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  1. Agreed! Same major problem I've always had with GW's games...sloppy or loose rules writing breeds rules lawyering at the table. And the flip a coin/roll a die compromise doesn't feel good, ever. Whatever your opinion of MtG may be, one of the nicest things about it is that it has a very precise lexicon. They reuse the same words and phrasing as much as they possibly can, and every game action has a specific verb that is always used. I feel that Wyrd tries to do this as well, but they don't always succeed.
  2. Oh ffs I managed to miss that...hahaha. Good call. Well it's still a strongish combo when you are already engaged...Nurse's Accomplice + 8" cast range of Take Your Meds would let her stay relatively safe while turning Nekima into a (more) disgusting Melee monster that gets to activate immediately and murder something. And if she kills what she's engaged with Zoraida can push her once or twice and then command her to murder again, hopefully into engagement range of some other hapless model with 6 or less wounds... (although at this point you don't need the fancy new upgrade and taking Papa is probably not a bright idea...he'd probably have to stand way too close to your crew. still good to obey a sober Nekima to charge though. I'd do that all day long.) Although honestly (as an aside) they should really clean that wording up, as the Nurse's condition says "may only declare" but Obey is worded "performs"...seems like they should only use one of those terms across all conditions/abilities/etc. Because Obey also says "chosen and controlled by this model's controller"...which again with the declare thing could cause arguments to arise about choosing vs declaring. Although I think it's pretty clear in the rules that the first step of "performing" an Action is to declare it...it would be nice to always reference the same verb to avoid confusion. /rant
  3. Yeah, not to mention the other Zoraida shenanigans you can do to make it even more painful, such as hiring a Nurse and Papa Loco...giving your Obedient Nekima Hold This and the Nurse's Hallucinogens trigger (+2 dmg to Ml actions, but they can only declare Ml actions) is pretty disgusting. And remember, though Nekima now cannot walk all you have to do is Hem her so you can push her twice and then Obey her to charge something (careful Obey is only 12" range though). Heck even take Wicked Doll to give her Brand New Strings. Pretty much just load Nekima up with buffs and chuck her a whatever you want to die. People will suspect you are doing the Poison bomb stuff when you bring the Nurse, probably will not expect a Nekima with a 6/7/8 dmg track Turn 1 or 2...
  4. Yeah possibly running her in a Lucius list with Queeg to get more shots at hitting her 0 ability? I mean the thing is if you get the Convulsions trigger off even once it could be devastating against most models. With her and everyone else getting extra pushes outside of activation provoking even more pounces it could be interesting. In this scenario I am imagining a hold the center pool and bringing Lucius, Queeg, Heartsbane, two Rougarous and the Tooth. Lots of 0s to play with...lots of movement triggers to provoke pounces. The other ss coud be spent on anything fron mobile scheme runners to Changelings for their ranged pseudo pounce. Seems fun and worth a look. But yeah, you are not gonna lean on Heartsbane to trigger on every attack for sure. That's why you have the Tooth and Queeg and such. At that point she may be superfluous, but the possibility to maximize pushes is there nonetheless.
  5. Literally the first words of my post were a qualification...
  6. Though it costs a lot of crows Nurse Heartsbane is also interesting with the Rougarou. Her Convulsions trigger on her Electroshock attack will either provoke two pounces or provoke a pounce and rip a card from their hand. And she can possibly take this action 3 times in an activation (if she hits her 0's trigger), completely outside of any obeys or whatnot. Seems especially good with a controlly master like Zoraida where you will tend to have hand advantage.
  7. Well similarly to Tots that's why Ace in the Hole is super good with Gupps. So I look at it more as they get all the upside of a Silurid (Silent, Perfect Camo) as a scheme runner, but they cost 3 less. And as a Lynch player you probably want to be clogging your 7ss slots with Illuminated anyway.
  8. Again, if you read the rules for Engagement literally in the rulebook then Changelings almost certainly are engaging anyone who is within their own engagement range of that Changeling. I understand Wyrd's position, and yours, but as written the rules don't agree. Have a quick re-read.
  9. Heh, well this is a silly statement considering Wyrd has specifically released errata for dozens of cards just to add a characteristic or something minor. But I get your point.
  10. Right, but it says NOTHING about that attack being printed on their card. Copycat reads "This model may take (1) Attack Actions printed on any model or Upgrade within Aura 3 which does not list a model by name." So for a Changeling its longest Close Attack can vary. Sometimes it has none, sometimes it'll have access to several. If there is a model with a Close Attack in Aura 3, and another or the same model within that Attack's engagement, strictly rules as written, Changeling should then have an Engagement Range and be able to take Disengaging Strikes. Apparently this isn't what Wyrd intended, so they should errata the Engagement rule to read "on their card" or errata the Changeling to read "These actions may not be taken as Disengaging Strikes." As it stands the FAQ is a very sloppy interpretation, if that's what they originally intended it makes more sense to errata than to FAQ.
  11. This seems pretty inconsistent with the rules as written...but since they have ruled it this way I guess I can't argue with it.
  12. Point taken. I think the more comfortable I get with the game the easier this will be for me.
  13. Yeah the Emissary does seem cool. I don't own it yet and will definitely pick it up eventually. The model looks really cool too, IMO. As for the poison vs paralyze, you can do both in a single AP with a Nurse if you have the cards...and having two annoying/potentially dangerous conditions on a model puts the opponent in a conundrum about what they need to cleanse, assuming they even can. Seems worth it to me on occasion, assuming the resources are on hand. I hear you on this, but the way my brain works (I can be easily flustered on game/tournament day) it is usually best for me to plan out several types of lists that are good at achieving certain Strats/Schemes, and that also have some sort of internal synergy. That way when I see what I'm up against I can easily say, well I'll reach for Crew X. At that point I may strategically decide to swap out a minion here or there, or what have you, but at least I have a general game plan in my brain. Oh nice, I hadn't considered them. Another model I don't own but will have a long look at. Excellent. I like this a lot. Thanks for the replies so far guys. I really appreciate it. Lots of food for thought.
  14. I did specify... Yeah I hear you, although I think you are taking a pretty narrow view based on one thing I said. I'm not saying I would do it that way every time...clearly I'm not going to focus so many resources on this just to be flashy if it won't help me win the game. It was an extreme example. I mean a beater like Nekima with an upgrade is nearly as many SS too, my idea here is spreading around the points for access to more AP so the list is actually fairly flexible. Sure it can do a huge explosive thing by committing resources, but it can also play a lot of control and denial. Changelings can copy so many high value things, including Bewitch, Illuminated attacks, and not to mention whatever Actions my opponent brings to the table. And while you frame the Performer as a 6ss tax, I actually think her utility could add a lot to the list...a well placed Seduction benefits so many abilities, and Siren Call is disruptive even without any triggers, especially with Changelings' pseudo-pounce. I appreciate the critique though and it makes me think. I'd really like additional input. For instance, assuming I am pretty set on at least having one Nurse, one Changeling and two Illuminated...what would you rather take to background but compliment the Doll shenanigans? (assuming a strat/scheme pool that favors this...I'm not suicidal or stupid)
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