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  1. Nellie on top? I'm still have not played her. What is your tipical list?
  2. check out the m3e page, wong has new art so I'd say new sculpt for everybody.
  3. Even Nekima will have a new model even though she have two already so...
  4. The box will change, probably it will content Ophelia, totems, Franc and 3 lacroix raiders (there is a box with Rami, Raphael and Sammy) so plan accordly. I do think she will have a resculpt TBH, there is no master box with mixed old and new models.
  5. slop haulers can only heal pigs... let us know how the piglet summoning works (being mindless gives a whole turn to your opponent to react) For healing I always take bokors
  6. The stress is I don't really know which ones to get as @Griautis said. The "buy all the models you are missing from the keyword" is impossible as I have like 30 masters and don't want to spend that amount of money right now, I'd rather buy the 3, 4 or 10 models and wait until keyword boxes are released).
  7. It's the other way around. I'm trying to complete boxes now as I have some of the models that will be sold toghether
  8. Yes, but what I mean is that single miniature boxes won't be available much longer. Maybe when they disclose the contents no m2 miniatures could be bought. Look, I've been playing a while and have miniatures across all factions and keywords so this could be a big duplicates problem for me and others as older miniatures won't be elegible for special orders
  9. will you put your money on it? I mean, literally... I won't buy models based on an assumption. By names and codes I know more or less what will be in there but I can't be sure. For example for me "Bayou engineering" could include Big Brain Brin and test subjects so I would love to know if it will include what you said as I am only missing sparks from that list and, when M3E is fully released I will have to buy all the box to get him. Wouldn't be easier to have a detailed list?
  10. Yup, the thing is those boxes contents should be disclosed as that will help us to buy that model that is now sold separately but will not be in the future...
  11. check it twice, new cards tend to stick together. If you have them still in order check the last card of each keyword. Bending them a little bit helps with it.
  12. Can you share your lists and tell us a little bit about how did you do? I want Gremlins to be my main faction in m3e but I'm not sold on them yet :S
  13. Totem counts as an scheme marker so one less step here
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