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  1. Isn't it her job to be aggressive? It seems to me that it would generally be the right thing to do. I haven't played her myself yet (but plan to soon) although I've played against her several times. I think she absolutely should be attacking late in turn 1 (after having hitching a ride up and perhaps gaining focused) and the real question is one of targeting. If your opponent can't easily ignore your soulstones (assuming you're bringing 7-10), defensive trigger, or LLC (if you brought it) you should probably seek to take out his lynchpin or key models right in the middle. If not, it's probably better to hit the periphery I would think. Either way, she is a battleship that doesn't do any good to you in port (although a broader question might be - is she a battleship pre-air power or post-air poser). I've had pretty good luck playing against her the last few times, but I think it was perhaps not the best targeting on the part of my opponent. Last game I played Zipp and he initially targeted The First Mate, who is really hard to pin down. He should have targeted Rusty Alyce, but he won't make that mistake again. The time before that I was able to slow her down with stunning (Von Schtook) but she still did plenty of damage. I've been able to shut her down by denying triggers with both Sue and the Necrotic Machine in the past. The point is, like any model, she has to be careful about where she goes when she makes her attack run, but she's gotta make it turn 1 in my opinion.
  2. More often than not in that situation I would go for the kill. By not going for it I worry about losing initiative, giving my opponent a chance to heal, and perhaps take out my model (like Joss in this case) and get the point themselves. It might mean I wind up with one less strategy point in that game and my differential suffers, but removing a key model from the board will usually help me ensure my scheme points and lock in a lower margin victory rather than gamble for the higher margin victory. As others have said, it is the safe play. I don't think however that the risk here you're taking is against a better player. I do agree that you should take risks regularly, but with this situation (not knowing anything about the rest of the game) I would guess you're less likely to let the golem live against a better player. Having said that, if it's a situation where you're behind in points or the kill won't give you a path to winning through schemes, then you'll have to take the other path.
  3. Great reports - thank you! You've had a bit of a rough time running into things you haven't faced before, but that can only last so long. I was a bit surprised with the wide variation in your crew selection but you did say you were trying to develop an ability to tailor Dashel to each situation. It doesn't look like he summoned as much as I would have expected over the course of those games.
  4. Trample

    Zipp in OC

    One of my favorites is Mad Dog. The Skeeter (or a pair of Skeeters - or Gracie and then a pair of Skeeters) can get Mad Dog where he needs to be and the last one can usually drop a scheme marker to allow Mad Dog to gain fast. He is similar in a lot of ways to Alyce, but where she excels at killing single models Mad Dog thrives on groups and armored opponents. He takes a bit more setup in that you have to drop the marker, as opposed to Alyce's rapid fire, but he can do a lot of work. The Drop It trigger on his gun gives you more opportunity for free loot as well. Taelor is probably good too if you encounter ruthless opponents, but I haven't tried her with Zipp.
  5. Ok, just filled that out. I look forward to the results of this!. Now going to check to see if you're doing this in other factions...
  6. How do you suppose Dashel would do? The riflemen could target the waifs and get into position to do so with the mounted guards. Leveticus isn't nearly as scary if he can't reform. Both the riflemen and executioners have execute, which is going to start to concern A&D and Leveticus after a while. They're both enforcers so obviously it's pretty hand dependent. This crew can also throw some chaff out to keep him occupied. I haven't played either of these crews myself, so all theoryfaux.
  7. I don't see a reason to not take her totem. In fact I think her totem is perfectly fine. It isn't uncommon to hire a model to push your master up the field in round 1 and the EN does exactly that. It also isn't uncommon to hire a model just to give focus to a model and, hey, the totem does that too on a trigger.. He's a great first activation and you're perfectly happy when your opponent kills him since you get a card. He's insignificant so there is no downside. What is the compelling argument not to take this model?
  8. I haven't played guild. I'm hoping to do so soon, but I find a lack of mobility difficult to see. Does Guild really lack that much mobility? When I see Lady J across the table I know she, as well or better than any other master in the game, can be in my deployment area immediately. There are several models with creep along, deadly pursuit, ride with me, and several with pushes. You have things like the Undercover Reporter and the entire Frontier faction. Sure, there isn't much flight in the faction and they aren't Ten Thunders or Zipp, but it isn't as if there aren't any options. I'll looking forward to listening to the podcast. I don't know what was said on there, but I guess I just don't see a lack of mobility as a major barrier to their performance.
  9. Right, so the Malifaux Child can create piano markers. What value do they bring you? You don't have Mancha, so they aren't there to give him healing. Is the Child getting into position to use them as blocking pieces?
  10. OK, that's the normal list, but you take Zipp for every strategy. Surely this isn't your reckoning list. What do you play there? Do you use this for turf war too? Also, if you're only playing Zipp, why Outcasts? Is is the Stalker?
  11. Hmmm, the first master I thought of when I read this was Ironsides. Her crew has a lot of synergies and Toni herself is designed to build up adrenaline and use it in game-altering combos. Shenlong is a bit of a build up and destroy guy as well, is maybe a bit more effective at it, but certainly does not have the keyword synergy or build-up feel that Ironsides does. The other one folks have mentioned is Lynch. He does a bit of the token stacking in a similar manner to Hamelin, although the effect is different. There are several good suggestions here, but I would take a strong look at Ironsides (M&SU / Arcanist).
  12. OK, so what do your Infamous crews look like? I'm looking forward to trying it out for the first time, probably this week. I've played against Zipp only once. The crew has a lot of pretty good options on paper. What kinds of crews are you fielding and which models are in them? It looks like Wrastlers are going to be very occasional counterpicks used against marker dropping opponents. Johan looks pretty mediocre, although maybe dropping a 3/4/6 model with flurry from a skeeter would be fun. Every other model in the keyword looks solid. What do you like?
  13. Cooper looks a bit like Von Schill, eh? Cigar smoking mature dude with a big gun and mechanical limbs. Regardless, I like it. I can't wait to learn more. I think all three are minions. They all have the pelts and skulls that tie them together. A bit like monster hunters (but not quite as good looking as those). I originally thought the guy on the right had a crossbow, but I don't think so now that I see it in color.
  14. Molly's minions in general are good here, along with the Forgotten Marshal. She can field so many 4&5 stone models. I love it when this is in the pool with plant. Dead Doxies can take them by the hand. By your side is a nice way of getting troops to the flanks. Seamus can chase down quite a few of them and it a bit hard to pin down himself. The Restless Spirit is a stone cheaper and accomplishes the same thing.
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