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  1. That's a good way to address it. You're absolutely right, terrifying isn't what it was in 2e (I didn't play in 1e) but I find any situation where I have to make two flips to succeed (one for terrifying and one for the attack) to be resource intensive. I've played against Dreamer a lot in this edition and, even with focus, it seems to require a couple of cards each round. Maybe it's just me, but I also seem to find the black joker on these checks more often than statistics would suggest it be possible! At least it doesn't paralyze me any more.
  2. Yes, you have to pass the check for each attack you make in M3e. That's what makes terrifying to terrifying! It can be a massive drain on your hand against some crews.
  3. Not at all. A Dreamer list can be competitive with only the Lucid Dreams foundation. It will, almost regardless of makeup, bring enough damage output, movement, terrifying, summoning, and other good qualities to be effective. The Dreamer can field a very solid crew without worrying about obey or lure.
  4. It looks like you will only be able to buy the Euripides box from the online store.
  5. But now it will be available for pre-release at Gen Con: https://www.wyrd-games.net/gencon-prereleases The models look really good. I'm looking forward to this one even though I'm not playing Neverborn. Every model in this set looks really good.
  6. The bury summon mechanic is a minor weakness. Very few crews can really exploit it, but if you are running Guild, for example, it becomes something you can take advantage of.
  7. Last night I ran Molly with machine, archie, crooligan, 2x rabble risers, and Seamus against Kaeris in reckoning. I really wanted to see how Seamus did as a second master in reckoning to pick off a key model or two at the right times. It didn't work out that way since I lost my Crooligan right away. Seamus had to help score search the ruins and breakthrough, which he did. He only killed one model in the game but did cause Kaeris to burn through a lot of stones. Seamus is fun though and on the right board I think he could be fantastic.
  8. All great options. The Effigy works well with several crews and would work fine with Von Schtook, although he isn't quite out yet. If you want to play Ressers you'll have to start with another crew. If you like both Titania and Lucius though, why not start with Neverborn. pick one of the two and then expand into the other as you get into it. I would suggest that if you're starting today the Titania crew is a bit easier to start with only because the Lucius crew box has kind of split into two crews - Elite and Guard (I think) so about half of the models in that box won't work well for you. So, maybe grab Titania and a couple of other things like Killjoy or Rougarou and get started. That's the easiest start from the three crews you mentioned.
  9. My cards are the same way. I haven't really used the necropunks much so I hadn't noticed. Odd.
  10. The new Resser cards include B&C models for each of the students in addition to the A models included in the University of Transmortis box. It's a bit odd since they haven't released new cards for models that aren't out yet. They may be just doing it because the models are rare (3) now, but the art is different. I've done a bit of searching but can't find anything out there that tells me if this is just alternative art, if these represent old metal models I haven't seen, or are an indication of new students. Does anyone know?
  11. The Trooper can also help manage the slow & staggered the December crew puts out.
  12. Oh wait, you said so in your original post! I'm sorry, you've got it! I suppose you just want your Archie to be even more piratey, which is just fine. Rather than grab a model from another company you could probably throw a parrot on his shoulder and give him a pegleg without too much trouble to keep him tournament legal.
  13. Just double checking that you've seen the Gen Con crew and Archie's hat: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2019/7/10/waldos-weekly-curse-of-the-dead-tide. It is an undead pirate crew! A great time to be playing Ressers!
  14. Nightmare is a very difficult crew to conquer. I've played against them a lot in M3e and have had more trouble with this crew than any single crew in M2e. Even without stitched in the crew the Lucid Dreams so dramatically changes the composition of the deck that by turn 3 you're facing a situation where your opponent will be winning the initial duel in almost every instance, putting enormous pressure on your hand and making his hand use very opportunistic. He'll also be regularly flipping moderate or severe damage on negative flips, which is very difficult to absorb for long. Although Lucid Dreams is the real power of the crew, they have a ton of other strengths. They have really good damage output, good movement with plenty of movement tricks, good resilience with terrifying and incorporeal, and summoning. One of the most frustrating abilities The Dreamer himself has is diversion. That one drives me crazy. They are a very powerful crew that isn't easy to beat. I agree with what a lot of other folks have said here. You need to go at them hard and fast with everything you've got. When you hear Dreamer as the master the first thing you need to be able to do is hire Ruthless through upgrades or OOK models if necessary because so much of what you're going to have to kill is terrifying. If you can get around that you''ll be in much better shape. The second thing you'll need, and perhaps this is obvious, are models with good hitting ability in the form of high stats, plus flips on the attack, or access to focus. His deck will quickly get hot as he sheds the weak cards so you need every advantage. The last thing that is really handy is the ability to handle speed bumps in the form of alps. A smart Dreamer player will summons alps to slow down your advance (one of my opponents will invest a RJ to summon two whenever he has it). My plan is to usually throw about everything I have at 1-2 models per turn starting in round 1. As others have pointed out, Chompy is a relatively easy and important model to take out quickly. Following Chompy I usually take out whatever I can reach. I do agree that deleting Daydreams is very smart, but if I have an easier time reaching Coppelius, and Alp, or and Insidious Madness I will work to eliminate those (a guy I play against regularly loves the Insidious Madness and they are really solid models with Lucid Dream, a good attack, and good defenses). Like always, making sure you invest enough to delete one model as opposed to wounding several is critical. I will choose models to attack based on my ability to reduce his damage output over my ability to reduce his Lucid Dreams if I am making a choice. Once I am in a position where it's difficult for him to put out a lot of damage, even if he has plenty of models, I start to feel OK about my position (obviously this assumes I am investing a bit in scheming, which we can never fully ignore). I haven't tried a gun line against them, but as others have pointed out it sounds like a good course of action on paper. I would worry about The Dreamer's ability to pop summoned models and Chompy into the middle of my guns though. The Nightmare keyword is very tough and a lot of good models. I haven't faced a stronger crew in this edition.
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