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  1. Adran, can you tell us if the functioning of Coryphee duet changes with the new wording replace, please?
  2. Hello, I just saw that the Misaki box is no longer in the upcoming section for the month of April. Can you tell me when it is scheduled because on the wayland games site we can always preorder. Thank you for your information.
  3. The Rules and Steps for replacing models were adjusted to the following: 1. Place each new model into base contact with any of the original models. If any cannot be Placed or cannot be added due to model limits, the Replace effect is canceled. 2. Each new model’s Health is set to the total Health of all original model’s combined or to the new model’s maximum Health, whichever is lower. If the Replace effect Heals any new models, those new models Heal at this point. 3. If any original model(s) had any Conditions or Tokens, one new model gains those Conditions at the same value (if any) and all Tokens. These Conditions, if gained during the End Phase, do not resolve their effects. Any Summon Upgrades Attached to any original model is Attached to that new model (if able); all other Upgrades are discarded. 4. If the new and original models belong to the same Crew, one new model becomes the target of any effects that targeted or chose any original models, such as Schemes, Leader designation, or lasting game effects. That new model is always considered a legal target for those effects. 5. Remove all original models from the game. If the new and original models do not belong to the same Crew, all original models are considered to be killed, ignoring Demise Abilities. No game effects (such as placing Markers or scoring points) occur from the original model being removed. 6. If any new model is at 0 Health, it is killed. 7. If any original model(s) had Activated, all new models are treated as having Activated; otherwise, new models are considered not to have Activated. If this Replace occurred during an original model’s Activation, one new model may instead continue that Activation using any remaining Actions
  4. thanks a lot for your answer. I find that what you say is very intelligent! I agree with your analysis!
  5. personally, I think that the versatile are there to bring diversity, it seems complicated to manage ...
  6. A friend who knows Malifaux well told me about versatile profiles (all factions but even more among the Ten Thunders). in his opinion, that poses problem and can be errated. What do you think ? Do you have opinions on versatile profiles ? Do you think there are some who are too strong ? Are the keyword profiles "poorly done" ? Maybe the keyword powers for Thunders aren't interesting ?
  7. hello, I haven't seen the subject here so I'm creating it. For you, what are the profiles to errated? I think of Shenlong who is very very strong !
  8. En fait, c'est exactement ce qui se passe sur chaque parti. À lui seul, il marque la moitié des points d'un match et le fait qu'il n'y ait pas de pénalité lorsqu'il est déterré, il le rend ingérable et il peut réapparaître n'importe où sur la carte et surtout s'il y a des mineurs de soulstone dans son équipe :). Aux tours 4 et 5, elle réapparaît généralement, supprime un marqueur combiné ennemi pour supprimer un point, elle continue son travail et termine la partie.
  9. Another idea about Colette. For "fade away", change the tempo When resolving to When succeding. What do you think ? I think errata are part of the life of a game and it's normal that the game evolves constantly. The guild really deserves a general up.
  10. Thank you for your answers, but I think I expressed myself poorly on my expectations. I am not looking for advice to play against Colette, I ask for opinions concerning her power and the fact that certain capacities seem to me too strong. Here are my ideas: - remove the trigger which allows Colette to bury herself with Sword Trick. - Remove the damage reduction on the defensive trigger. - Removing the automatic trigger on the defense is also a solution - Optionally, put a movement penalty if it digs up late.
  11. I come to you to share my experience concerning Colette Du Bois and to have your opinions and feedback to know if you think she deserves an errata or not. I have several 10enes of games with Colette as an opponent, I started Malifaux at the end of V2 with the Justice team, during this period I learned to play and did 2 or 3 tournaments. At the start of V3 I continued to play with Justice and my friend to continue with Colette but the gameplay changed and this change was very disturbing because I couldn't find a solution to defeat Colette and the games all ended on defeats or ties (which was not the case in V2), I therefore continue to test other profiles with Justice but nothing changed lol. I had in mind to play Misaki at the end of V2 and I must admit that the gameplay of V3 made me jump, so I bought the Misaki team with samurai, Fuhatsu and the 3 Dragons, I love the gameplay of this team and Misaki to a gameplay that looks a little like Colette (disappearance and reappearance). Since I played with this team against Colette, I was able to improve my number of equality and victory but it remains very very complicated and I have to win 1 game out of 4 (Reckoning strategy), So I think there is has too strong things at Colette. I noticed that Colette makes half see 3/4 of the points of a complete game. I tried several times the combined assassination on Colette but it has enormous defensive powers. - Automatic defensive trigger Fade away which allows to reduce the damage by 2 then bury themselves (by the way, use an SS which allows to reduce up to 5 damage), I find it too strong because even if I shoot a red jocker to damage with Misaki for example, Colette only takes 2 damage and buries herself and remains untouchable for the rest of the tour. In my opinion this power is far too powerful. - Serene countenance (negative draw on attack), I have nothing to say against that but this effect is cumulative with Distracted, which makes a big defensive advantage :). Of course, once Colette is buried, she will remain so until the end of the turn, will choose to activate Colette last and this without movement penalty (unlike Misaki ^^), to play her turn by ending with a Sword trick, use an SS in order to have the trigger to bury yourself and continue like this every round while being untouchable. I think the sword trick trigger is too powerful and allows you to be invulnerable (apart from some rare exceptions like death marshal recruiters who can attack people buried, improvement for the ten thunder "Masked agent" but this remains anecdotal and limited and in any case it requires coming to the corp à corp and Colette will end up buried with sword trick if she wishes). Another thing, concerning Colette, she and her team often have the power don't mind me, I have nothing against that and it's part of the gameplay but I must say that with Colette's ability to disappear and reappear almost n matter or on the table (3 inches from a friendly figurine or a marker), this allows it to appear anywhere and come to remove enemy markers even if engaged, to place markers etc (especially with the Soulstone miner in the team lol) ... I ask myself and ask you the question to know if this profile should not deserve a modification? I do not find much on the internet because Colette is little played, I do not see her often in English and American tournaments, so difficult to have enough statistics and feedback ... Sorry for my English but I use Google trad because I am very bad at English ...
  12. Justice needs its attack at 7 ! When I see the tournaments, the guild is no longer played ....
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