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  1. Incorporeal is just a cherry on top of an already pretty good dessert. It isn't the real challenge presented by the crew. The point was that there are many advantages the crew brings to the table including fast movement, armor, terrifying, good damage output, regeneration, armor ignoring attacks, and incorporeal. The real challenge presented by the crew is lucid dreams though. My opponents haven't maxed this out. I haven't seen them pull 16 cards out by the end of turn two, it's probably closer to half that. Since it's an immediate action Lucid Dream is performed in addition to whatever else my opponent is doing (schemes, killing, etc...). It isn't an either or (although the summoned models will often use an action to perform Lucid Dream since it is such an impactful ability). In M3e we're seeing a bit more of an attrition game versus a blitzing alpha-strike game so the accretive nature of Lucid Dream has a measurable impact in turn two or three but a profound impact in turns three and four. There are generally plenty of enemy interactions and reasonable resources devoted to scheming. Lucid Dream doesn't hinder that but rather makes it better. The last game I played my opponent didn't bring stitched. He didn't think they were necessary to realize the value of Lucid Dreams, and he was right. Over the course of the game he had to take a moderate or two, but his deck was fantastic. If your experience is accurate, and I'm sure it is, the impact of having 10-12 cards ranging between 1-6 removed from the game is nothing sort of awesome. It's great too with a crew with so much terrifying that will naturally deplete an opponents hand. So you're more likely to be winning any duel on the initial flip and therefore be in a position to cheat second and be more capable of winning a duel. Not only does your card flip on the initial duel have an average of 1.5 more (using your example) but your control hand will average 1.5 more as well. That is really strong.
  2. I've played several games against Dreamer recently and have been having a difficult time with them. Lucid Dreams has been the core focus of my opponent in each of those games. A couple of folks mentioned the need to strike quickly and take down some key pieces of the crew to not give him time to change the nature of his deck, which I agree is a good tactic. The challenge is that it isn't quite as easy as all that. The crew itself, even without Lucid Dreams, isn't bad. They have a lot of terrifying, which can burn your hand pretty rapidly. They have a decent amount of other defensive abilities in the crew like regeneration, incorporeal, and even a bit of armor. The crew also puts out great damage, can summon, and is really fast since they have some pushes, incorporeal, and some Mv 6 and 7 models. If your opponent isn't terrible he'll make it very difficult to just waltz in and take out a couple of key pieces. Of course in my last game I made it more difficult on myself by flipping a BJ with Ototo that would have taken out Chompy in round 2 and later flipping a BJ on a Misaki charge that would have likely eliminated Teddy in round 3. Regardless, it is unlikely you're going to cruise in and take out enough to massively impact the Lucid Dreams engine. As a Misaki player I've loved the ability to shuffle a few high cards back into the deck abandon honor and think it's pretty powerful for a round. Lucid Dream is the inverse of that but its effects last for the whole game. I've played quite a few games through beta, open, and recently and the Nightmare crew is easily the strongest crew I've played against.
  3. A dreamer crew can chew through armor pretty easily with twist reality.
  4. OK, since I'm going to see the new John Wick movie tonight I got to thinking about the massive void I feel without Gun Fu monks. Can we really live without them? I don't think so. I know the Arcanists have the gunsmiths, but it would be so much fun to have a gun-toting, chi-using, badass on Shenlong's team. How about 8 point monk keyword models with hard to kill, rapid fire, and a primary weapon attack as a 2/4/5 6-stat, 8" gun that ignores friendly fire and has a double tap trigger to discard a chi token for +2 damage (ram) and maybe a quick reflexes trigger. They wouldn't have gunfighter, but rather a 5-stat melee action that is only 1/2/3 but has a built in trigger to take the gun action, ignoring engagement. Immediate action intuition. Yeah, probably too good. Doesn't mean I don't want them on the team! C'mon Wyrd!
  5. The samurai really are fantastic. Good ranged, good melee, self-healing, self-focus. They really do have it all. I too like deploying a pair of them on either side with trained ninja in idols. I've faced a lot of dreamer lately though, so they've been staying the box.
