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  1. Hi ! I have just a little question (stupid i guess) but my friend and i have a big conflict about that when we play ! How many time can we cheat fate during a flip ? I think that's only one but he affirm me we can cheat without limit during a duel ? For exemple,i flip a 2,he flip a 4. I chose to cheat for a 6 and he cheat to put a 8. Can i cheat again and use a 10 or not ?? Thx for answer and appologize for this stupid ask
  2. Thx for all advices !! indeed, i forget the convict gunslingers when i make that list and that's an awsome option, i try this during my next game !!
  3. Thanks a lot for all advices !! That's probably a bad habit from other game to creat a list before play ^^ Chose 1 starter and some other box is probably the good thing to do for started !!
  4. Hi all, in first place, i introduce myself ! First thing, i appologize for my bad english, i understand this language very well but that's hard for me to talk/write !! i hope all my mistakes don't make you cry blood too much I know malifaux since few years but i just started to play for real at this game... and i definitly love it. I study the rules book since 2 weeks and finaly, i fix myself on this awsome faction neverborn. After that, i focus on 3 masters (pandora / lynch / collodi) and create alone, without experience, 3 lists. I know make a "generic" list on malifaux is not a good thing because that's change a lot with the primary and other scenarios but that's a way for me to know what miniature i buy in first and have some "pre-build" list for my first games. And today, i need you to have your opinion about my list, give me some answer about thing i don't understand and maybe, have some advices ^^ ! I try to explain for all my list what i want and the goal when i create it ! JAKOB LYNCHE That's probably the list that i like least... I have many models who have good synergy with "brillance characteristic" but i don't have many synergies with "ace in the hole" ... don't know if that's a problem or not. I have 2 variants and i don't know wich one take and if play only in brillance is a good way. What kind of model can i take to maximise the "ace in the hole" capacity ? First one : Second one : JAKOB LYNCHE : Woke up with a hand / the rising sun / wanna see a trick 5ss JAKOB LYNCHE : Woke up with a hand / the rising sun / wanna see a trick 5ss * Hungering darkness : Addict 1ss * Hungering darkness : Addict 1ss * Beckoner 7ss * Beckoner 7 ss * Beckoner 7ss * Beckoner 7 ss * Illuminated 7ss * Illumanited 7ss * Illuminated 7ss * Illuminated 7ss * Doppleganger 7ss * Doppleganger : Retribution Eyes 8ss * Hans 9ss * The depleated 4ss * The depleated 4ss And a little question about lynche, and to be more precise, about the hungering darkness. If i play hungry, later during the turn, he die, and after (again during the same turn) he come back in game (with rising sun upgrate), i can play him or he considerate like already play ? PANDORA For this one, i don't use Spirit models because ... i don't like them at all. Not in game, but just the visual !!! So i try to find an other way to generate many WP test without them !! Finaly, i finish with this list. I add a mysterious effigy for the last 4 points but i admit i don't know if it's a good choise or not... i don't find an other thing PANDORA : box opens / wings of darkness / Aether connection 4ss * Primordial magic 2ss * Mr Graves 9ss * Doppleganger : Retributions eye 8ss * Nekima 13ss * Johan 7ss * Mysterious Effigy 4ss *ADD 3 soulstones 3ss COLLODI For this one, i realy try to play with many effigy and puppet thing ... i guess that's normal !! Like for lynch, i have 2 lists and i don't know wich one take. The first one i take Aionus inside because .... i LOVE the visual of miniature and i want play this model !!! I put him with collodi because he add to my list many "control" and make that composition moreeeeee toxic with more trics !!! After, i don't know if it's the better choise, that's why i create a second list without him (because it cost realy expensive >< ) First one : Second one : COLLODI : fated / Strum the threads / Breathe life 3ss COLLODI : fated / Strum the threads / Breathe life 3ss * Stiched together 6ss * Stiched together 6ss * Stiched together 6ss * Stiched together 6ss * Doppleganger 7ss * Doppleganger 7ss * Aionus : Mimics Belssing 14ss * Vasilisa : a friend to talk 9ss * Arcane effigy 4ss * Arcane effigy 4ss * Brutal effigy 4ss * Brutal effigy 4ss * Shadow effigy 4ss * Shadow effigy 4ss * Mysterious effigy 4ss * ADD 2 soulstones 2ss ADD 3 soulstones 3ss So, thx to all person who take time to read me and help me a little bit to make my choise when i have 2 lists, or advice me for some synergies/changements...
