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  1. Well the Judge is some kind of position or charge, not a person, if you read the fluff you will get why the old judge has changed.
  2. I found it on page 29: If an Action would kill a model from damage suffered from a Condition (such as an Action that states "Target suffers 2 damage from the Burning Condition"), the model taking the Action is considered to have killed the model.
  3. I think that only applies to Sonnia's scorch the soul and the likes. Manual, page 25: Killed models are always considered to be killed by the model that generated the Action or Ability that killed them (as well as by that modelโ€™s Crew). If a model is killed by another effect (such as a Condition or Hazardous Terrain), it is not considered to have been killed by any player, model, or Crew. This is good to deny some strats points as if you kill your own model with burning or poison the was killed by a model which was friendly to it clause does not apply
  4. I think that Zipp wins. Manual, page 3: If two special rules directly contradict each other, rules that prevent something from happening take precedent over rules that allow something to happen.
  5. I have not tried him yet but... is the ability that great? how many cards do you choose to draw each time? looks like really dangerous...
  6. Guard patrol ( aka guild guards), mounted guards (just making them bigger) , governor's proxy, witchling stalkers, the judge (already there), Peace Keeper, Watcher, raptor, Pale Rider...
  7. She has seen better days to be honest
  8. In Spain is the same or worse. New releases are sold here months after they are available trough Wayland, for example (currently we only have starters and first box for TOS available). This makes very difficult for LGS to sell and to support the game as you never really know if the waiting time for such release will be 1 month, 2 or 6 thus you buy elsewhere.
  9. I'd do it discard a card to cheat against non to stop gunlines but help with Analyze Weakness and the like.
  10. I haven't realized this, have they confirmed this? when did this happen? there is no info in the changelog and he still has the showboating ability
  11. Yep, but the new judge is way cooler than the current one so better buy both boxes ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. I think that the new card size dictates that, you can't do small boxes anymore
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