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  1. Asura comes with two Zombies in her box so maybe you can buy her (cheaper than Mindless) and put them on bases. Don't know if two are enough though. Oh, and McMourning is getting a resculpt so check his new model before, maybe you like it better.
  2. You are on point with games not ending and I think that is pretty bad for guiild or killy crews as they rely on kill then scheme and that's hard if there are only 3 turns
  3. Well... Ryle with Hoffman is no joke as it is Ramos as second master but my point was that not all the tournaments have the same allowed models so is pretty difficult to rank factions
  4. • Round 1 – Turf War on Corner Deployment»» Detonate Charges, Harness the Ley Line, Outflank, Claim Jump, & Vendetta• Round 2 – Plant Explosives on Standard Deployment»»Breakthrough, Hold Up Their Forces, Take Prisoner, Assassinate, & Deliver A Message• Round 3 – Corrupted Idols on Wedge Deployment»» Detonate Charges, Search The Ruins, Dig Their Graves, Power Ritual, & VendettaDead Mans Hand models will be allowedUnreleased models without legal rules will not be allowed Those are key points for me. There is a "problem" right now in my opinion as every meta is allowing different things so getting a sense of what is good or not is really difficult.
  5. What I meant is that they are as auto-take as miners are so is Steward (or even Pale rider) in guild
  6. I don't know the other factions but prospectors in outcast are like miners in arcanists
  7. I'd say Zoraida + juju + waldgeist and Spawn mother + gupps being sold separately. Right now Bultungins are Fae and savage and are sold with rogarous so...
  8. A lot of them. Guild guards, steward, sergeants, Hoffman & cía, PEACEKEAPER (too small), lone marshal...
  9. I know but you get my point. It depends on new sculpts being considered new models or not.
  10. Not really, the truth is this is not clear. They've said that new models sold with old ones will be available separately (firebranded + elijah for example) but... are resculpts new or old models? I'm pretty sure every master with his/her box changed will have every model in his box resculpted so I very much doubt that Dashel's totem or Agent will be sold separately TBH
  11. Nellie on top? I'm still have not played her. What is your tipical list?
  12. check out the m3e page, wong has new art so I'd say new sculpt for everybody.
  13. Even Nekima will have a new model even though she have two already so...
  14. The box will change, probably it will content Ophelia, totems, Franc and 3 lacroix raiders (there is a box with Rami, Raphael and Sammy) so plan accordly. I do think she will have a resculpt TBH, there is no master box with mixed old and new models.
  15. slop haulers can only heal pigs... let us know how the piglet summoning works (being mindless gives a whole turn to your opponent to react) For healing I always take bokors
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