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  1. -Loki-

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    Use a War Wabbit as the second?
  2. -Loki-

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    There’s no rhyme or reason behind the selection of alts. The first two general release alts, one was heavily requested (bigger Nekima more in line with her 1E sculpt) and one was completely out of left field (Hungering Darkness, who can’t even be fielded without buying the crew box that has the original).
  3. Dead Justice was a reward, was it not?
  4. -Loki-

    Cards added to Wyrd App?

    Well, if you look at the cards, they’re very different to Malifaux cards. No wounds to track, abilities appearing or changing in Glory, different stats. That alone would be a big display overhaul. Then, there’s different conditions with different effects to track, plus the encounters are very different. It would probably be easier to make a separate app than shoehorn that into the existing app.
  5. -Loki-

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    We’ll find out during gencon. When they did additional sets in the past they had little flyers with the next sets.
  6. -Loki-

    Alt models : Ototo / Tannen & Graves

    Graves and Tannen are definitely meant as the Neverborn hires.
  7. -Loki-

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    Well, he’s $20 not $25. Good point about the piglet - I never made the connection of the model being there meaning we’re probably getting a card for it. Lenny needs one for his upgrade to function properly and it always felt missing from the Somer starter. I was planning on getting alt Lenny anyway, so that’s a nice bonus.
  8. -Loki-

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    It’s almost like people have different opinions than you. Imagine that!
  9. -Loki-

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    TOS isn’t even going to be at gencon aside from demo games. Most likely conclusion is we might be getting a 2.5E or 3E. They didn’t say we weren’t getting a new book, just it’s moved to next year. That jump might be needed to prepare a new edition.
  10. -Loki-

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Like those, they’re listed under ‘pre-release’ so I’m guessing yes.
  11. -Loki-

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    I love alt Tannen and Graves. I’m not a big Lynch fan so while I have them, I haven’t painted them yet because I find the aesthetic boring. Playing up their Nephilim and Woe characteristics was a good idea. Burly Nephilim Graves is great. But Tannen is fantastic and really uses the Malifaux creepy factor. The way the face is cracked around the escaping Sorrow and the legs are deflated like he was just a skin. Love them.
  12. -Loki-

    Backdraft box models

    We’re not going to see the cards early. Wyrd don’t do that. At best they’ll be in the next book, and on WargamesVault about 6 months after release.
  13. This is actually a good point. Wasn't Hamelin a prize set as well?
  14. Or, just maybe, Nathan thought it was a fun idea and we’re reading WAY too much into it.
  15. -Loki-

    Cards added to Wyrd App?

    My guess is the massive slowdown on the development of the Malifaux app is due to the TOS app being currently built by the same guys.