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  1. Lady J really needs her triggers, so Stunning her is really effective. For that Von Schtook gives you lots of options. The other way to pin her down is with the Necrotic Machine. One he gives her poison she is affected by Neurotoxins, so she can't use triggers or soulstones. She may be able to cut him down in one activation, but it is far from guaranteed with his armor 2.
  2. Speaking of demise, Lord Cooper's Put Down trigger is a real bane to a the heavy demise crews like Leveticus, McCabe, and Yan Lo. He can really mess up normally reliable models like The Midnight Stalker, Serena Bowman, or the Mounted Guard. The Midnight Stalker is the only one of those he can one shot. I would probably hesitate to take any of those into Explorer's Society for that reason, which is interesting because models like TMS and Serena are almost staples in a lot of crews.
  3. You do need focus since it is a cost you have to pay in order to use the Reload action.
  4. Anyone using a second master with Dashel? Lady J, Perdita, Lucius, and Sonnia all seem like they could be possibilities. I haven't tried it mind you, but since he can summon about everything he needs it could be fun to bring different masters for different situations.
  5. I hear you, although I know I'll b buying both boxes, probably just for 2-4 models. I have the original transmortis set already. I want another Sinew Viscera and Steel for sure. I have never used the Student of Sinew Flesh, but I think I like the new models better, so I may use one or two of those. I may paint a third steel just in case I run into a Hoffman crew. (edited to get the damn names right)
  6. Guild Steward is pretty common with a Dashel crew, so they may have some healing there. Queeg can kinda do it on a melee trigger. Targeting Dashel is still a good idea.
  7. Dashel is pretty good against The Dreamer. You've got Wardens with Ruthless, who would be great to throw up against Chompy or Insidious Madness, although they do have some armor-ignoring attacks in the crew. I would probably put a lot of pressure on The Dreamer directly and force him to discard cards with protected, to which you can follow with executes. I would still bring in The Jury OOK. Against Dreamer you really have to figure out target priority. What you choose isn't as important as making a choice and following through. I usually choose to eliminate Chompy first, and then Serena. There's a good argument for eliminating the Daydreams rapidly, since it is easy to do, so that Lucid Dreams doesn't give him a massive hand advantage. Dreamer can be killed by a Dashel crew too. You have access to plenty of focus.
  8. Wow - you think that much will be available? That would be great if we see volume like that right now but that seems a bit aggressive.
  9. Interesting. After a quick browse of the number I didn't see any numbers that were really surprising o far off of what I might expect. Maybe it is slightly more difficult to get a high enough delta to achieve a positive damage flip when you're +4 on a stat with a positive flip than I would have thought. What about you? You've obviously dug in quite a bit here (thank you). What stood out to you?
  10. This is fantastic! TT here I come!
  11. Seamus? I don't see him as an option, but think he is well suited!
  12. Unfortunately I like most of it and consequently have way too many models from every faction. There are a couple of things I really don't like and can't see myself ever picking up. Guilty for one. I have a bit of trouble understand move 5 when you're strapped to a table. I don't like creepy kids a lot - like changelings (even though I have some). For the most part though I have the opposite problem.
  13. It seems to me, and I have been playing as if, the model carrying the lodestone can take an interact action to move said lodestone. I was challenged on that last night. The model is within 1" of itself and is certainly friendly to itself, so I can't imagine what would prevent him from throwing the lodestone to another model himself. Am I right on this?
  14. Very nice looking table! It might be a bit gun-friendly as it's laid out! Well done with the construction.
  15. I haven't seem much lately from Son of a Breach and the Harle'faux show. Anyone know if they're planning to continue? I hope so!
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