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  1. I often play a very good player locally that plays outcasts and Viks regularly. I have his standard list to speak about: Leader: Viktoria of Ashes - Cache:(1) Oath Keeper 1ss Survivalist 1ss Sisters In Fury 2ss Malifaux Child 2ss Viktoria of Blood 0ss Oath Keeper 1ss Mark of Shez'uul 2ss Johan 6ss Lazarus 10ss Vanessa 8ss Oath Keeper 1ss Freikorps Librarian 7ss Hodgepodge Effigy 4ss I have been beaten by this list many times, so I am not an expert in surviving against it. I can talk about how he uses the list though. The Malifaux child puts the Viks +2 dmg buff up. The Librarian heals Vanessa so all the sisters heal. Johan cleans any conditions I put on, such as from a nurse or hanged. He always goes in with Vik of Blood first to benefit from hand card defense buff early. Then follows with Ashes when his hand gets low. He will often use his Oathkeeper late in the first turn to kill something that got too far forward or early in the 2nd. He uses Lazarus to drag my models into charge range and apply slow. In what order would you attack this crew to neutralize it as quickly as possible?
  2. I agree with your valuation of Sybelle. She's got solid synergy that's great to start with and will get you far as you grow into Molly. I haven't had a chance to play with Kentouri, but on face value they seem a good replacement. I did want to comment on Philip though. In my opinion, Philip is an auto-include in every list. What is often forgotten about Philip is that he ADDS cards to your hand. All other models/abilities simply cycle cards. Even if you are doing the card draw mechanic after Molly has gone, those extra cards keep Molly alive with her defensive trigger. She goes down so quickly without cards to support her. Every time I have lost Molly, it's because my opponent was able to get in on her after my hand had been drained. Additionally, Philip can add his 0 cost upgrade to shoot from range. He is also a good holder for corpse bloat to blow up the corpses that drop from your summons. Most people only see him as a card cycling engine and he does so much more than that.
  3. I like to think about what could have been done better with the models in your crew. If your crew selection was different, you might have experienced the problem in a different way but still not had an answer. Generally I believe this game comes down to positioning and knowledge. Did you know Taelor could move your models? If not, you learned something to be aware of next game. It does sound like you tried to manage the charge lanes, which is great. One thing that took me a while to learn is where to place the shards from the Emissary. Did you place them in front of the Viks where they could walk around and still charge? I find it's often better to drop them in front of your crew where the Viks can't reach or see your vital targets. Also mentioned above was the corpse candles 0 action to give out disguised. This mixed with MLH will really shut down the Viks charging options. Don't worry about the model you could of had. Think about what models you did have could have helped with your problem.
  4. Haha. This was far from my first tournament and there were a couple factors why we didn't make it to into round 4. The rounds were short, only an hour and 45 mins. And my opponent took a while to get set up. So we only had about an hour and 20 mins of actual game play.
  5. Game 3 This game my opponent declared 10T. I heard from people around me that Yas was going to be a thing this game. He brought McCabe, Yas, Emmisary, Luna with 3 dogs, and a terracotta warrior. My list: 50 SS Resurrectionists Crew Seamus + 6 Pool - Sinister Reputation (1) - Red Chapel Killer (1) Copycat Killer (3) Madame Sybelle (8) - Not Too Banged Up (1) - My Little Helper (1) Carrion Emissary (10) - Carrion Conflux (0) Dead Doxy (6) Performer (6) Rotten Belle (5) Rotten Belle (5) I put Frame for Murder on the Emmisary and took Accusation! With the thought that the belles would be pulling stuff in. Has did his thing and was able to charge the Emissary, which was barely left standing down to Hard to Kill. Has got 3 pushes from the crew, fast, nimble and charged. Nuts! Has did end up killing the Emissary top of turn 2 to give me 2 points for Frame. I was able to tie up the terracotta warrior with my Dixie to Accuse it, though I only scored 1 VP in total. The dogs went to the side field and did claim jump for 2 VP. I just couldn't get a high enough crow to get the performer to paralyze Yas , but she did collect a head while engaged. Seamus killed a dog on turn 1, but then struggled to do much to the Emmisary. All my stones went to keeping Sybelle up in Yas' face. Turned out that Frame for Murder was on Yas, and I left him at 1 wound when time was called. I won that game 5-4. Though we barely got to the end of turn 3. I ended up barely winning the tournament with a buy, draw and win. Somehow beating out my opponent on game 2 who had 2 wins and a draw. And my opponent on game 3 with 2 wins and a loss.
  6. Yes, I did forget about the corpse candle thing. My opponent obliged me by targeting the the graveyard spirit first. So it didn't matter much this game. I almost always take decaying aura on Reva however I didn't want her killing things too hard with Frame For Murder in the pool. For that reason I decided to add in Spare Parts instead. Reva actually was easily able to summon in a Rouge Necromancy on turn 3.
