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  1. I got a similar but different version of the male model. He's bald for one. He has a slightly different torso than the one in the picture. In the picture the male MH has his right arm extended to shoot and his left pistol raised. On my model the left arm is extended forward and has the right arm lowered. He's similar, but different.
  2. Trample

    Guild Second at Gencon

    Are you generally dropping the flame round one? If so, you've got 5 stones for 1 round of fast? That extra cast round one is pretty nice, but with the child you save 2ss and can throw up an extra wall to keep Sonnia safe.
  3. Hmm, interesting. Would you mind sending a picture? I would be interested to see what the alt looks like.
  4. Trample

    M3e sculpts

    I can see that. I would guess just about everything will be on the re-sculpt agenda over the next couple of years.
  5. Trample

    M3e sculpts

    Huh. I think Trixie is great. To each his own!
  6. Trample

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    We'll see if those increases are commensurate with a 67% point increase. He does add +3 wounds and +1 df, but loses hard to kill. Hard to kill is phenomenal. It's not 3 wounds and +1 df phenomenal, but it's a good chunk of the way there. His new attack is really a combination of the two old attacks and he is offensively somewhat better for it I think. You're right that Mark Territory is moderately better getting focused vs. defensive but Rude Sign Language is moderately worse in that it is no longer a free action. So, you (and others) are right in that Cojo is better. He doesn't seem like a model that is 67% better to me but rather seems like a model that should be back at his original 8 point cost. Having said that, we have a very limited portfolio of models for comparisons, so I could be dramatically off base. He could very well be worth his full 10 points.
  7. Trample

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    It's interesting that Cojo now has a 10 point cost. He was considered too costly at 8 points recently so was dropped to 6 to bring him into the realm of playability (he's pretty good value there). Now he is listed at 10 points for 3rd edition, at least initially. I think that's interesting since the other models we see there seem to be in the same point range they were before and do pretty similar things. Cojo seems to do similar things now too. I wonder what it is about him that has caused his point value to increase by so much in third. I know it puts him out of range for shapeshifting by Myranda, but there must be more there. Perhaps the mutation upgrades are the variable that makes his point value so much different.
  8. Trample

    10T Keyword thoughts

    Misaki is Katanaka. Wouldn't she get the Katanaka labeled stuff in her retinue?
  9. Trample

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    I think I'll have to find the right base for that Lady J model (although I would like to see a better picture of it). I don't really like the coffin in there so would likely build her without it, but that would require the right base.
  10. Trample

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Yeah, it does look like the paired scheme is always built in so you have 3x2 scheme scoring and 4 potential from the strategy. In addition to the melee ranges tightening up is appears schemes will as well. Dig Their Graves is now scored for a scheme marker within 1"! That is exponentially more difficult than the way it is today but, if they enemy is in base contact you get your full two right away. I wonder if, based on the way these are worded, if you can only score from a given scheme once per game. Most have a 1 point base and a 1 point bonus. It looks like that may be the case. I hope not. I like the game play right now where you identify a scheme (like Dig Their Graves) and work to avoid it or achieve it once it has been revealed. If it is structured the way it appears, all of the game play will be centered around guessing which schemes your opponent took. Also an important part of the game, but it may be the only part. These are easier things to change though.
  11. Trample

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    I didn't notice that. You're right - Snowstorm, Cujo, Marcus, and the Ice Golem all have 1" melee. Those are a decent enough range of models that you could probably say that 1" melee is as good as it gets. I'm not sure I like that at first glance. It would (probably) tip the balance more toward ranged crews perhaps more than it should. I would like to see ranged combat be a bit more of a thing, but maybe not that much more of a thing. There would also be a fairly considerable change to movement and interacting. I guess it's one of those things you would have a spend a bit of time testing to see though.
  12. Trample

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    And the Jackalope is an enforcer too! That's interesting. His method of staying alive is a bit different too. Very interesting stuff.
  13. Trample

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I like change, so I'm generally pretty excited about this. My biggest challenge with the game has been the prevalence of model-specific rules knowledge required to avoid 'gotcha' moments because you haven't played against model x in 8 months and couldn't quite recall what that model did. My impression is the range of those potential abilities has been narrowed to a point where it is a bit more manageable and focused on tactics. The more narrow range of conditions can certainly help here as well. On the other hand, I am very worried about the rise of tokens in the game. It looks as if there are plenty that are coming - pass, dream, scandal, flicker, and others. I generally like to avoid bookkeeping crews and don't particularly like playing against them (although I do like Shenlong). I don't want to see little tokens all over the board or on my cards and I certainly don't want to have more in the bag to go along with scheme markers and soulstones. I know many folks already use tokens for various things (activation markers, fast markers, dice for damage). I don't particularly like that stuff cluttering up the battlefield. I understand it and don't mind playing against folks who prefer that. I certainly don't say anything, but I am worried about more of it. Personally I have no issue with master turnover, although Nicodem really surprises me. He's your quintessential necromancer and I'm not sure Von Schtook fills that gap. We'll see! I hope the height rules improve! Can't wait for more details!
  14. Can't make it that day unfortunately. I hope to visit your group for a tournament soon!
  15. Trample

    Operation: MisShen Impossible

    Wow, that doesn't sound like a very fun opponent. His crew isn't exactly poor at taking a charge and reacting well, and you weren't playing an overbearing crew by any stretch of the imagination. Shenlong is good, but not crazy. I would have liked to hear how it turned out. It sounds like you positioned your crew well and would have done well, but you never know. Too bad. I hope you have other opponent options!