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  1. Ah, thanks, I never realized that about Pitched Assault, sloppy reading on my part. Glad they fixed that, sounds like that would’ve hurt the Hordes a lot in that mode.
  2. Could someone smarter than I am explain the change made to the Hordes? I’ve read the new card and can’t quote grok what’s different. Edit: Specifically the Allegiance as a whole, not the individual models.
  3. So if we buy a physical M3E book we can use our receipt to get a free digital copy of the same book. Does that also apply to books we buy from the Wyrd store? And if so, do we submit our digital, emailed receipt, or something else? Thanks.
  4. Just got my order in, did not receive shipping info/tracking before it came in (which is fine). Looks good at first glance, have had a couple models with limbs broken off but shouldn't be hard to fix, and it looks like everything has come in. I'm at DFW Texas for reference, hopefully other domestic orders that don't have info yet are on their way too. Update: Got everything, other than slight damage to a few models and some of the boxes everything is here and looks great!
  5. Looks awesome, really hoping to pick this up sometime, especially since I despise the normal madame.
  6. Well I know what I want it to be... spider themed master for a spider themed crew...
  7. I bet someone more creative than I am could come up with a great10 Thunders character concept for this pursuit.
  8. King's Empire really is hard to beat on the Titan front. IMO only the Cult got one that looks as fantastic.
  9. Honestly TOS has really impressed me with its commander design. Particularly the Frenzy and Horomatangi, a squad commander and Titan commander are really cool ideas.
  10. The Frenzy are amazing, I think they're the model(s) that really cemented me in the Hordes. They're everything I love about Malifaux's models, other than the fact that they aren't zombies. Now that you mention them I really should take a better look at the Speckled Crawlers, I liked my first impressions of them and haven't checked them out since, but they might be worth the add on.
  11. What's everyone's favorite Gibbering Horde model at the moment, based on what we know right now, regardless of reason? I'm curious what people are enjoying so far. I personally love the Karkinoi, the mechanics and the models are wonderful.
  12. Gibbering Hordes, Horomatangi, because look at that gorgeous model. If I wanted one just for gameplay though I'd get the Barbed Crawlers to add some range to the starter box.
  13. Sweet, that looks like a fun crew. Now if Wyrd will release some plastic Guild Autopsies....
  14. "Or just Ca duels. She doesn't like Witchling Stalkers much. But then, who does?" -Dirial Well I guess Sonnia probably does, but she's got a pretty similar reputation so they probably have a nice support group together. Izamu is a really low maintenance model to keep alive compared to Bete, more durable all-around and is nice at cutting off LoS against shooters trying to get at Nico and Mortimer. In my (admittedly very recent and limited) experience Izamu is exactly what Nico needs in an Enforcer, and while I really like Bete she's got a few weaknesses that in a Nico crew are enough that I s
  15. Finally got a few games under my belt, and wow summoning with Nico is even better than I expected. If you're not afraid to use a SS to add a crow you can pretty reliably get several good models out in a game, and if you take a 7 SS cache you'll have plenty to use. Just today he and Mortimer got me a Hanged, a Student of Viscera, a Flesh Construct, and a Punk Zombie, all in the first three turns. Not too shabby
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