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  1. Question about destructible terrain. It just says a model within an inch of destructible terrain may take an action to destroy it. What kind of action is it? Is it an interact action? If the model performs a walk action within 1” would that destroy it, or an attack action within 1”?
  2. This is something Wyrd is just going to have to FAQ. We can go back and forth like this for hours
  3. That’s why I brought it here. If the damage is from two sources. Then wouldn’t the damage from Scorch the Soul be 0 and the damage from burning be X. So therefore the incorporeal would negate 1 of the 0 damage fro Scorch the Soul and take the full damage from the burning. If the damage is from one source. The card clearly says that the damage is from the burning condition.
  4. That’s a good point. But arnt triggers part of actions, where as conditions are separate?
  5. So in either case the incorporeal model WOULD suffer the full amount of damage? Correct?
  6. I disagree the action taken as a result of the obey would fall under the umbrella of the obey action. The obey action would not be resolved until the obeyed model has completed the action they were obeyed to do. Obey does no damage in and of itself, as does Scorch the Soul. The damage from obey would come from what ever action the obeyed model is told to do, as does the damage from Scorch the Soul comes from the burning
  7. So obey is an attack action. Correct? If you obeyed an incorporeal model to fall and take falling damage. Would you still reduce the damage by one?
  8. But the damage doesnt come from the attack action. It comes from burning
  9. Sorry if this has been clarified before. If Sonia’s Scorch the Soul is done on an incorporeal model with 4 burning, does the mode take 4 or 3 damage? It says damage from burning so I would assume it would take 4.
  10. Are there upgrades on there? I can't find them. Also if I buy it for ipad can I get the cards on Android or do I have to buy them on there as well
  11. Thanks those are all great ideas. I might try and do the Blessed. For the main reason it has to be mostly wyrd parts. Those zombie werewolves are legit. I really like them. I wish I could sculpt, but unfortunately i can't. I tried turning an old canine remains into one, but it just looked like a dog in a fat suit
  12. What are people using as a rougarou proxy, that's gg2016 legal?
  13. Hello Heretics!!!! Are you ready for this? Behold, we bring you the latest and quite possibly the greatest episode of FlippinJokers ever. Episode 9 has it all. Insight, wisdom, debauchery, list building, and out right nut kicking. Oh yeah, it's got Malifaux too. Partner that up with new music, ideas, and format and its just down right amaze-za-zing. So sit back, pop open a cold one, load up a brush, or whatever you do and check it out. Let us know what you think. Thanks for listening. http://flippinjokers.podbean.com/e/episode-09-in-which-we-try-something-new/
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