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  1. How do you put them at poison 9??
  2. Again, this sounds good but does not work everywhere. I don't know any shop that does not uses the local distributor (they don't order straight from you) so we don't have special orders yet and we are quite behind in schedule (3 or 4 months I'd say). I think that you are aware about your European (at least) distribution problem. A lot of things come late and others are a pain to get.
  3. I will only consider top 2 or 3 spots and the last one. Usually there are 1 or 2 masters that can do a strat, all the others are there in no particular order but the last one (som'er in reckoning, for example)
  4. Anyways I'd proxy her first to see if you need her... There are mixed feelings about her
  5. for non USA based customers that is like they are not available Also there are a few that have been out of stock forever and the only way to buy them is in the new box (archie, soulstone miners for example)
  6. Hi, There are no planned special order boxes for old model, just new ones repacked with old ones (Agent 46, elijah & firebranded, etc)
  7. Where did you get the picture?
  8. I'd say: protect and serve: sergeants + guild guards Run them down: mounted guards + dogs Scooped: probably for Nellie, maybe newsies + allison + undercover reporter Chained magic: I sanctioned spellcaster + quellers box prices match the model count I'm guessing
  9. you can use her tu push Mah after she spends her first turn focusing everyone, you can push friendlies out of engagement to let them interact, you can use her to protect Brin,she can even remove scheme markers...
  10. It is fair I guess, walking through pit traps puts them on really high stats...
  11. don't know his reasons but a couple of changelings are neede for Lucius to obey more than once a model (4 Agent 47 shots are scary)
  12. That is what I've heard. How do you change the list based on strategy?
  13. +2 on ook tax will make some masters unplayable at certain level an you could end as in 2nd with the same masters played all the time.
  14. Asura comes with two Zombies in her box so maybe you can buy her (cheaper than Mindless) and put them on bases. Don't know if two are enough though. Oh, and McMourning is getting a resculpt so check his new model before, maybe you like it better.
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