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  1. Sorry, probably should have explained better, I have in mind to make an order on the wyrd online store, and I want to know if there are going to be both included in the order or not (it's over 150$ obviously)
  2. Sorry, probably stupid question. Baby kade and Candy are only for store orders or also for online orders?
  3. Hello everybody, in Alessandria, at the Baba Yaga Dungeon Club, there will be a tournament. 3 games, lots of fun, and some gremlins running around. Come and see! https://www.facebook.com/events/2502748416482052/
  4. The deck I own (I don't remember the name, is the one where the jokers are ragdolls) has 1,2,3 lines to indicate damage, and usually all the decks I've seen used have them in some form. The only time they weren't visible was in a tournament with an opponent who used a standard card deck.
  5. Ok, I missed the special orders topic, this helps quite a lot. I'll just have to keep myself ready to order what I need so I don't miss the time windows. Still a little annoying, but a lot less. @theamazingmrg I understand from a commercial viewpoint why they privileged new players, but I wasn't contesting the reasoning.
  6. If this has already been addressed I'm sorry and cancel the post or link the discussion. In general I'm happy with the new edition, but a thing that's been bugging me is that with the various repackaging I'l be forced to buy thing that I don't need. Example: I want to buy the von shtook crew, but I already own anna lovelace and the university package so when i'll buy the core box I'll have a second anna, and when I'll buy the various students I'll have +1 of everyone. I doubt I can give them away, even gifting them since people interested will just buy the boxes, so I'll be stuck with thi
  7. On Sunday January 20th there will be a free demo in Alessandria, at the Baba Yaga Dungeon Club, in Piazzetta Valfré 53. The demo will begin at 17 and end at 20. Please answer here if you are interested.
  8. Date: May 20th, Sunday Location: Baba Yaga Dungeon Club, Corso 100 Cannoni 31, Alessandria. Specifics: Opening time at 9:30, 3 matches, gaining grounds 2018. For details post here.
  9. Sunday 18th February between 17 and 19 at the Baba Yaga Dungeon Club I'll be hosting a Demo of Malifaux. The address is Corso 100 cannoni 34
  10. Addendum: the Tourney will be in Via Pavia 1 at Alessandria citadel, it will be a Tourney made of 3 matches, 50 ss crews and fixed faction. For everything else we will be using the gaining grounds 2017 rules (proxy, points, ecc). The hours will be from 10.30 to 18.30 with each match lasting 2 hours.
  11. Hello. September the 24 there will be a tournament in Alessandria during Alecomics. Inscription begin at 10.30.
  12. Aggiornamento: il formato sarà 50 ss, fazione fissa e il torneo inizierà alle 10 di mattina. Il torneo è gratuito ma per questo verranno premiati solo il primo e il secondo posto
  13. Salve a tutti, il 25 Giugno terrò un torneo amichevole all'associazione Baba Yaga dungeon club. Dettagli a seguire
  14. benvenuto, di dove sei?
  15. Hello to everybody on December the 18 we wll be running a demo at Baba yaga dungeon club. The address is Alessandria, Piazza Valfrè 34. The demo wil be running between 16 and 19
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