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  1. I tried him in parker but he flipped really badly and did next to nothing. however i still think he has some synergy with parkers stick up action for hand drain, as others have said. theoretically would fit for jack too, as any additiona hand pressure is good.
  2. I take the emissary fairly regularly. I'm actually trying to wean myself off him a bit as he can be a crutch. I love that little donkey. As I main jack, he adds so much to that crew. Regen on Jack or monty, don't mind me on jaakune, bonus to move in a slowish crew, healing on key models, a nice push/scheme free action. Don't forget that he has two decent attacks on his card too. He's killed a spawn mother with his hooves (yay injured) and see how your opponent reacts when you start throwing junk at his beater...
  3. If you can get him close enough to use it on a model from the enemy crew (at a minus 2 stat) then fair play. Seems like a lot of effort for a 3 stone model.
  4. Think your hoping for a loophole that doesn't exist. I think this is a wider problem with the child not having very many good targets for just like you.
  5. Exactly this. I think they can take down certain masters but defensive triggers, armor, terrifying and manipulative/serene countenance can cause problems for them. It's not always enough to have min three damage in this edition. What I have found useful is the 'that one counts as mine trigger' to get extra shots in from the other Vic who isn't engaged. three melee attacks and a couple of shots can really pile on pressure. But killing stuff is the best way to keep them alive so it's often better going for a softer target and easy kill rather than getting tar pitted against something chonky.
  6. Too fast for their own good sometimes­čś│
  7. 6 stones is reasonable (and a prospector to generate more). i don't always take soldier of fortune on them, servant of dark powers is worth a look for the heal (plus anything you get from into the fray). but i play them fairly conservatively, picking off weaker models and using sisters in spirit to pull them out of danger. resisting the first turn blitz is the hardest thing with running this crew:)
  8. Yeah, wanted to like hans in reckoning, but I think your right about sue being the better option in general. Hans will be better as a tech pick against terrifying and concealment.
  9. Played a game of reckoning with Parker this week against a Nekima crew. took: Parker Doc Mad dog rusty hans stalker 2 bandidos Hans, rusty and mad dog make an intimidating gunline, managed to make short work of Nekima for 2 points on assassinate. stalker goes in most of my outcast crews nowadays as he makes scheme dropping trivial. mad dog is a must for parker IMHA, there are so many scheme markers dropping that he almost always has 3 ap, and a min 3 blast shotgun with excellent triggers can take down most things (even armour). rusty is making her way into most of my crews, worth 10 stones out of keyword. her execute trigger is aces after you have filleted the opponents hand with stick up, highway robbery and at gunpoint. highway robbery is my go-to attack for parker early in the turn, even got a soulstone out of nekima in this game. the card advantage is what I want from it either cycling a bad hand or replenishing. damage is a secondary concern as I've other shooters in the crew for that. I find it easy to forget 'draw their attention', but it can be key to setting up life of crime for Mad dog or getting that last scheme marker for search, detonate etc. with no range restriction on the ability you'll be surprised where scheme markers can be dropped. only thing i might have changed would have been Hans. he seems like a min 2 gun with built in crit strike thanks to reference the field guide, but i rarely had a card free to discard for the ability. he seems like he needs at least 2 focus on him to make the most of a shot (one for the range increase, one for the positive flips) so he seems resource intensive. ended with a win to me, 7- 2, but was closer than the score suggests.
  10. I would actually caution going too light on stones if you have jack as a leader. Although Jack might be less stone intensive for damage prevention consider that Jack, montresor and hanged can rely on hitting their good attack triggers to work most effectively so you need those stones to buy suits to guarantee getting the effect you want. Especially on your heels for movement and execute for putting even more pressure on their hand. I agree on the child, never found a place for him in my crews now, just like you seems to have less good targets in this edition.
  11. Jack is a really great crew. You've got most of the key components already on your list. Only thing I would recommend is trying out a crooked man. Lots of useful abilities and a good source of staggered and scheme markers for the crew.
  12. Most recent game I played with jack I skewed slightly towards hazardous terrain. So jakuuna, crooked man, rusty Alice, drowned, monty, Jack and lady. The crew can get very oppressive played like this, jakuuna and Alice stick people in the hazardous terrain(create traps and drowning aura) , plinking damage and giving out injured. The crooked man is the key, handing out staggered to anyone in the terrain effects with his shafted ability and then blasting them with his earthquake when they are neg 2 to move. Jack and monty then wade in with their nooses and pick off weakened models. Things I've learnt: 1. Monty is super controlling and tough to deal with, especially with his aura and pulses. Don't underestimate cursed to watch, I often use him to obey jakuuna to move after her drowning aura is in place to catch models your opponent thought was safe. 2. Jack is not as resilient as I thought and you've got to be careful how you engage with him. He can operate fairly independently from his crew. Drawn to betrayal is a great ability that you'll probably use most turns. 3. Rusty fit surprisingly well in the crew. She contributes to the damage grind with her aura, adds another source of hazardous terrain, and has a min 3 gun for blasting fools. 4.played like this, the crew is super bubbly, so strongest is strats and schemes that favour that (I was playing turf war and clogged the central marker with bad stuff) 5. Drowned didn't work for me, I took him for his vomit, but he's not great so I'd probably drop him next time.
  13. Thats exactly what i mean myyra!
  14. Hi, they are just the standard LE lady justice crew, not dead justice. I'll try and up load some photos tonight.
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