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  1. Still trying to poke holes in this since I have 3 eels coming my way so far ... This might not be too bad if every faction has a good counter for this. As a hordes player I'd definitely pack Squall and pull the crawlers out of formation with Siren's Call. Not sure about the other factions but I think everyone but Hordes have some reliable area damage effects, yes? Could be bad before the eels get their reinforcement tokens. On top of that isn't there a mission strategy where you gain vp by killing enemy units? I could imagine focus firing on each eel (even with a few RTs) until dead
  2. Ahh ok. Eels could be a problem. Really need that rule book! On that note, a question: Do pinned tokens remove reinforcement tokens?
  3. Still waiting on my KS stuff and the only rules I've seen was at the top of this year so this may have changed. (big grain of salt here) If your opponent has a low unit count wouldn't you be in a situation where the turn ends before you even get to start summoning new eels? Last time I saw the rules if an opponent is out activated, they would pass, then pass again to end the turn. Could be bad if they have only 6ish units when you're starting with 12 (and adding another with spawning moon right out of the gate)
  4. Hi! Its been a while since I've looked at the rules for this and I got two questions: Currently the Allegiance cards specifically call out said Allegiance Units can flip to glory using the given ability. So this does not include allies pulled in using a dual commander? If yes to the first part, are there alternate ways to flip an ally unit to glory?
  5. I was certainly imagining that! Its pretty good that it cannot though. Imagine if you managed to get two summons off of one Eel with all 3 coming back by Endless Numbers. Probably a bit OP. Speaking of ridiculousness, did any of you catch that Thrace's description on the Kickstarter page said she was a Champion so could chuck wounds off on nearby units. I thought that was a Commander only ability. Was that a mistake or is that rule change? I'm all for our Eels getting secret service...
  6. I've been checking out the updated cards for our mighty fish-bugs and noticed that our Champions are now listed as Squads. Does this mean the Egg and the Eel come back thanks to Endless Numbers?
  7. Kinda murky that far away, but sign me up anyways!
  8. You might want to squeeze in an Insidious Madness just in case you get bumped by Immune to Influence models.
  9. I played one game so far this week, my first for this league, and it was a mirror match. Name: Jokerohki Overall W/L/D: 1/0/0 Crew Leader: Zoraida Strategy: Claim Jump (full success) Schemes: Assassinate (success), Stake a Claim(success) Played Against: Zoraida Outcome: 8-4
  10. This sounds fun! I'm in. Name: Jokerohki Master: Zoraida Second Master: Lilith Third Master: The Dreamer
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