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  1. My guess is it’ll remain out of stock until M3E. No point ordering a whole new production run if the cards are already planned on being replaced.
  2. Silurids, Gupps and Spawn Mother are still available to Zoraida through Swampfiend. Guess they just didn’t want them with other Neverborn masters.
  3. -Loki-

    Alpha Crawler

    Allegiance box already has a couple of ways to hand them out without Speckled Crawlers. Stormsiren with Relics of Ancient Malifaux and Karkinoi laying Egg Clutches. Speckled Crawlers are autopilot for handing them out, but it's important to remember they're pretty crap in combat. You're buying them as a tarpit and/or to hand out Reinforcement tokens. Putting them in the Allegiance box would have made it easier to hand out those tokens, but as a standalone force it would have completely lacked teeth. Replacing the Karkinoi removes your shock troops, replacing the Striped Skulkers removes your basic melee grunts. The Allegiance box works fine with those two sources as long as you properly utilize tide pools (remember you get to place 3 with the Stormsiren, and she can summon more when in Glory. That's a lot of -2 to opponent Av's).
  4. -Loki-

    Alpha Crawler

    Haven’t used it but I’m looking at Overeager (+2 to all acting values during its activation), Roiling Innards (extra ranged attack at Av 8 (thanks to Overeager) that flips target from Glory) and Crushing Hands (Av 8 melee attack that Champions can’t pass wounds off to nearby units) for my usual build. It’s definitely worth getting Reinforcement tokens on it. A Commander with Relics of Ancient Malifaux should make it it’s first priority, same with gobbling an egg clutch and/or grabbing a token off some speckled Crawlers. Reinforcement tokens are life for it. That’s Hordes in a nutshell though. Get those reinforcement tokens down.
  5. -Loki-

    The Importance of Being Speckled

    Base sizes and model count are wrong. Striped are 9 40mm on 3 100mm fireteam bases. Speckled are 10 30mm on 2 120mm fireteam bases. Striped are fine. They’re the basic melee grunt. Speckled are a tarpit and Reinforcement token generator, they do different things.
  6. -Loki-

    The Importance of Being Speckled

    There’s other ways of getting them that require more effort. Relics of Ancient Malifaux gives a Commander a ranged Reinforcement token application with a trigger to cast again, and a choice to actually reinforce. Karkinoi laying egg clutches gives up to 2 if you flip the right suits when devouring them. Horomatangi can shout 2 onto a unit twice a turn. Some units have triggers to get them. Speckled Crawlers are just the most effortless way.
  7. -Loki-


    I don’t find it worth dropping The Frenzy’s upgrade, Shark Tooth Necklaces. Immunity to Area and positive flips to duels is just too good, especially as it lets you fish for suits. Their triggers are great.
  8. -Loki-


    I think Relics of Ancient Malifaux is going to be a default choice a lot of the time. Being able to easily place Reinforcement tokens on units and the choice to make them Reinforce is so very powerful. Add a margin trigger to cast again and it's too good to not have on a Hordes Commander. It's most efficient on The Frenzy since it allows three casts, but that would also assume The Frenzy is in a position to use it, which is not always going to be the case. But Stormsiren? She's almost always going to have it.
  9. -Loki-


    True, but I'm happy to have a mega beatstick Horomatangi. Also it's nice to have 2 Assets that can discard up to 5 damage on him in a game with things like Railguns.
  10. -Loki-


    Also remember if you need something dead, giving Tidal Scepter to The Frenzy or Horomatangi lets them literally teleport across the board. Even easier in a 2 commander game with the Stormsiren since she places an extra Tide Pool during Scouting and can also dump a Tide Pool on their head so they don't need to set themselves up. Horomatangi is particularly brutal for this. With both his Hordes and Burning Man restricted upgrades (Commanders attach assets based on sharing Allegiance symbols, which he has both of), he can activate next to an egg clutch and in base contact with a Tide Pool, go to Glory, teleport to any other Tide Pool, and either Rush or Focused Effort depending on where the target is, then hit with Superheated Claws. Then use Mighty Willpower to hit with Superheated CLaws again. If the target was a Commander, it will now have discarded (not flipped) both of its assets. Then he can use Tidal Wave (versatile) give make enemies within 3" take an S3 hit, then breath fire on them (versatile). Not much in the game will survive that kind of assault. And if they do, when they activate they take another S2 hit from Cloud of Steam.
  11. -Loki-

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    I once ordered a sword, and I was not home for the delivery. I was informed that they do not allow pick up at their depot on weekends, and instead they were perfectly happy leaving it on my front porch. When I told them the contents, they offered to toss the package over the fence or I'd have to take a day off work. Some delivery services are just terrible.
  12. -Loki-

    ToS and Heat

  13. -Loki-

    Gibbering Spam

    To be fair, it's the launch of the game. There's going to be a very rough period where a lot of things are 'overpowered' until people find ways to play around them.
  14. -Loki-

    Gibbering Spam

    You can pretty easily get The Frenzy or Horomatangi in your opponents backline on turn 1 or 2 in a 2 commander game. Give them Tidal Scepter (allows them to place in base contact with any tide pool as long as they started in base contact with another tide pool), and after they do what they're doing turn 1 (nipping at heels or shouting reinforcment tokens onto things, usually), have the Stormsiren go to Glory, and drop a tide pool on top of them (it can't be placed touching enemy fireteams, but that restriction doesn't apply to friendly fireteams). Next activation, they appear in base contact with a tide pool you placed further towards the opponents deployment zone during scouting. If you skip first activating them before the Stormsiren dumps a tide pool on them, they can do it turn 1. It telegraphs the attack, but with so many tide pools around when the Stormsiren is in play, the attack could come from anywhere.
  15. -Loki-

    Show me your models!

    The Dreadnought appears to suffer from the design not being suited to the base. The legs hit the edges of the 120mm base but because of the design it can’t be any bigger or it just won’t fit on the base, so it had to be scaled down a bit.