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  1. Clearly from the nerf, this profile is no longer played at all. My friends(who don't play Ten Thunder), didn't understand such an important nerf. So yes, Yasunori died from the nerf.
  2. I play with a friend who introduces me to Malifaux every weekend and he plays 90% of our games with Colette. I found her too strong in GG0, I agree and it was rare that I win. Since GG1, things have rebalanced and our games are more balanced. I know the Colette team very well because I have been playing against for 2 or 3 years. Which master do you play? We can help you, but we must not remain negative.
  3. Colette is very complicated to kill. On the other hand, the rest of his team is weak. And the Colette team is not good for strats and combines violent. On V3 I had a hard time understanding how to play against but finally by dint of playing we quickly understand that you have to ignore it as much as possible and focus on the rest of your team. As said above, there are ways to counter it with figs that ignore defensive triggers or by doing indirect damage or doing attacks that target willpower but I agree with you that it is not. simple ... On the GG0 it was very (maybe too) strong. On th
  4. Can you expand please? Did you play a lot of games with Colette? I played a lot of games against Colette and the switch to v3 with the gg0 was very favorable for Colette. But the gg1 has rebalanced that.
  5. Vangerdahast is a great example ! In our group of players, he is the most formidable opponent with the Colette team. His opinions are very good and I advise you to try to apply them. Good game for you !
  6. Does anyone know when the profile cards will be translated ? I know Wyrd had announced this, but at the moment I can't find any news. Thank you for your answers.
  7. This is not true. We can not keep pass tokens between rounds because they are discarded jute after the initiative flip. We agree ?
  8. Hello, I'm testing the Shenlong team and I have a question about Harness Chi. Can you use Harness Chi after cheating with a card in your hand ? Thank you in advance !
  9. Can someone give me an answer please ? ^^
  10. do you know when the profile cards will be translated into french please?
  11. I played Yasunori before the nerve. I never played Revel in chaos. I wonder if Yasunori should not be seen like the Riders of other factions. When I compare now, I really prefer a Rider. Honestly I don't come here to cry. I play other fig now but I find it a shame to have made that this fig will now be put aside. Look for example, for 1ss more, the Coryphée duet is really very very impressive. for the same cost, the Riders are top! I think it is important to take into account the opinion of players who spend a lot of time on Malifaux (before covid, 1 or 2 games per week). Thank you a
  12. unfortunately, not all Malifaux players come here. In any case we are several players in an association to think that he is too nervous (even my opponents lol). a cost of 11, removing onslaught and lowering the defensive capacity with triggers is too much. I think just switching it to 11s was enough.
  13. you think this fig will be re errata. I find it a shame because this fig I will come out more with the current errata. What do you think ?
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