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  1. Amazing work, looking forward to see more. I really like how many can adapt to Wyrd's comical yet unique style. It's wonderful and great to see repeated in most designs that flows forth from Wyrd that relate to the Malifaux and Earthside universe. Cheers,
  2. I don't think they where ever opposed to direct faction transition. If it made sence. Malifaux is rightfully owned by Neverborn, however when the path from Earthside to Malifaux opened again all other factions eventually came through and settled or found their places in Malifaux. The same occurance didn't exactly happen the same way the other way around. So while there is clear influence of Neverborn on Earthside now, they shaped themselves in different factions (logically because Neverborn is a collection name of several races that don't all co-operate to begin with). So not only is Gibbering Hordes a 'Neverborn product' the same can be said for the Everburning man and thus the Cult of the Everburning man . Factions such as The Guild and Ten Thunders are actually much larger on Earthside as they ever where on Malifaux. In that same vein it can almost be concluded that the Arcanists are a movement supported in secrecy by The King's Empire. Long story short, several of the Malifaux factions are actually just splintergroups of the larger nations/factions that are found on Earthside. So there is a direct transition sometimes. From the title of the games name you can allready conclude that it's not completely on it's own in terms of it's universe. As 'The Other Side' refers to the other side from Malifaux' perspective. Otherwise it could have been called Earthside instead The system doesn't require the same overlap but the narrative can have that and has that. See it like a game revolving around The Hobbit and a game revolving around Lord of the Rings. They do share the same universe but the games don't have to have the same design, development or system. Cheers,
  3. Its super cool and logical for the both of them We have some great times ahead!
  4. Thanks! Was away for a while but will alter it. As you can see Im not a native English speaker or writer Thanks for the input! As for Anti-Armor and Scheme manipulation, I didn't add it because we have more Anti-Armor available (such as Dita) and a lot of Scheme manipulation aswell (different options) that isn't exclusive to him.
  5. Added to that is Nellie /o/ Still got to pick up the girl
  6. Id love him to be part of the game. Its also a bit of a now or make him untouchable in lore, both are cool options.
  7. The Gorysche has multiple fantastic Assets asside from the multiple heads Deranged Laughter seeing a Red Joker can indeed gain you one VP and draw it. While it is any suit, you still have to choose one suit for it.
  8. Oh I agree, but the more models you have (army game) the less of an issue it usually is. In addition even the 80mm bases allow for a ton of overhang actually... Just twist and turn to a point where you could bring them base to base, if you really feel inclined in doing so. Nathan also talked about scenic basing options crossing their minds and I really hope a product like that will also eventually come. The key to a miniature game for me should remain to look awesome However I do agree that Malifaux has some oddities in terms of model size vs base, not too many just a few really.
  9. You cannot find anything about the burning man?! Well, check it out again
  10. I'm almost certain Glory will at some point be left out of the backside, as we get to understand that the side without art is the Glory side Other than that, I had some discussion before but would still love to see the cost on the frontside next to the name so I can browse cards quickly for army builds. Nontheless the design looks awesome. Apart from the Stratagem design... That cost needs an Icon aswell (I feel).
  11. Indeed plus most overhang even on that shouldn't matter due to the common melee range
  12. Sexy isn't he! Also that new card design is also veeeerryyyy sexy!
  13. Can you smell what the Wyrd is cooking!?
  14. @Aaron have you guys considered Syndicate vs Syndicate as a starter?
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