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Found 6 results

  1. Was wondering if Wyrd would consider creating a player page linked to our forum profiles where we can see and display our analytics? Since the app collects our game data it would be super slick to see a GUI of stats and figures. It would be so neat to see my total games played, faction and master breakdown, schemes and strategies breakdowns, number of unique opponents played, ext. Super hopeful that this might be implemented. What are your thoughts? are there any stats or other ideas that you would like to see if you had a game tab linked to your forum profile?
  2. Hi all, Looking at Through the Breach again since M3E's app came out and can see that we're still a bit behind on a couple of things. 1.) Obviously the cost of the app is heavily reliant on demand which there may not be a chunk of. But looking at even a character sheet with only the core rules creation options built in, and expansions costing some $$$ would be wonderful for players. 2.) The character sheet is still a little lackluster, I can see there have been some great advancements but there's definitely some room missing for magic users, and trigger explanations. Maybe even if we just have an additional page that had a bit more free-text space for more expansive writing of how rules work rather than just having room for the title and having to look it up elsewhere. 3.) For the love of all things...please can we get a full index page? With so many rules referencing others, and combined with the above point to not have somewhere to write out individual rules it causes pauses at almost every rule to scour the book for the reference. Even if it's just a printable sheet we can slip in the back of the great tome I think every player either side of The Great Breach would appreciate it. (Also you are loved, by so many and so much)
  3. Tournafaux (http://tournafaux.egoon.se) is a web based tool for managing tournaments. And it's stored in your browser once you have loaded it once, for offline availability. The app is meant to be light, and some features are still a little wonky (the overhead view, for example) I update the app sporadically when I feel like it, but try to launch new versions on week days. If you have any feedback please provide it here. Thanks!
  4. when I try to sign in via facebook i get an error message saying: "Appen är inte konfigurerad: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions." the first is saying, "the app is not configured"
  5. Hello there, and sorry if this is not the place for this topic, but does anyone know an App (preferably IOs, but also for Android) who helped on tournament organization? That is keeping count on Victory Points, Tournament Points, create all the match ups after each round depending on the clasification, and so on. A few years ago I used to use TSR for it, but i cannot find anything like it for mobile, and it would come handy for sure! Thanks in advance!
  6. So I'm new to Malifaux and I've started to learn the game I noticed an opportunity for a digital tool to aid in the game. I think it would be wonderful if Wyrd could create a Malifaux app. I realize that's a lot of effort/time/money on their part but I'm sure there are community members out there who would be willing to lend a hand. Here's what the app should include and how it will be helpful. Stat card - Perfect size for a mobile phone screen. The digital platform will allow for card updates (Cards still in beta). Perhaps users can add their own image of their model to the stat card? Crew Builder - Great for on the fly building epically since you hire your crew in game as apposed to other games where your army or whatever is preset. Soul stone counter - because why not? I realize this is a really random idea but I think it has some merit. Thoughts/ideas?
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