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  1. Interesting ice pillar party game. I think instead of Amina I would have selected the Golem since he can get some nice bonuses with the pillars. I can see why he chose Amina with a few interacting schemes though.
  2. Great info on the armor / anti-armor list. I appreciate it! There are a lot of those on the list that are listed as always that do require a trigger (High River Monk) vs. those that do not (Samurai), which is a vastly different thing. It does look like most factions have access to something although someone like ressers can pay a lot to get it. That means an armor heavy crew (say Freikorps) is often dealing with only 1-2 models that will ignore armor any many crews, on whom they can focus to eliminate the threat. Regardless, thanks for the link!
  3. Regarding the Blessed, are we seeing it in non-December crews? That, to me, would be a sign of an under-costed model. If not, are the December crews overpowered? Perhaps it is the case that there are some better models in some crews to balance the crews between one another.
  4. Is there much armor ignoring available in the game? I haven't really actively looked, but it doesn't seem to me to be abundant and when it is available the ability is often in the form of Analyze Weakness, which takes an action and is resisted. Perhaps it is more prevalent than I think though.
  5. I'm not sure I like that new Basse model, but thanks for posting. He almost seems like a space marine with all the bits and pieces on his outfit. It's interesting to see the crossed pistols logo for the new faction. I wonder if that is a hint at a theme or little more than a symbol. I would be surprised if they had another pistoleer in that faction since there are a couple out there already. Is there any information out there about the new faction besides the fact that McCabe and Basse are members? If I recall it was an Earth-based group, so maybe adventurer / explorer based.
  6. Don't overlook survivors as solid minions in a rail crew. The front of card is about the same (at this stage anyway) with a better WP for survivors and scamper instead of create salvage. On the back of card the rail worker has a slightly better melee attack (because of the 1") but I prefer the bonus action and the ranged action the survivor brings to the table. That's the way I would be leaning if everything stays the same.
  7. Interesting addition. Opponents will be forced to kill these guys before your more important ancestors since (I think) the ancestor heals a total of 8 (and then you summon this guy back and draw two cards)!
  8. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Like anything else, GG18 wasn't (isn't) perfect, but I think it's been well refined over the past few years and presents a great experience. The games with huge point deltas often, in GG18, seemed to either feature an OP master or a massive difference in experience. There are very rare occasions where I see two seasoned players end a game with more than a 3-4 point spread and often even that swings on a couple of key decisions or plays in the game. As yool said, you could change out something like supply wagons for corrupted idols and maybe see a couple of other minor adjustments and we would be good to go. That would allow us to focus a bit more on the challenge I think M3E is trying to solve, which is offering more balance and less of a barrier to entry. The keyword options are, in a large part, opening up the roster to allow more models on the table, and things do seem somewhat more simple. It would be fun to see what the new edition rules and models would do in GG18. On the subject of simplicity, I think GG18 schemes are easier to understand than M3E schemes, but that may be only because I've played them and their forebears for some time now.
  9. Trample


    Well, Huggy can use them to heal and Kitty can move around with them. So, they're a resource with some use, albeit limited.
  10. Trample

    No Witnesses

    I haven't been playing with models that have that trigger, but what you're saying does make sense. It's likely a very rare occurrence to have the trigger and no LOS. It's pretty rare to have no LOS to another friendly model during a game. I like the 6" aura concept.
  11. This is an after succeeding trigger, so Pandora can't deal damage back to Vincent in this case. She failed the duel. I really think the text is going to have to be included on these triggers since this is a regular mistake (that being the default to after succeeding if not specified). That language should really just be added in to the cards since it happens pretty regularly with defensive trigger models.
  12. The lure is really nice, but boy is she fragile. She was fragile in M2e too, but she had the eat your fill upgrade that would give her a great healing option. So in 2e you could spend the stones to prevent damage and use eat your fill. Now I don't know if it would be worth burning stones keeping her around. The stats go a little farther than they did in 2e I suppose. So, if you're using her for the lure alone she's a pretty good option for it since she could end up doing it four times. If you only need a couple the Geisha might be better for that job for 5 or a beckoner for 6. I will probably leave her at hope as she is. Maybe she could get eat your fill as a trigger (even though it's only 2 healing I think now).
  13. I was surprised here too. He seemed like he was in a really good spot.
  14. Just so I'm sure I'm getting this right - a crew is going to be 2 masters, the first totem, and 4 stones to be used for a second totem, upgrades, or cache. Is that accurate?
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