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  1. Yup, I think you're right. You will still need Crocket if you want a full contingent of 5 in keyword 14" guns on your team! Perhaps not a very good idea, but certainly fun!
  2. Have any of you ever gotten any use out of Crockett? It seems like he is probably never the right choice over a Pathfinder, but perhaps the coordinated attack can be where you use your high masks. Scent of Blood works with the Worm, but it's still probably not enough to make him worth it.
  3. The Undercover Reporter can be a pretty fantastic tech piece in this GG. Tried him last night in a Basse crew and he was great. I would definitely consider him in scheme heavy pools and Undercover, unlike so many tech pieces, can keep up with the crew in the sense that he can start buried and doesn't get left behind.
  4. Where's the love for the Steam Trunk here! C'mon folks - how about the tracked terror. He attaches some pretty awesome upgrades and heals as bonus. Armor 2. The really fun part is that heal can heal his buddy, attach an upgrade to himself, shoot the rocket launcher he just attached, and then discard a card to attach assault shield to stay alive. OK, maybe not the most effective totem, but pretty damn cool either way. Would I take that OOK for 3? Maybe, but it would probably only be a situation where I was also taking Strongarm or Hannah.
  5. I would guess you're normally hiring 1-2 wind gamin. With the nerf to necropunks and the midnight stalker they may be the best scheme runner in the game. Move 6, suited leap, armor 1, and flight! Now that summoning them is less effective I think you have to hire them in just about any pool.
  6. Lobotomy is once per activation, but Maim is not. So my initial range is just hitting maim twice (2-4 cards). You're right about managing it over two turns though, that is definitely possible. It isn't always easy to pull that off either!
  7. I'm pretty excited about the new Reichart. I've had him on the table once since his errata and he was pretty solid. He ended up getting killed by Titania, but did a lot of work along the way. Perfect timing for me, since I had been waiting for the Sand Worm to be released (and then painted) before really starting to play Basse, so I'm not long into it and wasn't expecting to like Reichart. Thinking about some of his new triggers a bit got me to wondering what he might be like with Dr. Grimwell. So the trigger on Stoic Nod gives enemy models within 2" staggered. In addition to being able
  8. It would be fun to see Von Schill as a different type of commander, maybe similar to Dashel where he has the ability to summon in Freikorps minions and have some form of obey to make those minions take an action. For the Viks I too would like to see them be able to go toe to toe a bit more. Perhaps finesse to help them avoid some melee damage and different sword triggers, at least one of which is armor piercing. I'd like to see Tara have some kind of ranged void spell attack. Targeted - not a blast. Perhaps more debuffing than damaging. She would be a midfield ranged debuffer to se
  9. I agree. Parker looks like a pretty good option in this GG. We have an additional scheme marker based scheme (two if you discount runic binding) and the Bandit crew obviously loves those. The efficiency that Draw Their Attention brings to this season will be fantastic I expect.
  10. I agree, and consider too that all of the strategy markers are impassable (all four strats) so when you wind up a couple inches short of where you need to be next turn for something like symbols you save yourself an action. I wouldn't be surprised to see that come up once in most games. In Break the Line I can throw the marker with my last AP and move into base at the beginning of my next activation. Between the table edges and the strategy markers you have a decent amount of board area where this is triggered before you add terrain to the board. The bonus is better into this GG compared
  11. I've usually regretted selling crews I don't like playing because inevitably they change and I want to play them again.
  12. Parker nerf because you used Wanted Criminal with him?
  13. I think Wanted Criminal might be nice with the Wokou Raider or the Convict Gunslingers. Both benefit from disguise (which is a great ability imo) but they also have a pretty good opportunity for card draw. The Raider's bonus is mediocre at best and Free Loot can come up a lot for them with their trigger and in Bandit in general. Gunslinger is similar. With this upgrade he can shoot the dude a couple of times and if he gets a tome trigger he can pop to the marker and get a card and wind up just outside of the guy's 1" melee so charges aren't going to work!
  14. Right. Before you could always justify an alternative in either explorers or guild for the points. Emissary in explorers or rider in guild perhaps. Now he's seems to be worth the points. It's funny, I actually tried him last night in guild and both my opponent and I were surprised he didn't have the execute trigger. Fixed!
  15. Has anyone tried thee sandworm with Cooper? I'm wondering if a pair of Vatagi might work well with the sandworm by tossing out some terrain to allow him to pop out right where you need him. With a couple of tomes you can toss them 8" away to set up a targeted strike by the worm from a couple of different angles for round 2. The worm's jaws of the beast is Frontier only, so you won't have that advantage, but otherwise he could be a nice addition for 9 points. The sandworm is a pretty solid model anyway. I may try it.
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