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  1. -Loki-

    Thoughts about M3E

    Yeah I edited out my post because after reviewing that page, it seemed to come from there. There's more information on those preview pages than I remembered.
  2. -Loki-

    Thoughts about M3E

  3. -Loki-

    Malifaux 3rd ed font?

    I’m guessing they made it themselves.
  4. -Loki-

    LGS Promotion FAQ

    They haven't listed a new promotion since December. They said we weren't getting any Q1 this year, looks like none for Q2 or Q3 either. Honestly they've been really busy lately so probably have been putting everything into their new products - M3E, TOS and Wyrdscapes. The promotions were nice but while doing them they didn't seem to have any large projects going either.
  5. -Loki-

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Even taking the Doppleganger or Trixiebelle I rarely cheated Fate even if I was losing the initiative. I took them for other reasons.
  6. -Loki-

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    If you look at Cojos card from Gencon, he has an ability called Frenzied Charge, which lets him ignore the once per activation limit of Charge. The Ice Golem has Flurry, which was one per activation. After taking a melee action you can discard a card to take it again. If these are examples of what’s happening to (2) actions, it’s more about increasing player choice during a given activation rather than spending time to set it up, and increasing AP efficiency. You get the same result - you can charge and then spend your second AP attacking again, or hit a model 3 times using Flurry. But now if your second attack from Flurry or first attack from Charge kills the enemy, you have a choice of what to do next rather than having wasted AP.
  7. I would have liked to have seen a Tyrant faction, myself. There's enough that they could have made a faction out of dual faction masters like they did with Ten Thunders. Maybe even separated some entirely. They seem to be focusing on the waking Tyrants according to the fluff on the announcement page, so not having some of them them splinter off into their own faction was a little disappointing.
  8. -Loki-

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Yeah, the Other Side. Matches the art.
  9. -Loki-

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Well, in 2E there were often schemes based around ss costs which got wonky around things like masters and 0ss henchmen. Maybe it’s also to combat that? Also with keyword hiring, just picking the most expensive seems like a bad choice if the rest of the crew you want will now cost even more?
  10. -Loki-

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    So she decided to change her wardrobe when she got back to Earth to another Japanese style dress that's not a Kimono. She and Ikirio also got matching horned masks now, which I don't recall them having before.
  11. -Loki-

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Just didn't come across well in the orange print. In the art it's very Asian looking.
  12. -Loki-

    First feelings M3E

    They’ve all been lined up for some sort of a comeback. Lilith is in Nythera after being mortally wounded. Same place Titania was. Nicodem may be dead, but he’s inside a soul stone in Mortimers keeping. Ramos is in a Guild prison on Earth. Collodi, last we saw him, was unhappy with the quality of the puppets he was making and went in search of his creators workshop. They probably won’t come back in their 2E/DMH incarnations but there’s interesting things that could be done with each of their returns.
  13. -Loki-

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    That's what they're doing a beta for.
  14. -Loki-

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    The description posted above for Charge says ‘push this model it’s Mv’. Move says ‘this model moves up to its Mv.’ If there’s still limits on Pushes, like Flight not working during a Push like in 2E, then there’s situations where you would use Move instead. Also Charge appears to be limited to once per activation.
  15. -Loki-

    The loved and the lost

    The main problem with Collodi for me was he never felt connected to the Neverborn. Granted I started with 2E so I don’t know his fluff before that. Same reason I’m fine with Lynch losing dual faction, another master I never felt was really connected to the faction.