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  1. Oxfordian Mages I want to try her with although I regularly find the mages let me down - but we shall see
  2. Can't Seamus' avatar hire any non totem show girl? In which case he can also take the Oiran. Why is the Malifaux child listed for Hamlin? It's not an out of faction hire.
  3. I'm a fan of Taelor though she does get a little expensive.
  4. I was just wondering if people use the Torokage as Mercenaries - I've only ever seen them used either in 10 Thunders lists or in Outcast Last Blossom lists. I've no experience with them but when I inevitably get 10 Thunders (come on Wyrd! ) I'll get them but wondering if people use them as mercs and if so how/when?
  5. Entourage says that the model chosen must be a henchman/leader and if that model fufils the condition then you score VP. This is regardless of whether it still is or isn't a henchman. The wording is fairly clear IMO. The model is still the same one you chose and because the henchman part is only important when selecting the model Bleeding Lash does not stop the model from completing the scheme.
  6. Oops I was thinking of Seamus getting to hire undead show girls my mistake
  7. Actually I believe she does (I may be wrong don't have the books to hand) but it's an upgrade available in a Shifting Loyalties campaign but that's becide the point.
  8. Lelu and Lilitu & Nekima are all Nephilim and work well with Lilith. Dreamer lives his nightmare models so anything with that characteristic (including Lelu, Lilitu and Teddy) are great with him. If your wondering what to take with certain masters check out that master's Pull My Finger entry.
  9. He can take Guardsmen in NB but he needs the Surprisingly Loyal upgrade to do so. I like the idea of Lucius using legal contracts to punish an opponent's crew for using their abilities but not sure how that would be applied.
  10. I like the Emissary but other master's get more out of it then Ramos.
  11. Lilith rarely walks for me - between pushes from my crew, tangle shadows and transfixing gaze what she wants to be near usually ends up by her.
  12. Always use armour of December if you think you might be facing NB. The best ways NB have to take out Raspy are in close combat and they hate getting stuck there. Use armour of december to reduce the number of attacks and leave them stuck there so either you can get Raspy out or something else can take out the threatening model.
  13. 1) If you take Lynch in Neverborn you can only hire ten thunders models with the darkened characteristic (and if memory serves your limited in number), are mercenaries (like the Oiran) or that are dual faction with Neverborn (such as Mr Graves) 2) Whenever you hire a model out of faction that can take upgrades (so a henchman or enforcer) they use the upgrades available to your declared faction. So no sorry you can't take Kang with Neverborn Lynch though you could with 10 thunders Lynch.
  14. I'm not a fan of Nephilim either. Angel Eyes, Tuco and Mr Graves are the only ones I use with her and most Neverborn models can work well with her. I usually run her with Waldergeists and Beckoners.
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