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  1. New to the forum and game. My buddy Kurt bought me a crew for Christmas and I drug my feet I. Getting into the game, but with COVID hitting I took the time to read the rules, put the gremlins together and build a board. With this project it has to be a show stopper, something that our local Henchman can use to demo the game and lure people in. With this first one I was really inspired with the Borderlands DLC Tentacles, Guns and Love, there is one area of the map with a series of fish vendors and houses smothered together that I wanted to emulate. This is a rough approximation, but going for t
  2. How ignoring terrain but having to physically place in the board interact? I mean, Incorporeal states the model ignores terrain (not that it may ignore terrain); so I guess placing an incorporeal model on top of a building/terrain is legal, but why can I place it on top of something it is ignoring? The alternative and non-intended reading (imo) being that a model moves ignoring that terrain which would cause it to end its movement overlaping the terrain which is an ilegal placement, so that model cannot be moved anywhere near of terrain. Can a Incorporeal model move on top of a mul
  3. Hi, I would like to share my up to date buildings and table elements. Further on I will show some of the steps on how I make the stuff. I’m trying to build a semi-modular city board which transports the nightly atmosphere of the Malifaux artwork (chapeaux dear artists!). Even though it might be to dense or a bit unpractical (“Lets walk up this tower [for the view]; it’s only 30” up!”) I want to build a “downtown”. After all, in games, I will not need to place all the terrain pieces :-) Hope You like it (first pictures will follow soo
  4. Hello. Sooo.. A short introduction of myself: I started playing and painting miniatures back in the days of Hero Quest and Warhammer 40k second edition. After some 15 years of active playing, I have been quite inactive (family, work, even other hobbies..) Also I have had some issues with my shoulders / neck, which have somewhat limited my painting. Three years ago I found Malifaux, and bought some miniatures with no intent to play the game - I was planning to just use them for role playing and such. Anyway, I love the aesthetics a lot. And like the characterful rules a lot as well. I have
  5. To help my fellow terrain builders I have compiled a list of useful sites and resources. Feel free to add to the list: A must read for all terrain builders http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/100508-malifaux-terrain/#comment-721495 Official Plastcraft Malifaux Scenery http://www.plastcraftgames.com/en/69-designed-for-malifaux Tips, Tricks and How To's https://davidneat.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/model-making-basics-creating-surfaces/ http://terrainwench.blogspot.com.au/ (there is a great article on making rock walls) http://fan
  6. Hello! I am new to Malifaux! Do Wyrd official / any of you got any standard/epic battlefield set-up suggestion for Malifaux? Like dust_2 map for Counter Strike or Summoner's rift for the league. Just want to have some reference for a fair battlefield set-up.
  7. I have nothing and am looking for a good place to start. I read on another post that for a 3 x 3 game area you should cover a 3rd with terrain, is this a default amount or is there advantages/disadvantages to less/more. Going to get a cobblestone mat with the 3e markings because i am going to need all the help i can get but where do i start on buildings and such. Is there guide line of "must haves" and then "nice to haves" to make the game playable or can i just wing it? I will be making some bits no idea how far my skills will take me but crates, walls and such should be w
  8. So here's the situation: I was running a Lilith list against my friend, and I used the Transfixing Gaze spell to push one of his units into hazardous terrain. The ability says that the model in question takes damage if it ends the push in base contact with hazardous or impassable terrain. He argues that this damage is from the terrain and not the spell action, therefore the 1/2/3 flip replaced the 1/2/4 for moving through Hazardous terrain. My arguement is that the spell, as an opposed duel, counts as an attack and is the source of the damage, so both flips would apply. Maybe one of us is wron
  9. Quick question on hazardous terrain. The FAQ says: 31) If two or more pieces of hazardous terrain overlap, and a model enters it, would the model suffer more than one damage flip? For example, if Jaakuna Ubume’s aura overlaps with a physical piece of hazardous terrain? A: No. The model would only suffer a single damage flip. Kaeris places two 50mm markers that count as hazardous terrain, touching each other. Do you take two tests if you touch both markers in a single move/push? We've been assuming that you do, but the FAQ about overlapping markers makes me think maybe you
  10. I will attempt to explain my question as succinctly as possible, if you would like more clarification or reasoning behind my current interpretation, please ask. Zipp's ability "up we go" is worded: "Place the target anywhere within 5" of its current position, not in terrain". Originally I did not think this was confusing, until discussing Enclosed terrain features. Enclosed features specifically reference things being inside of them. What I would like to know, is the "IN" in Zipp's ability, referencing this, so that you cannot put someone inside of enclosed te
  11. I've been reading a few bat reps lately and seeing images from tables at other stores around the world. I've never thought our tables were empty but they've always been fairly flat. Houses, walls, forests, impassable rock formations. Locals have stated this is due to the rules for vantage points and attacking from heights being a bit troublesome and giving an edge to crews with snipers (katanaka, trappers, etc). It might just be a lack of accessible terrain but how do you tackle towers, rooftops and hills? Fair, unfair?
  12. Hello guys, can someone explain briefly how terrain levels vs CC engagement works? If we have two models where one is standing on the terrain and the other right beneath and: 1. terrain is 2" and model beneath has HT2 and 3" engagement. 2. terrain is 2" and model beneath has HT3 and 1" engagement. In which situation model can attack the one standing on top and how far can it be placed from the edge?
  13. If a marker has a terrain feature like impassable or blocking, is the marker considered to be terrain? Some markers are listed as being terrain, such as the Shard Markers created by the Carrion Emissary, but others such as the Stash Markers in Guard the Stash, have terrain features but aren't listed as being terrain. This is important for abilities like Seamus' Back Alley which states that he must be placed within 1" of blocking terrain. There are also several placement abilities that say that a marker or model can't be placed in or touching terrain.
  14. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    Just another view of some of the items for sale (non-cheese): gremlin food, poison, misc items, some kinda cola...
  15. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    A view of the inside. I designed the house so it would just come off (as does the roof) for ease of placing miniatures etc.
  16. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    Another view of the inside, facing towards the door.
  17. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    A view of the assortment of items available for sale, including of course, Cheese. Though if you ask, they'll likely be out of almost everything!
  18. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    Just a view of the back for completionist sake.
  19. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    And where would the loyal patrons of the Cheese Shop, go?
  20. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    A closer view of the front of the shop.
  21. From the album: Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    This is the front of one of my pieces of Terrain I made for Malifaux. It's a Cheese Shop (think Monty Python). It was designed to fit in with a western, more desert town feel.
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