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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone, today I finished first model for my Zoraida crew - leaping Silurid, so I thought that I would share some pictures and thoughts. The hardest part was the colour scheme. I wanted the model to look natural, so I looked up a lot of pictures of frogs, catfishes and lizards on internet and tried to imitate features that they have in common (e.g. light abdomen and dark dorsum). The colour scheme is mostly inspired by frogs, because their life cycle reminds me of the Silurids' one the most. Eggs hatch into Gupps and Gupps mature into Silurids (and some Silurids metamorphose into Spawn Mothers). Well... they are actually more like salamanders and newts, but those are usually not green so I decided to go with frogs. Another issue was the model's posture. When i dry-fitted it to the base it looked very unnatural. In the end I pinned its leg and kept repositioning it until it looked like on the render and I was sattisfied. Originally, I wanted to finish the model with Citadel Technical 'Ardcoat, a gloss varnish, to make it look wet/slimy, but when I applied matt varnish and it was still wet, I realized that that's how it would look like and decided against it. Next model will be crouching Silurid. That one and the one standing on a rock have crests much taller, so theirs will be either brighter towards the top (off-white or orange) or painted off-white with pink/blue shades.
  2. Hello friends, new to the forum, and to Neverborn. Thinking about picking up Zoraida and I had some questions about Changelings and Voodoo Dolls... Firstly, how does Copycat work with Hem? Hem specifically states that a model "gains the following Condition until this model takes this Action again or leaves play." Soooo, if a Doll Hems something, and then a Changeling Copycats Hem onto something else, you should now have two models with the Sewn Fate condition, right? As written models only lose the Condition if "this model" takes the Action a second time. Not any model. This seems pretty good for multiplying the Doll's mischief. I understand I will need at minimum an 11 of Masks for this to work, but assuming I have it in hand this seems like a good time to use it. Nextly, I hear people like to take a Nurse to..."treat"...the Voodoo Doll, and this seems awesome. With Copycat you can stack insane Poison on a Doll and its related Sewn Fate friends, and with no real downside as Syringe is a Ml4 unsuited Action anyway. In a reasonable turn with just one Nurse and Changeling you should be able to get to at least Poison +16...right? Then I thought, does anyone ever take a Performer to then "pop" that insane Poison bomb (on the Sewn Fate target, not the Doll) to do like 16ish dmg at 12 inches? Also, assuming you don't kill the target due to Hard to Kill, they still take 1 dmg when the Doll's Poison ticks down at the end of turn. This seems goodish, and possibly unexpected...especially against a crew with little condition removal. Thoughts? I am thinking something like this to start, based solely on models I own plus Zoraida crew if I get it... Zoraida with Hex Bag (for Burning or blocking SS use) Barabaros with Thousand Faces (to gum up the middle with challenge...though I would consider another model here) Illuminated x 2 Performer Nurse Changeling x 3 (this could also be one Changeling and some Tots...or something else, but I love a good Changeling or two, especially following an Illuminated around) Anyway, looking for answers to my Qs, input, etc. Thanks!
  3. If, by some remote chance, a voodoo doll managed to get Hem on Lelu and Lilitu and then got burning +3 on the doll, would that mean that each of the twins would be taking 9 damage at the end of the turn? (3 from their own burning, 3 for the burning they'd receive from the other twin (without dropping cards) and 3 from the voodoo doll taking damage). If so, remind me never, ever, to take the twins if there's a remote chance of going up against Zoraida. And vice versa, take Zoraida if possibly going up against Dreamer.
  4. Reading doppelgänger' a mimic action it says it can't be used on actions that list a specific model. But as the Voodoo Doll is only mentioned in the condition the action gives can the doppelgänger use it to Hem a second model to the doppelgänger? Or if it is able to use it can it double up the hemmed condition on one model?
  5. i have a question about 'conditions' and the voodoo doll. Are focus and defensive stance considered conditions. Eg, if I hem an enemy and then do a defensive stance (obviously in another activation) does the enemy model get the -2 to wk and cg as well as the positive flips to defensive duels? alternativey if the doll hems a friendly model then focuses, does the hemmed model get the positive flips to attack?
