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  1. I agree that it depends quite a bit on the keyword you're facing. I've been asking opponents running keywords I am still not familiar with what capabilities they have to eat scheme markers before I pick schemes. If they have a few things they can do I absolutely avoid those kinds of schemes. I run a lot of Molly, so I wouldn't take those kinds of schemes against me!
  2. Looking forward to seeing it! I've seen the McMourning art on the Malifaux page and he looks fantastic.
  3. Bah, LLC, Shielded +2, Counterspell, Soulstones - no problem!
  4. We've seen better attendance in our area in the last couple of Malifaux tournaments than we have in years. There are new players coming into M3e in pretty good numbers. I don't watch or play any other games, so I don't know what they're switching from, but they're showing up.
  5. I really like the peacekeeper the size he is primarily for transportation and movement purposes. He might be a lot more impressive if he were larger but you could get into an alt huggy situation where it just isn't that manageable to carry and use him.
  6. I would be interested in hearing how he does in-game. I'm not seeing the value for points there relative to my other options in a Molly crew, but I've been wrong before!
  7. Seems like a niche model for that purpose. He obviously heals Archie better than the effigy, nurse, or bone pile but is it worth it for his narrow capabilities after that? The range and standard 3 healing without a flip is really nice.
  8. Buy them. I love Night Terrors. You're right too that they're the most efficient model to summon by the marshal.
  9. Incidentally, my order, which had a shipping label printed on Monday 8/26 was picked up yesterday. Good news.
  10. Oh, I don't think they're doing anything purposefully deceptive. What is likely happening (just guessing) is that they're printing out a picklist and shipping label simultaneously. The shipping label accompanies the picklist through the process of picking in the warehouse. The picked order is delivered to the shipping area where it is hopefully processed by someone other than the picker. The shipper QA's the order, seals the box, and applies the shipping label. The box is then waiting for USPS. It may very will be the case that some of the items on that picklist are not available because one of their partners (like the book shipper) didn't get them what they said they were going to get at the time. It may also be that the stack is so large they are just way behind. Again, just guesses based on what I know other companies do. So if that is what happened it doesn't mean they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes if your order (and mine) have fallen behind in that stack.
  11. They did not. My shipping notice was issued last Monday morning. USPS may not be the most reliable organization in the world, but they aren't wrong in aggregate this much. There are no hurricane related shipping delays in Georgia yet (although there may be some soon). I use USPS's informed delivery service, so I reliably get notices on things that are scanned or are going to be delivered. They are not perfect but USPS does not take 8 days to deliver a 2-day package. I would guess that Wyrd optimistically printed labels for a lot of shipments and didn't receive what they expected. My order doesn't have books so I would guess it is something like the Euripides box.
  12. Love that art. Might have to try him out once that box drops!
  13. He does need a crow to succeed but Molly goes through so many cards that I've found it isn't too difficult to get one when you need it. He's pretty situational though. I probably take him 25% of the time or so in a Molly crew.
  14. I don't know what the USPS practices are, but I revived my shipping notice Monday morning but as of now (Friday evening) my order hasn't moved. I would assume the shipping labels are printed to match with shipments but the order picking hasn't been done yet. It feels a little bit like when the plane backs away from the gate and then they tell you you're not going to take off because the destination airport is restricting traffic. Technically they are credited with an on-time departure but really you're just late. So my 7/31 order is technically shipped but perhaps not yet picked. I'm more frustrated now that I received the shipping notification Monday morning than if I hadn't received one at all.
  15. There are certainly risks. Your other models aren't going to be idle while Molly made her move and hopefully you're not leaving Molly in charge range of Ototo or something, Instead you'll have her 7" away from the Samurai and not on the front lines. Misaki and her crew are fast, so they may be able to get to her, but you're not going to make it easy! If Molly attacked that Samurai at the bottom of turn two she should be able to activate and do something offensively or defensively at the top of turn three if you're worried about her. She can start by picking up 3x shadow markers and taking some of their options away! Molly is rarely in too much danger if she is back just a bit. They will usually need a couple of activations in range to really threaten her. Now, if it were Shenlong instead of Misaki I would be really worried!
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