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  1. Because of me moving cities, I am, sadly, no longer part of the Turku Malifaux scene. There is a Facebook group for anyone interested in Malifaux in Turku: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1587875471506717/ Thank you for joining me in fun games and letting me be your Henchman, but it is time to move on... See you at a tournament sometime soon though!
  2. My natural reaction would be that once the model has been chosen according to the scheme rules, it is locked in. Now we've got two different opinions already. Anyone else want to weight in?
  3. Hey guys! Interesting question came up during yesterday's game. If I have chosen my henchman for the Gaining Grounds scheme Undercover Entourage and succeeded in walking him over the table into the opponent's deployment zone, can Madame Sybelle use her Bleeder Lash trigger "Death Mark" to make my henchman into a Peon and negate the points I would be scoring? So the real question is, when is the "must be a henchman" locked in for the purpose of schemes like this?
  4. Really kicked off the league today, with more social media PR and word-of-mouth than ever and it worked! We jumped from two-three players to eight!
  5. Hi guys! I thought of a question while playing with my beloved Brewmaster yesterday. We all know that Wesley is always ready to pick up where the Brewmaster left of, and he is doing a fine job at it as well. But I never had to consider this before yesterday: Does the "new Brewmaster" have the same upgrades as the old one? Wesley's ability only says summon a Brewmaster miniature but nothing about the old one, so I am guessing it does not get the upgrades "for free"...?
  6. When do miniatures actually pay AP for their abilities? Is it as soon as they declare an action or once they start resolving them? When is a miniature's "once per activation" (0) ability considered used? Is it when I declare it or once I start resolving it? So is declaring a (0) action grounds enough for that miniature not to be able to try to active another (0) again? Here is why I am asking. If the Brewmaster has started up his Drinking Contest and my miniature wants to do a (0) ability within that aura, but he fails the Wp test, he will take a (1) On the House instead. My miniature will not
  7. Turku, Finland and Fantasiapelit, our local store, is added to the map.
  8. Hi all! My name is John, I'm 33 and live in Turku, Finland. I've been into miniature games since I was 13 or so... with a few years pause. I started out with Warhammer, like a lot of other kids my age. Now I like something smaller and faster as I do not have the time for several hours long gaming evenings no more... I work at a gaming store. I'm sort of a manager at the store, but we are only three people working here. Gaming in general is my hobby and a way to relax. Games I do have time for right now are Magic the Gathering, boardgames and, of course, Malifaux. Cheers, John
  9. Hi'ya! I'll be organizing demos and games in our store at Fantasiapelit Turku on Wednesday evenings after 17:00. More info (in Finnish) on the store can be found here: https://www.fantasiapelit.com/index.php?main=info&sub=turku If you're interested and Wednesday doesn't fit in your schedule, just send me an e-mail to turku(at)fantasiapelit.com and we can probably find another time. In the upcoming month, I'll be available 15.06., 22.06., 29.06 and 06.07. for demos or games! We will also be running a 35ss league every Wednesday. Get more info from our store o
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