  6. I have removed this topic because it was incorrect
  7. Hey, rules wizards and timing experts, Zoraida uses the (2) You remind me of the Babe action to summon a Voodoo Doll. Per its Fate Woven ability, it may immediately take the Hem action. "Fate Woven: When this model is summoned, it may immediately take the Hem action." We all know what Hem does, but for the purpose of my question, the following part is the essential one: "Whenever an enemy Voodoo doll gains a Condition, this model gains the same condition." The summoning rules say: "Models that are summoned gain the Slow condition, and may not take Interact actions during the Turn they are summoned." Now, the Voodoo Doll is not the acting model, because that would be Zoraida. My question is thus: Who applies the Slow condition for the purpose of the general timing box? Is it applied before Fate Woven kicks in, or simultaneous, which would mean that the controller of the Voodoo Doll would decide which effect to apply first. And thus, finally, the core question: Can the Voodoo Doll Hem an enemy model to give it Slow from its own summon? Thanks for your attention and pointing out where I have probably overlooked something.
  8. When taking Collodi, can I take a Voodoo Doll in addition to my Marionettes?
  9. 1) Doppelganger copy's Reconnect spell from the voodoo Doll. 2) Doppelganger casts Reconnect. Reconnect says: Target model is now affected by Conduit. Do I need to have the Doppelganger, have the Ability Conduit for the Voodoo doll or would the Target model be affected by Conduit because the Voodoo doll has it? Question 2: The Doppelganger's Ability, Mimic says: "This lasts until the End Closing Phase" The Voodoo doll's Ability Conduit says: "The nominated model suffers Poison 2 at the end of the Closing Phase" Would the target model suffers Poison 2?
  10. Conduit: Nominate a non-Master enemy model in Zoraida’s LoS when this model is summoned. As long as this model is within 1” of Zoraida, she ignores LoS and range when targeting the nominated model with a spell. Her Casting and spell Damage Flips receive + when targeting the nominated model. The nominated model suffers Poison 2 at the end of the Closing Phase. This remains in effect on this model until it is removed from play or it casts Reconnect. Okay, so. Sorry if this has already been addressed. Conduit changed quite a bit, and my Local Henchman and I have a question about the portion in red. We decided that the red meant that the model conduit targets only gets two poison counters once, when you initially summoned the voodoo doll into play. Is this correct? Thanks!
  11. So after making my voodoo doll army I thought that I might though around a voodoo Doll army themed rules! Here some rules that I came up with and I wanted to get other players thoughts and ideas for it, And I’m hopping to get some players who are willing to play test the rules for me and tell me what they think! *Disclaimer* These are in no way offical nor are they writen by anyone who works for Wyrd. these rules work with the game and may not be sold in any way without Wyrds direct permission Now with that out of the way, Here is my Malifaux Voodoo Crew prototype list maker, version 0.1! Voodoo Doll army rules An army that contains one non-totem Voodoo doll must then the whole army must be made of voodoo dolls, save Zotaida The Hag, who can join a Voodoo doll army as its master without being a voodoo doll herself. What is a Voodoo doll? It’s a small doll made in the likeness of someone in life, this doll is endowed with magic and you may, with these special rules build a Voodoo doll crew with using the normal army building lists in the game. So if you make a Voodoo doll army you must follow the normal crew building rules in the game book. Host models are the full non-voodoo models in the game, If you want to “target a host model” It must be the same as the Voodoo doll you have, so the Host to a Voodoo doll Hans is only Hans so if the voodoo doll Hans targets a host model it must target Hans since that is his only host in the game. All voodoo dolls are copies of other models in the game and gain the below stat modifiers. Voodoo doll Masters only Gain +1 to there soul stone Cache they are also effected by the below stat modifiers. All Voodoo doll models gain the following The trait Voodoo doll Height = one Are Heath -1 Are Speed/Charge -1/-1 Are Defense +1 Are Soul stone cost -1 (Does not apply to master since they have no cost) All voodoo dolls gain this Action (all) Control the host: Discard 2 control cards to perform a (1) Action or charge controlled by you of a Host model with the same name as this voodoo doll and is within 15 inches and in line of sight. If this host dies during this action then its matching voodoo doll is sacrificed as well. All voodoo dolls gain this ability Linked souls: If either the host or its Voodoo doll dies while within 5 inches of each other the other is sacrificed. If either the host or its Voodoo doll takes damage while within 10 inches of each other the other takes the same amount of damage. Voodoo linked souls