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  1. I know im going to be alone on this one but i wont miss colodi at all. Never felt a kinship for him and always hated how skewed his rukes were
  2. Im happy for guild to actualy take the role of law enforcement, too long have they been the "good guys" who were corrupt. I do like the little swap that hoffman has done. From the lone man following the rules under a corrupt govoner to the corupt mole under a good govoner, like he is a universal balancing force, a computer program trying to to resolve for zero
  3. Thanks, Its intresting hiw alot of the defacto leaders got removed (lilith, nico and ramos) i supose a leadership change is tye easiest way to justify a faction shift. The upside of ramos being removed is that he wont get beaten up by every one he meets now
  4. As some one who has been naughty and not kept up with the lore the last few waves, can i get an explanation for the missing masters in 3rd ed. the only one i loved that is gone is ramos. Not rules wise just the visual and fluff from all the way back in first ed, although he did get beaten in pritty much every story he was included in witch made me sad.
  5. Owwww. You make some good. Points. Thank you very much
  6. i have heard word of using vogal with a guild lucius and the jury. Is anyone trying/having much luck with neverborn lucius and vogal? Lucius is my favorit master and werewolfs are my favorite mythical creature so would like to pair them together but not overly guild fond
  7. Thanks solkan im playing around and hoped it was that way
  8. Another idea im working on is a scheme marker jd Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: jd schemes 50ss Leader: Jack Daw - Cache:(2) Writhing Torment 2ss Cursed Life 1ss Growing Injustice 1ss Guillotine Injustice 0ss Drowning Injustice 0ss Crooked Man 5ss Crooked Man 5ss Prospector 6ss Prospector 6ss The Guilty 4ss Desperate Mercenary 3ss Gluttony 8ss The Creeping Terror 1ss Envy 8ss Use last wisper (cursed life will help us recupe our cards) and all your othere scheme marker tech to get makers out. (The recycled guilty are great for this) use writhing torment, driven by injustice or your other push tech to get people next to your markers then enjoy the unavoidable damage flips, gluttony is there to help with marker pushing and stuff. Envy loves to shoot at all the markers The merc is just there for activations The cache is tiny at 2 but jumps to 4 with the two prospectors and maybe 1 more with a dead merc
  9. Hi. I may have asked somethibg similar during the beta but i feel like wording has changed on the prispector. The mad with hunger condition from greed and the Talking about shafts ability from the prospector. If the talking about shafts aoe is up and greed uses mad with hunger on a modle in that aoe and places a scheme marker, dose the enemy model: Move to the marker, take the shaft damage, eat the maker and take the mad with hunger damage Or Move to the marker, eat it, no shaft effect As a little side not. If the prospector used The"iv struck soulstone" ability to push them insted of the mad with hunger being the push would that chage the ability order?
  10. Thats sort of the idea yh. The jd curses make the dead outlaws hitnlike trucks. Personaly i like 2 curse upgrade start and 2 guilty. I find that balances about right
  11. I think there is some potential with the growing injustice upgrade to make jd play in a unique style, each new guilty is able to torment something new A list useing jd with growing injustice and then some combination of writhing torment, betrayer and cursed life Montressor with his two upgrades A hanged 2 guilty Then flavour to taste (i like dead outlaws) Use guilty to give out tormented and gum people up (we dont mind them dieing unless it hurts the schemes so be liberal with them). Jd should be spaming out upgrades and tanking with betrayer or supporting with writhing torment. use montressor to paralize and debuff and pair him with the hanged eather accept paralysis or take lots of two damage pings. Beater jd is great and effective but had no care with his crew comp Twist and turn jd is a massive gimmick in my eyes
  12. So is the two faction master concept dieing out? The stories have moved alot of two faction master very heavaly to one faction. Is it possible the fabled m3e will remove the majority of two faction masters. I enjoy the flexability but i can see from a design stand point it would be so much easyer to design with less angles in play
  13. i would just like to say. I love lucius. Literally, platonicaly even metaphorically Lucius is love locius is life
  14. Nice info, i supose between red tape and condescending you can shut a beater down. Or use condescending as the more agressive condition. Not looked at it that way. Thanks
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