrain damage, which may not be cheated. A model may only suffer damage from each piece of hazardous terrain once during each Turn; it is immune to further damage from that piece of terrain during that Turn. 1. Does the dmg from failing the wk duel (I'll call it "bubble") count as hazardous terrain damage (which then would causing the model to become immune to the "bubble" dmg till the end of the turn) or just normal damage? 1a. If you took the dmg from the "bubble", would you also be immune to the dmg from landing on the Hungry Land Marker? 2. If you're within 3 of two Hungry Land Marker's does it cause 2 checks if you end a walk inside both of them? Thanks for the clarification!
  8. It just occured to me we might be playing wrong. If a rotten belle lures an incorporeal model into hazardous terrain, we assumed it was damaged but on a closer read I see the incoporeal rule says "This model ignores, and is ignored by, other models and terrain during any movement or push." So does an incoporeal model never take damage from it? Or always? Or only when it activates in it?
  9. We have recently faced a complicated situation and do not know how to figure it out. I might plan my crew's strategy around this so it's rather important. All three models charge Ama no Zako. How many hazardous terrain damage flips do they take? Model A starts outside the aura, then moves into hazardous river, then moves inside the aura. Model B starts inside the aura and moves through the river. Model C starts inside both instances of hazardous terrain, and has parts of its base be inside the aura but not in the river. We know that a model can take damage from each piece of hazardous terrain once per turn as per page 74 of Rules Manual. We also know that if multiple sources of hazardous terrain overlap, the damage is taken only once, as per the FAQ. But how do we resolve the situation where a model triggers several overlapping pieces in points where they do not overlap? Do they merge into a single piece of hazardous terrain by this point? What would happen to a hypothetical model D that moves, and during its movement enters and then exits the river terrain, and moves into an aura after that? Thank you in advance.
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