  6. It's a bit late, but I think these boxes would be so much better if they included more breadth and less depth. I would prefer to see one Geisha in the box rather than three and have it include a Kabuki Warrior and a Kunoichi. The support box might have one or two more of each of those models to expand your crew. It probably wouldn't be the best business decision for Wyrd, but it would benefit me! It's pretty common for me to paint up one or two minion models for a crew and leave the other one or two on the sprue. Although who am I really kidding. I'd wind up buying both boxes anyway, but probably just for the one additional Kabuki.
  7. This has nothing to do with the RJ being in the hand, however, I assume that with that trigger you've already seen the opponent's hand before you pick a suit (because you resolve the initial effect before subsequent effects). Reveal hand, name suit, take damage. Correct?
  8. Yeah, I've played against Dreamer twice recently and everything my opponent had could attack willpower in some way. It's really easy to pop out the nightmare summons and, even better, you can put them pretty much wherever you want them to be. Obviously you need to be prepared to cheat in a good card from time to time (and have it available) but the crew can coordinate their unbury really easily. It can be a pretty strong crew I think, but it also seems to be one you can counter pretty easily.
  9. Perhaps you can't predict the statue, but it probably won't be too uncommon to see samurai. It would be in your best interests to include anti-armor when going up against TT.
  10. I prefer the sculpt to the artwork in this case, I think the sculpt looks great. I don't play Bayou, but if I did I'd purchase one right away. Please don't make an alt Big Hat crew using Tina Turner as inspiration though, I would have to buy Bayou if that happened.
  11. The gameplan is normally to have them scheme, but in a couple of games recently they've actually become fodder for beaters. I used one to slow down the Jury in a game against Lady J and another got in Hannah's face in a game against Von Schill. They both were shredded of course, but prevented the opponent from doing what he wanted. Above all though, even with pass tokens (great mechanic by the way) activation control is still powerful. Having more models on the table to do whatever it is you want to do is (almost) always valuable.
  12. Played Misaki in a small tournament recently and for two of the games I went with: Misaki, Shang, Ototo, Minako, Crime Boss, Torakage, Tanuki, Effigy. The other I swapped Ototo, the Boss, and Effigy for 2 Samurai with Ninja. Minako has been my first hire in every game and I've been summoning a Katashiro in round one in every game. Usually the torakage will change a scheme marker for a shadow to create that additional summon point. I can't really envision a situation where I wouldn't take Minako. Maybe reckoning. She normally only summons one in a game and only once I believe did she summon two, but it's really nice having that extra activation. The torakage are really great scheme runners and fun models.. I also see one of those as mandatory in every game. The rest of the crew is still a work in progress. Ototo I have mixed emotions about. He can be pretty incredible, but that 4/4 defense can be a liability. 22 points of samurai is a bit much but they can be very solid models that can sit on two idol points from round one or be within striking distance of your opponents deployment with their gatling guns I can't wait to try archers, but don't have any yet.
  13. Has that tactic worked pretty well for you Outplayed? That is, the Ototo hop up and get commanded, get initiative rd2 and do it again? It sounds good, but I see myself outpacing the rest of the crew with Misaki and Ototo, killing a model or two early in round 2 but using a decent number of resources and being highly susceptible to a counterpunch that removes one or both of them from the game. Ototo is only 4/4 with 10 wounds. He is 12 stones at that point that I could see my opponent happily ganging up on and removing from the board if they weren't doing the same with Misaki. It seems to me this crew is much better suited to picking off the peripheral models in the first two rounds and winning a war of attrition rather than looking for an alpha, but I haven't tried it with these guys.
  14. I played him a few times early in the beta process (when Pandora was much better) and I was not impressed with him at all. Everything he has is solid, but I really don't like models that expensive that don't have a way to do more. With most models in the 10 point range you'll find flurry (like Teddy), onslaught (Hinimatsu), or a better immediate action (rider). The Carver is going to hit and do 3 damage every attack, so he's reliable, but his swift action takes away his critical, which drops him to min 2 if you use it instead. He's not really underpowered as such, but I probably won't be putting him on the table.
  15. Don't tell @Rusty Alyce that! He was the Levi player in that tournament!
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