  5. i totaly understand what you mean with your conclusion. I probably make 2 games tomorow, i test my list and a little modification (kick out hans and put 2 depleted) ^^
  6. ok ok, i understand everything now ^^ thx !! finaly i finish on that => JAKOB LYNCHE : Woke up with a hand / the rising sun / wanna see a trick 5ss * Hungering darkness : Addict 1ss * Beckoner 7ss * Beckoner 7ss * Illuminated 7ss * Illuminated 7ss * Doppleganger 7ss * Hans 9ss TOTAL 50SS I don't know if it's effective or not, if hans & dopple are good choise or not but ... i need try
  7. ok ok ok !! so, i need rework all my neverborn lynch and delete kang of it (i secretly cry, i admit) !!
  8. Thx a lot for all answer, i realy appreciate ! A last stupid question and i leave you after ^^ i almost finish to build my 3 lists but i have a little hesitation for the last with Lynch So, stupid question is ==> when i play lynch and declare neverborn for crew, can i take all ten thunders charactere i want without restriction or only model with "darkened" characteristic ? Second question if the answer at the first is "yes you can take what you want", i want take in my list "kang". Can i give him a neverborn upgrate even he's not or i can't give him any upgrate because he's only ten thunders and my crew is neverborn ? Thx again for answer !!! I promise, i take a break after with begeeners asking
  9. unfortunaly, i don't like at all nephilim models (i mean miniature and design) ... that's why lilith don't attract me because if i understand well, she play ony with this kind of models ? Other stupid question, when a capacity tell "choose a friendly model ... ..." , the person who cast this capacity considering himself like a friendly model ? (i tell you, that's a stupid question, but i prefere asking :p)
  10. actualy my favorite master in neverborn was Pandora, Lynch and collodi (visual and why i imagine when i read cards) I try to find some informations about lilith ! thx for advice
  11. Thx a lot for quick answer !! that's help for my decision. Btw , i don't mention that on my first post but my 2 favorites factions just after reading books are Neverborn & outcast (neverborn in first place to be honest) and read you convince me more in that !! Thx for the link btw, this wiki seem's rly interested, i'm going to read it now !! If someone want answer too, all opinion are good for me
  12. Hi all !! First thing and the most important in my opinion : all my appologizes for my bad english ! Unfortunatly, i'm the result of french education for english and trust me, that's a disaster ^^ But the good new is i totaly can read and understand everything ^^ don't worry for answers After this short, but essential presentation, that's time to explain why i create this new topic. Several months ago, i tested malifaux and i admit, that's probably the better game i ever played. So, after this long period, that's time for me to realy start to play ! I buy and read all rules books and it's time for me to make my decision about the faction... and that's why i need your help. Don't worry, i don't ask you to chose a faction for me, but i have some questions for dispel all my doubts. Actualy, i know what faction i don't want play ( Ten thunders & Guild) !! So, time for my questions ^^ 1/ What is the most popular faction in this game ? That's probably stupid but this is an important point for me, i love play underated or not representative faction !! That's not funny when we go in a tournement and see 75% of other player with the same faction ^^ 2/ I make some research on internet but i don't find a good guide about the "personality" of faction. I explain what i mean. Master in factions are realy differant but it's possible to extract a type of gameplay for any faction (range attack/close combat/magic/alteration/buff ... ...) ? If the answer is "yes", i definitly appreciate if you can do a little resume of that. 3/ After reading many topic on forum, i realize some caster in this game are specialised on invocation ... and unfortunatly, i HATE invocations in all game >< I just want to know if all faction, one have the "invocation" part more representative (yes, that's answer add automatically on my list of faction i don't want play ahah) 4/ Last questions, i love to play... how tell that ... yes, i'm a bitch !! I love doing trap, move other models, machiavelic plans, hamper ... and hurt vry strong even i'm weak ! That's my favorite style to fight in game generaly. Like for the question N°=3, one faction have this "profile" ? So that's all for the moment. I hope my english don't make you cry blood tears so much and all be clear ... ok, not clear but comprehensible ^^ Thanks a lot for people who take time to answer at all this newby questions !
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