  7. The tournament is over and I wanted to share what I took and what I faced. Unfortunately there were 9 players for this tournament so first round I ended up getting the buy. I had my lists preselected so I would have gone with the Nico list mentioned above. Game 2 This round I decided to take a risk and go with Reva. I had to be very cautious on what I tried to murder with her to reduce any Frame For Murder points. My opponent took the Viks. Basics of the list was malifaux child, librarian, Vanessa, effigy, and Johan. I took this list: Reva + 6 Pool - Beyond Death (1) - Litany of The Fallen (2) - Spare Parts (2) Graveyard Spirit (3) Carrion Emissary (10) - My Little Helper (1) Yin The Penangalan (8) - My Little Helper (1) Hayreddin (7) - Unnerving Aura (1) Shieldbearer (6) Shieldbearer (6) I used the Emissary to funnel the Viks down the center of the board and had Hayreddin standing at the front as my Frame target. Although pretty obvious, I was able to sell that I hadn't takes Frame enough that eventually henchman Vik killed him and gave me 3 points. Unfortunately as I tried to keep the opponents crew tied up in the center, they were ripping through my models and claiming heads. At the end of the game, one of the Viks crossed into my deployment for Undercover Entourage and I ran Reva and got her into the opponents deployment to also score. In the end, game was a draw at 7-7
  8. This thought has been especially helpful. I honestly felt kinda stuck with Headhunter feeling that it was not a good scheme for Ressers. I always fine my models to get locked in combat and are either unable to pick up the heads or die too easily, giving up too many heads to my opponents.
  9. In the interest in getting the ball rolling. Here is one of the lists I'm considering for Game 1: 50 SS Resurrectionists Crew Nicodem + 6 Pool - Undertaker (1) - Maniacal Laugh (1) Mortimer (9) - Corpse Bloat (2) Philip and the Nanny (8) - Haunting Cries (0) Carrion Emissary (10) - My Little Helper (1) Rotten Belle (5) Necropunk (5) Necropunk (5) Since it is interference, going with a summoner makes sense to me. Frame for Murder is also in the pool so I want a master that isn't going to accidently kill anything and I don't want any killy Henchmen. I like Philip because he can help deny the scheme marker placement of my enemy while helping summoning. I also added two Necropunks so they can easily do claim jump and leave your mark. Or can walk into the centre, drop a scheme and jump out so they still score for interference. They will also be hard to take down and hard to pin as they can leap out of combat. Thoughts?
  10. Haha, yes it is I was wondering if there would be another resser playing!
  11. It's a standard Tournament, so 50 soulstones. And I do mention that all models are fair game. I also do have a couple lists already built for this. I didn't want to influence the discussion though.
  12. Hello Ressers! I have a local tournament coming up and am looking forward to three awesome games! I haven't been able to play much recently and regardless of being competitive, I'm going to enjoy just getting some games in. That being said, I want to get the group's thoughts on building to the follow strategies and schemes: Game 1: Deployment: Corner Deployment (10) Strategy: Interference (Masks) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Frame For Murder (Rams) * Leave Your Mark (Tomes) * Hunting Party (4) * Search The Ruins (8) Game 2: Deployment: Close Deployment (14) Strategy: Headhunter (Tomes) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Frame For Murder (Rams) * Leave Your Mark (Tomes) * Undercover Entourage (2) * Show Of Force (3) Game 3: Deployment: Standard Deployment (7) Strategy: Headhunter (Tomes) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Frame For Murder (Rams) * Accusation! (Masks) * Set Up (7) * Last Stand (13) I'd love to see some full lists with comments on why you think the list would be able to achieve the S&S. All models are fair game. How would you swamp over the enemy and secure these games for team Ressers?
  13. 50 SS Resurrectionists Crew Molly + 6 Pool - Forgotten Life (1) - Spare Parts (2) Philip and the Nanny (8) - Haunting Cries (0) Madame Sybelle (8) - Not Too Banged Up (1) - Corpse Bloat (2) Yin The Penangalan (8) - My Little Helper (1) Dead Doxy (6) Rotten Belle (5) Rotten Belle (5) (exported from CrewFaux) I like this list is Guard the Stash or Extraction where the opponent will bubble up for Molly. The rotten belles can pull opponents out of position to prevent them scoring as well. A rotten belle can be swapped for a nurse to help neutralize a big beater if that might be a problem.
  14. I definitely prebuild lists as a resser, I think the notion that every list needs to be built on the spot hinders game play, especially in timed competitive environments. I use CrewFaux to build lists with general concepts in mind. Then when a similar pool is generated, I can make adjustments as required. Since Malifaux is a skill game, being practiced with a sub-optimal list is better than having the perfect list but not using it correctly. Now that my opinion is out of the way, I'll share some lists like you asked 😁
  15. This! I'm pretty unimpressed with her sculpt, especially considering the other sculpt on wave 5 models look amazing. She has no details on her clothing at all. Her mindless zombies are more detailed. I didn't think of using the Alt Sybelle, but that's a great idea!
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