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  1. Great work as always! One wonky thing I've found though: the Favour Of Earth upgrade for the Samurai doesn't add +3 Wd to the stat line.
  2. Here's a bit of theory-faux that popped into my head. It's a lot of stones of investment, but it could pay off. Requirements: Mei with On Wings Of Wind Rail Golem with Recalled Training Sensei Yu with Low River Style Monk of High River Yes, that's 31ss to get this, and I'm not sure it would even work! Anyway, the plan is this: Activate the Monk and charge the Rail Golem. Optionally discard something to get 3 attacks. Each attack delivers a minimum +1 Burning to the Golem. Cheat down damage as much as you are able. Activate Sensei Yu and use Stones on the River to heal the Golem twice. It's a Ml action, so Yu's Brutal ability means you can add an additional +1 Burning to the Golem on each action. Now use Disciple to push the Golem 4" up the table using On Wings Of Wind. Next activate Mei and push the Golem up the table again. Get up next to it and Vent Steam for safety. Note that any rams flipped for the Golem's Df will contribute another +1 Burning. I make that a minimum of +5 Burning on turn 1. Activate the Golem to push it up by another 1. On turn 2, pray that you get a few Tomes at 4+(!), then discard Recalled Training on the Golem and see what happens. What do you think? Crazy enough to work, or just crazy?
  3. You can get individual cards for 50p each from abzgames.
  4. I played Mei against Pandora yesterday (I only have Mei, so my options were limited!). The base contact push from Jackhammer Kick was great for chasing Pandora around the table - just a constant pain for the other player to deal with.
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