example. In this photo it shows to guild players playing, now the only models effected by linked souls is the Perditas and Hans models. Both Perditas are within 5 inches of each other and will die if the other is killed. Both Hans are within 10 inches of each other and will both take wounds of the other takes wounds. Both Hopkins and Francisco are unaffected by Linked souls. Building a Voodoo crew To make a Voodoo doll crew, First you chose a master from any of the masters in the game, you make them your voodoo doll “master name” For this example I am choosing Perdita. Next you need to make a Voodoo doll custom model, this model must be small height one, and must have enough matching characteristics so that your opponent will be able to recognize who is who in the game, you must make a model like this for ever member of your crew. You have to build your army from the books like any other army so guild with guild and rez with rez you have to keep to the same rules, so to add to my example I will add Nino, Francisco, Santiago and Papa Loco I am also adding the 7 point model listed below as the Clean slate voodoo doll, this doll can be added to any voodoo doll list and has the stats below, this is the only model that does not get the stat modifiers listed above since it is already added to its stats. Clean Slate Voodoo doll. Rare 1, Voodoo doll, Soulstone cost 7, 30mm base Wk/CG *-1/*-1, HT 1, WP*+1, CA*-1, DF*+1, WD*-1 Weopons Same weapon(s) and stats as the linked host’s model’s weapon(s), range(s), CB(s) and damage chart(s). Abilities Linked souls: If either the host or its Voodoo doll dies while within 5 inches of each other the other is sacrificed. If either the host or its Voodoo doll takes damage while within 10 inches of each other the other takes the same amount of damage. Soul Link up: Immediately after deployment chose one non-master enemy model In play that you don’t already have a matching voodoo doll for, this model is now the host model for Clean Slate Voodoo doll. It will change its name to Voodoo Doll “Target hosts name” all the * are = to the Hosts stats plus or minus any modifiers listed, the Voodoo doll also gains all the abilities, Actions, triggers and spells of there hosts. Clean skate Voodoo Doll keeps its base size even when its soul links up. If there are no models in play that the voodoo doll can link up to it is removed from play and its controllers SS cache gets up to 7SS till it reached its maximum limit. Refocus link: If at any point the connected host dies outside of 5 inches of this model then this model must immediately link up with another non-master model, it retains any damage, effects or spells it had on it but loses all of the pervious hosts stats, weapons, Abilities, Actions Triggers and spells gaining the new host’s stats, weapons, Abilities, Actions Triggers and spells in the process. When switching a host if the Voodoo Doll should die due to a lower heath stat the new host is not effected by linked souls and will not die as a result of the clean slate Voodoo death. If there are no new models in play that the voodoo doll can link up to it is removed from play. New Connection: After using the “Soul Link Up” or “Refocus Link” this model receives the flowing For its next Activation “this model has a -1 to all its magic, attack and damage flips” this last until the end of that activation. Actions (all) Control the host: Discard 2 control cards to perform a (1) Action or charge controlled by you of a Host model with the same name as this voodoo doll that is within 20 inches and in line of sight. If host dies during this action then the voodoo doll is sacrificed as well. (0) Self inflected wounds: You may discard up to six cards, this model takes the same amount of damage and you draw up to half the amount of cards (round down) from the top of your deck. Building Voodoo doll models First thing first grab the book or the real model or its card and study its look and abilities, try to make your model have the same look just smaller in about 14-15mm size range here is an example, Next make sure that you have the right base for the job just because there small does not mean they use small bases in fact they use the same size as there host model save the clean slate model in and I will go into that latter. I like to think that there magic makes them able to do most stuff there big counterparts can do. Next think about what makes the character that character? I liked to theme my bases to give more of a hint to who I’m mimicking. Like above for papa loco I put my voodoo doll on a pile of dynamite! The voodoo dolls I used are modified dolls made for the confataition games mid-nor race and a mix of a lot of green stuff and some flames of war bits and hands. After your done you can paint them up and play with them as proxies or in this format if your opponent agrees. For the clean slate Voodoo model, just make a non-descript voodoo model on a 30mm base, and there you have it! Thanks for looking and for your ideas on how to fix/improve these rules. -Andrew Haught
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