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  1. Yeah, pig makes way more sense, and I mixed up Big Hat and Sooey anyway! You can tell I don't play bayou!
  2. So, Stumpy in Swampfiend? Ruffles in Tricksy? Bo Peep in Big Hat (maybe Infamous - the pig does have a peg leg after all)?
  3. It's a different deck. The new one (in the starter box) has a black back with a white bordered face. The Explorer deck sold individually has a bright teal on the back with black bands around the image on the cards. They look very different in the pictures.
  4. I agree with is leap > +1 mv, flight, and butterfly jump, but the feathered wings upgrade remains with the model. Each of those abilities (or stat bonus) can be used multiple times while the leap is single use. The leap is more likely to help you score a point or get into a critical position, and so the Rocket Boots upgrade could still be the better upgrade, but the semi-permanency of Feathered Wings is really attractive.
  5. Do you think Cadmus will hold up to gunlines? Something like a Dashel crew who can pepper them from range while throwing some chaff in their way as they advance perhaps? It seems like that might be a way to use their low movement against them, although there are only a few factions who can pull something like that off. I'm sure the emissary would slow that roll a bit though. That defense 7 is killer. I wonder too if Tara might be a decent answer to a crew like this.
  6. You have multiple models in the Von Schtook crew who can very reliably stun Lady J - specifically the Valedictorian and the Student of Sinew. I would make sure these models keep her stunned and reserve your highest two cards for this every round until she's dead. If Lady J is stunned she really can't do much to you.
  7. Trample


    You can play the attrition game right alongside him with Dashel as well. I would make sure you take out Lord Chompy with an executioner dive on turn 1 if you're doing that, but otherwise you can keep up with the summons and use similar tactics. A rifleman (or two) could focus on the daydreams. You have ruthless models in wardens. You have some take the hit, but you may want to add Phiona into your crew with LLC to help further protect your key models. He's going to be sculpting his deck with many of his models, but you do have card draw in a Dashel crew.
  8. There are a number of keywords that can grow these guys pretty quick, and they're solid in any of them, but Wastrel where these guys are really going to shine. There you'll be giving them fast and other benefits from McCabe's upgrades. I don't think either DUA or Frontier has quite as much use for them where McCabe doesn't have the Samurai or other great TT minions. The Botanist isn't a bad substitute once he has a couple of grow tokens. Also, as you pointed out, Wastrel isn't doing anything additional during the turn to remove the tokens, it is just part of their normal routine.
  9. What if Lazurus just lost the gun symbol on his shockwave? Would that be enough to make him worthwhile? He could still be a decent tank in most situations, but wouldn't get locked in to combat so easily. Perhaps he could also have a couple of triggers on his shockwave that represent different grenade types. Perhaps a targeted grenade which allows Freikorps to ignore it, maybe a concussion grenade blown back trigger, and a condition-inducing sonic grenade (slow & staggered).
  10. These guys aren't useful very often, but when you want one they can be very effective. Their ability to clear certain conditions, remove corpse & scrap markers, and remove destructible terrain is pretty fantastic. If you think McCabe is going to ride in and pepper your crew with his netgun the trooper can save your bacon. If I don't need to do any of those things I would never take him, but he does have his uses, so I wouldn't go out of my way to fix him.
  11. Well, the alt was pretty easy. The metal one was before my time though. I built a pillar off of some ruins in the center of the base to secure her raised hoof to, with the point of the lower one just touching the ground. Should be OK. I noticed when I was doing it that Nekima is left handed.
  12. Yeah, when I've played Parker the Emissary is always there and always give Mad Dog the Memento upgrade. They almost always activate together with the Emissary going and moving Mad Dog with Weary Road and dropping the scheme marker to give Mad Dog fast. They're so good together.
  13. How are you guys doing it? I really like the new model, but she really doesn't have much in the way of contact points. I could put her on a flying base, but her extended leg is slightly longer than your normal flying base, making it an interesting attachment challenge. Right now I'm thinking about building up a base with ruins that are structured specifically to give me two contact points, one of which is a vertical contact point for her extended hoof. Thoughts?
  14. It in your sentence being the lodestone since it pops to the nearest model. Since stutter time is a 6" ability that's probably as far as you can move it, correct? So are you normally moving it to the model that stutters time and then having that model move the rest of the way to the next marker?
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