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  1. Outside of Neverborn, the only master that has ever really interested me is Marcus. Going to finally take the plunge and grab him this week, though! Being Neverborn also means I already have access to a ton of beasts, so mainly looking to grab his box + Rogue Necromancy + ???
  2. If you deployed 18" away from your opponent, your first goal should have been Lilitu walks up and lures Dora up, then Dora Incites to swing 8" up the board on a 0 before using maybe 1 ap to walk and engage the enemy crew. Then inflict like mad. Turn 2 your opponent is forced to activate the Skeeter first (because of your Mood Swing), letting you inflict 3 more times. With that many models, your opponent is bound to have a few cluster hotspots. Dora needs to engage them and go 'Hey, pass this 14 WP duel. Now do it twice more. Now pass this 14 DF duel. Now pass this Terrifying 13 duel to hit me.' This is going to throw your opponent on the defensive right from the start as you pull all their high cards out of the deck. In the traditional box opens list, I'd also chuck the Barbaros and Mysterious Emissary for good ol' Nekima and Doppelganger. If you have the model, then Lust also does wonders for the playstyle.
  3. Working on something similar, though I prefer Lilitu because that extra 1ss is just... so worth it for everything else she brings. I'm trying out a list of Dreamer/Serena/Lilitu Warped as the base. Beyond that, I'm angling for Tuco (double disguised does a lot of work in closing off lanes) + either Mature with Warped or Hooded rider. I was also given the idea for some shenanigans like double Cyclops with Warped to close ice pillar and just entirely box the opponent into their deployment. :P
  4. Keep in mind that Depression does not need to be on Dora herself. It can be on any Woe, and you only need LOS to the other Woes to give them the attack. Throw it on Dora if you have the slots, but you can also attach it to any other Woe in your crew.
  5. Pandora w/ Woe is Me, other upgrades as needed (sometimes Wings, sometimes Aether, sometimes FGF, sometimes Fugue, sometimes Rile). Iggy Lilitu Doppelganger w/ Thousand Faces Depression on someone. I've been trying Kade w/ Depression as he's a naturally great carrier for it, but you have a number of other Woes who could do it. The rest of your crew can be whatever, I really like The Tooth, Thorn, Hooded Rider, Nekima, Silurids/Madness, Mr Graves, I dunno, live your life the way you want man. Lilitu walks up, lures Doppel. Doppel walks up, copies Lure w/ a Tome to Lure Dora up twice. Up to this point, you are trying to position so that Dora will end within Incite distance of an enemy model. Dora Incites (using a Soulstone for trigger if needed) to swing 8" up the board. You may have to spend an AP to walk, but you really want to limit your walking. This is where your opponent should try to counter if they have a high card - stop the Incites, and you have to spend time Walking (which sucks). In non-Corner deployments, you should be able to engage enemy models and Inflict at least twice. In an ideal world, you end engaged with all 3 AP, using it to summon a Sorrow (off the Mood Swing) + 2x Inflict. Top of turn 2, you are activating Pandora first, throwing Incite onto 1-2 useless enemy models (using your 4" push to engage more enemies ideally), and inflict thrice to get that sweet, sweet Poltergeist into play. Then play your game as needed.
  6. Summoning Dora is not a summoner. At least, the way I play her, she's just Box Pandora with a cherry on top. Turn 1 you're trying to end the turn engaged with 2+ enemy models and a Poltergeist summoned in. After that, it's positioning her so she keeps 2+ models tied down, then Inflicts x 3. Box Pandora that causes less simple duels, but the no-cheating aura lets her murder things more consistently. You want her engaged turn 1, and you don't mind losing her after the third turn.... very aggressive. But again, that's just my playstyle.
  7. The biggest problem with Barby is spending 10ss on a non-aggressive model doesn't fit my playstyle. That's all it is. If your playstyle bends towards a more defensive or zone control style, then he may do more work for you. My playstyle is very aggressive with Neverborn, ask your opponent a lot of questions and force them to use their resources poorly. Barby unfortunately doesn't fit that, and prefer to spend the 10ss slot on things like Rider (or a smaller beater like one of our many minions).
