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  1. longfanz

    Zipp - rather good fun

    Hi! I'm planning to play some gremlins before m3e and to start with Zipp. What could be a good list with him for GG18? I've been playing Guild mostly. I have a lot of gremlin models already and could buy something if needed Thanks!
  2. longfanz

    Loudest squeal clarification

    You can even deploy or move Sommer to cover to have a minus flip.
  3. longfanz

    Would you take Hoffman against Ressers?

    The thing is to bring a Queller to deal with incorporeal and damage reduction (i.e: Molly's df trigger) and try to kill Molly the first /second turn. You can move Ryle with machine puppet 12' and make him fast then activate him for another 4' push (you are 16' + min 6' from deployment up the board) then you have 3 Ryle AP to kill almost anything charge + attack with debt to the guild are 3 attacks min 4, if you are lucky and have some high ram or use a stone or don't need to go that far and Hoff is able to attach targeting systems to Ryle that's a pretty scary situation... (with all that you will be on min 7)
  4. longfanz

    Would you take Hoffman against Ressers?

    In my opinion is one of the best choices against Reva. With his new upgrade (Improved Harness I think) every construct around him can't have their armor ignored and with Machine puppet you can get a good alpha on her even the first turn.
  5. longfanz

    Hoffman Advice needed

    Hi, What list did you play? As far as I know Improved Harness is an auto include with him.
  6. Hi, I'm asking this because Hannah's ability to copy Ca's, the thing is, can she copy Queller's ability and enchant her own weapons? Thanks!
  7. longfanz

    New Video Battle Report

    @hofzinser hey! what about that new report? 😀😀
  8. longfanz

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    Well, some models could stay as "versatile" and executioners could be one of those. In the last Wyrd Chronicles there is an article about starting gremlins and they recommend models that (for now) will be part of each master subset, then they have some that are recommended for more than one of them (Burt, Gracie, McTavish...). Maybe model's that don't fit quite well will be versatile or available for multiple masters...
  9. longfanz

    Monster Hunter Models

    After rereading your comment, do you have a picture? You can also contact wyrd....
  10. do we have a picture of this?
  11. Well, the possibility of a new Dashel/Lucius box still exists though.
  12. longfanz

    Monster Hunter "Stalk"

    Hi, I have a question about this ability, it says: "At the end of any Activation in which this model took a walk or charge action, one opposing model with the Stalk Action may take a Walk Action that must end the move as close to this model as possible", what if the monster hunter is engaged? could him still perform such walk action? does I need to pass a disengaging strike? Thanks!
  13. longfanz

    competitive McCabe in Thunders

    Hi, We talked a little bit about McCabe in Guild and I asked if he is better with Thunders... what is the current "competitive" build with him? Thanks!
  14. longfanz

    Competitive McCabe

    I would like to start playing him as well, is he better in guild than in Ten Thunders?
  15. longfanz

    Can Francisco do "enfentate a mi" while engaged

    Thanks! that is amazing