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  1. Hey, Wyrdos! There are some models that have attack actions or triggers that say 'target suffers damage from the X condition'. In such cases, if that (extra) damage kills the target, is the attacking model or the condition that kills the target?
  2. You can run, but you can't hide... Apparently you can't even outrun the SNOWPOCALYPSE! Iron Painter 2017: Round 5.
  3. Iron Painter round three entry "Stranger things" Enjoy :D
  4. My work for the Iron Painter contest's second round. McTavish bumps into something he didn't plan to...
  5. Thanks! The basing is mainly green stuff, with some putty. Some filing, burnishing, and painting, The light sources are the depth of the water and the skulls.
  6. My entry for the Iron Painter competition Kandara, a Gamin Henchman
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