  8. Player matters more than the master really. But masters that screw with our Ca actions can really be hard to approach. So people with counterspell auras placed well, or Mei Feng Venting Steam every turn. As soon as you turn off Ca/throw it into negatives, or take away our suits, it starts to really hinder a lot of our best pieces.
  9. I dislike the combo because it's 15ss altogether and my personal playstyle likes to have individually useful pieces, or pieces that do more than one thing at any given time. Lately I've been enjoying Kade in a list that includes Tooth, Barbaros, Lilitu (looooots of pushes), but the 1" engagement is definitely a downside. But Kade also hits hard by himself when he has to, which the Rougarou does not, is a Woe, which is a more useful keyword in the lists that need it than Fae is in the lists that need that, and costs 2ss less. The Tooth is useful by itself with a number of schemes, Lilitu is easily a Neverborn all-star, and Barbaros is.. I dunno where I stand on him yet. Anyways, all the models are useful for more than one thing. The Rougarou, however, kinda only does one thing... so I've dropped him.
  10. I think the other thing (in addition to Eternal Fiend being essentially stapled on) is that Silurids aren't really worth the 7ss now. I mean, they were great for that cost at one point, but as the newer models have come out in books 4 and 5, we've seen that you can get a lot more for 7ss. Or maybe they are, I dunno, I didn't design this game.
  11. First strategy, then schemes determine the main 'zones' of the map where the game will be played. Place your models appropriately. Some general things I keep in mind: 1. Move to be in position not only this turn, but also the following turn. This is the idea that the less AP you use on Walking, the better. After turn 1, use all your AP to charge/scheme. Don't walk when avoidable. 2. Similarly, try to force your opponent to use AP on movement as much as possible. Purposely send a Gupp to a place far away from the rest of your crew to score Claim Jump for free/bluff it, so they have to dedicate something to deal with it. 3. Only move into cover if it won't hinder your movement/it'll actually help you survive. It's ok to take a few extra wounds if it means you'll actually get to the position you want. If you have to spend an extra AP just because you wanted to get some cover against potshots, you've wasted AP (think of how Gremlins will always take the wound to generate more AP... why would you not do the same?).
  12. Get Titania. If your thought process is 'I will main this later', just main it now. You're a grown up, this is a game, I'm confident you will be able to pick up either just as easily. So it comes down to preference, and you obviously prefer Titania, so get Titania. When deciding between masters/factions/minis, always, always get the thing you like the look/lore of more. Otherwise, you'll just get bored and drop it anyways.
  13. You're good with what you have, but WHEN you get around to grabbing your next set of models, I'd probably look at scheme runners (Gupps/Silurids (ideally Zoraida's box) for Claim Jumpers, or Insidious Madnesses for sheer speed). And then maybe the Lilitu/Lelu box for Lilitu (the lure and 4" engagement are nice). I don't think you really need anything else, but those are some other models I really like to use in certain pools, and their abilities aren't really replicated within the rest of your current lineup.
  14. The WoW action states 'You can only take it once per turn.' in its description.
  15. 1. Take Iggy and a WilloWisp. For 8 points you get 3 activations (those 2 and a Voodoo doll), a ton of damage, and a few other bonuses (well... mainly bypassing Frame shenanigans). 2. Take her new upgrade. Being able to get your Nekima to charge for ONE of Z's ap, and then still have a full activation left is not too shabby. Forcing your opponents Big Scary Beater to charge into their own crew is even better. And at cast 7 vs Willpower, with you only needing to tie, it's pretty much a guarantee. Even without that, using 2-3 AP to move 2-3 enemy models out of position can really screw your opponents' plans. 3. Past that, take what you want? She's a very generic master and mostly just helps your crew just do better what they were going to do anyways. General Neverborn goodstuff is made better thanks to the AP control (or improved card selection via Bewitch).
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