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Found 4 results

  1. Hello friends, new to the forum, and to Neverborn. Thinking about picking up Zoraida and I had some questions about Changelings and Voodoo Dolls... Firstly, how does Copycat work with Hem? Hem specifically states that a model "gains the following Condition until this model takes this Action again or leaves play." Soooo, if a Doll Hems something, and then a Changeling Copycats Hem onto something else, you should now have two models with the Sewn Fate condition, right? As written models only lose the Condition if "this model" takes the Action a second time. Not any model. This seems pretty good for multiplying the Doll's mischief. I understand I will need at minimum an 11 of Masks for this to work, but assuming I have it in hand this seems like a good time to use it. Nextly, I hear people like to take a Nurse to..."treat"...the Voodoo Doll, and this seems awesome. With Copycat you can stack insane Poison on a Doll and its related Sewn Fate friends, and with no real downside as Syringe is a Ml4 unsuited Action anyway. In a reasonable turn with just one Nurse and Changeling you should be able to get to at least Poison +16...right? Then I thought, does anyone ever take a Performer to then "pop" that insane Poison bomb (on the Sewn Fate target, not the Doll) to do like 16ish dmg at 12 inches? Also, assuming you don't kill the target due to Hard to Kill, they still take 1 dmg when the Doll's Poison ticks down at the end of turn. This seems goodish, and possibly unexpected...especially against a crew with little condition removal. Thoughts? I am thinking something like this to start, based solely on models I own plus Zoraida crew if I get it... Zoraida with Hex Bag (for Burning or blocking SS use) Barabaros with Thousand Faces (to gum up the middle with challenge...though I would consider another model here) Illuminated x 2 Performer Nurse Changeling x 3 (this could also be one Changeling and some Tots...or something else, but I love a good Changeling or two, especially following an Illuminated around) Anyway, looking for answers to my Qs, input, etc. Thanks!
  2. So last night my Malifaux buddy and I ran a small 35SS game, Guild vs Neverborn. We were kicking the tires on some new models we had. I was running Zoraida and included one Changeling. He was running Lucius and had Brutal Emissary. At one point, the Brute Em sucked up my lil Changeling with Back in the Box. When he popped out, I used Copycat & pulled off a good card to take him off the board for a round. Sooooo... are we following the rules correctly here? Back in the Box didn't name the Brutal Emissary. So it looked legit... though a bit ridiculous. (Of course, if I'm doing this right... it's ridiculously awesome that a 4SS model removed a 10SS Emissary henchman for one round.)
  3. Changeling Surprise! If multiple models had made a push or move that was not part of a walk action, would the Changeling be able to 'surprise' them all? Ta Doc
  4. Hey! I missed a large part of the latest beta so I'm late to the changeling show. They automatically copy actions but at a value of 4 and with no triggers. They can also attack for free if someone ends a push in range of any action they can take. I figured austringers of course since they can copy to attack 18" with focus which should keep their squishy selves hidden and cause some grief for the opponent even with the low attack value. With Lucius' emmissary they can copy the backstab which is cool but with no charge kinda meh. Copying the box on friendlies would be awesome because of the "beam me up scotty" feel but I'm not sure it's gonna win games (anyone know a good way to use this?). It would of course mess with your opponent if you both took power ritual. Graves has a far to high tn on his push to be any fun (they are gonna need a 9 I think). Part two: we don't have that many pushes to get free attacks. I figured a hunter could pull stuff into some sort of zone of death, anything else?
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