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  1. Ah, thanks, I never realized that about Pitched Assault, sloppy reading on my part. Glad they fixed that, sounds like that would’ve hurt the Hordes a lot in that mode.
  2. Could someone smarter than I am explain the change made to the Hordes? I’ve read the new card and can’t quote grok what’s different. Edit: Specifically the Allegiance as a whole, not the individual models.
  3. So if we buy a physical M3E book we can use our receipt to get a free digital copy of the same book. Does that also apply to books we buy from the Wyrd store? And if so, do we submit our digital, emailed receipt, or something else? Thanks.
  4. Just got my order in, did not receive shipping info/tracking before it came in (which is fine). Looks good at first glance, have had a couple models with limbs broken off but shouldn't be hard to fix, and it looks like everything has come in. I'm at DFW Texas for reference, hopefully other domestic orders that don't have info yet are on their way too. Update: Got everything, other than slight damage to a few models and some of the boxes everything is here and looks great!
  5. Looks awesome, really hoping to pick this up sometime, especially since I despise the normal madame.
  6. Well I know what I want it to be... spider themed master for a spider themed crew...
  7. I bet someone more creative than I am could come up with a great10 Thunders character concept for this pursuit.
  8. That's what I took it to mean as well, but I haven't seen anything concrete one way or the other.
  9. I asked in the comments for the kickstarter and got a reply confirming it, I can't remember if it was @Aaron or just staff but it was definitely from Wyrd. If you do a search for Jonathan Sharrow on the comments page I think that would find it, that's my username on there. I'll take a look too and see if I can quote it. EDIT: Here's the kickstarter quote from Aaron, on January 20th: "Yah, the Henchman program will expand for this." And my question: "By the way @Aaron, any chance that the Henchman program will expand to TOS in some form?"
  10. Nice, I'm in love with these bases. For the first time I'm tempted to try to do some custom basing, with such big ones it's actually worth it for once.
  11. Yeah the fact that Wyrd is planning on expanding the henchmen program to include TOS combined with the reduced cost thanks to the second rule book being traded in sealed my fate as a Dual pledger too.
  12. I've actually seen a lot more Hordes players on the internet, although the Cult seems to be close behind at second. It's definitely gonna be dependent on where you go of course.
  13. Can you imagine how ridiculous the Eel would've been if that worked though?
  14. I think the idea of having dozens of models per squad in an army game is frankly outdated for most games. Warhammer makes it work through sheer momentum mostly, and as was mentioned Fantasy has movement trays so it's less of an issue. The idea of having so many models probably originates from when wargaming was an historical hobby, where so many models was a major feature. When all of those models have to be deployed and moved all the time it's far less entertaining.
  15. I feel like this change could really save the old wiki, I edited it a few times but overall the site always felt out of date and slightly confusing. Some pages were great and detailed while others were very sparse, with a lot falling in the middle. More attention might be just what it needs.
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