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  1. As others said: everything looks awesome but Chompy that is very ugly and very out of proportion :S
  2. Hey! Without knowing the rest of the list and the Schemes and strats is difficult to say but I'd think about a Monster Hunter, their attack to push an enemy it's charge is pretty good against a Yasunori, Joss,etc. push them until you can deal with them
  3. Yup, that is what you are supposed to do. You alpha, burn and kill as much as you can, then you summon a flame and use it to tie the best model you can that you couldn't kill.
  4. I heard somewhere about a student of conflict to give Sonnia fast first turn.
  5. Well, I tried to do it with a katanaka sniper and couldn't land a single hit due to bad lucks with cards I guess... I felt very powerless playing Zipp (compared with Somer i.e) but I'm sure it was due to my lack of skill with him.
  6. Hi, Yesterday I had my first Zipp game. The thing is I was smashed vs Asami in Public Executions. I played Zipp, Franc, Trixie, golem, Swine-cursed, slop and a couple of bayous. Zipp dind't do anything (only hit with 1 attack), Franc died pretty fast, Golem was eaten by Asami, Trixie was murdered by Ama no Zako (the legal target thing with her "don't fight for me, boys" hit me hard). So... what are the advice against this type of list (Asami, Yas, snipers, terrifying models...). thanks!
  7. Yes, I thought about using 2 investigators but the thing is to chain activate. As I've always read Duncan's destroys everything and then he schemes what he can XD.
  8. Hi, have you checked the Scotish Meta Youtube channel? There are a few video reports, including the last round of the English GT... I think the top table was Ressers Vs Guild but the tabled or something... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCImmQPjby3SC9HNGkVtvyWg This Guild guy was running something like this in symbols Nellie Printing Press Phiona Allison Spellcaster Guild guard Thallarian Queller Grimwell
  9. I can only talk about Sonnia as I never played with/against Perdita... If he brings the Sonnia list with Grimwell, Loco, Investigator and student of conflict he only needs 3 to 4 activations to nuke you 3 or 4 times so you must prepare for that. In my experience the worst thing for Sonnia is to be engaged and of course far away from Franc, she goes down pretty fast once she is hit (you have to have something alive to hit her though). Good things against her: - Push the Peacekeeper with propaganda to a good spot, give him fast and then either charge Sonnia or harpoon her to flurry her. - Ryle, it does not really matter if Sonnia nuke him as you can always ditch a low tome to make him armor 3 (with stones and some cards is 6 damage tops) the problem here is that he can always blast from him as he is df 4(6 with francs el mayor). - You can expose Nellie herself, if you cheat a weak she can't blast and Nellie can tank some weak damage. - Given this is flank you willl be really close to each other so probably she can nuke you pretty early... but you are close as well. One thing I really like to do with Nellie is: make a cheap minion put a marker in base contact with her. In her activation make franc fast and make him place a scheme marker with evidence, then push from the marker with Nellies 0, hot off the presses to somebody (you can do this to Sonnia herself if francs buff is not up yet) then a couple of propagandas to make Franc attack then companion to franc to flurry + hit, 4 to 6 franc swings can kill any model - You can bring a monster hunter to stalk Loco, when he puts his buff and walks you walk then push him with his attack vs WK into his crew and make him explode latter.
  10. Hi! I'm planning to play some gremlins before m3e and to start with Zipp. What could be a good list with him for GG18? I've been playing Guild mostly. I have a lot of gremlin models already and could buy something if needed Thanks!
  11. You can even deploy or move Sommer to cover to have a minus flip.
  12. The thing is to bring a Queller to deal with incorporeal and damage reduction (i.e: Molly's df trigger) and try to kill Molly the first /second turn. You can move Ryle with machine puppet 12' and make him fast then activate him for another 4' push (you are 16' + min 6' from deployment up the board) then you have 3 Ryle AP to kill almost anything charge + attack with debt to the guild are 3 attacks min 4, if you are lucky and have some high ram or use a stone or don't need to go that far and Hoff is able to attach targeting systems to Ryle that's a pretty scary situation... (with all that you will be on min 7)
  13. In my opinion is one of the best choices against Reva. With his new upgrade (Improved Harness I think) every construct around him can't have their armor ignored and with Machine puppet you can get a good alpha on her even the first turn.
  14. Hi, What list did you play? As far as I know Improved Harness is an auto include with him.
  15. Hi, I'm asking this because Hannah's ability to copy Ca's, the thing is, can she copy Queller's ability and enchant her own weapons? Thanks!
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