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  1. I think its more a bit of a scenic base and hes posted up near a tree to give the model depth and hight as otherwised he would look all balled up
  2. Syndicate realy apeal to me and will be my second pickup, souch about the crew theoreticaly works for me, if i can get my head round them.
  3. Can you elaborate on what you expected to what you got?
  4. I dont think there bad, i think there probably mid tire now and will only go up as the shinning stars weekenses become aparant.
  5. Im an arachnaphob so this crew is probably never going to see play for me
  6. The word from higher level play seems to be that there not broken or op, just that you need to adapt to playa against them, we have had verying amounts of years to learn the dynamics of diferant factions (i remember somer as an outcast). But no where near as long for exploreres. Ten thunders when they came out were considerd very strong and without nerfs they came into line by realising that they are an efficiansy faction and you cant try and out efficiancy them. Anyway, this is a possitive thread not a nay say poo poo one
  7. Using the rex? Apex is a crew i keep forgeting about. I like there rules and models, but i always forget they exist
  8. So your an inflitrating enemy hiding among us. I always find it refreshing to hear a rational oponants point of view on things. Can be a bit of a sounding chamber when its just the players of the faction
  9. How are you finding the wurm? I love tremmors so feel a realy strong pull to the wurm
  10. Intresting excitment for evs, the keyword that on the face of it is the one people call dull. I like the mehanics of the crew (at least in theory) but i think its a headache crew that would burn me out by game 3
  11. I should proabably say what i am excited for. Im getting my jedza in the post soon (my first explorer) and im realy looking forward to getting some play. Anya is also calling to me from beyond
  12. Hello there. The forum seems realy quiat atm, atleast for explorers, so tell me, what are you guys excited for. A releas A build A play opotunity A victory A good loss Anything talk about whats exciting you
  13. I supose. I get the vibe that she is designed to be fine at everything and excel no where. And use her consistancy to make that a viable play style. Any thoughts on her henchwoman. I have no idea how to make her usefull. Putside of her very short ranged aura
  14. Harata seems strong to me, possibly my favorit in keyword model, which is sad as he buffs keyword. Maxin seems to support oriented to get much benefit from his aura. Beebe and calypso dont get my juices floweing. Same with the tide caller. He seems a bit bland, interesting toss, but thats it. Orvill is a bit bland as totems go And machineists seem strong. But pigeon holed
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