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  1. Oxfordian Mages I want to try her with although I regularly find the mages let me down - but we shall see
  2. Can't Seamus' avatar hire any non totem show girl? In which case he can also take the Oiran. Why is the Malifaux child listed for Hamlin? It's not an out of faction hire.
  3. I'm a fan of Taelor though she does get a little expensive.
  4. I was just wondering if people use the Torokage as Mercenaries - I've only ever seen them used either in 10 Thunders lists or in Outcast Last Blossom lists. I've no experience with them but when I inevitably get 10 Thunders (come on Wyrd! ) I'll get them but wondering if people use them as mercs and if so how/when?
  5. Entourage says that the model chosen must be a henchman/leader and if that model fufils the condition then you score VP. This is regardless of whether it still is or isn't a henchman. The wording is fairly clear IMO. The model is still the same one you chose and because the henchman part is only important when selecting the model Bleeding Lash does not stop the model from completing the scheme.
  6. Oops I was thinking of Seamus getting to hire undead show girls my mistake
  7. Actually I believe she does (I may be wrong don't have the books to hand) but it's an upgrade available in a Shifting Loyalties campaign but that's becide the point.
  8. Lelu and Lilitu & Nekima are all Nephilim and work well with Lilith. Dreamer lives his nightmare models so anything with that characteristic (including Lelu, Lilitu and Teddy) are great with him. If your wondering what to take with certain masters check out that master's Pull My Finger entry.
  9. He can take Guardsmen in NB but he needs the Surprisingly Loyal upgrade to do so. I like the idea of Lucius using legal contracts to punish an opponent's crew for using their abilities but not sure how that would be applied.
  10. I like the Emissary but other master's get more out of it then Ramos.
  11. Lilith rarely walks for me - between pushes from my crew, tangle shadows and transfixing gaze what she wants to be near usually ends up by her.
  12. Always use armour of December if you think you might be facing NB. The best ways NB have to take out Raspy are in close combat and they hate getting stuck there. Use armour of december to reduce the number of attacks and leave them stuck there so either you can get Raspy out or something else can take out the threatening model.
  13. 1) If you take Lynch in Neverborn you can only hire ten thunders models with the darkened characteristic (and if memory serves your limited in number), are mercenaries (like the Oiran) or that are dual faction with Neverborn (such as Mr Graves) 2) Whenever you hire a model out of faction that can take upgrades (so a henchman or enforcer) they use the upgrades available to your declared faction. So no sorry you can't take Kang with Neverborn Lynch though you could with 10 thunders Lynch.
  14. I'm not a fan of Nephilim either. Angel Eyes, Tuco and Mr Graves are the only ones I use with her and most Neverborn models can work well with her. I usually run her with Waldergeists and Beckoners.
  15. For your first master I'd recommend Lilith. Not only does she seem to tick all your boxes she is (in my opinion) the easiest Neverborn master to start with and she has such a wide variety of options that you can go on from there.
  16. Also what does your opponent usually take? It may help us give you better advice.
  17. The first thing is to remember that the game is not wipe out the enemy. It's complete the schemes and strategies. This should always be the main thing you think about - how can you achieve them, how will your opponent likely try to do so, how can they stop you and vice versa. For playing against the sisters - if you take out any model Viktoria of Blood should be it. They in some ways are like Marcus and his beasts - fast and potentially hard hitting but lacking resilience. And if there busy in combat they can't complete many schemes. Tougher models that can last longer and/or have a long melee range to drag out the fight. You will loose models doing this but while they are held up you can try and score actual VP. Have you read Marcus' tactica on the wiki? https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/M2E+Marcus Having not played him yet I can't say anything not in here.
  18. Not to mention that more of the Tyrant's have caused problems because of Human's meddling with things they don't understand not to mention the business with the Grave Spirit. Not only have human's taken their lands they threaten the very reason for the Neverborn's being (even though many of them have forgotten it themselves)
  19. 1) I can't say for certainty but I believe Guild or Resurrectionist may be most popular but not sure. 2) This is a quick summary of each faction: Guild: The Guild are the law enforcement in Malifaux. They tend to eschew the trickery and subtlety of other factions in the form of brute force. That doesn't mean they can't play sneakily but they are capable of just putting down a bunch of guys and shooting at everything in sight if you so wish. They have little summoning, are slower at times than other factions and they usually prefer to have a smaller number of stronger models than lot's of weaker ones. Arcanist: Do you like magic? Good because the arcanists have a lot of it. The arcanists contains several glass canons supported by various beasts and constructs. Magical attacks of various kind are something you should expect from this faction, and the factions as a whole has several models that hand out/benefit from burning. When it comes to defence most rely on having tricks to avoid being near danger or Armour to survive. Resurrectionists: The faction that loves undead. Probably the strongest faction if you like summoning and/or horror duels. They can hand out poison from a variety of places and killing their models doesn't guarantee you'll stop the zombie horde as the corpses might just get back up. They tend to be easy to hit but have high wounds and various abilities that soak up damage. Neverborn: Neverborn crews tend to rely on trickery and deception, using their abilities to influence the flow of the game. Probably the quickest faction on the whole which is good for getting them into melee combat which they love - they have numerous ways of dealing a lot of damage in close combat but many of the models lack the resilience for drawn out combat and the faction has few ranged options. They also have numerous ways to target Wp. Outcasts: Hard to define their playstyle really except they don't fit into the other factions of Malifaux. Many Outcasts are mercenaries so can be hired into other factions (for a price) The 10 Thunders: The 10 Thunders have infiltrated all the other factions of Malifaux. Most of their masters are dual faction and can hire certain models regardless of which faction they are playing in. Because of this they can play most styles effectively depending on the individual master. Gremlins: Gremlins are not smart, and are just as capable of hurting themselves as they are the opponent. They have several ways to mimic the abilities of other factions though usually at the risk of something going wrong. They have decent ranged and melee options. More information here: https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/Choosing+a+Master 3) By invocation do you mean in the Dungeons and Dragons sense? If so avoid Rasputina or Kaeris from the Arcanists or Sonnea Crid from The Guild. Overall Arcanists probably have the most blasters but it's not a huge number really compared to their other options. 4) Based of this I'd say Neverborn suit you. They have a variety of manipulative tricks from moving enemy models around, to stopping them moving all together to even making your opponent's models taking actions for you If you have any more questions just say.
  20. Ramos is a good master in that he can synergise with just about any construct and in the arcanists we have a large number to choose from. Have you checked the Pull My Finger page for him?
  21. Have you checked out their entries on the malifaux wiki? http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/M2E+Gremlins
  22. Not a gremlins player so can't help out with faction specific things but when it comes to taking on Jack Daw it's probably best to avoid direct confrontation. Always go for your schemes and strategies as these are what actually decides who wins and looses. If you do try to take him out Jack's to attack and damage flips against him are a real pain so if you can find a way to gain to your flips your ap is less likely to be more effective. Jack's crew can generate a lot of horror duels so high WP models are great (Liquid Bravery could help with this)
  23. I believe (may be wrong) that the new Governor General is a very powerful mage but one who follows the Thalarian Doctrine. From my understanding high ranking members of the guild who use officially illegal magic (Sonnia especially) are allowed too as long as they can be used/exploited by the guild.
  24. From my reading of it the Under My Care lasts as long as the Sawbone doesn't exceed the number of patients she/he can give the condition too. So Patient Files lasts that long - it's a great ability though of course the Sawbone must move along one step before they gain Patient Files and doing so means giving up on Surgical Instruments. (That's a trade off I'm happy with)
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