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  1. Only 1. I did have severe cards, I'm not sure if he did. I think I had 3 going in on him. He only has the defense 4 either way. I burned them in the attack, which is why I was looking to refill after. I used the focus on the first attack and cheated severe (I had a silly hand from round 1) and had a single ram for 7 (reduced to 5). I stoned for a ram on the second attack and cheated a ram in the attack to ensure the kill.
  2. Not this game. First turn I activated last and used Bounty. I also activated a bit later (probably mid turn) in T2 and charged a samurai. I killed him with 2 AP and was sitting in spot where no one was coming in on them, so with my remaining AP I could either focus or walk and turn on the aura or drop a scheme marker and use bounty again. Since I burned my hand taking out the samurai I chose the latter. I do like it on paper. We'll see if it comes up next time.
  3. I tried the new Viks out for the first time tonight and didn't include Desperate Mercenaries! They are pretty brutal beaters. Since it was corner I was able to put down 3 scheme markers within range of the Viks before they activated - two by placing and one with the Emissary. They were able to pick up those scheme markers to get a RJ, 13, and 9 with claim the bounty! They then walk/charged (starting 6" up with battle tempo and the emissary's push and getting move 7" from the emissary's aura) and took out Black Betty turn one (playing OG Asami). They killed a samurai turn 2 and we called it at the end of turn 2 since his crew was melting (he also lost 3 yokai - one to a ronin, one to vanessa, and other to flicker). It was rough. I brought a scavenger to add focused to the Viks. They really like that spike damage. Their attack (6+ with crit strike, sweeping strike, and 3/4/6) is almost identical to Fuhatsu's gun, and we know how good that is. They aren't ranged obviously, but have a lot more survivability than the OG Viks. My list - Viks, Student, Ronin + Wanted Crimal x2, Vanessa, Scavenger, Emissary, 9 stones. I think they're the real deal.
  4. I tried him for the first time this week with mixed success. My opponent had a McCabe crew with a number of movement tricks to keep someone engaged with Dashel to prevent him from easily charging wherever he wants to go. When he's engaged he really relies on the extra attack to scale up the damage, so he needs stones or masks to pull that off. That means he is prone to being tanked, which is exactly what happened in this game to me. Although I brought the steward, and he successfully put out 3 focus on turn 1, I probably wouldn't bring him in Dashel 2 again unless I'm facing a condition crew. He doesn't do the same kind of work in this version. Part of the problem was that I was in corner and he didn't really keep up, but there are better choices. I did have LLC on him but I might try giving the 2 llcs to 2 executioners next time. I only brought one this time. Dashel has both a self heal and the ability to summon a take the hit model, so maybe he doesn't need it. Minions are good. The soulstone use is very cool, especially with loot their corpse. Mounted guards are great, executioners good, wardens pretty good. The first game was a draw for me, but I may look to try him again next week now that I have a better feel for him.
  5. That may very well be the best use of the Metallurgist. I'm not sure I'll use the model in Freikorps crews though. I'll have to give it a try, but it looks a bit underwhelming.
  6. Second Slice is such a phenomenal ability. Using Nekima games as a guide in which she used black blood offensively to take off that last would, this can perform a similar role with a wider range and more impact. I anticipate this coming in handy at least once a game based on how often it seems I'm frustrated with a HtW model. As a tactical, it is unresisted and bypasses incorporeal and defensive triggers. Since it pings twice it really shines against a HtW model on 2 wounds like Ashigaru or Gracie. You still have to get them to two wounds, but Dashel looks capable of that as well.
  7. These include I think 6 of the top ten I was interested in seeing. There is value in anticipation though.
  8. Yes, that would make a lot more sense. It might not be quite as fun, but it would make more sense!
  9. That would be pretty cool, but I'm going to guess Zipp will be with Euripides if only to give Zipp a completely different type of creature on his ship. He's got gremlins, humans, pigs, and a silurid. Why not a rock (or piano) throwing ogre to join the crew?
  10. Darn - not gonna make this one. Running M2M that day.
  11. I'm not sure I understand what he's doing here. Is he just taking the Pain Transfer attack action, resisted, and therefore flipping two cards and leaving the better of those on the top of the pile?
  12. There's plenty to like about Iron Heart. He isn't better than OG, but you should like (in this order): a) Foul Mouthed motivation - is really like a 3 AP action. It gives focused to Arik or Hannah probably, it heals them, and it attaches an upgrade (like rocket boots) from which you can immediately leap due to Instinctual (or charge with a + to damage which is the part of focused we love most). That's economy right there. b) Marker removal - it's becoming important c) Ruthless - great in certain matchups d) Heavy Claws - it's a 2" 3/4/6 that you're going to spend all of your high crows and several stones to get the adaptive armor trigger. It wouldn't be too crazy to see him with a few (maybe even all 5) upgrades attached in round 3. e) Pass Off - more economy by handing out those upgrades (and shielded) without burning AP He sure isn't the schemer OG is though. OG can score a lot of points by himself while Arik and Hannah are kicking ass.
  13. Wait a sec. Someone pointed out in another thread that Rewind is an attack action so incorporeal works against it! That would mean The Nothing Beast would take only 1 damage in that whole scenario or two if you gave him fast a second time. That would sure keep Tara mostly in keyword.
  14. Hmmm, I think that is accurate. TNB will lose the initial fast when Expedited but you could give it fast again with the second echo. Even without the second he's taking 2 damage from fast, 2 from echo markers at the end of Tara's activation, another 1 at the end of the opponent's activation (assuming you discarded the first). That's 5 damage if you now discard the second echo marker and don't give him fast for the second time. If you mend with the second one you could drop that to 3 damage. There are a lot of options here. It's going to be almost as wonky as OG Tara.
  15. No. The attack action and the damage flip are two separate events. The ability to ignore negatives applies only to the attack action. The damage flip occurs as a result of a successful attack action.
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