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  1. Well, questions about burning anyway. 1. If a model with burning is buried, to they retain the burning condition and still suffer damage from it? 2. The Firebranded have the ability Embrace the Flames which does the following: Do you pick one number that is applied to the target and everyone within 3 or can you pick a different number for the target and each model within 3?
  2. No. Only terrain that has been granted the Hard Cover trait grants hard cover. Severe terrain simply impedes movement. The terrain traits defined in the handbook convey only the effects they say they convey and nothing more, so there can be lots of different combinations. For example, a river, patch of ice, or uneven ground could be Severe (hard to walk across), but wouldn't provide any cover.
  3. You can define the terrain however you want. The general rule of thumb is to be in agreement with your opponent *before* the game begins.
  4. Where did they get the info on the other models' abilities and upgrades? All I've seen is Sandeep's card.
  5. Sloth says, specifically, "If it gained the Slow Condition." This is missing from Tap Power.
  6. Magnetism does 2 damage to the target (in this case, Joss). Since Joss was already at 2 health left, he would have been reduced to 1 (due to Hard to Kill) and gained Reactivate (due to Overload).
  7. I think the ability is poorly worded by including the phrase "choose to." In the sense that it says to choose to: heal all damage AND end your activation. It implies that you have to be able to choose to end your activation, which you can't do because the Pig isn't activated. If you can't choose to end your activation, then you can't also choose to end your activation AND do something else. See previous discussion on the issue here: However, I believe the intention is more something like this: "Eat Your Fill: After killing or sacrificing an enemy model, this model may choose to heal all damage. If you do so, end your activation." This would make it more clear that the activation ending thing is simply a consequence of using the ability, which I feel is the intention and proper interpretation of the ability.
  8. I never used them before, so I can't compare. They are ok support models I've found. This past weekend I used them in a Ramos crew with Guard the Stash as the Strategy. Since this was a "hold your ground" type game, I felt comfortable using them since I wouldn't be moving around a lot and could use the boost. I had one with Joss on one marker and two with Howard on the other. I can't say there was ever a point that the extre defense mattered, but I wasn't keeping track either. I just don't recall a point thinking that I was saved by margin of one. What did come in handy was Magnetism. I had Exhaust Their Forces as a scheme, and getting a 0 AP 6" push was crucial. I could magnetise to a spider (expendable) and still have 2 AP left to Exhaust an activated enemy nearby.
  9. The latter. If you can measure from any part of the scheme marker to any part of the Deployment zone and that measurement is 6" or less, that scheme marker counts.
  10. It doesn't matter that they are conditions. If damage from burning/poison doesn't count, even when that burning/poison is caused by an ability, then damage from hazardous terrain/falling doesn't count, even when that hazardous terrain/fall is caused by an ability. The damage didn't come from an ability. The ability didn't kill the model.
  11. The ability isn't causing the damage here, the hazardous terrain is. Yes, the hazardous terrain was created by an ability but as I said, burning and poison are created by abilities and those don't allow for kill attribution.
  12. This is clarification from the FAQ. They were killed by hazardous terrain. No model/crew claims credit for the kill. Now, I know you say: "but a model created that hazardous terrain" but that doesn't count. After all, almost all burning/poison conditions are caused by a model's abilities or actions, yet dying to those conditions don't give that model credit (most likely to avoid the nightmare of when they receive burning/poisin from different sources, but I digress). Point being, they died from hazardous terrain. The FAQ says death from hazardous terrain doesn't count as a kill from any crew or model. That's your clarification within the FAQ. Likewise, if you have an ability that pushes a model and that model is pushed off of a height and suffers fall damage enough to kill it: no crew or model gets the kill.
  13. FAQ: #2 - Killed by Condition? No one counts as having made the kill. #3 - Killed by an Action? The Crew controlling the Action counts as having made the kill. Killed by an Ability? The model with the Ability counts as having made the kill. #4 - Killed by falling damage/hazardous terrain? No Crew counts as having made the kill. In this case, they are taking hazardous terrain damage, so no crew counts as having made the kill.
  14. What you said makes a certain amount of sense and falls in line with other chain causes that seem to happen. However, I will note that conditions aren't abilities and the rules treat them differently on some aspects. Between all of the possibilities, yours makes sense.
  15. Scenario: Lilith is within 1" of a Fire Gamin. Lilith has Burning +2 on her. The Fire Gamin has 1 Wd left. Lilith resolves the burning, takes 2 damage, triggering her Black Blood ability, damaging all models within 1". The Fire Gamin, being within an inch, takes damage and dies, triggering Flaming Demise. This causes 1 damage plus Burning +1 to all models within 1". So Lilith takes 1 damage (triggering her Black Blood again) and gains Burning +1. Do the effects of that burning resolve during that turn's Upkeep or during the following turn's upkeep?
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