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Found 2 results

  1. I'm very new to Malifaux in terms of games. After a recent painful experience getting absolutely clobbered by Kirai, and with the apparent dominance of Nicodem crews, I'm keen to figure out how to beat summoning crews with Neverborn masters. My first thought was 'alpha strike'. One generic option might be taking Serena Bowman and loading up heavy-hitting enforcers with Warped Reality. We have a few that can really dish out the pain (Mature Nephilim in particular) and can leave a hefty dent in whatever they go after. I thought Lazarus might be particularly good too, thanks to his damage reduction and ranged blasts. The downside is that it's a fairly straightforward strategy, our enforcers aren't the most resilient, and if you deploy first it's probably getting countered. If it doesn't work, you're probably done. Something similar could also be done with access to lots of pushes. With Mr Graves and a Doppelganger, we can fling an extra model forward quickly. My concern is that anything short of Nekima won't be adequate alone, but even she is quite vulnerable when unsupported. Another variation might be using a lot of Lures to pull models out of the summoning engine area and kill them off. I'm not sure how viable this idea would be. My last idea was Lilith with 2 Terror Tots/other fast cheap models and 2 big hitters, with or without Serena Bowman. The upside is that you're not locked into an alpha strike, and none of those models aren't things you would only take to counter summoners. The downside is that it's resource intensive: you need 2 9+ cards, plus Soulstones for each that isn't a Mask, and that's just to set it up - you still need to hit stuff hard enough to break the summoning engine. Maybe the pressure will be enough if the turn-one hit doesn't work - I lack the experience to be an effective judge. I initially thought Taelor might be worthwhile as a counter, but she's very slow. Also, if I understand the tactics correctly, by the time they're summoning models, it's often too late. She'd be a good speed bump, but maybe not enough of a pre-emptive striker. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions for any Neverborn master against such crews are more than welcome. I don't have Lynch, Zoraida, Dreamer or Collodi, but I'm sure I'm not the only one struggling against summoning engine crews.
  2. ok so here's my dreamer alpha strike(i don't know if its common or not) list important parts Dreamer/Lcb 2x Daydreams Deploy one daydream in a very safe spot with space for the dreamer and lcb to be called back to(daydream 1) second daydream as close to your opponents model that you want to die(I like going after the master).(daydream 2) last place the dreamer within 6" of both 1st turn companion the dreamer with his two daydreams daydream 2 activates (1) walk 6" (1) magical extension frightening dream bring out LCB within 6" (0) Calm Nightmares-bury lcb bring out dreamer in b2b Dreamer Activates (0) I can fly (1)walk 7" *now your at 20" from where daydream 2 started if the model you wanna attack is with in 4" do this (0) nightmare Friend bring out lcb in b2b LCB activates (+1)melee expert attack model with ten in claws *at this point you're attacking a model that was 24" away from daydream 2 *don't forget triggers esp onslaught (1) attack model again if you need to or walk closer to another target (1) and one more time if you need to or hey another model (0) dreamer's daydream (daydream 3) to summon a daydream but don't place farther than 6" away Daydream 3 activates (0) calm nightmares bring out the dreamer in b2b (1) walk to a good position to either let this model be killed to bring out say a teddy or out of harms way. Daydream 1 activates (1) magical extension frightening dream bring out LCB within 6" (0) calm nightmares bring out the dreamer in b2b *(1) lead nightmare to pull daydream 2 back into companion range * another fun thing is to leave daydream 3 out by the other teams crew as bait so that when they go and kill him they summon a nightmare (i like teddy for this) as they die and you'll have a dead daydream to do another alpha strike with *also to add some more range instead of having the dreamer take only one ap have him walk again for another 7" then do his nightmare friend 0 action and if you need it have lcb use his general ap that he's left with to walk again then just use his melee expert and hope for onslaught(or cheat it) *you can also always drop a bunch of nightmares at 26" with the dreamer frighting dream trigger all my friends So with this you have at least one attack with lcb up to 35" away from where your first daydream activated and put The Dreamer in a very safe spot. Questions? Ideas to make it better? (yes I know run on sentences)
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