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  1. Midnight stalker is not infamous, he lost the keyword some time ago.
  2. Sometimes models look better when you try how awesome they are 😂😂😂(I already bought a Governor's proxy, probably the ugliest Malifaux model)
  3. And first mate gains fast if an enemy model ends a movement engaged with him if it's not the enemy activation, an enemy that have already activated obeyed to engage him is pretty much dead.
  4. Just to point that SS prevention is also a reduction so Joss can ignore that. He can take down a master with a bit of setup.
  5. There are a lot of boxes that we already know won't change (resculpts and model wise). My bet is that the ones that have not being scheduled to release will be resculpted and changed (probably) this includes Hoff and Lynch. You can check here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/upcoming-releases click in the boxes and see what model's those include
  6. This is something I don't understand (maybe this is not the place to ask though). If things in italics are required to declare triggers and those are declared prior to resolve the attack, how can the burning applied with the attack be used to declare the trigger?
  7. Well, you can always use them as a counter pick against crews that rely on burning to do things (Kaeris, for example) but other than that... The Thralls ability is pretty situational for me and the quellers are just bad.
  8. Exactly, and Lucius can Issue command to them to copy his own actions.
  9. Usually when it sticks it says for how long. Following your reasoning why not until the end of the game? I mean, I play Lucius so it would be great but...
  10. Just like you just let them to take the action but it does not stick.
  11. I think is easier to snipe key pieces with agent and either rifleman or Pathfinder, one ignores cover and executes the other ignore concealment with higher medium damage (both can ignore armor). Depending on the board you pick one or another, pathfinder can even move agent 4', then you shoot with him twice and more if needed with issue command.
  12. I'd say yes to Vasilisa + dolls but Hinamatsu is already schedulled as a solo model.
  13. Hi, Lucius box will have Lucius, Totem, Agent and 3 lawyers, there are already pictures of them. Yes, Barker will get his own box, probably with him, totem, 4 guard patrol and maybe Queeg but this is not sure
  14. longfanz

    Lucius Help

    Agent copying Ryle attack is nasty, consider a Rifleman (execute from 14') or Pathfinder (2/4/5 at 14') as copy targets as well.
  15. Yes, but as far as I understand the range of the action from the model is reduced, right?
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