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  1. I didn't undestand a thing.. In each order we made there is a free promo card ? I opened my package a few hours ago but I found only miniatures I bought and four promo model. Nothing else.
  2. My order (#13674) was shipped yesterday
  3. I always think Pupper Wars as a great game. I love mini puppet miniatures. I am waiting for a second box release.. Other Masters and Puppet needed!! Hat is a large area on this model and every part like this must be painted a little "better".
  4. I always loved sea theme diorama. Tentacles are a great addition. Very realistic NMM sword and viscid tentacles
  5. I made a small movie where I shake this box. A friend of mine want this.. Marshal's mini platform is semi-mobile due metal spring under it. Love to see this "animated" puppet
  6. Yes, they are a kind of anti-war weapons in my mind. A puppet with a couple of toy handguns is harmless and ilarious especially if it bring a small coffin on its back
  7. I like your light contrast. Green lamp il very cool
  8. A "classic" environment, I like it. Pinky Candy seems very friendly
  9. This is my entry for Round 4. I imagined an hardened Marshall toy, pop out from a gift box and armed with two "devastating" guns Unlike last round I hadn't much time so this is a speed painting project. Gift box was made from plastcard and greenstuff. Six hours work from starting sculpt to photo shots. Hope you like my interpretation for this round.
  10. Seth III

    Wyrd Science

    Wall, lights, shadows and other things on it were made using brush. This time I had more free time to dedicate at diorama.
  11. Goblin's science.. Wow!! I like it. Good lab forniture and a mad goblin scientist
  12. "Wyrd Science" theme.. A world to discover by imagination, creations and steampunk darkness Hope you like it
  13. I saw render behind crew box. I noticed two tusk/fangs but on the model I think there is a sculpting mistake on one of them.
  14. You are right Whirler but as usually I worked only two days on the project so I consider it a fast painting
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